She Loves Him And Me Pequel

Claire Is At A Low Point Claire had lost her job and the social contacts that it bought. Not one of her work “friends” bothered to visit her. Her house was 2 miles from the nearest village. Despite its remoteness she could hear trains pass as they sped to Salisbury or Bath. She could hear lorries going along the busy […]


“This is the night you get what you have wanted. After months and months of you telling me how lousy I was in every way and how much better the men were in your office were, I found a solution. ‘If only I had _____instead of you’ was a phrase you used time after time, so I decided to do […]

The Rockstar Who Stole My Wife

I met the girl who later would become my wife at a rock concert when we were both nineteen. I remember that she looked totally amazing in her Dr. Martens and short leather skirt. She was taller than most other girls, and she stood out from the concert crowd with a magnetism I couldn’t resist. Luckily, I picked up my […]

After the Caribbean

In the hotel room under the lavender-tinted sky, champagne twilight, violet star-patterned sheets, faintly colored like a fairy tale, lying in bed Akemi face up, her tits peaked to his mouth, her nipples distended, frosted like the daiquiris they’d drunk, by his kisses, having the time of their lives, Mitchell’s thighs bouncing between hers, her brown bush welcoming, fucking on […]

The Birthday Party

I’ve decided to share my story, not because I’m proud of it, quite the contrary. I’m ashamed, and I know it’s caused an unspoken rift in my friendship with Kara. I say unspoken because I’m not even certain she notices a change. But it’s certainly a change that I feel, a kind of paranoia, stemming from my guilt. I’ve recently […]

All of the Things

I’m what most people who aren’t extremely wealthy call “rich.” I definitely do well for myself, but no one outside Phoenix considers me a mover and a shaker. Most of the truly wealthy who live in places like New York, Tokyo or London are unlikely to know my name. For the record, that name is Leonidas Puckett. I wasn’t born […]

Unearthly Halloween

Another October 31 had rolled around on the calendar. I, Carol Robeson, made my final preparations for the annual Robeson All Hallows Eve Scare a Thon. It was the highlight party of the year in our neighborhood. The house was bathed in an eerie orange light that flickered. I had my long hallway blacked out and at the entrance a […]

The Parents Fantasy Night

“Hey, bud the radio dude is talking about you.” I was so proud of my son, Tyler. He’s a thriving football player, student and I see a big future for him. We are driving to our tenth and final visit to one of Tyler’s top 10 schools. The man on the radio (with some awkward name like Rick Norti? I […]

A New Life

Tom and Sarah had been married for just over 8 years when their life was about to take a quite different turn. Their life up to this point had been straightforward. Both had grown up together in the same town, but mixing in different circles of friends, as Tom was 2 years older than Sarah. They were aware of each […]

The Shack: The Milk Run

I paused for a moment, trying to lean casually against the stone-tiled column, watching the holiday crowd as carefully as I could without being obvious. Clueless, they streamed by me intent on their shopping, flavored coffees, and apparently endless streams of text messages. I made it another six feet and managed to sit at one of the mall food court […]