Study Date

Utkarsha was a new student in our school when I met her. She had black hair, blue eyes that looked like crystals and skin as soft as water. “Namaskar, Mohak! Can you, um, help me with Mathematics?” Utkarsha asked me. “Okay. We can have a study date at my home. You can come at 4 pm.” I immediately replied. “Thanks!”

The First Touch

I inhaled the lovely crisp fall air. It was colder than usual for this time of year, and it definitely smelled like fall. This cold snap would certainly cause the leaves to begin changing. I began to walk across the campus having just left the bookstore after picking up a textbook that had arrived late after being on backorder. A […]

Small French Dress

“You’re in it!” Kykolka! Babby! Patisia Kaas! Completely off! And I took… At first, it seemed to me that there was no more recent year in my life and it was not. In Kpasnodar I was brought to the anniversary of my naychny pykovodit, who was born 70 years ago as a birthday on New Year’s Eve. The company got […]

The Day I F-d my gf’s Father

It had been a few weeks since I came to live with my best friend’s family (by that I just mean her estranged father who heroically swooped in, to our rescue.) Despite being separated for most of her life, her father had been more than kind and accommodating, allowing a disabled veteran and his 18-year-old son to move into the […]

Making Love With Maid

Collin is a spoiled kid, who got very rich parents. He was 20 at the time, when he got into some action with a real pussy. It was his maid Mani, who was around his age at the time. She nurses Collin’s grandmother and sleeps 2 rooms away from Collin’s bedroom. She is a beauty, with a nice structure and […]

Battling Exposure

It wasn’t the 17 degree Fahrenheit temperature that had turned backpacking in the North Cascades into a life or death situation…it was the rain. As majestic as the Pacific Northwest is in late autumn, the weather can turn on you in a ferocious way! Failure to plan accordingly can lead to terrible exposure. My friend Julie and I had set […]


I followed the lady out of the restaurant waving the flyer she’d just posted on the bulletin board, reaching the pickup about the same time she was closing the door. She looked annoyed as she rolled the window down. I remember thinking, “who has a vehicle so old they have to roll down the window unless it’s a classic” and […]

Intentional Mis-step

We had been talking for a long time and carefully testing the waters with each other and seeking out the safety of each other’s needs and wants. Finding out what we can say and do to make each other insatiable and hungry for each other’s touch. There were pictures, but it was the words that made the lust build and […]

My Valentine

At thirty-six and still looking good after the accident Markus decided to go out with his buddies to the local pub for a drink that afternoon. He met up with them and ordered a round of drinks which was brought by an overweight girl. One of his buddies Kyle called her whale. She wasn’t good at hiding being hurt but […]

Looking after My Neighbor’s House

My neighbor’s been away, and she’s asked me to look after her house for her. She’s been away for a week now, and is supposed be back next week. For some context, I’m in my early 50s, and keep myself in shape. She’s probably mid-30s and is always looking good. She has a nice and tidy place with a comfy […]