Djiboutian Muslim Lady Gets BBC

Fatuma Abdi is a six-foot-tall, curvy, brown-skinned and dark-haired, gorgeous Djibouti Muslim woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Born in the idyllic world of rural Djibouti, Fatuma and her family moved to the province of Ontario, Canada, in the 1990s and have been here ever since. After graduating from Algonquin College, Fatuma got a job working with the […]

Mom Fucked in a Farmhouse

OOOOHHH!! OAAAUUHH!! NO! PLEEEAAAASE STOP!! AAAAUUUUH!” the woman screamed. The man behind her ignored her pleas and continued his thrusts even more vigorously. Damn! Not this dream again!

The Unwilling Obedient

Sue was a bit of a loner, she had just turned forty years of age and had landed a good job as a principal officer with with a team that had responsibility for communications and information technology with her local district council. Her boss thought that she was something of expert on computer technology but it was her excellent organisational […]

Taken While Hitchhiking

Somewhere in Ohio, I was picked up by an old, grizzled truck driver. It was towards the evening, and he stopped at a truck stop to eat and rest for the night. He bought me dinner and afterwards we sat in his cab drinking a bottle of vodka.

Unexpected Adventure

Like with Bob and I. Married twenty years, no kids, his fault, not mine, the doctors tell us but we don’t mind… not anymore.

Cheating Wife’s Penance

If was a long road, but Bill Mason finally made it through. It took meticulous work to make it to full partner in the law office he was employed by since he received his degree. His wife Melissa was a schoolteacher, and they had two sons ages eighteen and twenty-one. Matt entered college this fall, and Russel will graduate next […]

The Truck Stop

There is a truck stop on the edge of town where a very large number of trucks come and go every day. And there are a few women who service the men who drive them. I work with a guy at the factory who’s wife is one of the girls who do it. We have talked about it several times. […]

The Scarlet Adventures: The Club

From across the room, Luka watched her intently. Like a lion stalking his prey, he could not take his eyes off her. There was something special about her, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. The curves of her body, the way she moved her lips–he was instantly infatuated. Every movement she made and even the way she […]


Sophie took her time catching her breath, daring herself not to look back along the trail, then giving in and looking.

I Missed The Last Train

I bump into a couple of guys I know from high school. We catch up for a bit; they are on their way to the city, and casually ask if I want to go with them. They are probably just talking; just asking to be friendly, but I say yes. I’ve been feeling out of things since leaving school and […]