Executive’s Slut

I’m pretty sure if you had known me you would be wondering (if not in shock) what I am doing here. ‘Here’ is the office of the CEO of the large company my husband, Gerald, works for. ‘Doing’… well… I am naked, on my knees in front of the CEO who is sagged back in his desk chair. His slacks […]


This is an idea I had when I was thinking of revisiting Dr. Dick and Porno Ray series. I got a kick out of some of the characters there and how they were stereotypical. That got me thinking about if you could mix all the stereotypes you see in porn and erotica what exactly would that look like. So I […]

Pierce Me

At the end of a crowded bar, Sly enjoyed a packed Halloween setting next to his friends. It was a balanced enjoyment, as he’d been reduced to dressing as a doctor, a boring choice since it was his profession. That was balanced out by another friend’s absence, the one he’d lost a bet to, that made him lazily wear generic […]

The Mystery of Lakeview Mall

Even by Hazelwood High’s rumor mill standards, this one was dumb. A lot of students liked to talk about it, but very few actually believed it. Still, when your high school is located in a sleepy suburban-at-best town where so little happens that a broken taillight could make the newspaper’s front page, you’re all-too-happy to share local news, even if […]

Zero Tolerance

Melissa’s euphoric feeling of relief lasted all of about thirty seconds. That was the length of time between the moment she walked into Dean Eleanor Taylor’s office and saw her lost purse miraculously sitting there on the desk, and the moment where the dean’s secretary closed the door behind her and locked it tightly. She had just enough time to […]

The Cursed Tattoo

The storm was raging when they reached the top of the ramparts. The wind howled in their ears as they peered over the edge. They heard shouting behind them, from the direction of the castle. Beams from flashlights swept the old stone walls in search of them. Ryan was just an average guy, maybe a bit taller, but definitely not […]

The Queen of the Bonobos

I was walking back to my car from the primate house when it all started. My parents used to take me to the zoo all the time when I was young, and I grew to love seeing the animals in their “natural” habitats. So, as an adult, when I moved to a city with a first-rate zoo, one of the […]

Me and Chandni Doll

I felt my husband (Sanjay’s) cock deep within me, thrusting in and out of my holiest of holies. It made me feel full, and loved, and wonderful, and I hoped that it would last long enough for me to have an orgasm for a change. “Ughgh!” grunted my husband (sanjay), and I knew that I would be disappointed yet again. […]

Time to Serve

It was Will’s last day before retirement. He was spending it doing one of his hobbies walking along the beach with a metal detector. Normally, he just found spare change and bottle caps but sometimes he got lucky. Today was one of those days. The metal detector started going off and there in the sand he found a golden bracelet. […]

Dancing with the Enemy

Isaac shifted uncomfortably in the saddle as he waited patiently at the city gates. The Milonese state was known for being wary of outsiders, so the extended wait wasn’t a surprise. What did surprise him was the instructions to travel without a retinue. It was an attempt at a power play, but one which he was perfectly happy to play […]