Eva : Visiting an Old Friend

Eva rolled her cabin bag behind her as she exited the arrivals lounge of the city airport. Finally, some fresh air. The day was still early, and the sun was up. Outside was a labyrinth of roads, parking spots, and signage meant to guide people to where the taxis and local public transport options were gathered. It looked just like all the other airports in the world that she had visited over the years, they were all pretty much the same.

“Come on, Eves. How often do we get to see each other? I miss you! Besides, I have a new friend. He’s coming over later, you’ll want to meet him for sure!”

The excited voice coming out of her small wireless ear buds was Lorelei, Eva’s best friend from when she went to college here all those years ago. She knew what it meant to be introduced to one of her friends, and she wasn’t sure if she was up for it. Working on a flight was always tiring, no matter how short it was, what with being on your feet and dealing with annoying passengers non-stop. Her original plan was to take a taxi to the hotel her airline was paying for, take a hot bath, and then simply pass out on the bed until the next day’s flight. However, she had a creeping suspicion that Lorelei was about to convince her otherwise.

“I miss you too, Lores, and you know it!” Eva responded. “I’m just… Getting old, which you seem to be avoiding somehow. I have to rest my aching legs if I am to survive another flight tomorrow. Next time I’m in town we’ll hang out, I promise.” Not a word of that was a lie, Eva was going to turn 50 next year, and she had started to value resting and getting some good sleep more than anything else. Lorelei was the same age, but her youthful spirit never seemed to decay. Her life was a constant move from one mess to the next, and her desire to party never ceased. Eva had, as they say, gotten her shit together to a somewhat higher degree than her friend.

She was stunningly attractive, and her age seemed to simply give her a dimension of class and glamour, especially when she was wearing her dark blue air hostess uniform. It accentuated her thick curves in all the right places. She strode towards the taxi section on a pair of thick, sturdy legs dressed in nude compression pantyhose and a pair of black leather heels. They added about 3 inches to her modest height of 5’8″. Her hair was long and curly, black with shiny streaks of silver. Her eyes were as black as her skin.

“What will it take to convince you?” Lorelei’s voice responded through the ear buds. Eva’s mind struggled with the anxiety of making a decision. She had been adamant about going to her hotel to get some rest, and at the same time, she really wanted to meet her old friend again. But, as much as she enjoyed getting introduced to Lorelei’s friends, today was just not the right day. Those introductions had a habit of lasting all night long.

“I get to sleep in your bed, undisturbed, as long as I need to.” Eva’s answer was half true, half her trying to get out of it with an outlandish request. Her heels clicked on the pavement as she approached the line of parked taxis.

“Is that all?” her friend asked. “Done. As long as you’re here with me, Eves. My friend is still coming over to see me though, but since you’re just sooo tired, you’ll probably sleep just fine, right?”

Well, there was no backing out now. Eva had stated her demands, and Lorelei had met them. Shit. So much for a good night’s sleep. She put her cabin bag in the trunk of a taxi car, and got into the back seat. “Oh, for sure.. You know me, I’ll be out cold in the land of sweet dreams. At least I hope to be.”

The taxi drove off after dropping Eva off on the sidewalk outside a plain old apartment complex built out of brick, and waiting for her to fetch her cabin bag form the trunk. What kind of neighborhood had her friend moved in to? The atmosphere felt dark and seedy, despite it being in the middle of the day. She felt like a target standing there in her heels and uniform, so she wasted no time finding Lorelei’s name on the doorbells at the building entrance. A nervous minute passed before she got buzzed in, during which she started regretting not simply going to the hotel and passing out.

Lorelei hugged her so tightly that she thought she was going to pop, right when she entered the hallway of her friend’s apartment. The two friends kissed each other on the cheeks and mouth, in an endless barrage of pecks. Around their feet was a big collection of shoes all strewn about, some covered by coats and jackets. The air had a musky scent of nicotine. The big room beyond the hallway was a complete mess, as far as she could tell. There was no mistaking that Lorelei lived here. Her friend’s eyes were glimmering with excitement. Eva couldn’t believe that she had almost gone to the hotel instead of here.

