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Executive’s Slut

I’m pretty sure if you had known me you would be wondering (if not in shock) what I am doing here. ‘Here’ is the office of the CEO of the large company my husband, Gerald, works for. ‘Doing’… well… I am naked, on my knees in front of the CEO who is sagged back in his desk chair. His slacks […]

Seducing the Neighbor

My telephone rang. “Cathy Dixon, Atlanta Models Direct,” I answered. “Oh, hi,” said a female voice. “Jo Anson here, Elite Footwear.” “Oh, Jo! How are things?” “Just dandy, Cath. How about you?” “Nothing to report — business is keeping up with demand, so I can’t complain!”

How I Met My Husband

If it wasn’t for the alcohol, I would have kept my mouth shut. I’d been harboring fantasies all my life as far back as high school but I never, EVER, told them to anyone else. Fantasies that I would never admit to my wife, Dorothy (Dottie). Sexual fantasies, romantic fantasies, but about men rather than women. My awful secret came […]

Housesitting with the Sisters

I was having a pleasant lunch with my girlfriend Sharon, when she mentioned that her folks were going away soon for a few weeks holiday and asked me if I wanted to stay with her full time while they were gone. “That would be awesome, would love too. What about Lynn?” I asked. “She’ll be around, it’s her house too.” […]

Coming Home

Looking back, I’m not exactly sure when things progressed from innocent hugging to mortal sin, but all of a sudden I realized that my mom’s tongue was in my mouth and that I was kissing her back passionately. She tasted of vodka and tears, and I found myself wondering if this could really be happening or if I was just […]


This is an idea I had when I was thinking of revisiting Dr. Dick and Porno Ray series. I got a kick out of some of the characters there and how they were stereotypical. That got me thinking about if you could mix all the stereotypes you see in porn and erotica what exactly would that look like. So I […]

Amorous Goods: The Mayor’s Wife

The Mayor’s wife wanted to give her husband a special reward for winning his latest election. She enlisted the help of her friend, the Sheriff’s wife, whose husband had also been re-elected. Because both men had run on law and order platforms and had made much of their success in getting hookers off the streets of their small, family-friendly town, […]

Fear-boners and Unpleasant Dreams

“That’s what you’re wearing?” says Hadley. His incredulous tone draws the attention of Jeff, who comes to the door to inspect me. “That’s it? Is this a joke?” I’m wearing jeans and t-shirt and a cowboy hat I bought when I still lived in Austin. I knew I’d take flack for my low-effort outfit, but the hat’s the real deal. […]

Tiffany’s Seductress

Tiffany lived at home with her mom and older sister as a way to save money during college. Their mother, Melissa, was in her mid-forties and worked as an accountant. She saw this stay-at-home approach as a way to help her daughters into their early careers without taking on too much debt. Both Tiffany and her sister, Silvia, had most […]

A Long Time Ago

The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. My name is Neil Jamison. Actually Neil Frederick Jamison, a much more impressive name than the person who goes with it. At the time this story was written I was 5’8″, had brownish red hair with sun bleached highlights down to […]