Not Your Typical Damsel

“Stop! Please! I can’t do that!”

I was snapped immediately out of the pleasant daydream I had been having, strolling down the street just before sunset on a cold December day. That had definitely been a very distraught young woman, and it sounded like she was in trouble. I took off, following the voice.

Now, some background: I do not appear, at first glance, to be physically intimidating. I stand only 5’6″ and weigh under 170lb. My face is usually happy and bright, and my hair nicely kept. I wear high-end (but not quite “designer”) clothing, and look well maintained.

However, back a few years ago, when I was serving with the Army Rangers, it was a different story. I had been perpetually dirty, haggard, and wary, always looking out for trouble. Happily, the devotion to physical fitness dies hard, and I was almost entirely lean, combat-ready muscle.

That readiness to intervene evidently also dies hard. I had been working as a data scientist for the past 10 years, a nice comfortable white-collar job, and made quite a bit of money. My wife, Clara, and I had 2 beautiful little girls, ages 8 and 5, named Sasha and Katya. But I still reacted immediately, and am so glad I did.

I thought of my girls, and my wife, as I sprinted towards the sounds of the young woman struggling. Rounding the corner into a dark alley, I saw a towering thug holding a teenager (she looked about 18) by the wrists, pinning her to a wall while she flailed in an attempt to escape. 4 other men stood around, watching and sneering.

“You better get your slut ass out there and make me some money!” the shadowy man hollered, and the girl sobbed.

“No! My sister said she didn’t ever want me to!” the girl wailed, pleading.

“She been out here working for years!” he answered cruelly, and grabbed the front of her shirt. He started to tear her shirt away, and I heard it start to rip, but by then I was close.

“Stop.” I ordered calmly, cold menace in my voice. The guys who had been standing around watching jumped, having been unaware of my approach.

“The fuck is this?” the leader asked, incredulous. He clearly wasn’t used to being confronted.

“Let her go, and you all can walk away,” I calmly explained, looking him meaningfully in the eyes.

“Fuck this mother-” one of the cronies started, moving into my path to block me. He was cut off by the jab that promptly broke his nose, followed by the uppercut that dislocated his jaw and the kick that popped his knee, sending him sprawling to the side, unconscious.

“Let. Her. Go.” This time, instead of calm authority, my voice projected clear, lethal menace. The rest of the gang looked at me in shock, and the girl was able to slip out of the hold she had been trapped in and run down the alley, back the way I had come.

“You just cost us a whore!” bellowed the boss, and angrily advanced. He and his crew gathered together, unsure of what to do in the face of the mysterious threat before them.

All of a sudden, the one in charge pushed one of his lackeys forward, and he stumbled towards me, looking scared.

“Get this asshole!” was the order, and soon they were all around me, ready to grind me into dust.

It didn’t take long.

While they tried to flank me, I used my elbow to crush the jugular of the guy in front of me and stepped quickly over his wheezing, sputtering body to get to the big guy.

Almost before anybody could react, a firm punch to the gut had him doubled over, and I was behind him with one hand holding him by the long, dirty hair while the other held my military-issued knife against his throat.

The other guys all looked shocked, and one started to come forward hesitantly.

“Don’t! Fuck!” yelled my prisoner, feeling the sharp blade draw blood from his neck.

“Everyone sit down. Now.” They all slowly complied, looking very unsure what was going on.

“I could kill you all pretty easily, and claim self-defense,” I informed them. “I wouldn’t even do time. Hell, after rescuing that girl? I’d be a fucking hero!” They all paled, worried I might be considering it.

“You can’t!” one of them shouted, but quieted down when I dragged the blade along his leader’s throat, leaving a bloody line. Not deep enough to kill him, but damn sure deep enough to scare the restrained man, and quiet his posse down.

“Who’s the girl?”

“We dunno her!” Another drag started across the tattooed neck, until one of the guys jumped in to answer, speaking very rapidly.

“I think her name’s Carla! Her sister Francesca works the streets for us. Carla just turned 18, so we’s was putting her to work too!” My heart lurched.

“How old is Francesca?”

“Like 23? Been out here since she turned 18… but we checked! None of our girls are underage!” He seemed proud of that. Garbage, with a shit brain.

“Can you get Francesca here?” I asked, formulating a plan of action.

“Whatcbu want with her?” one of the guys growled. Cute, he was possessive of the gang’s ‘property.’

“That matter?” I asked honestly, cocking an eyebrow. They grunted in the negative, and one got on the phone, having Francesca brought to our location.

She arrived, along with 3 more gang members, a few minutes later. “We brought the whore! Now let our boss go!” one of them called, pushing the trembling and whimpering young woman forward.

“Wh – What do you want from me?” she asked, tearing up.

“Nothing. I’m getting you out of here. And your sister.” I looked at her with an honest expression, trying to make her believe. Even if she thought it was a long-shot, I was offering her an out, and she had to try to take it!

“Okay… but how do you know Carla?” I explained the situation to her, and she glared at the guy bleeding in my grip.

“Can you get her back here?” I asked the older sister, and she hesitantly agreed. Almost immediately, Carla stepped around the corner. Evidently, she hadn’t gone far, and had heard everything.

“Cesca? Is this guy for real?” she asked with a Mexican accent, apparently in disbelief at her rescue.

“I dunno, hermana… but you got a better option?” Francesca laughed, looking at me hopefully.

Just then, the guy I had been holding got fed up with the situation and grabbed my hand, the one holding the knife! “Fuck you, you -” his words got cut off by a sickening crunch as I twisted and snapped his neck.

Rising calmly, I twirled my bloody knife and walked towards the girls, my eyes on the reeling gang members. “We good to leave? Or anyone want to try to stop us?” I asked with perfect calm, wiping the blood on my nice jeans. The guys stared, slack-jawed, and then scattered, panicked, in retreat.

“Sorry about that,” I offered, hilting my once-again-clean blade. Carrying weapons didn’t make for great introductions, after all. “I’m Leo,” I offered, holding out my hand.

“Uh… you… Marco is…” jabbered Francesca, but Carla acted before her sister could put her thoughts together. She jumped towards me, threw her arms around my neck, and hugged me tight.

“Oh thank you! You saved me!” she enthused. I just laughed and stepped back. I hadn’t really looked at her before, just had heard and seen a girl in trouble. Looking at her now nearly took my breath away. Carla was the most beautiful Latina teen I had ever seen. She was about 5’2″ with a slender frame counterpointed by wide-ish hips and a full, perky chest. She had wavy, dark-brown hair which framed her angelic face, complete with pouty lips, sparkling brown eyes, and a cute button nose. She was a clear 10/10, and I marvelled at the ability of adrenaline to have stopped me from noticing.

“I just did what anybody would do,” I argued humbly, and Francesca rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, except nobody ever does,” she pointed out, and I blushed a little.

“Well either way, you’re not going back with them, okay?” The sisters nodded, and I motioned along the alley. “Come with me and we’ll get you somewhere safe.” Carla almost immediately nodded and clung to my arm, eager to go, and Francesca eventually followed along, seeing no better options.

