The Deal: Nina Feeling Loved

I turned to her. “Dudette, we’re both naked in the shower at the moment. I told you we’d surprise her this time, and not jibber jabber right beforehand.” “So, what if we’re naked, we’re going to get nude after a minute.” “And you really love my step-mom now? You’ve just made a one-eighty towards her. You want to spend time […]

A Trans Girl’s First Tattoo

Master was was 31, with short, black hair and grey eyes. He wore a very standard white t-shirt and black jeans. He stood at 6 foot tall, but with a big, confident presence. That confidence grew to dominance which he exerted over me liberally. While in most public situations and occasionally in intimate private moments, we were boyfriend and trans […]

Eva : Visiting an Old Friend

Eva rolled her cabin bag behind her as she exited the arrivals lounge of the city airport. Finally, some fresh air. The day was still early, and the sun was up. Outside was a labyrinth of roads, parking spots, and signage meant to guide people to where the taxis and local public transport options were gathered. It looked just like […]

Back in the Saddle

It had started the night before, really. When the discreet cardboard box had arrived on her porch, Maggie knew that her TV plans that evening were going to change. She had been long overdue for an upgrade, and the sleek teal silicone toy with its flared head and clitoral stimulation had been oh, so worth it. She had gone down […]

Girls Night Out

Jennifer, Amy, and Nicole met each other in college and quickly became friends and confidents. They each danced to a tune few others could hear, but each understood each other’s tune. They went to frat parties together and compared notes about the men they met. They went on spring break together and dared each other to go topless. They all […]

Married to the Busty Co-ed

My session started almost by accident as my mind went to remembering a drunken evening as a senior in college. My buddies and I were exchanging thoughts about the sexiest big-titted women we could think of. There was general lust for Kim K but some negativity about how big her hips seemed to be. That prompted a mention of Demi […]

Not Your Typical Damsel

I was snapped immediately out of the pleasant daydream I had been having, strolling down the street just before sunset on a cold December day. That had definitely been a very distraught young woman, and it sounded like she was in trouble. I took off, following the voice. Now, some background: I do not appear, at first glance, to be […]

Party Procreation

Jennifer Sanderson considered herself to be a good wife to her husband John. They had been married seven years and now at the age of twenty-eight Jennifer thought she had everything going for her. As she admired her trim and toned body in the full-length mirror in her bedroom, she pondered what to wear to the party she had been […]

Thoughts and Dreams

He had been unhappy for a while without fully realising why. It had started with him feeling as though he was missing something important, feeling as though he didn’t really know his wife, as though they were just strangers who shared a house, their children and debts holding them together but with nothing to bring them closer. A couple moving […]

Dorian’s Deal – Jake & Jill

His sister shut the door behind her, barging in uninvited. “Who are they?” Tatiana said. “Who are who?” Dorian said, fearing he knew the answer. “Those people that made introductions. For that girl you had sex with.” “I can’t tell you that.” “Can’t? Or won’t?” “Can’t. I honestly don’t know.” For all the talk he’d heard about demons, he really […]