“Mmmmmmm! It is so. Good. To. See. You!” Lorelei said, almost shaking Eva by her arms, not trying the slightest to contain herself. “How long has it been? Too damn long, that’s how! Fuck you look hot in your work clothes!” She was wearing a blue dress, and probably nothing underneath, Eva figured. Not just based on the fact that her friend’s nipples were bursting through the fabric, but ever since she had known her, she just hadn’t been a fan of underwear. Unless it was a lingerie-kind-of-occasion, which this obviously wasn’t. Her curly, shoulder-length hair was dark brown, as were her big eyes, and her skin had an olive complexion. Standing on her bare feet, Lorelei seemed shorter than usual, compared to Eva. In truth, she was only about an inch shorter than her friend.

Eva’s dark lips were open wide in a shining smile. It really was good to be there. However exciting it was to see her friend, she was still tired from working and traveling. Her eyes swept the apartment, looking for the bed that she had demanded, but failing to find it. Beyond the hallway was one big room, with a couch, a coffee table, a couple of chairs, a desk, and what appeared to be an elaborate makeshift bar. The whole thing was a huge mess, with clothes strewn about, and a still smoking cigarette in an ash tray next to a half-empty glass.

“Lores, I love you and I hate to be this blunt, but I meant what I said on the phone,” Eva said, somewhat exasperated. “I’m working again tomorrow, and I really need to get some rest. Is there a bed somewhere in this apartment?”

Lorelei almost leaped into the main room and started dragging the coffee table across the floor. Unsteady glasses and assorted knick-knacks clung on for dear life to its surface, but all of them made it as the table stopped a few feet away from the couch. She then took off the seat cushions, threw them on the floor, and pulled out an already-made sofa bed, stretching it across the floor, above the cushions, until it reached the coffee table. “Of course. Here it is.” The bedding was a bit wrinkly and dusty, but at least there were no suspicious stains.

Eva kicked off her black leather heels into an existing pile of shoes. Then, she stripped down to nothing but her waist-high gray panties and compression pantyhose, which were the comfiest item of clothing she had ever worn. The rest of her uniform, which lay half-heartedly folded in a stack on top of her cabin bag, left a lot to ask for in that regard.

Her black skin was almost as dark as her areolas, which surrounded a pair of tiny nipples. Her breasts were not nearly as big as Lorelei’s. Her ass, on the other hand, was big and round, supported by a pair of thick, muscular legs that were used to walking up and down an airplane aisle for hours at a time. The otherwise nondescript gray panties under her pantyhose might as well have been a thong, considering how deep they were buried between her ass cheeks. Lorelei had seen her naked more times than she could count, and vice versa, so baring it all in the name of comfort was not a big deal.

She laid down on her side on the messy pull-out bed, long curly black hair flowing out over the pillows. Lorelei laid down behind her, cuddling up to assume the position of big spoon, even though she was the slightly shorter one. A gentle arm wrapped around Eva’s belly, and she felt a nose softly burrow through her hair, stopping when it found the soft skin of her neck. She lifted an arm, softly caressing her friend’s cheek behind her, brushing away idle strands of hair. And then, she drifted off to sleep, in her friend’s warm embrace.

Eva woke up, an unknown number of hours later. The light was much dimmer now, and her back felt empty without Lorelei spooning her. Wisps of smoke lingered in the air above her. Had it not been for an all too familiar smell of noodles being fried in sweet chili sauce, which often filled the air when she and Lores had been roommates, she would have just gone right back to sleep.

Instead, she scooted herself up on her elbows, leaning against the back of the couch, still clad in nothing but her panties and pantyhose. Off to her side, in a small pantry that barely passed for a kitchen, Lorelei was up cooking, with an ash tray and a cocktail to keep her company. Gin and tonic, most likely.

“Oh good, you’re awake!” Lorelei said. She grabbed her half-finished drink, along with a full one that seemed to be freshly mixed, and stumbled over to the sofa bed where Eva was semi-lying down. As she sat down cross-legged, her blue dress hiked up a bit. Behind her feet was a prominent dark bush of pubic hair, confirming that she was indeed not wearing any underwear, either up above or down below. Her outstretched hand held the full glass towards her newly awakened friend.

“I don’t know if I should,” Eva said hesitantly, her tired eyes fixated on the clear mixed drink in the glass. Drinking in between flights was a terrible idea, one best left to her younger colleagues, she had learned from way too many years of experience. Still, what harm could one drink with a friend do? Especially considering… “Is your friend coming over?”