They asked where I learned to fight, and I spent the rest of the walk back to my vehicle telling them about Ranger training and my tours. They both paid rapt attention, until we got to the car and Carla gasped out, “holy shit!” They both stood slack-jawed, gaping at my almost-new, military-style Humvee. She was a beauty, and could essentially drive through a building without stopping. I loved driving her, and was of the opinion that she was well worth the obscene money she had cost.

“This is really your car?” Francesca asked, disbelieving. I nodded and unlocked it, climbing in and motioning for them to do the same. Francesca timidly climbed into the passenger seat, while Carla took the back row. I made sure they were buckled, and started the drive home.

“Are we going to your… house?” Francesca asked nervously. I said that was the plan, and she suddenly got very quiet.

“Why? Is everything okay?” I asked, and she almost started to cry.

“I am so fucking stupid!” she admonished herself. “I thought you were this hero, maybe, but you just want a couple of live-in whores!” She looked absolutely devastated, and Carla gasped from the back row, heartbroken. I just chuckled and rolled my eyes. “What the fuck is so funny? Tricked the dumb, slutty chicas, huh?” Francesca demanded, fuming.

“No, just trust me, you’ll see,” I explained, and turned into my driveway – it had not been a long drive at all, I was just stopping by the post office in town.

“I mean, better him than Marco?” Carla mused, and the sisters followed me up the stone path to his house with sad, subdued expressions. “Okay, so what do you w-” Francesca started to demand, when Sasha and Katya ran, shrieking with joy, out the front door.

“Daddy! You’re home!” Sasha screamed, jumping into my outstretched arms. I picked her up and twirled her, making her giggle uncontrollably, while Katya just stared at the Latinas.

“Daddy? Who are they?” she asked uncertainly. I hadn’t dated since Clara had died of cancer a few years ago, so the only woman they saw with regularity was my sister, Kate.

“These are Carla and Francesca, sweety,” I told her. “They were in trouble, so they’ll be staying with us for a while while they figure it out. Is that okay with you girls?” Both my daughters nodded happily; it would be like having older sisters!

“So, ladies, you feeling less nervous?” I asked with a smile, and the Latinas nodded, smiling sweetly at my little girls.

We went inside and I got my daughters to bed, then got our guests some water and food so we could sit and talk. Francesca told me everything, with occasional input from Carla, and my heart broke for them.

Their parents had been killed in a car crash 7 years ago, when Francesca was 16 and Carla was 11. The older sister had dropped out of school to care for her sibling, and struggled to make ends meet – the insurance lasted about a year and a half before things became very tight. On her 18th birthday, Fancesca started working the streets to make money, and was quickly taken in by the gang. She kept Carla in school, but as the younger sister neared 18 the men decided that she should be put to work, too. “Shit birthday this is,” laughed Carla, and I was momentarily stopped dead.

“Wait, today is your birthday?” I asked, and when she nodded I got up and went to the oven, preheating it.

“What are you doing?” Carla asked, her voice cautiously hopeful.

“Making you a cake!” I told her. She giggled cutely, and we kept filling each other in on our lives while I baked. It was hard for me to talk about Clara, but I told them about her fight with cancer, and how our girls were the only things that got me through being widowed.

“That must have been hard, I can tell you really loved her,” Carla said sympathetically, and Francesca nodded her agreement.

“It was, and I do.” They smiled their understanding, and I told them all about my wife while the cake baked. Eventually, I took the cake out and sang, much to the women’s amusement, before we dug in.

“Okay, well this has been fun, but we should all get to sleep,” I told them, and guided them to the guest room they could share. We had multiple rooms available, but I figured being separated could make them feel unsafe. I got them spare toothbrushes and old T shirts for PJs, made sure they knew where the bathroom was, and went to bed myself, smiling at how proud of me Clara would have been for helping.

“Morning, ladies!” I greeted when the latinas stumbled into the kitchen, doubtlessly lured by the smell of bacon cooking. “Breakfast should be ready soon. For now, tell the girls what you want to drink and I’m sure they can help me host.” My daughters were giddy at that, and rushed to fetch the OJ when Francesca politely requested some.

When we were all seated at the table, I got started with elaborating my plan. “So, first things first: We need to go shopping.”

My girls shrieked in delight, but our guests just grimaced. “We… don’t have any money,” Francesca informed me glumly.

“That’s fine, I have money and want to help,” I informed her, and Carla’s eyes sparkled.

“Really?” she asked as if unable to believe her luck.

“Really, you need clothes and my wife would have wanted to help you,” I told them, and my girls got quiet. They didn’t like talking about their mom, because usually it made me sad.

Convinced, or just sincerely in need, we all piled into the Humvee after breakfast and drove to the mall.

Once there, it took some prodding to get the women to pick a store to start at. “So… the Macy’s down the end has a bunch of stuff, there’s a GAP, a JC Penney… You need everything, right?” They both looked reluctant to choose, so I turned to my daughters for help. “Girls, if you had to pick a store to buy clothes for our new friends…?” With almost no hesitation, we were headed to Macy’s. Sasha ran to the women’s section, picked a black dress off the rack, brought it back to Carla, and held it up.

“This would make your eyes so pretty!” my little fashionista declared, and Carla went to try it on, giggling. When she came out of the fitting room to model it for us, to a chorus of ‘beautiful!’, ‘stunning!’, and ‘you go girl!’ from my daughters and a completely stunned nod from me, she beamed us a smile. After changing back into her worn clothing, she walked up to me and her sister holding the dress.

“That was so fun! Your girls are sweet. But… this dress is $500. That’d be way too much! You’re being so nice to us, I can’t ask you to do that.” She looked sad, having loved trying it on.

“Did you like the dress?” She nodded sadly. “Get it. You looked beautiful, and it would make Sasha so happy. Here,” I handed Francesca my credit card and she looked like the plastic almost burned her hand, “that card has a $25,000 limit and is fully paid off. Buy whatever you need for clothing, and some shoes. I’m going to run across the street to pick up some stuff young women typically need, and I’ll just leave everything in your bathroom when we get home.”

“You… we can’t…” she looked like she was holding a loaded gun.

“If you can’t spend that much on clothing for yourselves, I’m sure Katya can help!” My daughter erupted in a huge smile, “and Sasha’s already made a solid start.” We looked over to see my oldest holding a small pile of clothes and standing impatiently by the fitting rooms.

“I can! Okay, so Francesca, these are for you,” she set about half the items on hooks outside one fitting room, “and Carla you have to try these on.”

Francesca looked close to panic, and her eyes seemed to be scanning for an escape route. I laughed, and guided her to the room indicated by Sasha. “Have fun! Oh, and don’t forget, like, normal clothes in Sasha’s high-fashion spree.”

“Leo. This is too much!” she finally hissed to me through gritted teeth.

I stopped and looked her dead in the eyes. Speaking softly so as not to be heard, I told her firmly, “my little girls’ mother died. They haven’t gotten to go shopping for women’s clothing in 3 years, since Clara passed. She loved shopping with our girls, putting on little fashion shows with anything they picked out. It was something they all loved doing together. They want to feel like that, at least, can still happen without her. It will make them feel close to their mother. Do not break my girls’ hearts.” When Francesca, with big, watery eyes, nodded that she would, I smiled, thanked her, and walked away. Carla, of course, was already in Katya’s clutches, laughing with her as she looked through the young girl’s selections.

