Girls Night Out

To those of you who believe women need to be controlled by domineering men, your character has been written into this story.

Spoiler alert, you’re going to jail.



Girls Night Out

Joe E Hartley

September 2021

Jennifer, Amy, and Nicole met each other in college and quickly became friends and confidents. They each danced to a tune few others could hear, but each understood each other’s tune. They went to frat parties together and compared notes about the men they met. They went on spring break together and dared each other to go topless. They all did and found they enjoyed the attention.

They each found they had trouble fitting in with the majority and could not find a boyfriend that did not drive them crazy from boredom. They decided early on that the only function men had for them was a bit of fun. None they met could hold their own with any of them intelligibility.

The senior year, they each got serious about finding a man. Life was just too unpleasant and challenging for unmarried women. Even with all the advances in gender equality, it was still an unspoken man’s world as far as employment and social status was concerned.

The ladies agreed to mold themselves into something that was acceptable to the society they lived in, but would get together at least once a month with each other to let their hair down and release the crazy trapped inside each one of them.

Jennifer started to seriously date a business major from her class. She also pursued a business major, so she thought they would at least have that in common. Kevin was an okay guy and not totally boring. He was not into just getting drunk every weekend, watching sports, and talking about cars. He was primarily focused on his education. He studied hard and struggled with some of the concepts. Jennifer knew he would never advance far in the world of business, but she helped him study and explained things to him in a way not to undermine him. She played the game and soon they were an item.

Sexually he was okay, about a 7. She could live with that. They married shortly after graduation and within two weeks of him starting his new job that Jennifer helped him get.

Amy, likewise found someone in her field of study. Eric was all set to become an accountant and already had a job lined up. He was a shy sort of person and was overjoyed to have someone like Amy show an interest in him. He also like the fact that she was as smart as he was, she too was going to be an accountant. He helped her apply to the same company that has offered him a job after graduation. He had interned with them every summer for the last three years.

They married shortly after Jennifer and Keven. Amy, and Nicole were Jenifer’s bridesmaids and Jennifer and Nicole were Amy’s bridesmaids

Nicole could not lower her standards enough to find anyone during her senior year, but at the bachelorette party for Jennifer’s wedding she did meet someone. He was working on his doctorate in math and was working at the university assisting in some basic research. He taught some classes and had an opportunity to have a long career almost anywhere he wanted to live.

Jason and Nicole were married a year after graduation and both Jennifer and Amy served as her bridesmaids.

They each tried to outdo each other with their bachelorette party. None of them had many friends but the women associated with their new husbands, sisters, cousins, etc. wanted to be a part of the party. So, the three women each had two parties. One for just the three of them complete with male strippers and body shots, and one that was far more tame.

They had gotten together a couple times after their marriages for just a chance to catch-up and have a drink at an afterwork bar. They chatted about missing the good times they had before and that their lives had turned out just as they had feared. They had learned to keep their mouths shut around the people both at work and the friends and relatives of their husbands.

Jennifer indicated that her husband might be interested in allowing a bit more freedom, but that would have to remain private. Kevin was a bit passive and his sister tended to tell him what to do. Jennifer was starting to stand up to her and so far, Kevin had backed her. Sex was a powerful incentive.

Amy, likewise, had shared that her husband Eric was open to her ideas.

Nicole wasn’t sure about her new husband, but he was an associate professor now and had a lot of cute young college women around him all day. She wondered if he saw them as available to him, or what he would do, if she suggested they both be free to play around.

Jennifer knew how to break their funk. “Let’s find someone to dance with,” she suggested.

Amy had noticed a man eyeing her up and down for a while but up until now had been holding back, maybe because the three women were deep into conversation. Now the conversation waned and the three women scanned the bar checking out the available men.

Amy looked back at him and flashed him a smile. He started to move towards her and she dreaded hearing one of the many lame pick-up lines.

He reached her table and looked directly at her, “Hi,” he said, ” I noticed you sitting here and wondered if you would care to dance?”

Amy expected some sort of line, and was set back by the honesty. She hesitated just a few seconds, before responding, “I’d love to. My name is Amy.”

He reached out his hand to take hers. “I’m Tom and I don’t remember seeing you or your friends in here before.”

“Do you hang out here a lot?” she asked.

“I guess that depends on what you mean by a lot. I try to drop by once a week or so.” Tom replied.

“Any particular day?” Amy asked.

Tom smiled at her flirtation and again checked out her body, “If I said I’d be here next Tuesday, would you be here looking for me?”

Amy smiled back at him and his blatant staring at her breasts, “I might,” she responded than pressed her body close to his and swayed to the music.”

Amy stayed on the dance floor for another dance and soon felt Tom’s hand on her breast. She did not attempt to move away, but instead moved closer to him. When the song ended, she excused herself back to her table. “I’d definitely look for you here on Tuesday,” she commented as she walked away.