“Oh he is,” Lorelei said with an excited smile. “Unless you want me all to yourself? He literally lives next door, I could just tell him to come over another day.”

“The neighbor, huh? You don’t waste time, Lores.” Eva accepted the drink and took a sip. Gin and tonic indeed, with a much heavier emphasis on the “gin” than the “tonic”. “You know I’d never share you,” she continued with a heavy dose of sarcasm, “but let’s meet this guy. He better be treating you right!”

“He’s just a friend. After the whole business with my ex-husband, I just… You know.”

Eva knew, she thought. Not when it came down to personal experience, her longest relationship had lasted barely a year. But she knew her friend, for sure.

A timer rang in the tiny kitchen, and Lorelei sprang up to play hostess. She set the table at the foot end of the bed with a pair of plates, utensils, their drinks, and an ash tray. The two friends sat at the edge of the bed to have dinner together, one naked from the waist down, the other from the waist up.

When they had finished their meals, they both half laid down, resting against the back of the couch with their legs stretching out over the pull-out bed. They talked and reminisced, laughing at the antics the other one had been up to in their time apart. Even Lorelei’s recent divorce was easy to laugh about, though Eva was sure the booze helped with that.

Every now and then, Lorelei would roll over excitedly and kiss Eva on the mouth, sometimes slipping her tongue in between her friend’s full dark lips. It was completely natural for them, they had always been like this. If only relationships with guys were this easy, Eva thought as she caressed her friend’s cheeks with a contented smile, their lips just having parted from another kiss. Between the two of them, there were no demands, no judgment, and no jealousy.

“There he is,” Lorelei said with raised eyebrows as three light knocks came from the door to the apartment. In her tipsiness, Eva wanted to squeeze her friend tightly and go back to sleep just like that, but she simply raised her own eyebrows in response, as Lorelei got up on her feet and went to open the door.

Eva realized that she was about to greet this new strange man more or less naked while her friend pecked his face with welcome kisses in the hallway. She eyed him up and down as he stood there in the hallway, taking off his brown sneakers. He was tall, young, and hot, with curly black hair. Not the best dressed young man, but given the neighborhood they were in, as well as her own state of clothing, she didn’t really feel like being judgmental. Instead, she got up, sliding towards the hallway on pantyhose-clad feet, and crossed her arms under her perky breasts.

The young man stood next to Lorelei, still wearing nothing but her blue house dress, and with her arm embracing his lower back. He reached out towards Eva for a handshake. “Hi, I’m Jake.”

Eva lightly grasped his hand in response, studying it for a brief second. He seemed very nervous, almost shaking a bit. “Eva! Nice to meet you. So, you’re Lores’ new friend, huh?” Jake was eyeing the dark skinned beauty before him, scanning her from head to toe with his lustful dark eyes. He was clearly lost in his own thoughts, as evidenced by his lack of answer. Not that she had asked much of a question.

How many guys had the two friends shared already? Both of them had lost count, years ago. Two digits, for sure. Perhaps a good bit over twenty, even. It had become a bit of a hobby of theirs when they were constantly going out partying, back in their early twenties. There was something about sharing the experience with her best friend that made it all that much hotter. They had had sex with each other several times, just the two of them, trying to replicate the experience without a guy present, but it just wasn’t the same thing. It was still enjoyable though, and they had a habit of seeing to each other’s needs when one or both of them was going through a dry spell.

By now, they had developed a few routines for their threesomes. Jake was certainly hot, but he was also young, and seemed somewhat inexperienced. Lorelei had already warmed him up since the two of them had met, Eva was sure, so he wouldn’t need that much buttering up. He didn’t seem to be the kind of guy to naturally assume command either, Eva deduced from his apparent nervousness, so the two friends would have to lead the way.

“Isn’t she just beautiful?” Lorelei asked, standing at Jake’s side with her hands wrapped around his waist.

“She’s stunning,” a glass-eyed Jake said, mouth remaining semi-open after he finished his brief answer. Eva just grinned at him, staring into his nervous eyes that were darting around the room, looking for anything to stare at beside the dark, mature beauty that was presenting herself before of him. She found his display of false modesty endearing.

