Why Were The Two Twink’s Outed?

I was sitting at a pool complex in my hotel on day one of a seven day holiday and the sun was beating down out of the forest of parasols my look alike who I had never met in person before, only online, waved as he walked over to me. We were both engineering students at twined Universities in Glasgow […]

Time for a Change

After several years making regular visits to our favourite swingers club in Manchester, Liz and I had built up a select group of regulars who understood the things that turn us both on. The people we knew were great and we would often play together, but the stream of new single men seemed to be drying up. One of the […]

Mega Pizza Dare

“It’s Friday, pizza day, again. You ready to go for it, Sue?” “Go for what, Al? I haven’t the slightest idea what you mean.” “Right. When I dared you to strip before answering the door for the pizza guy three weeks ago, you got all giddy like. After saying NO until the last minute, you stripped down to your tiny […]

Young Man in the Morning Light

At 6:18 a.m. on an autumn Sunday morning, it is really very early and the city center is almost deserted when I reach the entrance portal of a large department store, enjoying the unusual silence of our largest shopping street, which is usually crowded with people. On the way there, besides the hardworking men from street cleaning, I hardly met […]

The Philosophical Club

Senior year at State University I was part of a group of friends who got together on Friday nights to hang out. Sometimes at the student union, sometimes in the basement room of the pizza place, sometimes other places. It was not anything organized, just a group sitting around telling stories, playing games, or discussing the latest crisis on campus. […]

The Cruise

Jen and I had packed light for this week long excursion billed as a “cruise to nowhere”. The ship would actually take us through the Caribbean stopping at the smaller islands permitting us to swim in warm greenish water. The ship was by any standard luxurious. There are restaurants, and three swimming pools, each having a poolside bar. For adventurous […]

Caught Being The Teachers Pet

“Your late Zachery! I’m going to have to write you up.” was what I heard from Mrs. Gordon when I walked into her class only four minutes late. “I’m glad you showed up today Mr. Jones!” was what my best friend Benjamin received when he walked into class twenty minutes late. “I swear I don’t understand.” I whispered shaking my […]

Photos for Ken & Toni (and Myself)

After I got divorced about 6 years ago, I moved to another California city and bought a home in a nice neighborhood. I’m a software consultant, and I work from home most days. I try to run several days a week, and I have a home gym that I use to keep myself in shape. I’m into photography of all […]

The Office Visit

My stockings are thigh high. Old school with the seam in the back. For panties, he has requested white nylon. Not lace. Not silk. A skirt — knee length and conservative and a silk white blouse with a white nylon bra. Black heels. Nothing too provocative. My hair up and my make-up modest. A professional look that says business. A […]

Please, Do It For Us

“Is that you, Mr. B?” She stood between me and the sun, the water from her bikini dripping on my blanket. I didn’t recognize her right away. Her face was in shadow. “I’m sorry,” I said. “It’s Sharon. I was in your trig class back, um, four years ago.” She stooped down and I saw her clearly. “Of course! Sharon! […]