I smiled to myself as I left the store. Fine, so it had been a bit of a white lie! Clara had died when Katya was 2 and Sasha was 5. Clara had loved shopping with them, but it hadn’t been quite as big a mother-daughter tradition as I had let on. But I knew Clara would have approved. I smiled, and went to CVS.

4 hours later, I walked back into the mall, having finished all of my errands. I had purchased feminine products for the women, school supplies for them both (Francesca, I had resolved, should have the chance to get her GED), nice laptops and cell phones for them, and a week’s worth of groceries for the 5 of us. I was feeling good, and hoped that my girls hadn’t been too aggressive and scarred our guests.

I was just thinking where I should start looking for them when I overhead some teenage girls laughing, telling each other stories about what they had just seen. “And then, the little girl grabbed a measuring ribbon and starts checking how wide the Mexican’s hips are!”

I was a little bit put off by hearing one of the ladies described as ‘the Mexican’ but now didn’t seem the time for racial sensitivity training. “Excuse me?” When the teenager looked at me cautiously, I went on, “that little girl’s my daughter; where are they?”

“They’re in Victoria’s Secret still, I think…” I nodded, thanked her, and started walking to the store, leaving the teenagers giggling and I’m sure gossiping behind my back.

When I arrived at the store, I immediately heard Katya screaming her joy as she selected items, and saw Carla smiling as she went to try them on. I looked around and saw Sasha standing, looking forlorn, outside a fitting room. I immediately rushed over, hugged her, and asked, “what’s up, sweety? Is everything okay?” She shook her head and looked at me with big eyes, motioning towards the fitting room curtain. I heard soft sobbing coming from inside, and was scared that maybe Sasha had been insensitive or something.

“Francesca? Are you okay?” I asked.

“It’s fine, just go… We don’t deserve this!” she cried, and Carla heard as she came out to model a matching bra/panty set for my other daughter. Damn, that young woman had a body that could melt steel! Or, in this case and much to my chagrin, start steel forming… I quickly looked away, but Carla came over to see what was happening.

“Hermana?” she asked softly, to no response. She peeked her head into the fitting room, and then stepped in, pulling me in with her.

I was once again floored. I had seen Francesca wearing dirty, tattered clothing and covered in dirt, and had not been trying to notice either of the young ladies in this capacity anyways, but in this context I couldn’t help but stare. Holy. Fuck.

Francesca was about an inch taller than her sister, at 5’3″, and roughly the same weight. She had washboard abs, though maybe a bit on the too-skinny side, and long, smooth legs ending in petite, cute feet. Her wide hips stretched the cotton panties she had been trying on, and her gorgeous hair hung down past her shoulders, partially shielding her crying face. The ends of her hair, though, rested near the tops of the most incredible pair of breasts I had ever seen. Where her younger sister had a perky set of maybe B-cup boobs, Francesca was stacked. They had to be at least a D-cup, and sat high and proud on her chest. I shook my head to get it out of the gutter, and Francesca looked up at me and her sister.

“I don’t deserve this!” she sobbed, looking absolutely miserable.

“What do you mean? Of course you do!” I tried to assure her.

“No, Leo, you don’t understand… This is the first time I’ve worn a bra in 5 years!” she admitted brokenly. “The gang wanted my tits out and accessible, and wouldn’t let me even own one!” I was crushed, and more than a little angry.

“Well you aren’t with them anymore, and you certainly need a bra to go with all of the clothing my girls picked out!”

“I don’t deserve any of this! I’m not some princess who should be treated like this. I’m a fucking whore, Leo! You know what I’ve been doing for the past 5 years? I’ve been selling my body to fucking criminals. I’ve been going into cars, or to motel rooms, and letting guys fuck me, or sucking them off, or… I hate myself!” she broke down completely.

Carla rushed to hug her sister, stroking her hair and speaking softly to her in Spanish. Just then, there was a knock at the entrance to the fitting room. One of the sales associates was concerned about the crying.

I stepped outside, leaving the sisters to talk, and addressed the uppity-looking woman. “Can I help you?” I asked politely.

“Yes… Is… You can’t bring prostitutes in here!” she whispered angrily.

My vision flashed red. “Lady, fuck off. Those women were homeless orphans, and I’m helping them buy clothes. Now, you can either go far away – in fact, take the rest of the day off – or I swear to god I will make sure you lose your job!” I almost shouted. She started to sputter and argue, when my little Sasha ran up, decked out in designer clothing and with $300 sunglasses.

“Daddy, why does this lady hate our friends? Oh, and I think we spent about $24,000 on this card!” The woman paled, not realizing how much money – and therefore influence – I evidently had.

“I – I – I… hope you have a nice day,” she suggested, shocked. I nodded towards the door, and she left, chastened.

“Nice one, baby girl!” I high-fived Sasha, who beamed at me.

“Thanks!” she said proudly.

“Why are you wearing new clothes?!” I asked, slightly surprised that she would have spent some on herself.

“We all got matching outfits, Daddy!” Katya told me happily. “It was Carla’s idea!” I smiled and decided to let it slide. It sounded like they were all bonding, and my girls did look adorable.

“Leo? Can you come in here?” I heard Francesca’s voice call from the fitting room. I entered quickly, to find the sisters sitting on a bench, looking at me sadly.

“What’s up, girls?”

Carla addressed me with a shaky voice, “did you really… Nobody’s ever stood up for us before!” She looked shocked.

“Of course. And it doesn’t matter what used to happen, I’ll stick up for you from now on.”

“But… why us?” Francesca asked.

“Well… at first I was just helping Carla, but then? I knew I’d want somebody to do the same if my girls needed help.” I told them truthfully.

“But… but Leo, I’m a whore!” she told me as if this rendered her without value.

“No, you aren’t.” She looked up at me, confused, and I went on, “it doesn’t matter what you had to do in the past, what matters is that now you’ve got a home, and people who care about you.”

“I…” she started unsure how to respond.

“Do you like what Sasha chose for you?” I asked politely, not staring too hard at her gorgeous, sexy tits straining against the bra. She nodded shyly, and I grinned. “Great, she’ll be thrilled. Now, are we done with this nonsense?” I asked with finality, and Francesca sniffled and nodded.

I stood to leave, and Carla grabbed my arm. “Thank you, Leo, for everything,” she said sincerely. I smiled and went to leave, but before I could Francesca nearly tackled me in a strong, slightly teary hug.

“You’re what I have been praying for for 5 years…” she whispered to me, and I couldn’t help but notice her bountiful chest pressed into me. Damn it! I had to stop thinking of these women sexually! They were vulnerable and scared, and I wasn’t some gross perv!

“That’s sweet, but really, I’m just trying to avoid being cursed from the Beyond by my wife,” I laughed, smiling and joking. “Now, Sasha said you spent about $24,000 on that card?”

“23,987.56, to be exact,” Francesca admitted, and I was impressed at her apparent aptitude for numbers. “We could always return some… ”

“No way! If you need more to finish this spree, let me know, but do you know how much more you still have to do?”

“We’re almost done, Daddy!” Katya called into the room, and we all laughed. “But then you need to go pick up our purchases from the stores!