“Let’s get you a drink!” Lorelei said, giving the young man a playful slap on his ass, and skipping over to the corner of the room where the booze supplies were located. After mixing Jake a good strong G&T, the three of them sat down at the edge of the bed, facing the coffee table. Jake was in the middle, stiff in more ways than one. He took big sips of his drink, as if trying to calm his nerves down.

It had been a while since Eva had last shared a man with Lorelei. What kind of small talk was appropriate in this situation? The tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife, and Eva was instinctively trying to ease it. Maybe it was best to simply skip that part, and get on with it.

She put her own cocktail down on the table and said, “You know, I just woke up from a long nap after a long flight, and I haven’t really gotten a chance to freshen up yet.” On the other side of Jake, Lorelei perked up knowingly. “I could really use a hot shower,” Eva continued, as matter-of-factly as she could muster. “Would you like to keep me company, Lores? I need some help scrubbing my back. Some parts are really difficult to reach, you know.”

Her friend met her eyes, looking right past Jake, who seemed to be as excited as he was bewildered. “But of course, Eves. I know just how to reach those bits,” she responded, as if Jake wasn’t there. The two friends thoroughly enjoyed this part, with the teasing, and the buildup.

“Great to hear, Lores,” Eva said with a wide grin. “Say Jake, you just got home from work right? You could probably use a shower too, right? I know I always do after a long, hard… day.”

“Oh yeah, of course I could, yeah,” Jake responded, having seemingly figured out the game that was being played. Time for a little tease. It was Lorelei’s turn.

“Well, go to your place and take a shower, Jake! We’ll wait for you right here, when you’re done. Assuming we are also done, of course,” Lorelei said with a serious face. “It could take a long time to reach the hard parts.” The young man seemed confused. Eva savored his brief moment of doubting the whole situation. He must surely be wondering if he had misread the whole thing, and after a few seconds of straining his eyebrows, he opened his mouth to give his response. That was Eva’s cue.

“Hey Lores, I have an idea,” she interrupted before he could say a word. “Wouldn’t it be a bit wasteful, if we took separate showers? Let’s save some water, and shower together here.”

“Oh my, why didn’t I think of that? Great idea, Eves!” her friend responded. Jake almost shook his head looking back and forth at the two hot ladies sitting next to him, Lorelei on his left and Eva on his right.

Eva stood up and turned around, facing the doe-eyed young man with the short black curls sitting next to Lorelei, who was leaning against him, resting her head on his shoulder and admiring her friend with a soft smile and glimmering brown eyes. “Jake dear, could you help me get out of my pantyhose?”

The young man stood up in front of Eva. She bit her lip and looked up at him expectantly. He was almost a head taller. With trembling hands, he found the edge of the pantyhose, and started pulling them down, feeling Eva’s thick curves and wide hips along the way. She grabbed his wrists firmly with a “slow down there” when he tried to pull her gray panties down too in one swoop.

Her panties stayed on as Jake’s hands trailed down the outside of her legs, all the way down to the floor. One foot at a time, she stepped out of her pantyhose, picked them up, and threw them on the edge of the couch. Lorelei looked on excitedly. She had sneaked a hand under her dress and was rubbing herself behind Jake, biting her tongue to prevent herself from letting him know what she was up to. Eva made sure to keep his eyes focused on her.

“Now Jake, I need some help taking my panties off,” Eva said to him with a sly smile. “However, since you already used your hands to take off my pantyhose, you’ll have to use something else now.”

Without thinking twice, Jake got on his knees. Behind him, a grinning Lorelei was taking off her blue house dress, trying to pull it over her large breasts without making any noise. Looking intently up at Eva with hungry eyes, he bit the edge of her gray cotton panties, and started pulling them down, slowly, revealing a patch of curly jet black pubic hairs. For a few brief seconds, her panties clung to her pussy mound, before snapping free. Looking down, Eva saw that they were completely drenched all the way through. A long string of juice connected them to her pussy as Jake finished pulling them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them, leaving them in a wet pile on the floor, as Jake stood back up.

Behind him, a naked Lorelei leaped up, raising his hands into the air and starting to pull off his gray t-shirt in rapid sequence. As if on cue, Eva dropped down to her knees, undid his jeans, and pulled them down along with his boxers. His hard cock sprung out, and Eva gasped, making sure to let Jake feel her warm exhalation all over his member. Precum was leaking down its shaft to a pair of red, swollen balls. His dark pubic hairs were trimmed down neatly.

