Lia’s Eventful Bus Ride Home

I smiled at the bus driver as I boarded the bus to go home from a depressing day at school, and he nodded back to me. I decided to sit in an empty row next to the window, and stared at the people swarming outside. As the bus started to shuffle along, I jumped when someone abruptly sat next to […]

Hitting Snooze

I wake up in an empty bed, but your side is still warm from your body heat. I stretch languidly, feeling the stiffness from last night’s exertions fade to a warm glow in my belly, the slight ache of having been thoroughly fucked. I burrow my face into your pillow, breathing deeply, your scent making my skin tingle with anticipation. […]

Kinky Secretary turns Domme

“What Darla? I can’t hear you. You’ll have to speak up!” Hardly surprising since I was tightly gagged at the time. I was dressed not in my more usual secretarial attire but as an out and out floozie. I had on a leopard catsuit topped with a tight waist cincher and shiny black skirt that really didn’t cover my ass […]

My Perfectly Made Girlfriend

My Perfectly Made Girlfriend. She was standing, all five foot six hundred and ten pounds of exotic beauty, at the bar, jeans so tight I could tell her religion. The only thing that made me think they weren’t body paint was the zipper that went down the top of tights to top of the ass. Her sequin top was dazzling, […]

Healing Love

I’m 31 and this happened last year after my Mom passed away. Dad and I were devastated. We lost Mom out of the blue with no warning. I cried for days and I know my Dad was worse off than me. Mom was such a free spirit, always happy and friendly to everybody she met. I was always told that […]

How I Became Black Owned

I never in a million years would have expected the events I’m about to describe to have happened to me. I’m a straight-laced girl. Sure, I have had a normal number of relationships–and even been married before for a few years. And, yes, I’m considered quite nice looking. I have a cute face, and–if I do say so myself–an outstanding […]

Escort Encounter

I text messaged when I arrived outside the building and the handler sent me the buzzer code. I buzzed the apartment and was buzzed straight in. I took the elevator up to the 25th floor. I walked down the hall and waited in front of the door (being as quiet as possible). It is always a bit exciting waiting in […]

The Philosophical Club

Senior year at State University I was part of a group of friends who got together on Friday nights to hang out. Sometimes at the student union, sometimes in the basement room of the pizza place, sometimes other places. It was not anything organized, just a group sitting around telling stories, playing games, or discussing the latest crisis on campus. […]

The Cruise

Jen and I had packed light for this week long excursion billed as a “cruise to nowhere”. The ship would actually take us through the Caribbean stopping at the smaller islands permitting us to swim in warm greenish water. The ship was by any standard luxurious. There are restaurants, and three swimming pools, each having a poolside bar. For adventurous […]

Caught In the Pasture

Delicate hooves trampled through the forest, sharp teeth nipping at the doe’s ankles as she ran, just a hair faster than her attackers. The two wolves’ combined breaths burned hot on her hind legs as they pursued her through the trees. She was panicking – it was only a matter of time before they would manage to cut her off […]