Pandemic Relationship Change

Before the story begins, I’m going to define the two characters. Let’s call the mother Angela. She is 44 years old, white skin, black hair with blonde streaks, 5’3”, slim body with a bit chubby, medium breasts and a fat butt. The son let’s call him Jorge. He is 22 years old, slightly dark skinned, black hair, 6’2”, body close […]

After the Long Wait

I listened for his quiet knock on the door and quickly opened it so that he could slip inside, hopefully unnoticed by the neighbors. He pulled me close as soon as I had latched the door, kissing me fervently, hands exploring my body as if it were the first time again. I could already feel his hardness pressing into my […]

Spanking Needs

Kelli and I have been in a relationship for a couple of years. I usually fix dinner and I do so tonight. I enjoy spanking Kelli, and being spanked really turns her on. After some general conversation, Kelli gets a serious expression and says “I want to talk about spanking. I know that you enjoy spanking me, and you know […]

My Muslim Girlfriend

My Muslim girlfriend Hi friends, I am Ravi, and today I am going to tell you about a real incest of my life. When I was 20. This story is about my Muslim girlfriend, and she was the same age as me at 20. My GF is a Muslim and always wears a burka. She is tall, fair and has […]

Stephen and Sarah

Sarah Grey was walking to the independent grocery store with her long, curly hair loose and with $20 in her wallet on Friday. She was looking forward to the weekend; she had her knitting group to meet up with at the local yarn store on Sunday. She was hungry and needed some ingredients to cook her dinners for the week. […]

Rebeccas Arrangement

“I don’t want this.” Mr Denton told his employee after reading the letter of resignation she handed him just moments ago. “Huh? What do you mean?” Becky asked her boss. Removing his reading glasses, Sam Denton leaned back in his chair, crossed his hands in front of him. He studied the younger woman in front of him. Rebecca Sutherland, was […]

Water Polo Love

Michael heard the front door slam and the loud laughter resonated through the house. Then there was the distinct sound of the reverse gears whining their song down the straight driveway outside. That would have been Mum dropping the girls off from the water polo match this morning. It was Saturday, so Dad was playing golf, and now that mum […]

Thanks, Dad!

I didn’t know how to react when I saw my daughter’s best friend, Ella, kneeling on the bathroom sink. Her skirt lifted and caught in her teeth — her eyes focused on her own reflection. She tipped her hips and spread her pussy. A beautiful nineteen-year-old body on display. A body I was never supposed to see. Ella’s head tilted […]

Oz Beach Boy Ogled By French Cougar

It was a gorgeous, clear-skied, sunny summer’s day in Sydney, Australia. Ms. Jacqueline Chabrol was exactly where she wanted to be in such delightfully hot and balmy weather: at the beach gazing at young men in their swimsuits. At the age of 45, this French-born, Australian-raised divorcee was completely comfortable with the fact that she was a voyeur of the […]

Jen’s gets to Pick our New Toy!!

So, the rules were set. She got the final say, but she had to show me one cock pic and one body pic of the guy who she would be inviting over. I wouldn’t see his face, I wouldn’t know what to expect, I wouldn’t see the conversation and I wouldn’t be able to say no. The safe word was […]