Gabriela – A Lovely Married Woman

It had not been a good day for the beautiful Gabriela. Her boss was in a bad mood, even with her, which meant more work. She wondered if it was her fault, if maybe the constant refusals to date him were finally taking its toll. Everyone in the office knew that Mr. Martinez, her boss, was trying to court her, […]

The Nude Beach

BRADY: I watched from behind my sunglasses with casual curiosity as they stopped about 20 yards down the beach. They seemed to be in hesitant conversation and they continued to look back towards where I was laid out. They had both smiled at me in a friendly manner as they had passed, walking hand in hand with each carrying a […]

My Wife and The Cop

“The Cowboys are kicking ass, and I’m three beers and a joint in. What could better than this?” thought Joey. And then his cell phone rang. “Hi Babyyyyyy,” sang Delores. His cock began to rise at the sexy sound of his half-drunk wife of twenty-two years. “Light some candles, and put one of the dining chairs by the bed. I’ll […]

The Mermaid and the SEAL

Mira loved watching humans frolic in the ocean and several times she would shed her tail, morph into human form and wander among the humans. Unlike her fellow mermaids, to her the humans seemed carefree and loved to enjoy life and love. Her life in Mermaid Cove was fraught with the danger of being caught and rules within the mermaid […]

Guest Services

Our Little Loonies program will begin in ten minutes at the Crafts Building! Kids, don’t forget to bring your bracelets or keychains if you didn’t finish them yesterday. All you teenagers out there, come and join us for some tubing or water skiing in our Water Loonatics program! We’ll meet down at the docks at 10:00 am. And for all […]

Bombshell Dolly Nail

I was called to the Dahlia Hotel in the middle of the night. By my request, I’m the first person summoned when a violent crime involves a woman. The chief of police and I don’t always see eye to eye, but I earned his respect as a war survivor. Chief Collin Brooks was in the hotel room when I walked […]

Jewel of the Hoard

For Aries, the journey had been long and tiring. His muscles ached underneath his leathers. The wolf pelt that was thrown over the top kept him warm from the piercingly cold winds that tore through the mountainside. His horse, too afraid to continue up the side of the dangerous cliff, tore off in some unknown direction. Perhaps, it knew something […]

Spiraled Into Control

“Yes! Ooh, please, yes, j-just–just one more kiss, Ma’am! Please, one more! One more for your dumb little slut, oh, please, please, I’ll be gooood, just–pleeeEEEEASE!” Vivi beamed up at the squirming, writhing catgirl she had pinned against the ferry’s taffrail. “One more kiss?” the sorceress asked innocently, twirling one perfect lock of wavy red hair and pouting her luscious […]


I remember thinking, at the time, that my life could not get any more bizarre, or at least unpredictable, than this moment. Boy, did I turn out to be wrong. Phoebe, who was, and still is, my best friend in the whole world, had the entirety of my cock down her throat, her lips touching the skin around the base. […]

Snorkeling with Benefits

Mark stepped onto the beach, enjoying the contrast between the slightly cool sand under his feet and the humid warmth of the morning air. He and his wife Janet had arrived on the Caribbean island the previous evening, but by the time they had settled into the place they would be staying at for the next couple of weeks and […]