Purpose, The Beginnings and Tina

She is a bottle blonde but you could never tell. She has no carpet to compare to the drapes. She is a tall 5′ 10″, 146 lbs 38D chest with large areola and dime sized permanently erect nipples, the perfect ass not J Lo but not flat either. Flat tummy, toned body and legs from daily exercise. Pierced navel and […]

The Witch’s Brew

“I hear that if you walk across the Witch’s Graveyard at midnight, her spectre will come and show you the worst, most horrifying, scariest thing of your life. I can’t believe I listened to them,” Darla, 23, said as she stepped over the gnarled root of a nearby tree. She waved her phone around, the flashlight shining the light around […]

You Can’t Argue with Cosmopolitan

“You are hopeless.” The last words Gina heard from her roommate, Grace, as she pulled the door closed. The back story was that Grace had been trying for weeks to entice Gina to go to, as she described it, the party of the year. Gina. On the other hand, had no interest in anything involving kegs of beer, loud crowds, […]

More Than an Other

“Lynn. Hey.” It was a question as much as anything. The yawn broke through, screwing open her mouth and causing her to sway forward. She scratched her tummy through her cotton chemise, the thin floral design jumping along the top of her thighs. “Hi Sarah.” Lynn whispered, worry creasing her brow. For some reason it felt rude to speak above […]

Housewives and Cheerleaders

From the outside, Glenview Drive appeared to be an ordinary suburban cul-de-sac. It was a relic from another time, the sort of place where the men went off to work in the morning, while their wives got the kids off to school, then cleaned house and met for coffee in the afternoons. This wholesome veneer, however, concealed a hotbed of […]

“Am I?”

Christine Gernaud stood in front of the Burns & Burns Grocers grocery store in Kimble, Louisiana, fanning her sweating face. The heat was in the high nineties; the humidity was also in the high nineties. Her blonde hair actually looked light brown where it stuck to her scalp; the sweat made the yellow hair look dark. Christine had her mother, […]

Painting Pearls

Priscilla Perez kept the ‘Ho’ smile on her face as she gathered up her clothes and her tips. She kept the smile on her face until she exited the stage. Then she allowed her face to relax. She hated working the early shift; nothing but old men. And the majority of these old buzzards were cheap. They expected to be […]

Goth Queens vs. The Cheerleader

The day began as any other day would have. I woke up at 6AM, took my shower before school, got dressed in my favorite fall outfit, short sleeveless shirt and a cute skirt, put on my socks and shoes and headed off to school. As I walked through the front door and into my first period class, there was nothing […]

Voyage of the Naginata

Serra leaned back in her chair, the “whirring” star drive of her freighter was like a lullaby to her. She closed her eyes and relaxed, having always enjoyed these long runs to fringe space, it was quiet, and once out of the jurisdiction of the Templars (a galactic peace-keeping force) she had few other concerns. She put her heavy-booted feet […]

Seducing Mother’s Older Friend

I’m finishing my walk around the neighbourhood when I see Sharon, a long time friend of my mum, walking toward me. Actually, she first met my mum as her babysitter. She also babysat for me, and when she did, I always felt attracted to her, but I never recognised it as a sexual thing. Sharon has just turned sixty, but […]