Rotten To The Core

With a cleric like Eric in the house, everyone recovered pretty quickly from their injuries.” Laura chewed on her lower lip. “What else? Well, we did bury Donna’s bones in hallowed earth, to make sure there is zero chance of her ever coming back. No more roach thralls, at least until the next one crawls into town. No more ghouls […]

Pluribus: Icebreaker

I lay back on the carpet, propping my head and shoulders up with my elbows. I was fascinated by Nalissa’s body, beyond her cales and tail. She was…I couldn’t think of any word other than buff, but she was also still very feminine. Her tits were huge and heavy, but she also lacked the wide shoulders and tapered chest of […]

A War of Phantoms

Everyone in the field stopped what they were doing. I raised one hand and pointed at a redheaded guy to my right. “Strip-mall Tae Kwon Do. Looks shiny, but your rack of trophies ain’t worth shit in a real fight.” I pointed to my left, at a seven foot tall skinhead monster. “Ease off the roids, needle-dick. Gonna die a […]

Ship of Theseus

But he already knew, the memories overlying reality, his tongue leading the way past the firm lips of her pussy, and she gasped abruptly when his own lips touched her. He pressed, staying still until she pressed back, her thigh muscles tightening beneath his fingers, and then he attacked, the dam breaking, his tongue darting long and eager into her […]

We are Such Stuff

They’re calling it ‘the great hiccup’. Inexplicable stock market plunges, cyber attacks on banks, volatile commodity prices and the like. Lots of people’s money disappeared into numbered Swiss bank accounts and the Caymans. Even the lights went out on a space station. Finally, the whole Web rebooted itself, which has never happened before. Luckily, no one died…

Looking to Share… Accommodation

Heading into the bathroom with Elle I quickly washed my cock and balls and left her to relax in the bath for a bit, heading downs in the my boxers I poured Elle a glass of cold champagne and took it up to her which got me another huge smile and the chance to taste her gorgeous lips again…

The Lab Accident

It took Kevin and Jen a few tries to get their thrusts in sync with one another as at first he kept slipping free when she would thrust forward into Martina at the same time that he was pulling back. It required his strokes to be relatively slow, given how much less cock he was working with than she was, […]

Sissy by the Pool

Master put his hands on my hips, motioning me to grind on his bulge. I could feel his cock was semi hard already. I closed my eyes and smiled at the thought he was getting excited over me and my slim sissy body. I rarely left much to the imagination for a reason. I opened my eyes again when I […]

Unexpected Wish

With the small table now in the middle, she grabbed a pair of handcuffs from her purse and fastened them to herself and the legs of the table. She then laid on the table, with only her stomach touching. Her body still bent over and legs touching the ground. Her cock was still able to be reached if anybody wanted, […]

The Things in My Closet

It was a straight movie playing on the screen. A large breasted woman in a cheerleader uniform was being fucked in what appeared to be a locker room. The reflected light was enough to see Jenna behind the glass watching me more intensely than even the men in the theater…