Party Procreation

Party Procreation

This is a short story about a wife with a high sex drive who needs more than her husband can give her. If the idea of a wife cheating on her husband offends you, then this story will not be for you! This story was posted on another website under another of my writing names.


Jennifer Sanderson considered herself to be a good wife to her husband John. They had been married seven years and now at the age of twenty-eight Jennifer thought she had everything going for her. As she admired her trim and toned body in the full-length mirror in her bedroom, she pondered what to wear to the party she had been invited to by work colleagues. She liked to show off her body, but as a good catholic wife and respected pillar of the upmarket community where she and her husband lived, she did have to be a bit careful.

It was a shame that John was away again on one of his endless business trips. She could have done with him around, both to escort her to the party but more importantly to take care of the itch between her legs. Jennifer always got so horny when she was fertile, and this month was no exception. It’s too bad she thought to herself as she pulled on a floral summer dress that had enough splashes of red to compliment her red painted toenails and fingers. A pair of strappy white heels complimented the outfit perfectly. She had been daring though and only wore a pair of thong panties and no bra, this was her gesture of defiance to her ‘oh so respectable’ neighbours. If only they knew!

As Jennifer looked at herself in the mirror again, she had to admit to herself that she did look good. Regular swimming and running had kept her body fit and toned and as she ran her hands down her sides, she noted with satisfaction that her thin summer dress showed her body to best effect. Her long legs looked even better in her heels and her well pedicured feet looked good enough to eat!

Once again her thoughts turned to the sex she wasn’t going to get this weekend and as she ground her thighs together she could feel her labia moistening. “Dam I better stop this” she thought to herself “or else I’ll ruin my panties and stain my dress.” After one last look in the mirror, she turned and grabbed her clasp and headed out to her car.

When she arrived at the party, she was greeted by various work colleagues and was quickly handed a drink. Having quickly downed the first drink she grabbed another and soon started to relax. The party was becoming crowded and as she made small talk with various people, she kept casting an envious glance to the dance area where lots of people were dancing. Just as Jennifer was starting to feel sorry for herself without her husband to dance with, a tall handsome man appeared in front of her and gazed into her eyes.

“Hello, I’m Tom, what’s your name?”

As Jennifer stared into the face of this handsome stranger, she felt like a schoolgirl on a first date, and she had trouble forming a sensible response. “I’m, I…, my name is Jennifer.”

“Well hello Jennifer, are you here by yourself or is your husband here?” Jennifer realised the man was looking down at her wedding bands.

“No, I… I, he is, I’m here alone, he is away for a few days.”

“That’s good; it means I needn’t feel guilty about dancing with you.”

Jennifer was about to say she didn’t dance with strangers when Tom took her arm and started to steer her toward the dance floor. She didn’t have time to collect her thoughts before they pushed in among the other dancers. As she turned to face the stranger called Tom, she realised for the first time how good looking he was. Yes, he was rugged, unshaved and had longish unkempt hair. But he was very handsome, and his eyes twinkled as he looked down into her eyes.

They danced a few numbers together as they exchanged briefs shouts of conversation. When a slower song started to play Jennifer decided she should retreat, but before she could move, Tom clasped her close and started to move with her. “Tom, I don’t think I should be doing this.”

“Why not” said Tom “aren’t you enjoying it?”

“That’s not the point, I’m, married and I…” Jennifer’s voice trailed off as she felt Tom press his leg into her crutch. As Tom held her close, Jennifer realised that her sensitive mound was being mashed against this man’s big muscular thigh.

“Oh my goodness” thought Jennifer “I’m getting turned on by this man, I must get away.” “Tom, please I need to sit down, I can’t dance with you like this.”

“Jennifer, it’s okay, we’re just dancing, I know you are enjoying it really.”

And that was the problem, she was enjoying herself. She was dancing with a handsome man, and she felt sexually alive. “Oh, what the hell” she said to herself “I’m not doing anything wrong; John wouldn’t mind me just dancing.”

And so Jennifer spent the next half hour dancing intimately with this stranger. At one point she rested her head against his chest as they danced, and she inhaled the heady mix of aftershave and his masculine odour. Tom’s big hands were on the small of her back and as he pulled her close to him Jennifer could feel a huge bump in the front of his trousers. “My god that can’t be his penis” she thought, “it feels like an iron bar.”

As if reading her thoughts Tom said, “I’m sorry but it’s the effect you have on me Jennifer.” As Jennifer stared back at him and was about to reply that it was not intentional, Tom said “let’s get out of this crowded room and have some fun.”

