My Secret Lover

Later on, we took the shower together, all the while exploring each other’s body and kissing passionately. We had our last round of sex under the shower. Pure pleasure…

Secret Swingers Club

Years ago, I worked in a call centre for a scummy bank in Melbourne, where casual hookups between colleagues on a booze-fuelled Friday evening was common. I had an exciting experience with an NZ girl on one such occasion who’s most striking characteristic was her inability to control her body odour.

A Glory Hole First

HOOO BOY, where to start? The glory hole night was…umm, SOOOOO AWESOME. We were sitting around at Zach and Janelle’s place, two good friends of ours who we had done a lot of fairly naughty stuff with already, but didn’t have quite the same total-swinger vibe we always did with Tom and Jen, right? I don’t know why…or no, I […]

Drinks and Darts

My wife (Amanda) and I (Josh) usually have a weekend that we can invite friends over and play games without the kids here. They spend the night other places and gives us adult time. Our friends Brian and Mindy came over for a night of games and drinks. Well, as you might have guessed, the more drinks, the more confident […]

Encouraging Her Fantasy

“So, how was your date?” It was the first thing I asked my wife, Linda, as she walked through the door. It was 2:15 AM and she looked very tired.

Date Night

Tom and Sally have been married for just a couple of years but had dated for several years prior. They have an amazing sex life and genuinely love each other and enjoy being together. They both had relationships and lovers prior to meeting.

A Wife used in Public

My wife and I like to take holidays down south, so we ride around the southern states and use to spend a week here and there and go find good places to hang out at. We met a bunch of new friends along our travels and had some great times.

Million Dollar Wife

An amazing thing happened last weekend, let me start from the beginning. My wife Sabrina is 28 years old, 5’7”, long dark brown hair, green eyes, about 100lbs with 36d tits and she is rather pretty as well. She is very flirtatious but was a virgin when we first met and hasn’t had another sexual partner besides me. Anyway, the […]

Wife has afternoon visitor

The phone rang three times before my wife was able to answer it. I had been outside this Saturday afternoon working in our garden and just came in the door to hear the phone ring. I didn’t know who she was talking to. From her responses on the phone, it seemed to me some one was flirting with her.

My Loving Wife

I got off work early so I thought I’d hurry home and surprise my wife with a night on the town. It had been a good day so I was in a good mood. I was singing to myself as I pulled into the driveway. I was in such a good mood I hardly noticed the strange car parked alongside […]