When Amy got back to the table, Nicole was talking with a man and had her hands on his arm. Jennifer was not at the table, but her purse still was on her chair. Nicole looked up when Amy sat back down, “This is Tony, he’s a writer,” she introduced, then pointing to Amy, she addressed the man in front of her, “this is my friend Amy.”

They exchanged greetings and then Amy asked if Jennifer was on the dance floor.

Nicole indicated yes and said that someone had to stay at the table to guard their purses. With that she grabbed Tony’s arm and pulled him out onto the dance floor.

A few hours latter the three women felt much better. They each had fondled a man, made him excited and in exchange had been likewise fondled. They had exchanged phone numbers and each had indicated that they would not be opposed to have personal photos sent to their phones. Jennifer had gone so far as to request some.

They set up another girl’s night, but would decide where to go and how far to push the flirting until after each had a chance to talk with their husbands. Right now, they felt as if they could take on the world and would not allow the trivia of their work-a-day lives to push them down.

Over the following weeks the daily grind did it’s best to wear them down, but remembering the girl’s night out and the promise of more, gave each of them hope that life would not beat them down. They each had received a text or two from a couple of the men they had danced with and each enjoyed receiving at least one intimate photo. They had not returned a similar photo, nor had they replied to any of the text and soon the text stopped coming. They each knew that before they could allow this game to continue, they had to get their husbands on board.

Jennifer was the first to address the issue with her husband, Kevin. He had asked about her time out with the girls and she told him she had a lot of fun. She told him she and her friends went out dancing and her time out had revived her. He never asked for details, but he was pleased and did notice the change in her. She seemed happier and more playful.

Jennifer attempted to breach the subject with Keven by asking if he ever flirted at work. He shied away from that topic, until Jennifer suggested that it might improve his productivity if he did. She knew he was intimated by some of the more macho types, but they were empty shirts who tried to intimidate and would not last long. Kevin was what those in the business world called solid citizens. His job was secure and he would get a raise once a year.

She told him that some might think he was too serious all the time and a bit of flirting might help him to loosen up.

That’s as far as she wanted to push her agenda now. She’d see what her friends came up with for their next girl’s night.

Amy found herself feeling very good and had told her husband Eric about the wonderful and invigorating evening she had with her girlfriends out dancing. Eric did not dance, but was happy she found so much joy in it and suggested she go out more often.

After several weeks Eric noticed that Amy was again starting to lose her playful energy and suggested she call her friends and go out dancing again.

Amy felt guilt and had a long sit-down conversation with her na├»ve husband. “When I go out dancing you do know that there is a lot of flirting going on and sometime the men like to grope?”

“Isn’t that all part of dancing? It’s not like you’re going to leave me and move in with some guy you met on the dance floor.” Eric replied.

Amy thought for a minute and realized that for someone so seemingly out of touch, Eric had a great deal of insight. He was not jealous at all and could, on some level, understand and accept her need to flirt. She wasn’t sure how far to push it, but this was further than she expected this soon with almost no effort on her part.

“There is no way I would leave you for some flash-in-the-pan dancer. How did I find someone so wise?” She answered.

Nicole thought that her husband, Jason, would be the most understanding and accepting of flirting of all of them. She asked him if he ever flirted with any of his female students and he told her that there is standard joke about mathematicians, that they would not even know if a woman was flirting with them, because they are only ever thinking about math.

She had heard that before, but hadn’t really considered it.

Jason told her that he does get offers of sex in exchange for a better grade at least once every term, but has never acted on any of them.

“Would it change your mind if I told you I wouldn’t mind if you did?” she asked.

“Are you telling me you want an open relationship? Where either of us can have sex with anyone we want?” he asked.

“Not exactly,” she answered, “but I see nothing wrong with a little flirting.”

“Does this have anything to do with your girl’s night out a couple of weeks ago?” He asked.

“Actually yes. I didn’t have sex or anything, but some of the guys got a little handsy and I sort of enjoyed it.” Nicole confessed.

“I’ve been out dancing before, I’m not a total nerd. I know that roving hands are part of dancing and the guy expects to, at least, get to second base. I’m not jealous of you going out dancing with the girls. You came home in a very good mood. I think you should do it more often. As long as we’re talking about opening up our relationship, there is an associate I might be interested in dancing with as well. No sex, but do you mind if I flirt with her more than just verbal banter?” He responded.

“The rule will have to be, total honesty with each other and we get to modify the agreement at any time, if one or the other of us becomes uncomfortable,” Nicole added.

“Agreed.” Jason confirmed.

The two each felt as if a boulder had been lifted and that their marriage was somehow stronger after this agreement. They spend the rest of the evening in bed naked.

The ladies monitored their respective mates over the next couple of weeks. They had each dropped some serious hints as to what they had in mind. It would be great if the husbands accepted the fact that their wives needed to play every so often.