We bought the underwear they had been trying on, and a few more sets in different colors, and then started a tour of the mall, with almost every clothing store having another bag (or a few) to add to my load. By the time we got back to the Humvee, I was struggling to carry it all!

“Well, that should be enough to start, right?” I asked, chuckling, as I dumped everything into the storage space in the back. Sasha nodded proudly, and Carla smiled. Francesca mouthed her thanks, and was pulled immediately by Katya to sit in the back row.

“Daddy can drive! We need to talk!” she ordered, and the 4 young women all climbed into the back. They whispered secretively all the way back to the house, and I started unloading the haul while they were still talking. I brought everything to the guest room and dropped it on the bed (which I noticed had been made) before going back out.

“Lunch time, ladies?” I asked cheerfully, and they all scrambled out, ravenous from a big morning of shopping.

“Oh my god…” moaned Carla, looking enraptured.

“Can turkey even be this good?” asked Francesca through a full mouth of sandwich.

I just laughed, happy that they were happy, and we had a cheerful conversation about the house while we ate. Clara and I had had it built for our family – we initially wanted 4 kids, but the cancer had messed with that plan. It was big, with 7 bedrooms, an outdoor pool, a detached garage, and everything a young family could hope for, including a big, private yard. I told them about the floorplans, and the design process, and how I had done some renovations myself (converting the nurseries into bedrooms for the girls, expanding the play-room when the girls’ stash of toys grew too large, and other things). The latinas just smiled at my stories of nearly falling off ladders, and told us about their parents and how they had decorated so energetically for Christmas every year. It sounded lovely, and I noticed how we were all talking about the family members who were no longer with us without crying, which seemed like a good sign.

After some time playing ping-pong in the basement, a fun movie together in the screening room, and a delicious pot roast dinner, it was getting to be the girls’ bedtime, and I told them so.

“But Daddy!” Katya whined, and I rolled my eyes.

“It’s time, sweetheart,” I informed her with deadpan seriousness, and she giggled and went to brush her teeth with her sister. They came back into the living room where we had been doing a puzzle together to say goodnight, and after big hugs and kisses all around they scurried off to their respective rooms, exhausted from the day despite their objections.

“They’re so sweet!” Carla commented once they were out of sight.

“They really are,” I confirmed proudly. I tried to be a good father, and I was very happy with how they were turning out!

“You’re a good man,” Francesca said with conviction, and I smiled at the compliment.

“Thank you. You’d have loved Clara,” I informed her, missing my wife.

“I’m sure we would have,” Carla said a bit sadly. “But Leo… We appreciate everything, but… This is all so much!” she said, gesturing at the pile of miscellaneous gifts still waiting to be unpackaged. They had been shocked at the cell phones and other gadgets, and had almost sobbed at the school supplies.

“I’m happy to do it,” I said honestly, and nodded at Francesca’s disbelieving look.

“There has to be… something we can do to repay you?” she asked softly.

“I don’t need anything,” I said, “it just makes me happy to know you aren’t out on the streets anymore. I’m so sorry you had to do that.”

“I am, too… ” Francesca started sadly, “but on the bright side, it did teach me some skills… Let me thank you with a blowjob?” she asked hopefully. “I swear I’m clean; the gang got me tested regularly and I always used condoms!”

“What?!” I asked, taken fully aback.

“Please, Leo… It’s the only way I know how to repay you!” the older sister said earnestly, dropping to her knees. She thrust her impressive chest out, and looked up at me hopefully.

“No!” I practically shouted, forcefully pulling her to her feet. “No. You don’t owe me anything. You want to pay me back? Help me take care of the girls, maybe clean up a bit, and do good in school. I will never ask you for that!” I stormed upstairs to my room, got ready for bed, and listened as the women argued downstairs and eventually did the same. When I was sure they were in their room, I admitted to myself that I was feeling pretty aroused from everything, and masturbated looking at a picture of my wife. I fell asleep, and slept a bit fitfully, with dreams of latinas and blowjobs in my head.

The next morning, Sunday, I woke the ladies of the house (all 4 of them) with the smell of French toast. “Good morning, Francesca!” I called as I saw her timidly peeking around the corner. She stepped forward, dressed in comfy-looking flannel PJs, and walked shyly up to me.

“Leo… can we talk?” she asked hesitantly. I nodded, took the finished food off the griddle, and killed the stove, nodding towards my office.

“What’s up?” I asked once we were alone with the door closed.

“I’m… I’m sorry for being too forward. I just… I only have one set of skills, and I wasn’t implying that you were helping us for that… But I need you to know, if you ever want, I’m willing. And Carla, too. I never was going to let her work like me, but for you I would be happy to know she was helping, too. I know since Clara died you’ve been all alone, and… Just let me know if we can help, okay?” She said everything rapidly, barely breathing, and clearly determined to get it all out without being stopped.

I looked at her, with her gorgeous, sexy body concealed under the pajamas, and thought about what she had said seriously. She no longer seemed desperate, or depressed, and wasn’t offering me her body because it was the only thing she thought made her worth anything. Now, it seemed to be a reasoned assessment of my needs (which, to be truthful, had been quite neglected for several years) and her desire to make me feel good. This felt less predatory, and more honest – just 2 people, attracted to each other, wanting to make each other feel good.

“That’s… uh… thank you,” I said, looking into her eyes. “I understand, and I appreciate the offer.”

“So…” Francesca started to unbutton her shirt, and I stopped her with a raised hand.

“Definitely not now! My girls are coming down soon, unless they hate French toast all of a sudden,” I laughed. “How about this? Let’s forget this whole thing, okay? Let’s just act like today is a date between 2 people who like each other, spend it having fun with your sister and my girls, and see where it goes from there? I don’t know if I’m ready for a relationship yet, but I certainly don’t want to just use you for sex.”

Francesca started to cry softly, and I hugged her, not sure what I had said wrong. “You… you might want… to be in a relationship with me?” she asked eventually, and I pulled back to look at her face.

“Maybe! I want to spend more time with you to be sure, but my girls love you, you seem exceptionally smart, and you’re one of the most caring people I’ve ever met!” I looked into her eyes and she blushed at the praise.

“And my tits are nice?” she asked jokingly.

“Are they? I hadn’t noticed,” I chuckled, and she punched me on the arm.

“Shut up, Leo. I know my best asset!” she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Honestly, they aren’t,” I told her, “if my girls didn’t love you, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.” She seemed to believe me, and hugged me close.

“Thank you, Leo,” she breathed into my ear. “But now…” she sounded mischievous, “now you’ve just set yourself up. Now I know I have a chance to be with the most amazing, kind, caring, strong, sexy man that I’ve ever met, and you told me that I just need to convince him to be with me… You have no idea what’s headed your way!” She smirked at me, almost pitying my chances against her seductive powers, and spun to walk to the door. With her hand on the knob, she turned back and smiled hugely at me.

“Leo?” she called back, and I stared at her, in slight shock and unsure what to expect today.

“Yes, Francesca?” I asked nervously.

