Birthday Spankings

I put the last of the dirty dishes in the sink and allowed myself a semi-smirk as I turned around. “Well, I told you it wasn’t going to be much, but I halfway surprised myself how that turned out. Wasn’t this better than staying at home and watching Dancing with the Stars or going out with your vapid girl friends?” […]

The Proxy

I twist my hair into a loose knot at the nape of my neck, let the ice melt against my skin, stiffening when it drips down my back. I can’t believe how warm my apartment is right now. I feel a pang of sympathy for every short-sighted, easily-swindled Disney princess when I remember how willingly I agreed to exchange the […]

Kindred ‘Spirits’ Haunt a Couple

Figured I’d punch out a ‘HolloWeeny’ themed quip. Note the capitalization of SPOOKY words, FYE. They, whoever they may be, say SPIRITS of the departed are of the wind and POSSESS no tangibles of the living realm. I write you here to disSPELL this legend of urbanity and reveal the true power of the SPIRIT world over that of the […]

Hitting Snooze

I wake up in an empty bed, but your side is still warm from your body heat. I stretch languidly, feeling the stiffness from last night’s exertions fade to a warm glow in my belly, the slight ache of having been thoroughly fucked. I burrow my face into your pillow, breathing deeply, your scent making my skin tingle with anticipation. […]

Escort Encounter

I text messaged when I arrived outside the building and the handler sent me the buzzer code. I buzzed the apartment and was buzzed straight in. I took the elevator up to the 25th floor. I walked down the hall and waited in front of the door (being as quiet as possible). It is always a bit exciting waiting in […]

Steve & Sara

Steve and Sara were fuck buddies. They were both married but the difference was that Sara’s husband got off on watching Sara fuck Big Black Cocks but Steve’s wife was not aware of Sara at all. However, Sara was trusted to maintain confidentiality. So when Steve showed up at Sara’s place her husband was expecting him and invited him in. […]

Just Fuck Me

The whistle pierced the air, as if the guard were trying to break us apart with the sound. Reluctantly, Eric slid his tongue out of my mouth, drew his finger from my pussy and his hand out of my short skirt, and stepped back. “Sorry babe, I really do have to go.” I pouted, brought my arms forward to press […]

Let it be You

Tony smiled and chose to stop and talk to the woman who was a near neighbour and often to be seen tending her front garden, its flowers in tubs and hanging baskets. She also devoted her time to the bird table that was often hidden from view by a flock of starlings that descended upon it like a swarm of […]

The Milking Table

Melissa was having a slow week. Her one and only client had just left and it was only 2pm. Her photography studio had been so slow since this fucking Covid business had started. Really she was glad of any work – but just wished there was more. After about 10 minutes of staring into space – her mobile began to […]

Midsummer Night of Passion

We sat next to each other on the couch, neither of us caring what was on, but we had to put on something. Something to drown out the noise, something to claim we were watching, something…anything. “Well I’ve never watched that,” he says. “What? Well, I guess it’ll work then,” I respond and put the remote down and lean into […]