Before Jennifer could respond, Tom had taken her hand and was pulling her towards the door. Once through the door the people thinned out and as if in a trance Jennifer let herself be led up the stairs and into a bedroom. When Tom shut the door and locked it, Jennifer snapped out of her trance “Tom what is going on here? I’m a married woman and shouldn’t be alone in a bedroom with a stranger. Whose room is this anyway?”

“Oh Jennifer, don’t be such a prude. I only wanted to be alone with you so that I could steal a kiss. And this is my room, I am staying as a guest” As he said this Tom pulled Jennifer close and looking down into her surprised face, planted his lips on hers. Jennifer refused to respond and kept her lips tightly shut. “Jennifer, Jennifer” Tom said, “you can do better than that. More than that though, you know you want to. Now let’s try again.”

Tom again planted his lips on hers, but this time she opened her mouth as though she had no will of her own. As their tongues fenced with each other, Jennifer could feel her vagina juicing up and her legs becoming weak. After what seemed like an eternity, Tom drew away from Jennifer. “There I knew you would like it and you are a great kisser. Now let’s have a proper look at you. Tom stepped behind her and quickly unzipped her dress to the waist. With a quick hand movement, he dropped her dress and it fell to the floor where it pooled around her sandals.

“I thought so” said Tom “no bra and only thong panties, you naughty girl. Not quite so innocent, are we?”

Jennifer felt compelled to say something “It’s not like that Tom, it’s just when I get, when I am…”

“Fertile?” Tom finished the sentence for her.

“Yes” whispered Jennifer, “I feel so sexy and wanton.”

“Well, you certainly are sexy” said Tom “you are the most beautiful women I have ever seen or been with and I have had a few.”

Jennifer looked shocked, “but I’m not going with you, I’m married, happily married” she felt compelled to say.

“That’s good” said Tom, “but it doesn’t ease that itch between your legs does it? I have got something that will however.” Tom unbuttoned his shirt and threw it to the floor and then unbuckled his jeans. As they too fell to the floor, Jennifer saw he wasn’t wearing any underwear. That wasn’t what really startled her however. It was the sight of a semi erect penis. A penis that was already bigger that her husband’s five inches and yet it kept growing. Without realising what she was doing she licked her lips as she watched in fascination as this penis, only the second she had ever seen, kept growing and growing.

Tom noticed her lust filled eyes and quickly closed the gap between them. Before Jennifer could say anything, he had taken her in his arms and once again he was kissing her. This time she didn’t resist and opened her mouth so that they could kiss properly. As they kissed Jennifer could feel Tom’s huge penis pushing up against her flat toned tummy. She also became aware of Tom walking her backward across the room. She felt her legs touch something and then she was being laid backwards onto a bed.

Without waiting Tom moved over her and started to kiss his way down her body. As he neared her mound of Venus, he hooked his hands into her thong panties and ripped them from her. This allowed him to gaze at his target, and what a target it was. He saw that Jennifer had neatly trimmed pussy hair that did nothing to conceal heavily aroused and blood-filled labia. He could also see wetness seeping from her womanhood and indeed knew she was ready for fucking. However, he just had to taste her nectar and so slipped lower in the bed and taking her thighs in his hands dived into her open weeping sex.

Jennifer suddenly realised what was happening. “No Tom, I can’t do this with you, please I’m married, I.. oh.. my god, yes just there, yes don’t lose it, please lick me, oh yes, yes, yessssss”. As she heaved her thighs off the bed and clamped his head in place, Tom felt her fingers entwining themselves in his hair as her orgasm hit her. He could feel it as it rippled through her cunt, through her thighs, in fact throughout her whole body. He had never seen a women come so strongly and so quickly. He smiled to himself, he knew this woman was going to be a great fuck and he couldn’t wait any longer.

Crawling back up her body he looked into Jennifer’s far away eyes. “Put me in” he said. There was no response from Jennifer. “I said put me in” repeated Tom.

Jennifer became aware of her surroundings again. She looked up at Tom’s handsome face at the same time she felt something warm and heavy brushing her labia. Looking between their bodies she gasped involuntarily as she gazed upon Tom’s fully erect blood engorged penis. “What are you doing Tom? Get off me.”

“No way” said Tom “I going to give you the fucking you need.”

“No, please I can’t, I’m married I can’t betray my husband, please, I will suck you off.”

“I don’t think so” said Tom, “that won’t cure the itch, will it?”

“What, I, no it’s alright, please let me go.”