“You might be all sweet, and I appreciate you not staring at them, but I know my tits are fantastic!” she told me joyfully, and lifted her shirt up to give me my first peek. They were amazing, the best tits I’ve ever seen. Huge, perfectly round orbs capped with light-brown nipples and not a hint of sag, they stood proud on her chest and jiggled as she laughed. Before I could stare for too long, she dropped her shirt, blew me a kiss, and walked out the door, calling back, “this is going to be fun!” I was sure it would be.

When I got back to the kitchen, after taking some time to quell my erection caused by seeing Francesca’s perfect tits, all 4 of the young ladies were seated at the table. “French toast!” Katya shrieked around a mouthful, and I noticed that the plate of finished pieces had been brought over and the table set.

“I served breakfast!” Sasha informed me gleefully, and I smiled and went to finish cooking the rest. The girls all chatted happily about their clothing purchases and which outfits would be best for what, reliving their successful spending of thousands of dollars, and I smiled as I watched the innocent joy on all of their faces. They were good for each other, I could tell.

When the rest of the French toast was done, I brought it over, and started eating as well. We all laughed and smiled and planned a fun day of hiking and adventure. The girls had their gear, of course, but we would need to stop by REI to get stuff for the latinas, and everyone was more than happy about another shopping trip!

As we were clearing the dishes and loading the dishwasher, Carla sidled up to me. “You know, we really love your girls… We’re so excited to be a family!” I looked at her, a bit surprised at this. “You know, when you marry my big sister?” she teased, and I checked to make sure my girls hadn’t heard anything.

“Did she…?” I asked nervously.

“No, she didn’t say anything, but I saw the puppy-dog eyes she kept making at you, and how you looked at her – at her face!” she laughed and skipped away, picking Katya up and bringing her to the foot of the stairs up to the bedrooms. Fine, so maybe she had a point! Francesca’s tits were spectacular, and I’m sure most guys only looked at them, but her gorgeous face and joyful smile held my attention almost constantly throughout breakfast, and I caught her looking at me quite a bit, too. This was going to be very interesting, indeed.

After everyone was clean, dressed, and ready, we took a quick trip to REI for hiking boots for the women and then went out on our “first family hike,” as Carla whispered to me. We had a great time on a not-too-strenuous trail (after all, Katya was 5) and saw some amazing natural scenery. The most notable part of the hike for me, however, was how Francesca kept bumping into me, bending over to inspect rocks and deliberately showing me her ass or her cleavage, and whispering things to me. “This is amazing, Leo,” “I’ve never been happier,” and “I could do this forever…” formed the refrain of the afternoon, and watching her interact with her sister (who kept winking at me when she saw me checking Francesca out) and my girls (who hadn’t giggled or smiled this much in years) really started to show me how easily she could become a permanent part of our lives. Fine! I was considering it, I really was.

That evening we were playing a silly game, quite like charades, where we had to act out prompts and get the others to guess. Francesca drew a card, raised an eyebrow, and when the timer started she began to dance.

“Dancer!” called Katya, and the latina just shook her head, smiling.

“Pretty! Beautiful!” Sasha guessed, but still no.

The woman started to lift her shirt teasingly, and Carla screamed out, “oh, strip!” and Francesca doubled over, laughing and nodding. I was a bit shocked; I thought this game was family friendly!”

“Huh? What is that?” Katya asked, confused.

“Kat, it’s… well… when a woman is very pretty, she can take her clothes off for a man she likes, to make him like her even more…” Francesca explained delicately.

“Oh! So you’re going to strip for Daddy?” my innocent little girl asked with wide eyes. Carla cackled, and Francesca just smirked and winked at me.

“Maybe!” she told me girls conspiratorially, once she had recovered. “Well, I think it’s almost your bedtime, isn’t it?” she asked, and yawned herself. The girls protested, but at a stern look from me went to get ready to sleep.

When they stormed back into the room, Sasha jumped into my arms and hugged me tighter than usual. “Daddy, I think you should marry Francesca!” she told me loudly, and I blushed. Carla giggled, and Francesca just smiled, while Katya nodded energetically, agreeing.

“You really like Francesca that much?” I asked, a bit dumbfounded.

“We love her! And you do, too!” Katya said, and the girls ran upstairs, leaving me embarrassed and looking anywhere but at the 2 smiling latinas.

“Well, I’ll leave you lovebirds to it…” Carla teased, and came to hug me on her way to the stairs. “She loves having her nipplies pinched,” she told me naughtily before running up to bed.

“Well, that was…” I started off, not sure what to say.

“Is it true?” Francesca asked, breathlessly.

“What?” I asked, not sure what she meant.

“Do you love me?” she teased, smirking as she sauntered over and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Uh… Well…” I stammered, not meeting her gaze.

“I know it’s fast, Leo, and you can take your time, but you will if you don’t already,” she assured me. “I really care about your daughters, and you’re the best person I’ve ever met… I want to give myself to you. Not just physically, but my heart, too. In fact, it’s too late, you already have my heart.” She smiled at me, and pressed herself against me.

“Francesca, I…” I started, not sure if I was fully onboard or what I should do here.

“But either way, I’m yours. You have my heart, like I said, and… I want to give you my body, too.” She stepped back and started to lift her shirt up, this time seriously, and with a very sensual swaying of her body.

“Francesca, stop!” I snapped, knowing suddenly what I wanted.

She immediately halted, but didn’t lower her shirt, leaving it halfway up her midriff. “Is this not what you want?” she asked sadly. She had laid herself out there, and my rejecting her threatened to break her fragile, reconstructed sense of worth apart.

“I don’t want to just have sex with you, no,” I told her calmly, and she started to lower her shirt. I stepped forward and caught her arm, using it to raise her shirt back up to where it had been. “I want you to be a part of our lives, forever. I love you, too. And I want to make love to you, Francesca!” I told her happily, and watched with excitement as her face transformed into the happiest expression I had ever seen. She looked how I felt: incomparably happy, excited, and more than a little horny.

“You mean it?” she gasped, staring into my eyes and looking for any doubt. I nodded, and leaned forward to kiss her. She kissed me back with unbridled passion, and melted into my arms, pressing her perfect tits into my chest as her arms wrapped my neck again as my hands moved to her skinny waist.

“Good. I’m yours. You said you wanted to make love, and that sounds wonderful, but… sometimes, I’ll want you to take me, claim me. I’m not a whore anymore, but I can still be your little slut, whenever you want me to be…” She practically purred, rubbing herself against me and feeling my considerable bulge jutting into her abdomen. “Oh! Leo’s hung!” she gasped, happy that I seemed well-equipped for her pleasure.

“The slut thing does sound fun, but… first, I want to show you how good I can treat you,” I told her, and lifted her up, moving her to the couch and laying her on her back. I knelt before her and started to unbutton her jeans, eager to bring her pleasure.

“Leo… you don’t have to… I was a whore!” she said apologetically, closing her legs tight and pushing me back.

“That doesn’t matter, now. You said you’re clean, and I want to do this for you,” I told her, starting to slide her pants down. When they were gone, I kissed my way up her leg to her thigh, and planted a wet kiss inches from her still-covered pussy.

“You really… you don’t think I’m… broken? Used up?” Francesca asked, sniffling a little bit.

