The Old Country

Jorge Martin let his gaze wander towards the distant horizon. The sea was the deepest azure blue that he could remember. The light onshore breeze was teasing up the pristine white caps. They in turn eased across the bay, only to disappear as they broke upon the golden sand of the beach below. His daughter Francesca stirred in his arms. […]

Prom Date with Mom

The Senior Prom is supposed to be one of the most important moments in a young high school student’s life, and apart from graduation night, the prom the other crowning achievement to cap off the whole high School experience. It is a night where old friends party have fun and for the most part, it is a night of special […]

Seducing My Interns GF

“Awesome work team! We just broke the company’s record for most sales in a week!” I exclaimed. Cheers and claps roared through the office as I tried to calm down the noise level. “With that out of the way, I plan on promoting someone to lead assistant to aid me during negotiations with other businesses. I’m not sure who it’ll […]

Slummin It – Paige and Quinn

When my alarm went off, I slowly crawled out of bed and looked longingly at my young lover from last night. Bucky was the 22-year-old bartender at my favorite watering hole, Pinky’s Tavern, and he has a body to die for, unlimited energy, beautiful blue eyes, longish dishwater blond hair and a decent size cock that has never let me […]

My BFF & My Husband

“Great, I can’t wait to see you Friday! It’s been forever. Yeah, I miss you too!” This is all my husband hears me say as I hang up the phone with my best friend. We just moved and it’s a drive back into town. She was willing to come up for a night and hang out with me this weekend. […]

Lara Helping Out

Lara and I were leaving Lilly Gardens in the afternoon. It had been very hot that day and even though Lara had dress very coolly, she was feeling the heat. We were walking to our car and passed an SUV. It looked like the guy was just relaxing in the cool air. His window was half down, and we could […]


“I’m just not good at blowjobs,” said Liz as she sipped her coffee. “Well maybe you simply need more practice,” replied Katie. “Who on earth could I practice with?” Liz asked. “I broke up with my boyfriend months ago.” “I bet Alan wouldn’t mind being your Guinea pig,” smirked Katie. “I’ll set it up for you if you want.” In […]

Mistress Charn

For now though, with her head already spinning, she crawled in to the middle of the room to await instructions for what the next part of the journey would bring. Kneeling there, Lucy took in her surroundings, her knees were cold against the rubber flooring. She inhaled deeply and smelled, leather, lemon pledge and, she wasn’t quite sure, but it […]

To Serve Men: A Naughty Nanny Story

I knew that my life had just changed drastically, but I still didn’t fully understand what these changes would be. My command of English is not great, so I am trying to persuade myself that I must have misunderstood what Marie had said. Yes, she was upset because I had been fucking around with her husband, so she must have […]

Pegged With a View

We arrived at our favorite seaside hotel to be greeted by the lovely news that our reservation had been upgraded to an upper-floor suite with a private balcony overlooking the ocean. We gleefully unpacked our bags, and as I began putting away our various personal items in various shelves and drawers, you suddenly smiled with a mischievous glee: “I have […]