A week passed before Kevin again addressed the subject with Jennifer. “I took your advice and not only did it help me to get more information about some of the things going on at work, but it was a lot of fun. Are you sure you won’t be jealous if I flirt with a few of the women at work?”

“Not at all. Flirting is an unwritten requirement of most work environments. There is a fine line and if the woman is not receptive, you do need to back away, but, I think, you’ll find that the majority of women you meet at work would be open to any attention you pay them,” Jennifer answered, pleased that he was starting to flirt.

“I started to compliment a couple of the women on their clothes and noticed that they smiled each time I said something. They started to find excuses to talk with me and normally wore something new. Would it upset you if one woman, in particular, always seemed to unbutton the top button of her blouse whenever she wanted to talk to me?” Kevin confessed.

“Not at all. Did you comment on her open cleavage?” Jennifer inquired.

“No, I commented on her blouse, saying it looked really good on her, and I’m afraid I did stare a bit.” Keven replied sheepishly.

“And how did she react?” Jennifer wanted to know.

“She always smiles,” he answered.

“See, she likes the attention,” Jennifer announced.

Eric opened up the conversation with Amy again after noticing that she had not had another girl’s night out in almost a month and the strain was starting to show on her.

“I thought, after our little talk, that you and your friends would have hit the cubs again for a night of dancing and flirting,” he stated.

“We haven’t set anything up yet. We all agreed that we wanted all of our husbands to know about what we are doing and be okay with it. None of us want any secrecy in our marriages. I know you are okay with my going out dancing with strange guys, but I haven’t heard back from Jennifer or Nicole yet,” she answered.

“Why don’t you give them a call. I can tell that the stress of dealing with the boring part of life is taking its toll on you. We all need to find a way to balance what is required and what is fun,” he offered.

Amy agreed with her husband and his insightful nature. Later that evening she poured herself a glass of wine and called Jennifer.

“Hi Jen, I was just talking with Eric and he thinks it’s time for the three of us to go out dancing again.”

“Really! Does he know what that means?” Jennifer asked.

“He does and the strangest part is that I did not have to explain it to him. He thinks my flirting with strangers will be good for our marriage,” Amy answered.

They chatted for a while longer and Jennifer explained to Amy how she had gotten Kevin to start flirting with some of the women at work. Jennifer had already talked with Nicole and she and Jason seemed to okay with anything they wanted to do as long as there were no secrets between the two of them. They set up a date in the upcoming week for their next girl’s night out.

Everyone met at Nicole’s house and called an Uber to take them to the club so that they could feel free to drink. Once there, they discussed the possibility of going braless and immediately went into the lady’s room. They came out, grabbed drinks and a table then scanned the surroundings for available dance partners.

It wasn’t long before men started to approach the three women’s table to ask for a dance. Jennifer left the table first with a tall skinny man with a winning smile and an attitude that said he was not to be trusted.

Nicole walked off with a guy who looked to be a construction worker, with not quite enough polish, but more of guy who might be a bit bold.

Amy was left at the table as the designated purse guard when Tom, the guy she had danced with the last time she was here several weeks ago, walked up to her table. He had texted her, but she hadn’t replied.

“Hello there,” he announced, “Amy, isn’t it?”

“That’s me the flake who does not return text messages,” she said with a smile. “Liked the dick pic, by the way.”

“I didn’t think I’d see you again. Are you here again with your friends?” He asked.

“Yeah, they’re out there on the floor somewhere,” she answered.

“I gather you and your friends are just out for an evening of fun every once in a while, and not really looking for anything long term,” he commented.

“True, but isn’t that what most of the people here are doing?” Amy asked leaning forward. The top button of her blouse was open and she felt confident he could look down her blouse and see her braless breasts.

Tom noticed and smiled. He liked her attitude, “Would you care to dance?” he asked.

“I’d love to, but I have purse duty right now until my friends get back.” She apologized. “You know, we don’t have to be on the dance floor to make out,” she added.

Tom sat down next to her and snaked his arm around her waist. She leaned into him. “Cozy, isn’t it?” she asked looking up at him. He leaned down to kiss her and placed his hand on her breast.

Jennifer and Mr. not-to-be-trusted had barely reached the dance floor when his hands were all over her. She actually didn’t mind, since she expected this when she agreed to dance with him. Her hands went immediately to his groin and started to squeeze. She knew the amount of pressure to apply to excite him and the level to apply to bring him to his knees.

They continued this grope dance for a while until Jennifer discovered that this idiot had no idea of how to turn on a woman. She gave him a sharp squeeze and turned to walk away as he bent over to grab his balls. On her way back she ran into a man who had seen what the jerk was doing and was actually coming to her rescue.

“I see you can take care of assholes, and did not need any assistance,” he said in way of an introduction.

“Thank you. That guy had no clue; you think you can do better?” She asked the new man.