“Not in the slightest,” I told her, and pulled her panties down to reveal her perfect, hairless pussy. It was gorgeous, with her lips sticking out and dripping with arousal already and her clit prominently jutting out the top of her vulva. Before she could say anything else self-derogatory, I dove in and licked along her slit, from her vagina up to her clitoris, stimulating her labia along the way.

“Oh holy shit!” she moaned, all of her self-esteem issues momentarily forgotten. “Yesss, Leo!” she gasped as I circled her clit with my tongue.

“Just enjoy this, baby,” I told her, mumbling with my tongue still on her pussy. I started making passionate love to her with my mouth, stimulating every part of her beautiful vulva and even licking the inside of her canal, drawing another sort of breathy moan from her.

“Oh, Leo! Yes, right there, yes! Oh dios mio! Oh! YES!” she shrieked, and flooded my mouth with her delicious juices. I backed off a bit, knowing she might be over-sensitive after cumming like that, and watched her heaving breasts through her shirt and bra and her quivering thighs around her dripping pussy.

“I love you, Francesca,” I told her simply, and she smiled a supernova-bright smile at me.

“Leo, that was… Oh my god… You made me speak Spanish!” she giggled uncontrollably, and beckoned me to kiss her. Our tongues tangled, and she had to be tasting herself, but she seemed to like it fine.

“That was so sexy, watching you cum like that,” I told her.

“You know, no man has ever made me orgasm before… ” she told me. “They just used me to get off, and nobody cared if I enjoyed it at all. I always hated sex, but that? I just went to heaven!” I smiled, happy with myself for giving her that experience.

“I’m so glad you had a good time!” I told her. “Clara was always very satisfied with my skills; I’m glad to know I haven’t gotten rusty!”

“Not even close!” she assured me, and then rose from the couch. “But now, it’s my turn… sit down, and enjoy this hot little body that you’ve managed to make completely and totally yours, by being the amazing man you are.” Eagerly, I took a seat, and Francesca started to sway back and forth.

I sat, mesmerized, as she again started to lift her shirt up, only this time nothing stopped her and she lifted it over her head, tossing it off to the side and revealing her mammoth breasts encased in a lacy, black bra. She was still bottomless, so when she turned away and bent over, I saw her puffy, aroused pussy lips hanging between her still-wet thighs.

“You like my pussy, baby?” she moaned, turning to look over her shoulder at me, her legs spread to allow for an unobstructed view. I just gulped, unable to find words, and nodded. “And my ass? My nice, big bubble butt?” Again, I could only nod. “Good. I work out quite a bit to keep my ass nice, and I like how bouncy and firm and big it is,” she told me sensuously, bouncing her ass a little as she spoke so that it jiggled before my eyes. “But no matter how hard I work to keep my ass in good shape, I know that’s not what you really want of my body…” I stared, wide-eyed, as she straightened and turned, facing me with no clothing on but her bra, straining against her bulging, colossal boobs. “I know these tits could be your entire world for a while, honey. I know I could make you crave them, and lust for them, and love them. I could wrap you around my finger with these tits. But I won’t do that. You’ve done so much for me and my sister,” she reached back to unclasp her bra, but still held the cups over them, concealing her nipples from sight, “and you own my heart, my soul, my body… These tits are yours, Leo. They belong to you!” And with that, she cast the bra aside, and stood in all of her naked glory. Her immense, perfectly-shaped breasts with their large-ish, rock-hard, jutting nipples faced directly toward me, and Francesca advanced slowly, moving within reach. “You can touch them, baby…” she purred.

Immediately, my hands shot up and covered her perfect tits, squeezing and kneading and lifting them, feeling how perfectly firm yet pliable they were, how they bounced when I picked them up a bit and let go, and seeing how Francesca responded to being played with like this. She was panting and moaning, rubbing her dripping things together, clearly turned on by this breast play.

“Oh, Leo… My tits are so fucking sensitive and – OH YES!” she screamed when I remembered Carla’s advice and pinched her throbbing nipples. It looked like she had an orgasm right then, standing with my hands on her tits, and when her breathing returned to somewhat normal I smiled at her.

“Did you just…?”

“Yeah, baby… You just made me cum from just my nipples. I told you I would be fun for you…”

I was thrilled. That was so fucking hot! I loved bringing her that pleasure. It was amazing, and such an ego trip to make this little minx cum like that.

“Enjoying my tits, baby?” she asked in a sultry whisper, and I nodded enthusiastically. “Well, there’s something else I can do with them…” She dropped to her knees and started to undo my pants. When she finally freed my 9″ cock, with my help, it sprang up and almost caught her on the face. “Holy shit, you’re huge,” she moaned excitedly, eyeing it with excitement mixed with trepidation. “I’m so excited to have that inside me… But first!”

She shook her head, remembering what she had set out to do, and leaned forward. When she was close enough, she pressed one tit on either side of my shaft and squeezed together. I was in heaven. Her tits were soft, perfectly smooth cushions, holding my cock in a crucible of sexual pleasure.

I couldn’t help but moan as she started to jerk me off with her breasts, sliding them up and down my rock-hard shaft so that only the very tip ever stuck out of her magnificent cleavage. She smiled up at me and moaned, “my big, perky tits feel sooo good wrapped around you, mi amor…” I jerked at her sultry, accented encouragement, bucking against her and fucking her tits a bit. “Oh, Leo… You can fuck my tits any time you want in the future, but this time… this time let me pleasure you, okay?” I nodded dumbly, and she smiled. “Thank you, baby!”

The next time the head of my cock poked out of her cleavage, she leaned down and licked the tip. She then drooled a bit into her own cleavage, lubricating the valley she was using to titty-fuck me. It felt amazing, just like I remembered fucking a wet, hot pussy felt like. She stared into my eyes, licking her lips and drooling onto her own chest, the very picture of sexuality and lust.

“Oh my god…” I whispered, unable to find the air to speak normally.

“Is this making you feel good, baby?” Francesca asked, sounding desperate to please.

“Y – fuck! Yes!” I told her, slightly embarrassed at how easily she had built me up to the edge.

“Wait… How long has it been since a woman made you cum, baby?” she asked sympathetically. She slowed her titty-fucking, and looked up with a questioning gaze.

“I… uh… like almost 4 years?” I guessed. Clara had gotten pretty sick at the end, and we hadn’t had sex for the last few months of her life, just snuggling and kissing and being there with each other.

“Oh, Leo…” she said sadly. “So this is…?”

“The first time I’ve been with a woman since Clara,” I admitted.

“Oh my god…” she said, and covered her mouth with her hand. “Leo…”

“I love you, Francesca. I know it’s crazy, and we met a few days ago, but I love you. I want it to be you…” I told her honestly, and she teared up a little.

“My love… Leo… I am honored,” she told me firmly. “But I had this whole plan of getting you close with my tits, then sucking you for a while, then letting you finish in my pussy. If this is the first time you’re going to cum with a woman since your wife… I don’t think you can handle the entire production I planned,” she giggled embarrassedly.

“Probably not,” I admitted sadly. “But… I do want to do all of that…” She caught my meaning and her eyes lit up.

“Leo! Are you saying…?” she asked excitedly.

