Housesitting with the Sisters

I was having a pleasant lunch with my girlfriend Sharon, when she mentioned that her folks were going away soon for a few weeks holiday and asked me if I wanted to stay with her full time while they were gone. “That would be awesome, would love too. What about Lynn?” I asked. “She’ll be around, it’s her house too.” […]

Coming Home

Looking back, I’m not exactly sure when things progressed from innocent hugging to mortal sin, but all of a sudden I realized that my mom’s tongue was in my mouth and that I was kissing her back passionately. She tasted of vodka and tears, and I found myself wondering if this could really be happening or if I was just […]

Tiffany’s Seductress

Tiffany lived at home with her mom and older sister as a way to save money during college. Their mother, Melissa, was in her mid-forties and worked as an accountant. She saw this stay-at-home approach as a way to help her daughters into their early careers without taking on too much debt. Both Tiffany and her sister, Silvia, had most […]

Graduation Ceremony – Katie’s POV

‘Damn, I look good,’ Katie thought to herself, admiring her features in the mirror of the bathroom. She’d stepped out of the auditorium to check on her makeup before the ceremony officially began. It was her college graduation, the final waste of time college had in store for her before she could get the hell out of there. The last […]

Steps Together

To Josh, running was life. He loved to wake up at 4am, when it was cool outside and the sun was just a glow on the horizon of the Arizona town where he lived. He loved to strap on his weathered shoes, turn on his music and hit the pavement. He had started in high school and never lost the […]

My Daughter Can See I’m in Need

I had been relatively unhappy for many months now. I lived in a very nice house in a lovely area with my recently turned 18 daughter who was doing really well in school. I couldn’t shake the feeling of being depressed through most of my walking hours. There were short times when I was with my daughter or some friends […]

Healing Love

I’m 31 and this happened last year after my Mom passed away. Dad and I were devastated. We lost Mom out of the blue with no warning. I cried for days and I know my Dad was worse off than me. Mom was such a free spirit, always happy and friendly to everybody she met. I was always told that […]

Building my Way to Mom

“You’re useless,” dad shouted as he waved my transcript in my face. I stood there silently as he scolded me, my eyes fixed on the floor. I felt both angry and ashamed as I stood there clasping my hands. I looked up at him to say something, but mom gestured that I remain silent from behind him. “He’ll do better […]

My Brilliant Life

I had just graduated high school and was staring my future directly in the eye. I had an opportunity to attend a university that seemed out of my reach, both financially and scholastically. I was legally an adult, but hardly felt that way. I was tall, shy and modest. My virginity shown all over me. I had dated a couple […]

Jamie and Her New Family Duties

Jamie had been dating Ray for over three years now. They met at church and were devote, family oriented, and had strong morals about them. Both families believed in no sex until marriage, and of course the two followed along those lines. The most the two ever did was a peck on the lips. On Jamie’s wedding day she was […]