I Gave a Guy a Blowjob for $20

Hey guys, this is Nina here! For those of you who haven’t read my stories, I’m 28, Canadian-Lebanese and over the past year and a bit, my life has been a rollercoaster. To give you a quick recap, I was married to my husband who was the first man I had ever been with. We ended up in a situation […]

Taken Advantage of by the Pool

It was a hot summers day when the phone rang. It was my boyfriends friend/dealer Tory(black, our age mid 20’s, really thin with gold teeth) and he asked me to come over to the new place he was staying at that had a pool. I told him that Dave (my boyfriend and Tory’s friend) was working and maybe later(when Dave […]

Cheating Night

She kept telling herself that it was the alcohol’s fault, that it was that single martini which made her irrational – all her own lies building up in her head to protect herself from what was really going on with her – desperate lust. Katelyn was not the one to give into advances and flirting easily. Most would likely even […]

One Last Time

Hazel logged off of her computer and picked up her cell phone. Looking down at the illuminated screen she clenched it as the picture of her boyfriend shined, his dumb face looking back at her. At this moment she debated following through with her plans, stopping herself from making another mistake that could lead to consequences she would not want […]

Valentine’s Day

Hi! It’s Kathy again. There aren’t many holidays that I truly enjoy. They’re mostly family-oriented and the same thing every year. Now, Valentine’s Day is a little different. It’s all mine. A day consumed with love and sex. Since I was old enough to date, I’ve always made Valentine’s Day special for me and my man. I can remember only […]

Indian Village Girl trapped in USA

Meghna’s parents were over the moon. They were always told that her beautiful daughter would bring them good fortune. But this was huge – They had received a marriage proposal from an NRI groom. For those in her small village, marrying their daughter to a city boy is a herculean task. But now they were sending her daughter to marry […]

Family Affairs

He was finally out. After 3 years of incarceration, Andre Camby could finally step out back into the real world. Not the one he had put himself in when he stupidly decided to join his ‘friends’ for an armed robbery. Those assholes didn’t spend the time behind bars that Andre did, benefitting from snitching on Andre and somehow getting him […]

My Girlfriends First Black Guy

I’ll give you a little context regarding what the situation is here. Me and my girlfriend Sam are very much into roleplay, and we both enjoy writing stories describing things we would like to do. This is the first one she wrote for me when i expressed interest in her sleeping with her first black guy named Travo Sinsational (look […]

Momo San

I’ve known my neighbors for about nineteen years now, even though we have only been living next to each other for the past fourteen years or so. I’ve actually known the wife longer because we first met, when she and I took our daughters to the same nursery school in our area. Their family name is Momo San but the […]

A Star Returns

“Thanks for the invite,” I said as I looked around at the large room. There were many people gathered for my friend’s sister’s reception. I call him my friend loosely as we had only recently reconnected through social media, and by recent, I mean like a few days ago. “No problem, Turbo,” Ted said as he smiled at me.