“I want you, Francesca, and it has been a long time… But you make me so damn horny. I’m absolutely certain we could do all of that, but… would you mind if I cum multiple times?”

“You really think you can do that?!” she asked, practically shouting, looking as excited as I had ever seen her. I nodded, embarrassed, and she smiled a gigantic smile. “Oh, Leo! That’s even better!” she assured me, beaming. “I want you to cum all over my big, bouncy tits, and then shoot another load down my throat, and then I want you to fuck my soaked pussy and fill me up again!” she told me, her entire body quivering with arousal.

“Francesca, that would be amazing,” I told her honestly, hardly able to believe my luck.

“So Leo, are you almost ready t cum all over my gigantic, hot, wet titties?” she asked in a breathy moan. I just nodded, and she placed her tits once again around my shaft. “Good. don’t hold back, baby…” she told me, and started to jerk me off again with a determined passion.

After about a minute, I felt my balls tightening up, and my cock started to throb. “Francesca, I…” I grunted, trying to warn her.

“I can feel it, baby!” she told me enthusiastically. “Do it! Cum all over my chest! Cover these tits that belong to you in your hot, sticky cum!”

I was helpless to resist. She stared at me with loving, vulnerable eyes while her huge, soft boobs cushioned my pulsing, unbelievably sensitive cock. “Oh my god… YES!” I shouted, letting go and starting to shoot jet after jet of cum onto her beautiful bosom.

Francesca started to moan and tremble, seemingly experiencing an orgasm of her own at feeling my sperm shooting onto her. That was incredibly hot, and spurred me on even further, making me shoot more cum than I had ever been able to release in the past 4 years.

When I finally slumped back into the couch, she smiled up at me and moaned, still shaking slightly. “Fuck! Leo, that… wow!” she panted, eyes closing briefly. “I came with you, just feeling how you were twitching between my tits! Well, I guess I did also pinch my nipples a bit to help…” she admitted shyly, and I laughed along with her at how unbelievably erotic the whole experience had been.

“That was… perfect,” I told her, showing her how much I meant it with the look on my face.

“I love you, Leo!” she told me. “Any time you want. I’m yours, all yours.” I smiled at her gratefully, and she seemed beyond pleased that I accepted her gift so happily. She started to lick the cum off her its, lifting them to her mouth and moaning when she circled her nipples with her tongue. She didn’t stop until they were perfectly clean, though now covered in a thin sheen of her saliva.

“This is gonna be really fun, huh?” I asked her, still pretty out of it.

“Oh, you have no idea, baby…” she breathed, staring at my somehow-still-hard cock. “Do you think you’re ready…?” she asked, sounding eager. I shrugged and nodded, indicating that I thought so but wasn’t sure.

“Well, either way… I want to taste you,” she told me, “and if you can’t cum for a while, well… I can suck you off for hours if I need to!” With that, and while I reeled at the unbelievable nirvana she had just promised me, she dove onto my cock, impaling her mouth on my shaft.

“Holy fuck!” I gasped, my sensitive cock engulfed about halfway down in her wet, hot mouth, with the head just poking into her throat.

“A uu oo” she mumbled, her mouth still full, and looked up at me with watering eyes.

“I love you, Francesca!” I told her, and she adoringly lathed my shaft with her nimble tongue.

She then proceeded to demonstrate to me every skill that her 5 years as a prostitute had taught her regarding oral sex. I was still pretty far from cumming again, so she really got to spend a lot of time exploring and showing off, alternating deepthroating me and licking around the head and licking the entire length like a lollipop. I was a constant, moaning, grunting, praising mess. “Oh my god, Francesca, thank you…” I moaned when I felt my balls start to tense again, over an hour into the best blowjob of my entire life.

“Are you getting close, baby?” she purred, pulling off for a moment. I nodded,and she pouted a little. “Darn, I’m having so much fun with your massive cock!” she told me, but then brightened her expression. “But yay! Once you fill my tummy with your cum, you can fuck my tight little pussy!” she told me excitedly, and jumped back to her task like a woman possessed.

After a few minutes, she had me right on the edge, and proceeded to keep me there for another whole minute, torturing me and making me sweat and grunt. “When you want to cum, Leo…” she moaned, pulling back for a second, “just grab my hair and force me down on your cock. Pump my throat with your cum!”

I couldn’t refuse an offer like that, and grabbed her beautiful, flowing hair in both of my hands. Using the makeshift ponytails like handlebars, I guided her rapidly up and down on my cock, making her gag at the bottom of each stroke. After about a dozen of these thrusts, I couldn’t hold out any longer, and jammed her head down so my pubes pressed against her nose, starting to launch volley after volley of sperm into her throat. She swallowed everything down eagerly, her watering eyes staring into my soul while she again started to tremble. She was cumming again, the little sex goddess!

Finally, I slumped back again, and she crawled up onto the couch beside me before showing me her empty mouth. “You taste delicious, baby!” she congratulated me, wrapping me in a hug and then dashing to the bathroom. I heard her gargling and then she came back into the room. “Mouthwash,” she explained, and then kissed me deep.

“You are… incredible,” I breathed, my abs still tense from cumming so hard.

“Thank you, sweety!” she smiled, and then giggled. “Not bad, huh?” I smiled back, and she hugged me again.

“And you…?”

“Yeah, I came again tasting your awesome cum in my throat!” she told me happily. “I just fucking love you, and bringing you pleasure makes me feel sooo good. Like, this is how sex is supposed to feel!” I couldn’t help but agree, glad to be showing her how a relationship should feel.

“Well, it looks like your monster is down for the moment,” she laughed, “so how about we go grab a snack or drink or something before moving on to the main event?” She looked at me hopefully, and I realized she must be thirsty and hungry after all of her effort!

“Of course! What do you want?” I asked, and we moved into the kitchen for nourishment.

Watching this supernatural being flitting around my kitchen, her tits and ass bouncing as she moved and her nonstop, radiant smile lighting up the room quickly got me turned on again. After we had refueled, Francesca’s eyes cast down to my crotch, and she smiled. “It looks like you’re ready!” she said happily, sounding like a kid on Christmas morning. I just grinned at her and nodded towards the door we had come through.

“I feel ready, and I am so excited to show you how much I love you,” I told her with equal enthusiasm.

“I think my tits and my mouth already know, baby,” she joked, “but my pussy is desperate for her own lesson…” We held hands and walked back to the couch, where she climbed onto the couch and laid on her back.

“You can take me in any position you want next time, but for our first time… I want to see your face,” she told me, her eyes pleading.

“That sounds perfect!” I told her, and moved forward for a kiss. While we were kissing, with her tits squished between us, her hand moved to my once-again-hard cock and lined it up with her vagina. “I want to feel all of you… in me…” she breathed, and I was in no position to deny her.

I pressed forward, and felt the thick head of my cock spread her juicy pussy lips. She was so hot and tight around me, her youthful pussy clinging to my head as I spread her open.

“FUCK! Oh Leo, YES! I’m – I’m – I’m fucking CUMMING!!!” she shrieked, starting her orgasm with only the head of my cock inside of her. I smiled. She had me at her mercy with her tits and her tongue, but this was my time to take charge.