“I promise not to be so crude,” he offered.

“Nothing wrong with being crude, but you need to know what you are doing,” she answered with a smile.

“How crude, would you like?” he asked as he started to softly caress her breasts.

“That’s a nice start,” she answered as he brushed his fingers across her nipples.

She started to sigh and wrapped her arms around his neck. He continued his gentle teasing of her nipples and once he felt them stiffen under his fingers, started to pinch them.

Jennifer stared to sway her hips with the music as her new friend danced with her nipples. They were still on the crowed dance floor and she felt bodies rub against hers. This was normal and she thought nothing of it and actually stared to enjoy the bodily contact. Suddenly she realized that some of this caressing was not accidental. Her butt was being caressed gently, but with intent, by some unknown stranger.

Her new friend in front of her was driving her up the wall. She had not been caressed like this in quite a while and her motions showed it. She had closed her eyes and enjoyed the stimulation both front and back. She noticed that her friend had stopped and as she opened her eyes saw that he was unbuttoning her blouse. He inserted both of his hands onto her naked breast under her blouse and she showed her appreciation by sliding her leg between his and rubbing his groin.

The man behind her, and she now knew it was a man, became bolder and placed his hands on her butt cheeks so he could sway with her ass. He also pressed up against her very close leaving her no doubt that what was pushing against her crease was all male.

She continued to dance with these two strangers until the music ended and people started to move past them. She separated from the two men. “That was fun,” she commented seeing the man behind her for the first time. “Hi there,” she said, “Do you two know each other?”

The new man who’d been playing with her nipples answered. “Actually, we do, I’m Ryan and this is Todd. We like to do things together.”

“I can’t complain with the way you dance, but right now I need to go back and check in with my friends.” Jennifer commented then turned to walk away.

“Wanna dance again?” Ryan asked.

“Sure, I’ll find you after a while,” she answered with a smile.

As she walked away, Jennifer knew the two men wanted a 3-way with her and she was intrigued, but tonight was not the right night. She and her friends had just started to explore the night life since they got married. There was a long way to go before she could pursue that and keep her marriage intact. She knew the men would be disappointed, but that was part of the game and she knew how to play this game.

Nicole had chosen a working-class man over the professionals in the club. She could tell by the way he dressed that he had not come directly from work, but had gone home, showered, shaved, and put on his going out clothes. His fingernails were not manicured and she was certain that he could be crude given the right circumstances, but now he was on his best behavior. He was polite and not too forward; he actually made no advances. Nicole rested her palms against his muscular chest and swayed her body in front of him.

He placed his hands on her hips, but did not pull her towards him. That task became Nicole’s and she moved close enough to grind against him and encourage his budge in his pants to grow. He became bolder and was soon kneading her butt.

Nicole move her hands to caress the muscles in his upper arms while she pressed her soft breasts against his hard chest.

Nicole heard the sounds of excitement coming from deep within his chest and felt his strong hands cradling her butt cheeks. As the song ended, neither wanted to walk away and as the next song started his hands are now on her breasts and his lips are against hers. She indicates her willingness, by slipping her tongue inside his mouth, hoping he will get the hint and take the initiative.

She was not disappointed as his hands soon found their way under her blouse and started to play with her hardened nipples. They continue to make out in the middle of the dance floor until the music stopped and people started to move past them.

Nicole excused herself, but not before making sure the laborer with his rough hands on her breasts had her phone number. She walked back to the table she shared with her girlfriends.

Both Jennifer and Nicole returned to their shared table at the same time to see Amy half naked covered by a man’s hands and mouth. She quickly righted herself and adjusted her clothing as Tom disengaged from her. “This is Tom, I met him the last time were here,” Amy introduced, “These are my friends Jennifer and Nicole.”

Jennifer and Nicole both said hello, but did not sit down. After an awkward moment, Amy announce, “It’s getting late and we all need to get home,” then turning to Tom, “You have my number.” Amy got up and after they all retrieved their purses headed towards the lady’s room to put back on their bras before calling an Uber.

The morning brought with it a new realization for each of the women that they enjoyed these girl’s nights out a lot and they needed to make sure their husbands both understood and accepted these outings.

Kevin, Eric, and Jason each knew their wives had gone out for a girl’s night out and each applauded them for it. They knew the women they chose to marry could not be satisfied with being a traditional housewife. Their wives each had a side that would never be content with the mundane, and that was a big part of why these men married the women they did.

The women, revived as they were from their walk on the wild side, were happy and cheerful. They could put up with whatever work and their social obligations threw at them. They knew it was only a temporary high and, like any drug, they would need more, but before then they each had to talk with their husbands.

A couple weeks after the night out Kevin approached Jennifer, “I think, I get it,” he announced over dinner one night.

“Get what?” Jennifer queried.

“Flirting,” he replied.

