Fear-boners and Unpleasant Dreams

“That’s what you’re wearing?” says Hadley. His incredulous tone draws the attention of Jeff, who comes to the door to inspect me. “That’s it? Is this a joke?” I’m wearing jeans and t-shirt and a cowboy hat I bought when I still lived in Austin. I knew I’d take flack for my low-effort outfit, but the hat’s the real deal. […]

A very Interesting Summer with Dad

My name is Dylan Cooper. I´m nineteen years old and in my second year of college. I love reading gay erotica. In fact I’m kind of obsessed with it. Maybe that’s why I started wondering about my dad. His name is Stephen and he’s pretty cool. He’s a very successful lawyer, works out every morning, plays video games with me […]

Bath House Submission

I live in a small town in central Arizona. This place is quite homophobic, so as you can probably guess, there isn’t very much happening here for a submissive bi guy like me to do for sexual release. Every once in a while I manage to get down to Phoenix and let my hair down so to speak. This is […]

Gay Night Club

As we walked past a clusters of horseshoe shaped booths with couples talking discreetly to each other, my heart started to palpitate with excitement as we arrived and my friend for the night stood up to greet me. He were about my build, immaculately dressed in expensive black slacks a white short sleeved shirt partially unbuttoned, impeccably jet black hair […]

Over Night Job Leads to More

College is a great time for partying and exploring ones sexual desires. I believe I did my fair share of both throughout my time in college, but one experience will always stay with me as it helped open me up to a whole new world of submission. Like most college students money gets tight so I ended up taking a […]

Bare Backed by my Straight Landlord

I spent maybe two hours between my towel and my laptop and it was just gorgeous. I was wearing my new Piping Hot black speedos (they are the ones that you can see in a blog post from a few days ago, yes it is a speedo dick pic selfie). As the laptop battery was dying I shut everything down […]


I live in the UK, in the county of Norfolk, close to the beach. A town where nothing much ever happens. I’ve been married for 35 years, but my sex life was almost non-existent, with the exception of my regular ‘solo’ sessions! I’m pretty much straight, although I once had a same-sex experience in my teens with a school friend, […]

Finding An Old Friend Again

My name is Jim, as a teen I had several trysts with some very close friends as well as a couple of men I had just met. I was never that guy the girls cooed over and dated, at least not until I was into my early 20’s so those hook-ups with guys helped me with my shall we say […]

A First in the Park

To start, I’m not gay. I have never had the desire for a man. Never looked at a man and though “he’s attractive”. Never wanted to kiss a man, nor hold his hand, etc. However, I am a very sexual human being. I’ve been that way since I was around four or five years old. I routinely was “horny”, even […]

Marcus: The Night at Nates

When the Friday came, Marcus decided to ask Nate if he wanted to have a sleepover, Jay was traditionally his best friend, they had the most in common. But Nate was less superficial, he hoped he could try to open up about himself, and his experience with Alan. When school ended, Marcus went out front with Nate, they walked down […]