Belinda’s Story

My name is Belinda Louise Carter. I am a wife who has cheated. I was born in 1981 and that makes me forty years of age at the time of this writing. I have been married for twenty-one years. I stand five feet, seven inches tall and I weighed in at a hundred and eighteen pounds this morning. My body […]

An Unexpected and Erotic Threesome

I am narrating an incident that took place when I was on a business trip. I was staying in a pleasant hotel. It was a Sunday. I got up late and was bored. So I decided to check out the lounge and bar in the hotel. They had a big screen, and the IPL was showing on it. With nothing […]

Fucked MILF in a Kitty Party

So the incident happened on Dec 2020. I finally got the paid version of a sexting or dating website and started looking for new girls and women to satisfy. I locked the age group at 30-60 and loaded the search results. Days passed and nothing happened. But a week later, I had a match. It was of a woman who […]

Wood and Ice

He leaned back in his seat, wood creaking softly to accommodate his posture. The air fell to still silence once more, as he gazed across the dimly-lit room towards his quarry. Her chest rose and fell in quick, shallow, and irregular breaths, betraying the serene calm on her face. Long shadows cast by the bedside lamp served to outline her […]

Skylar The Whore

Skye closed the book he was reading. “Now I understand.” His heart throbbed once he realized that his plan had actually worked. Scanning his surroundings, he saw why he had been in an entirely different room from his, one that looked a little too ‘Girly’ with pink and purple being the decorum, not to mention the multiple decors of hot […]

Jack’s Penthouse

Jack was happy all his planning was working out. He had a Law and an Accountancy degree by the time he was twenty-two. A major Private Bank had headhunted him as a trader. Jack was good at what he did; promotions came quickly. He was making millions a year, but his lifestyle was frugal. He had written several books on […]

First Time Dressing

I was at home, upstairs in the bathroom where the light is best at mid-morning. My hands shook slightly as I put on makeup, desperate not to smudge it or get one eye different to the other. As I worked, I remembered online tutorials and the advice of girlfriends. There was so much to consider! From foundation skin tone to […]

Take Me

I pressed my lips on hers, kissing her deeply, my tongue moving, searching for hers. When they touched an electric thrill went through my body, my cock getting harder. I pushed my hips forward, pressing into her. As we kissed, her tongue slid over mine and over my teeth, pushing further and further into my mouth. She moaned softly as […]

Stories of a Slutty “Boy”

I was I my early 20s and I was addicted to cock. Not just any cock though, specifically daddy dick.. I just couldn’t get enough. Let me start from the beginning. When I was 18 I was seduced and made to suck cock by a guy in his 50s who my mom was dating. His name was Dennis. He didn’t […]

Svetka Delivers Pizza Topless

Svetka met a first year student Yanek. He lived in a student dorm and worked part time delivering pizza. Once Svetka came to his room on Saturday morning. She expected to spent a day with him, possibly outside in the park. But Yanek was busy. He explained that he must study for his exams. And it was also his day […]