Jennifer was now interested. She had hoped that Kevin would understand that flirting, no matter how intense, was not a sign that their marriage was in trouble. “What did you learning about flirting?” she asked.

“Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that one of the secretaries often finds an excuse to come into my office and talk with me. There is always a bit of business, but a lot of it could be handled in an e-mail. It does not require a face-to-face meeting,” he started.

“So? Just because she likes being around you, doesn’t mean she is actively flirting with you. Is this the one who you complimented on her blouse?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes, it is. Every time I see her, she has one or two of her top buttons open and last week she asked me what I thought of her new lace bra,” Kevin answered.

Jennifer smiled at the fact that her husband was being hit on at work. “What did you say?”

“Well, her blouse was open more than normal and showed a lot of cleavage, but I still could not see her bra, I assumed it was a very small bra, like a few of the really sexy ones you have,” he responded, then added, “I told her that I couldn’t see it, but it did make her breasts look bigger.”

“Wow! Nicely done. Did she show you?” Jennifer asked.

“She first looked around to make sure no one was around then she opened two more buttons and spread her blouse open. I could see the top of her bra. And I told her it looked very nice. She then looked down and I think she thought she was not showing me enough. She opened two more buttons so I could see her full breasts. The bra was a loose lace and her nipples were entirely uncovered,” he relayed.

Jennifer was now smiling, “What did you do?” she asked.

“I told her that she had beautiful breasts and that I’d love to fondle them, but it would be inappropriate at work,” he said. “She then said some other time and smiled at me again. She kept her blouse open for a couple minutes before buttoning up and turning to leave. She did apologize for interrupting me. I told her she is always welcome.”

“Nice,” Jennifer said. “Do you think she’ll do it again?”

“She has hinted at it a few times since then, saying that she thinks I have good taste.” Kevin answered. “I understand now why you like to flirt. It made me feel alive and desired.”

“Are you saying that you would not mind if I did the same to a strange man that your secretary did to you?” Jennifer asked, hoping he would agree.

“You mean at the dance club?” he asked.

“Yes,” Jennifer answered.

“I can now see why you are in such a good mood after you go out with the girls. I’m pretty sure she wants to have sex with me,” Kevin added.

Kevin stopped his reflection and answered Jennifer’s question, “I think you should, but I didn’t grope her. I’m sure at the club there would be a lot of groping going on.”

“There is and the first time Amy, Nicole, and I went out, we kept it really tame; there was no groping, but the last time we went out I allowed a couple of guys to get to second base.” Jennifer responded. “When it comes up again with your secretary, feel free to fondle her. I think she wants you to and based on your reaction as you were telling me this story, you do too. Just tell me all about it afterwards.”

“I’m so glad to hear you say that. This is all new to me and I don’t know where to draw the line. You’re right, I’d love to get my hands on those boobs of hers.” Kevin confessed.

“Go for it, and if she wants to grope you too, feel free. I guess for right now we can say the line is no sex. How does that sound?” Jennifer proposed.

“Wow! So, I can make out as much as I like with whoever I like and all I have to do is tell you about it?” Kevin asked.

“I’m good with that, are you okay if I do the same?” she asked.

“Sure, you have opened up a whole new world for me. To tell you the truth, she showed me her bra one more time, today as a matter of fact,” he confessed.

“Was it the same bra?” Jennifer asked.

“No, this one was see-though, but extremely sexy,” he answered.

“You should give her some encouragement,” Jennifer suggested.

“I want to, but I thought I should talk it over with you before I went any further.” Kevin admitted.

“I assume that she knows that you’re married,” Jennifer commented.

“Of course, but I told her that you were okay with my flirting and that you also go out to dance clubs,” he answered.

“Good, now you can tell her that you and I have an agreement that extends the flirting to making out. Tell her that your wife thinks it will be good for you,” she added.

They both went to bed happy with the new agreement. Kevin had not told her that there was also another secretary who had started to flirt with him. It seems that it was now common knowledge among the female staff, that his wife was okay with other women flirting with him.

Eric addressed an issue with Amy over dinner one night that she hadn’t expected. He asked how her night out dancing with her friends went. Amy knew that she had to admit to going further with Tom than she had before, but before she could get into the details Eric admitted to going to a weekend conference in another city with a coworker the following week.

The revelation surprised Amy, not the conference bit, nor the co-worker bit, but that he was so nervous admitting it. Accountants had to attend conferences every so often, it was no big deal and she was happy that he was going with someone he knew. Maybe that way he wouldn’t stay holed up in his room all night. “Okay,” she replied, “That doesn’t sound like that big of a deal.”

“Well, the thing is. The co-worker I’ll be going with is Shelia,” he explained.

“Should I know Shelia?” Amy asked.

“I guess not, but after you and I talked about you going out dancing and flirting, I started to think about that too. I don’t dance, but I could also enjoy the company of someone in a social setting, like a bar,” he tried to explain.

