Amorous Goods: The Mayor’s Wife

The Mayor’s wife wanted to give her husband a special reward for winning his latest election. She enlisted the help of her friend, the Sheriff’s wife, whose husband had also been re-elected. Because both men had run on law and order platforms and had made much of their success in getting hookers off the streets of their small, family-friendly town, […]

Diane Leaves For College

Diane is a beautiful girl, yet she is not the most outgoing person and primarily keeps to herself. At 5 feet, 5 inches tall, and just 95 pounds with 28A breasts, her body frame is small. But her smooth fair-colored skin, silky brunette hair, deep hazel eyes, and big smile makes her a striking woman. With only brothers as siblings, […]

The Cold Forest

It’s been a harsh weekend. The snowstorm has been raging over the entire town for the last two days. Electricity has been gone since morning. The last news on the radio was that it will get back to normal. ‘Old Town’, like its name, was an old town situated in the northern part of Estonia, near Pohja-Korvemaa nature reserve, which […]

Astral Sex

I like going by overcrowded buses. It’s not that I enjoy suffering or frottage. It’s all about human thoughts and emotions woven together in this tight space. As a mind-reader I just love being in such a library. After I first discovered this ability I had been reading everything I could. Eventually I became more picky. I acquired a taste […]

The Woman at Devil’s Fire

I was working on the film crew for Desert Winds 2 which was filming on location in Gold Butte National Monument, Nevada, in the sandstone region known as Little Finland. I was a gaffer by trade and my name has sped across the end credit roll of many films. If you watched any one of my films many to the […]

A Warrior’s Right

Marcyn worked at her tincture, grinding the herbs and salt into a powder and adding wine until it was a thick paste. She rubbed it between her fingers, feeling for any lingering grit and putting it under the weight of her pestle again. Isolde came beside her with a mortar and pestle in her own hands. She began to pluck […]

In Space Everyone Screams

Anna gasped out loud. As the haze slowly began to clear and her senses began to return, the first thing she noticed was the cold. She shivered. Her entire body shuddered and trembled as if she was seizing. Her skin was so cold it felt as if it was on fire. If she could see, she was sure her breath […]

Sinners Haven: Angela

The year is 2005 and the world is at peace. Life for humans is rather boring and mundane. Many new advancements in technology have been discovered but it was something unexpected that would spell doom for humans. Deep in the heart of Las Vegas a massive construction starts to take place. Millions of jobs are made as a brand new […]

The Energy

This is a dream, I thought as I stood in the broken rubble of the destroyed buildings. It had to be a dream, I reasoned, because if I was in the waking world I think I would’ve lost my mind. I was alone and there was a burnt smell in the air that came from somewhere I couldn’t find. My […]

Depending on How You Look at It

All his life he was trapped in Never Neverland—a cultural amusement park of lies where no one ever expected him to contribute anything of value as himself, except for the permission to not contribute. No one had ever believed that he could. The boy had waited his whole life for a big, strong man, a father figure who was fierce […]