Eva stood back up slowly, letting his throbbing dick rub against every inch of her torso, from her shoulders to her pubic mound. She left it there, poking into her pubes, and looked him deep in the eyes, licking her lips expectantly, slowly inching her face towards his as if to kiss him. But, right as their eager mouths were about to connect, Lorelei spun him around by the hand and led him away.

When they had rounded the corner and walked to the shower, Eva licked the two middle fingers of her right hand, and plunged them deep into her sopping wet pussy. Her sex was burning with desire after that tease, and there was still more to come. Biting her tongue hard, she pulled her drenched fingers out and gave her rock hard nub of a clit a couple of slaps, trying to ease the burning want that throbbed all around it. She stopped abruptly and followed the others into the bathroom. Had she kept it up, she would have come right then and there, she thought for sure.

The shower itself was a tiny affair, being not much more than a shower head hanging from the wall, where a small square section of the floor had been lowered to direct the flow of water. A semi-transparent orange curtain surrounded it. They would have to take turns. A few looks and nods between Eva and Lorelei was all it took to agree on that, and so Lorelei gently pushed Jake behind the curtains while Eva sat cross legged on the toilet with the lid down in the corner of the bathroom, watching them. She was already squirming around, and would have to be careful to not make herself come from the pressure of her thighs squeezing her throbbing clit, a little red nub sticking out from its black hood.

The shower curtains were parted far enough that Eva could see the whole show. She was rhythmically wiggling the foot of her upper leg, feeling her leg muscles tighten against her trapped clit, being careful to not go over the edge while trying to maintain a straight face. Her elbow was leaning against her thigh, and her mouth was partially covered by her hand as she sat and watched, feeling her heavy warm breaths against her palm.

Before her, Jake was stood under a steady stream of hot water, his arms outstretched and eyes covered by his hair. His rock hard cock was pulsing, pointing straight at Eva. She couldn’t take her eyes off it, her hungry pussy crying out to be filled up and stretched out. She couldn’t wait to feel his swollen balls slapping against her sensitive clit, but it would have to wait just a bit longer. Her gorgeous friend was stood next to him in the shower, soaping up his entire body, making sure to spend plenty of time on his thighs and stomach, but never quite touching his dick. Poor guy, he must be suffering at least as badly as Eva was.

She got up from the toilet. It was her turn, she decided, and so she grabbed one of Jake’s outstretched hands, and led him out of the still running shower. “Your turn to watch. But don’t you dare touch yourself,” she commanded as he sat down on the closed lid, dripping wet and with slick hair. His mouth was half open, and he simply nodded, as Eva got in under the hot water stream with Lorelei.

Lorelei latched on to her friend’s body, pulling her into a tight embrace and locking one of her legs in between her own. The two friends exchanged a long, passionate kiss, tongues twirling around each other, loud moans muffled by the other’s lips and the ever present stream of the shower. Lorelei seemed to be in a frenzy of drunken horniness. Her pussy was grinding into Eva’s thick thigh, coarse pubic hairs digging into her dark skin. Her lips would not part from Eva’s, no matter how hard her friend tried to pull back, and her fingernails felt like they were trying to tear the skin off of Eva’s back.

“Don’t you dare come yet, you little slut,” Eva commanded loudly, in between kisses not just of her friend, but also of herself, as she felt her own hips gyrating against Lorelei’s body in response. It was impossible to stop them. The command only seemed to increase Lorelei’s determination, as she grinded her pussy harder and faster, moans almost turning into screams when her eyes rolled back in her head. She burrowed her face into Eva’s neck and started shaking in her arms.

“Shit. I just did,” Lorelei said, when her shaking started to subside. Had it not been for Eva’s strong arms holding her up, she would have collapsed on the shower floor. And so, she held her friend up, as the post-orgasm waves shuddered out of Lorelei’s body. Her orgasms seemed to be as strong as ever. Eva was a little bit jealous of just how hard her friend could come, but on the other hand, she always needed a break to recover afterwards. Eva, on the other hand, could keep going almost indefinitely, orgasming over and over until she passed out from exhaustion. It was a trade-off, she figured.