“Yes, you can, and as a matter of fact I think it would be good for you to let your hair down every once in a while. Have a drink with this woman and enjoy yourself,” Amy said, then a realization hit her that maybe there was more going on. Her husband in a hotel for the weekend with another woman might be more than just two co-workers sharing an after-work cocktail. “Is there something about Shelia, you are not telling me?”

Eric again attempted to explain. He was not accustomed to addressing issue he had been told were not appropriate. He was very open and understanding of others who bucked the norm, but was uncomfortable when he even thought about doing it himself.

“Shelia and I have worked together for many years and I think she finds me attractive. She had indicated the she enjoys when we get to work together. She also thinks I smell nice,” he added.

“Do you think she’s attractive too?” Amy asked finally understanding her husband’s cryptic message.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Have you told her?” Amy wanted to know.

“Well, not in so many words, but I think she knows.” He answered.

“You need to let this woman know that you find her attractive and maybe more. You also need to touch her. The same allowances you gave me apply to you too. I think it’s great that you two will be spending the weekend together, just tell me all about it when you get back. I’d love to hear about you two making out in one of your rooms,” she encouraged.

Amy paused a bit before adding the part about her recent activities, “I know you told me before that groping and fondling was to be expected when I go out dancing and that you were okay with that, but I may have taken that a bit further the last time we went out. I was almost naked and making out with a guy at a table,” she confessed.

Eric looked at her and after a moment smiled. “I’m not sure if you are just telling me that to encourage me to make out with Shelia, or not, but it is relieving my stress. I have been having fantasies about fondling her. Thank you,” he responded.

“I’m not making it up,” Amy confessed. “We all took off our bras when we went in to encourage the men there and I saw the same guy I made out with last time. He and I sat at the table and before I knew it my blouse was open and my bare breasts were on display, well, maybe not on display, Tom was sucking on them and groping me. He even had his hand between my legs, but I never took off my panties. I may have and his too but the girls showed up at the table and we all decided to leave.’ She blurted out.

“That changes nothing,” Eric said. “It sounds as if you had a good time.

“I’m so glad to hear you say that, but what’s okay for me is also okay for you,” she answered.

They too ended the evening in the dark and in each other’s arms.

Nicole and Jason also had a conversation per their agreement. Jason had not had an opportunity to spend any time with his associate, but he did get a change to talk with her and tell her that his wife now knows all about her and that everything is fine. He shared with her that he and Nicole didn’t have an open marriage yet, but close. He explained the no sex part, “She seemed to like the openness and asked if massages were allowed, I told her yes,” he shared.

Nicole added, “We may be expanding that agreement soon, depending on how next girl’s night out goes,” she said with a grin.

The three women and their husbands seemed to be working things out well and as they chatted with each other about how well their husbands responded to their last outing they considered changing from going to a club to checking out a male strip joint.

Jennifer, being the most computer literate did the search and found more than she expected. Some clubs were private, but two were public. They were both close enough for their next girl’s night and both allowed the women to touch the men. She made sure that the men would be completely nude and asked if there were any restrictions about the touching.

The person on the phone told her that the female customers could touch the male dancers wherever they wanted, but the male dancers could only touch the customers if invited. There were no bouncers, and only wine to drink.

She also called one of the private clubs and found that she had to put her name on a waiting list and she would be notified when there was an opening. They normally catered to no more than twenty women and supplied six to ten dancers. There were none of the restrictions found at the public clubs and there was a bouncer at the door, not for the customers, but to prevent anyone not invited from entering. They also insisted on a prescreening of anyone who wanted to be invited.

Jennifer called her friends and told them what she found. They discussed going to one of the public clubs the following week, but they each agreed to talk it over with their husbands first. None of them wanted to be like their male counterparts who went to girl strip clubs all the time and just assumed that their wives would be fine with it, since that’s what “real men” do.

That night each of the women had a chat with her man. Each described what Jennifer had told them, that the male dancers would be totally naked and that the customers would be allowed to touch the dancers, but that they could not touch any of the customers.

Kevin was excited that Jennifer was going out to see male strippers, he always thought it was extremely sexist for men to be the ones demanding their right to see female strippers but were mad when the women in their lives wanted to see male strippers.

He also had some exciting news of his own. He had shared with a couple of the women at work that he had an agreement with his wife that they each could not only flirt with others, but could also make out, as long as the person in question agreed. He was surprised at how many women now wanted to find an excuse to be alone with him.

Eric was likewise thrilled. He knew he had Amy’s permission to make out with Shelia, but knowing that his wife would be fondling naked men seemed to verify that they really were serious about allowing some freedoms in their marriage. He had always been comfortable with Amy making out with other men, he was secure in his marriage, but he wasn’t sure how much she would accept him doing the same with another woman. He now looked forward to the upcoming conference.