Tom deliberately took Jennifer’s left hand, the one with her wedding bands, and moved it down to his throbbing cock. “Now do as I say and put me in” he said, only this time with real menace in his voice.

Jennifer was torn by guilt and lust in equal measures. In the end however, the itch proved just too great. “Okay, put on a condom first” she gasped.

“Sorry” said Tom, “no condom I always fuck bareback, I like the feel of skin against skin.”

“But, but I’m not on the pill” gasped Jennifer, “You could get me pregnant.”

“Well, that’s the risk you’ll have to take to get your itch scratched, do you want it or not?”

And that was the problem, Jennifer did want it. She desperately needed to be fucked and loved. The fact that it was not her husband, but some stranger with a big cock, who was going to take her bareback, only excited her more. Before she knew what she was doing she had grasped Tom’s penis and was rubbing it back and forth across her dripping snatch. Just the thought of what she was about to do caused her to have a minor orgasm. She was going to break her marriage vows and have sex with another man. A man with a penis that was much bigger than that of her husband’s. A man who had a huge pair of balls that she knew, just knew would contain masses of virile sperm. She was mid cycle, very fertile and probably ovulating and he might not, no probably wouldn’t pull out before he came. That meant she would get a man’s sperm in her womb for the first time in her life. Her husband had always used condoms and she had never experienced a man ejaculating inside her. That was about to change. She might become a mother tonight. She might go home with a baby as a reminder of her inability to control her horniness. And yet she couldn’t help herself. It was too late now; she had to have him at any cost.

And so she gripped his mighty penis tighter and fed into her grasping and now cheating cunt. As Tom took over and pushed into her, she moaned out loud. He was so big. So handsome. So strong and masculine, but above all, so big down there. After a couple of minutes of gentle thrusting she felt his big balls squash against her ass and deep inside could feel his cock head push into her cervix.

Tom stopped pushing and resting on his elbows looked down at the beautiful brunette who was mewling beneath him. She was oh so tight, her vaginal muscles seemed to be gripping his rock-hard cock with the strength of a hundred hands. And yet he smiled to himself. He had succeeded in getting into the pants, no into the very being of this reluctant wife.

As for Jennifer, well she was transported to another world. She couldn’t believe how full she felt. Totally and utterly stuffed full of this Adonis of a man. Although he was not moving, her vagina was sending little electric shocks to her brain continually, reminding her of how different this man was.

After a couple of minutes Tom started gentle in and out motions with his big cock. He immediately heard Jennifer gasp and moan as they began the mating dance in earnest. For that is what it was. Tom had no intention of pulling out, not now he knew she was unprotected and fertile. Oh no, she was going home with a belly full of his baby making seed. He hadn’t had a woman for nearly two weeks and his balls were aching to be emptied. Jennifer’s mind was in overload. She had never felt to sexually alive and turned on and so sexy. She suddenly felt compelled to drape her sandal clad feet around Tom’s muscular thighs and her hands came up to clutch at his broad shoulders. She could feel another massive orgasm starting to take hold and over a few minutes it built and built until with a loud wail it came upon her, and she arched her back into the muscular chest of Tom as he continued to drive his mighty cock into her welcoming cunt.

Tom was gratified by the intensity of her orgasm and a little surprised as her arching body almost lifted his much bigger frame off the bed. As she came down from the sexual high Jennifer found herself staring into the blue eyes of the man that was the cause of her pleasure. “Oh Tom, what are you doing to me? I never knew sex could be so good.”

“Thank you, but it is really down to you” replied Tom, “you are a fantastic lady.”

As Tom started moving his big cock in and out again, he said to Jennifer “you know I’m going to come in you, don’t you?”

In a husky voice Jennifer replied, “if you do, you’ll get me pregnant, I just know you will.”

“That’s the idea” said Tom “I’m going to send you home full of baby juice, and who knows maybe a little reminder of tonight.”

“Oh, Tom no, you can’t, mustn’t, please, I’m married, I shouldn’t, I….oh Tom.”

Jennifer felt another orgasm starting and as Tom picked up the pace, she moved her feet up even higher and wrapped them around Tom’s wonderful muscular bum.

The sweat was dripping down Tom’s back as Jennifer clawed at his muscular frame. The sound of their love making filled the room. Groans and moans and sighs that kept getting louder and louder. Tom started to shake, and Jennifer could feel his penis swelling even more inside her. Unable to control her emotions any longer and giving in to nature she whispered in Tom’s ear; “fill me Tom, give me your seed, I want your baby my love.”