While she thrashed and panted beneath me, I started to saw back and forth within her, pressing a fraction of an inch more each time. When about half of my shaft was in her, she started whimpering, orgasming again as she got used to being so filled up with my cock.

“Leo! How…? What…?” she panted between breaths, evidently being fucked to the point of losing coherence.

“I love you, Francesca,” I told her sincerely, and thrust the rest of the way in, bottoming out and giving her 4.5 previously-held-back inches all at once.

She looked like she was exploding. “AHHHH!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, writhing and shaking and sweating. Her eyes were rolled all the way back, and her tits quivered temptingly.

“Leo, I’ve never… you…” she panted after a couple of minutes, her mind coming back to the mortal plane. “That was – YES!” she started bucking and thrashing again, soaring over the edge into another orgasm as I pinched her perky nipples for the first time since entering her.

When she finally calmed down, with my whole cock resting inside of her but not moving, she looked at me in disbelief. “I… I had no idea I could even feel like that!” she confessed, smiling broadly. “I love you and I am so lucky!” she enthused, rocking her hips slightly to give us both fresh stimulation. “Holy shit, I could not stop cumming!”

“That was amazing,” I told her, “and you’re so tight!”

“Wondering how your whore girlfriend can still be so tight?” she teased, and I blushed. I may have been expecting it to be a bit more… worn. “That’s a myth, sweety. The pussy’s mostly a muscle. Doesn’t get ‘stretched out’ or anything. Besides, most johns have tiny little dicks, I’ve never had one as big as yours!” I was flattered, and kissed her again.

“You’re perfect,” I told her, meaning it. She was amazing with my daughters, and so much fun to spend time with, and also a fucking sex goddess!

“Aww, baby, you’re perfect!” she told me, and arched her back so she came up for a kiss. We made out passionately, and then she settled back down and looked up at me mischievously.

“So, you almost ready to cum in me?” she asked with naughty need in her voice. I realized then, almost guilty, that we hadn’t been using a condom – all of mine had expired, and I hadn’t bothered buying more.

“Uh… are you on birth control?” I asked, suddenly worried I had taken advantage of her.

“What? Oh, uh… no,” she said regretfully. “I always just used condoms; the pill fucks with my hormones…”

“That makes sense,” I told her, “but, well…”

“Are you worried about knocking me up?” she said, looking a little sad.

“I couldn’t do that to you!” I told her. “I know you’d be an amazing mother, and my girls already love you… I mean I know they want another sibling, but…” I trailed off, surprised by the fire in her eyes.

“You think I’ll be a good mother?” she breathed. I nodded, unsure where this was going. “Leo, I… I never thought of this, but… I think I want your babies!” she told me forcefully, bucking her hips to emphasize her point.

“Would you really?” I asked, flabbergasted. She nodded eagerly, and I pumped my cock into her a few times to make sure she understood that I was for real. “Francesca, I love you. I want to be a family. Will you… will you marry me? And help me raise the girls? And have our own babies?” I asked, completely serious. It was almost like wedding vows.

“Yes, Leo. I want that. More than anything!” she promised, and then started to pant and gasp again as I began pounding into her, building towards an incredible orgasm that would most assuredly give her enough sperm to make a baby.

“Francesca, I want you to be a mom for all of my children!” I told her. “I want you to be a mom for Sasha and Katya, but I also want to get you pregnant, right now, and grow our family together!” She catapulted into another, even more powerful orgasm, completely silent as the force of it overwhelmed her control.

“Fill… me…” she eventually moaned, after coming down from that cataclysmic pleasure. “Please…” she begged, and I smiled.

“I’m going to, Francesca,” I told her. I started to thrust even harder and faster, and she looked into my eyes with a pleading expression. I could tell she really wanted this, and I was almost ready to give it to her.

“I’m so excited…” she moaned powerfully again, losing her train of thought as her continuously-running orgasm intensified momentarily, “to be your wife… and have your babies…”

I smiled at her, and hatched a devious plan. “Are you ready for your most powerful orgasm ever?” I asked her, knowing how to make that happen.

“Yes! I… wait… what are you…” she started to ask, and then realized what I was talking about. Her eyes flared, and she looked genuinely scared of what I had planned. “Leo, I don’t know… that… oh my god yes! Wait… I… oh fuck it, please!” she relented, knowing that the pleasure I was about to give her would be otherworldly.

I smirked, and sped up a tiny bit more. As I felt my balls start to tighten, I reached down and cupped her big, bouncing breasts. Just as my cock was about to explode within her and likely make her a mother, I pinched her nipples hard, and Francesca shattered.

She unleashed an inhuman shriek, sounding like she was feeling the greatest pleasure any human being had ever experienced, mixed with almost unbearable pain as her senses overloaded. She screamed and screamed as I pumped her pussy full of my virile cum. As my ejaculation slowed, her screams turned to loud moans, which got quieter and finally, after I had given her everything I had to give, became satisfied, contented whimpers.

“I love you, baby,” I told her warmly, kissing her on the forehead as I snuggled into her from the side, hugging her trembling body to me and enjoying feeling her heat.

“I… love… you…” she panted between gasps of air, still very much experiencing the most intense orgasm of her life.

When we woke up a few hours later, naked on the couch, we just smiled at each other and hugged, remembering everything we had done and feeling all the love in the world. “So… we should probably get cleaned up, huh?” she giggled, and I nodded, smiling.

After showering, getting dressed, and cleaning up the living room, we just smiled at each other. It was going to be so fun telling the 3 youngest members of the household everything! Well… maybe not the details.

When we woke up in the morning, in my king-size bed, I pulled Francesca close and kissed her. “Let’s go start breakfast, honey!”

15 minutes later, Carla bounded down the stairs, with Sasha and Katya close behind. “So?!” she screamed, and tore into the kitchen.

“So what?” Francesca asked innocently, feigning confusion.

“You know damn well what! Did you guys…” my daughters caught up to her, and the presence of 2 little angels in the room made her censor herself a bit, “uh… kiss, or what?”

Francesca and I just laughed, smiling at each other. This was hilarious!

“Daddy! Did you kiss Francesca?” Katya demanded, stomping her foot down and pouting at being kept in the dark.

“Hmm… I really can’t remember…” mused my fiancee, stroking her chin thoughtfully with her left hand.

“Guys, come on, out with it! What hap-” Carla stopped dead, completely stunned, staring at her sister’s hand.

“What is it, Carla?!” demanded Sasha, trying to figure out what happened. To give her a hint, Francesca lowered her hand and held it towards her soon-to-be stepdaughters. Her petite, smooth-skinned hand sat before their faces… with their mother’s engagement ring on her finger.

When we had gone up to bed, I had pulled out Clara’s jewelry box, which I just hadn’t been able to move to storage. I told Francesca about how my wife, on her deathbed, begged me to find the girls “a good, loving mother, and somebody for yourself – don’t just miss me forever,” and had made me promise her I would try. I had never thought I’d find somebody, until Francesca came along. Clara had asked me to give the girls’ new mom her ring, so she would always have a “hand” in raising them. I thought it was a perfect symbol.

“Dad…” Sasha breathed.

“Does this mean…” Carla finally found words again.

“Mommy!” Katya screamed, and jumped into Francesca’s arms.