Jason told Nicole to have a good time. He still hadn’t gotten together with his associate, but by the time he did, he and Nicole may have a full-on open marriage.

Jennifer took the lead on this new adventure and when she found out the club, she had chosen was only open two nights a week, she had second thoughts. She did further research and contacted her friends warning them not to get their hopes up too high. This might not be everything they thought it would be.

Like before Jennifer and Amy drove to Nicole’s house; because she had more space to sleep it off if they needed to, plus she was more centrally located. They called an Uber and Jenifer gave the driver the address to the male strip joint.

They entered the club and found it more brightly lighted than the dance clubs they’d gone to before. They found a table and ordered their drinks from a scantily clad male server. He was a male model drop-out. Not exactly ugly, maybe he had a nice personality.

They waited for the show to start and soon male models appeared on stage strutting their stuff. They had all coated their bodies in baby oil to make themselves look hot, but maybe a few more hours at the gym would have done more in that regard.

They watched the ten-minute show and then the dancers ripped off their G-strings and were totally nude; almost all had erections. A few stayed on stage and continued to dance thrusting out their pelvis towards the women seated near the stage. The remaining dancers strutted around the tables asking the women there if they wanted another drink.

Several women grabbed at the men and giggled. Jennifer asked her friends if they wanted to handle any of the available cocks dancing by. Amy was the one who did not make a face of disgust, “I think we owe it to ourselves to experience all they have to offer now, since I doubt if we will ever be back.”

When a naked server next came by each of the ladies asked what the drink specials were as they got in a quick grope before saying she didn’t need another drink.

They left shortly after and got back to Nicole’s house by 10 PM. Jason was still up and was surprised to see them all home this early. He asked if anything was wrong and soon found out how disappointed the women were. Yes, the men were naked and yes, the women could touch them and yes, they all had, but then they wanted to wash their hands. It was not worth the fifteen-dollar cover charge.

Jason asked if they thought the private club might be better. Jennifer answered, “From what I read, I really don’t think so and I’m not willing to spend a fifty dollar cover charge to find out.”

“Sounds like the strip joints were a major bust, for you ladies. Are you planning on keep going to the clubs and dance with the men there?” He asked.

“There are other clubs and some not so upscale,” Nicole commented with wink to her husband, “some of them don’t care what happens on the dance floor, as long as no money is exchanged.”

“It’s settled then, tomorrow you ladies try out a new club,” Jason announced.

There was a bit of stunned silence, until Nicole reminded them that her husband had been the most understanding of any of the husbands and had encouraged her to do whatever she thought best.

The next day was Saturday and both Jennifer and Amy relayed their disappointing evening to their husbands and the plan to try out a different club. The men were very understanding and after a long discussion everyone decided to relax the rules and see where that went. The no secrets was still in effect, but the women could progress beyond the fondling phase with their male playthings. After dinner the ladies again parked their cars in front of Nicole’s house.

It took only moments to reach the new club and after the previous night these ladies were primed for some action. They had decided to leave their bras at home along with their pursed for this evening. The ladies were now free to explore set off in search of a playmate for the evening. They had decided that they did not need their purses, only their phone and ID, so they all left their purses at Nicole’s house.

It didn’t take the three young women on the prowl to find suitable prey and soon each of them had a man dancing with her. Most of the men in these clubs start out with a subtle brush of their hand across a body part that could easily be labeled as innocent. The women know these moves and either move back just a bit or ignore it.

When a woman is on the prowl, she does not waste time playing these games. Jennifer, Amy, and Nicole each moved into the touch their man provided. Soon the dancing included the fondling they each were looking for. They each knew not to be too forward, so as not to scare off their victim too soon. They knew the sounds to make to draw the fly into their web and each soon felt hands exploring their backsides much lower that what was normally considered acceptable.

This action started the new round of dance moves where most of the motion centered around their groins. Female breasts pressed against male chest and each couple moved as one.

At the end of one song and the beginning of the next male hands were repositioned. Once the music started again hands cupped breasts and lips touched lips. Dancing tongues caused nipples to harden and soon female hands found that part of her man that was also hard.

By the time the next song started all three women found themselves in a darkened corner with the blouses open and a naked cock in their hand.

Jennifer was the first to drop to her knees in front of her more than willing dance partner. She licked his length slowly then tickled the tip of him with the tip of her tongue. He was overly excited and as soon as she felt him stiffen took all of his cock into her mouth. He came within seconds. She left him there to recover as she headed back to the bar as she buttoned up her blouse.

Amy’s guy had a bit more control but she had plenty of practice countering male self-control. She cradled his balls and gently scratched the area just behind them until he too expended all of his resolve into her waiting mouth. She also left him slumped against wall as she went back to meet her friend at the bar. They had each planned to meet there after they took what they wanted from the men in this club.