Jennifer couldn’t believe what she had just said, and neither could Tom. He was so close to orgasm, and he stared down into her beautiful eyes, “Do you really want my baby Jennifer, I’ve got so much spunk for you, oh Jennifer here it comes.”

” Yes, my love, let me have it, please swell my belly, I love you.”

And then it happened. The mating dance reached its crescendo. Every muscle bulged in Tom’s body and grabbing Jennifer’s hips he buried his cock as deep as he could in the brunette’s spasming vagina. “Oh yes here it is” cried Tom as he felt an exquisite pain in his cock, which suddenly belched forth his first blast of thick creamy semen direct into the dilated cervix of the gorgeous Jennifer. For Jennifer she felt and welcomed each blast of the stranger’s sperm as it fired deep into her very fertile and welcoming womb. On and on went Tom’s orgasm, all that sperm in his big balls was finally being released into the best home in the world, a fertile woman’s unprotected womb.

Jennifer used her heels to keep Tom in the right place to deliver all his sperm and she could feel his repeated ejaculations as his wonderful penis did what nature intended and facilitated a man’s sperm to reach the egg of a fertile women. She had no doubt she would get pregnant from this illicit mating, but now it was too late to worry and all too wonderful anyway. She had been seduced and fucked by a handsome stud and had allowed him, no in the end had asked him to seed her, to give her a baby. She was a married woman for goodness sake and here she was lying beneath another man as she accepted him as the father of her first child.

All these thoughts swirled through her head as she realised Tom had stopped his thrusting and was now lying on top of her, gently kissing her neck and nibbling her neck. He was comforting this woman, this wife of another man who had given him everything, literally. She had accepted his unsheathed cock into her unprotected and defenceless womb and had let him seed her. God she was something and so beautiful; he hoped she would be pregnant tonight and bear his child. He knew she would keep it if she caught. She would carry it to full term and deliver his baby to her husband. Wonderful!

After some time luxuriating in the afterglow of a wonderful passionate fuck, Tom lifted off Jennifer. “I suppose you’d like me to leave you now so you can dress and leave,” said Tom.

Jennifer suddenly felt sad but said “I don’t have to leave you know, my husband is away, so unless you have other plans we could, well you know…”

Tom stopped and turned and looking at the vision of loveliness before him, he smiled. “If I come back to bed, you know I will definitely make you a pregnant wife tonight, don’t you?”

Smiling coyly Jennifer held his gaze, “I rather hoped you would. What’s done is done. Come on, let’s make sure I go home to my husband with a special present!”

Tom closed the few feet between him and the bed and quickly joined the beauty lying before him. “Ok Jennifer, you asked for it. I’m going to fill your womb so full of spunk it will be coming out of your ears. Now then where were we?”

The prim and proper Mrs Sanderson ended up spending the night in the bed of a strange man, a stud whose body she worshiped and a man who might very well become the father to her first child. When morning came and they said a tearful goodbye, Jennifer made her way home. She just about made it into her house as she felt some of Tom’s sperm trickling down her leg. She quickly stripped as she went and as she reached her shower, she felt a flood of sperm running down her leg. She smiled to herself as she remembered Tom’s promise to fill her womb to overflowing with his spunk, he certainly had, oh yes, he had indeed. As she fingered her tender and bruised vagina, she could feel it was sopping with his seed.

She was grateful that her husband wasn’t due home for a few days, so she wouldn’t have to explain her bruises and tenderness, since they had made love like animals all night. She knew she must look a mess, but she did feel fulfilled. Her mind turned to what she had to do in order to cover her cheating and deceit. Yes, she would have to make sure that John made love to her as soon as he came home, albeit with a condom that she would later say had split. This would be necessary because she knew she was pregnant with Tom’s child.

Sure enough Jennifer missed her next period and after confirming her pregnancy with a kit from the drug store, she made sure she had her ‘session’ with her husband. He didn’t seem too upset when she announced her pregnancy two months later and of course by then she was starting to show, since she was actually a month further on that her husband thought. One morning as she stood naked in front of her vanity mirror, she ran her hands over her swelling belly and smiled at the thought of the baby growing inside her. What startled her more however was the sudden thought that she knew her second baby would be conceived in the same manner. She would cheat again with some other stud with a big cock (for that is what Tom had insisted she call it) and would let him flood her unprotected womb with seed, a seed that was not her husband’s.

So much for the prim and proper Mrs Sanderson. Jennifer knew she was now a slut wife! As she thought that however, a smile came to her lips; at least she had a cure for her itch in future!