Take Care

“Sir!” I shouldn’t have looked back. I knew better, I knew not to pay attention to people calling after me, and yet… Was it the use of ‘Sir’ instead of the more common ‘Mister’? Her voice, her intonation? “Sir, take him with you!” A girl, a young woman, holding a toddler by her hand. A beautiful young woman. A snotty […]

Step By Step

My wife Janet and I have been married since we graduated from high school. We dated from the 8th grade until after we graduated. The only time we have been apart was for a few months after high school. Janet had a thing about a guy who is 3 years older who she worked with at a job after high […]

How I Became Black Owned

I never in a million years would have expected the events I’m about to describe to have happened to me. I’m a straight-laced girl. Sure, I have had a normal number of relationships–and even been married before for a few years. And, yes, I’m considered quite nice looking. I have a cute face, and–if I do say so myself–an outstanding […]

Righting A Wrong

I’m sitting in the living room of my house, having just finished the very sad get together following the funeral of my wife of nearly twenty-six years. My son, Charlie, his pregnant wife and their two year old son just left My daughter, Carol, and her new husband also left. The very close friends and other relatives left, too, leaving […]

Kat Takes A Ride

It had been a good decision to get her bike out. The city’s streets were never clear of traffic on a working day but there was a good cycle route all the way down to her office. On a day like this she could get her exercise and do her short commute all in one. Kat felt the delicious little […]

St. Martin Awakening

Ann had tried to leave her old self behind since she’d married Jimmy. Sure, she’d let Lance seduce her into meeting him shortly after she and Jimmy returned from their honeymoon but she’d felt so guilty about that she’d remained faithful ever since. But as they’d gotten into their third year of marriage Ann was feeling less and less satisfied […]

On The News

My Wife was a news caster on the local TV station. She had been on for almost five years now and had just signed another contract for another five. She was the late night anchor at eleven and she had a huge following. My wife has very nice tits and shows some of them in the dresses she wears. She […]

Marine Biology: The study of BBC

The old research vessel creaked as it rolled gently with the crystal blue waves. Rachel sat processing the haul of lionfish on the swim platform, her legs immersed in the warm tropical water. The fillet knife struggled to cut through the hard fins, the sharp cracking of spines was interlaced with expletives from her mouth. She tossed the junk overboard, […]

Learning the Joys

It’s finally Summer! After what felt like forever of a pretty non-existent social life, outside of living with Tasos, my boyfriend, and my nightly calls with my girl Stefania, I’ve done nothing in nearly a year. Not that I haven’t enjoyed my time with Tasos, I love him. I just have the itch to get out and just socialize I […]

Nick’s Addiction Grows

At 33 years old, Nick was supposed to be in his prime as a Man. He was in better shape than he had been in years. Nick had a good job as a software developer. He was also in a long-term relationship that was the envy of all his friends and colleagues. Yup, he was doing well. “According to anyone’s […]