Nicole took her time with the man she chose. She teased him. First, she made sure his cock was wet from her mouth, the she blew a gentle stream of air across his length. She licked him slowly, then sucked on the head of his cock. She took him deep, then withdrew, only to take all of him again. It was only when she thought he could take no more, did she relieve his agony and pumped him deep and fast, using both her hand and her mouth..

Jennifer ordered an Uber to take them home and just before the bars all closed, the three women walked into Nicole house and found the bed they were to use for the evening.

The next day included long detailed talks for each couple. Kevin, Eric, and Jason each accepted the new terms. None of the men, so far, had taken advantage of the fondling rules, but the women insisted that they needed to.

The following week, Kevin came home from work more excited than Jennifer had seen him in a long time, “Jenn, are you around?” He called out.

“I’m here, what’s up?” She queried.

“I got a promotion,” he blurted out.

“When? How? Did you know this was coming?” she bombarded him with questions.

“It’s actually a long story and you are the one responsible for it. Let’s sit down and I’ll tell you all about it,” he explained.

They retired to the back yard patio each with a glass of wine.

“Okay, spill,” Jennifer pressured her husband. “How am I responsible for you getting a promotion?”

“Bear with me because it is a long story. You remember that guy you met soon after I started work at this company? You called him an empty shirt and that I should just ignore his attempts at trying to intimidate me?” He asked.

“Yes, he was a nothing but a con man and I didn’t think he’d last long at the company.” Jennifer added.

“Well, it turns out that he and I were in competition for the promotion, only I didn’t know that and his record was far better than mine. He brought in several new contracts. That’s why I never thought I had a chance at the promotion.” Kevin took a breath and a sip of his wine.

“You suggested that it might help me at work if I flirted with the women there,” he commented.

“Yes, but what does that have to do with the promotion?” Jennifer asked.

“His name is Phil and he has been hitting on the women. They all turned him down, but when he heard that the female staff all enjoyed flirting with me and that my wife goes out to clubs to flirt and make out with other men, he redoubled his efforts with the women. He told them all that I wasn’t a real man and that I was a cuckold, a wimp who could not control his woman. He told them they needed to go out with him because he was a real man.” Kevin took another breath.

“That’s horrible,” Jennifer remarked.

“There’s more. Phil reported me to Human Resources for sexual harassment. I think he wanted to make sure he got the promotion and not me. It turns out that one of the ladies I’ve been flirting with works in HR and she gave me a heads up. The HR department contacted the women Phil had named and they all denied that I did anything wrong, but that Phil had,” he added.

“Good for them,”

“It turns out that Phil is actually the weak man. He’s been divorced twice and has not been able to stay in a relationship for more than just a couple of weeks in the last five years.” Kevin was getting excited now.

“Also, he’s lied about all the contracts he gotten and had been embezzling funds. Not only has he been fired, but the police came and arrested him. Several of the women at work are filing sexual assault suits against him and HR is helping them.” Kevin smiled,

“Bottom line is that I am the new regional manager.”

Jennifer and Kevin celebrated the remainder of the evening and the following day Jennifer received a phone call from one of Kevin’s co-workers.

“Hi Jennifer, I’m Jill and I work with your husband,” the voice on the phone said.

“Oh hi, Keven has mentioned you before,” Jennifer replied remembering that this was the first woman to openly flirt with her husband.

“I’ve been meaning to talk with you for a while. Kevin has told me so much about you and about your arraignment,” Jill started.

“You’re talking about the flirting?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes, that and how open you are.” Jill confirmed.

“Well, the way I see it we only live once and may as well enjoy ourselves,” Jennifer answered.

“Great to hear you say that. I’m sure Kevin told you about his new promotion and how he got it,” Jill remarked.

“Yeah, it’s a good thing you women stood up for him.”

“We would like to throw him a little party to celebrate his new position and I needed to talk with you first to verify that the things he’s told us about your agreement with him is everything he claims,” Jill added.

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, and as far as Kevin’s and my agreement. I’m sure it’s everything he’s claimed it is. I’ve never known him to lie, actually sometimes he’s far too honest. As far as I’m concerned right now, he has a hall-pass, he can do anything he wants, but the same rule applies that he has to tell me all about it after,” Jennifer clarified.

“Fantastic, we were thinking of renting a room and making a late night of it.”

“I’m find with that, let me know what night.” Jennifer added.

Jennifer talked with Kevin later that night and relayed the conversation, including the part about him having a hall-pass. Kevin told her that a few of the ladies at work were planning the party for the following Friday, so that no one had to get up early the next day.

Eric’s conference with Shelia was scheduled for the upcoming weekend and Amy informed him that all the previous restrictions were now gone based on how she has been the one to expand them each time she went out. They could talk about a new agreement next week after he returned from his conference with Shelia.

Jason confirmed with Nicole that she was still open to the idea of him spending time with his associate and when she told him to go for it and the open marriage idea was a go for at least this weekend. They’d talk more the following week.