Eva tutted with playful disappointment as her friend returned to Earth. “You’re terrible, and insatiable. I love you, Lores.” A few feet away, Jake was sitting on the toilet, still wet and glistening. His legs were moving around, and he was actually sitting on his hands. Well, that’s one way to restrain yourself, Eva thought as she eyed his cock. It seemed to be even harder than before, as if that was possible. She exited the shower and walked towards him as soon as Lorelei seemed able to stand on her own two feet once again. It was time.

She got on her knees on the cold bathroom floor, and started kissing her way up Jake’s muscular leg, starting at the knee and working her way up his thigh in a steady rhythm. Then, she planted a horizontal sweep of kisses across his stomach, letting the pulsing head of his cock poke her neck as she did. With two fingers, she motioned for her friend to join her, and scooted over to the side to give her some room.

Two hot, mature women were now kissing and licking their way up Jake’s strong thighs. He simply sat there with his mouth open in disbelief, letting out the occasional gasp. They took each of his swollen balls into their mouths, sucking it in briefly, before simultaneously planting a series of kisses up the shaft of his cock. It was as if they had practiced this act before. And they had. When they reached his head, they both swirled their tongues around it, moaning wildly. Eva enjoyed the taste of his precum covered cock as much as she did her friend’s tongue. Jake started thrusting his hips, pushing his dick back and forth in the sandwich between the two women’s lips.

Lorelei got up and kissed her way up Jake’s torso, and Eva took his dick halfway into her mouth. She let it linger on her tongue for a few seconds, savoring the salty precum that was flowing out, feeling it twitch in agony. He was longing for release. “Do you like my friend?” Lorelei asked him after giving a deep kiss on the mouth. She dug her hand into the back of Eva’s had, fingers tangling up in her wet hair.

“Mmm, oh yes,” Jake responded eagerly. Lorelei did not seem satisfied with that.

“What do you think of her?” she asked him.

“She’s great. She’s so hot,” Jake responded, eyes fixed on Eva, dick still resting in her mouth.

“Tell her,” Lorelei demanded.

“You’re so hot, Eva, you’re wonderful,” Jake said sheepishly.

“I hope she’s hot enough to make you come twice tonight,” Lorelei said, and pushed her friend’s head down.

Eva skillfully took his dick deep into her throat, letting her tongue hang out to caress his balls. Her hand stroked the base of his shaft rapidly, and with a grunt, Jake’s legs contracted as he shot a big, hot load of cum into Eva’s mouth. She felt his cock convulse in her mouth, as ropes of hot cum splashed against the back of her throat. She swallowed every single drop, holding her breath as his orgasm subsided. Her friend’s hand at the back of her head didn’t leave her with much of a choice.

Jake slumped down on the toilet seat, glazed eyes staring up at the ceiling. Eva and Lorelei looked at each other, both women’s faces beaming with big smiles. Eva still needed her release, she was the only one of the three who hadn’t come yet. Lorelei seemed to pick up on this, almost telepathically. The young, tense man on the toilet would probably need some time to recover before he could fuck them, but there were other ways to give Eva an orgasm, Lorelei was well aware.

The two friends got up, and almost skipped out of the bathroom. Back in the main room, they sat down at the edge of the bed. “I have an idea,” Lorelei whispered into her friends ear. “He eats pussy like his life depends on it. You have to give it a try.” Eva had always had a difficult time coming from oral sex. For some reason, she had simply never been into it. It always felt like the guys who were licking her were doing her a favor, and that kind of killed the mood for her. Lorelei had made her come this way several times without much difficulty, but that was different. Her friend always seemed to enjoy giving just as much as she enjoyed receiving, if not more.

Jake stumbled out of the bathroom, still naked and wet. His cock was softening, and Eva tried to curb her disappointment at the sight. He would just need some time to recuperate, she was sure. But, her pussy demanded attention after all the action in the bathroom, so she nodded towards Lorelei.

“We’re gonna take a little break now,” Lorelei said to Jake. “Go out on the balcony, get some fresh air. I need a cig, too. Will you join us?” As if he had a choice, Eva scoffed internally at Lorelei’s question. “Here,” Lorelei continued, picking up a blanket and throwing it into Jake’s hands. “Take a seat against the railing. You know what to do.”

An eager Jake walked on cloud nine towards the balcony, opened the door, and stepped outside. He put the blanket on the cold floor, and sat down on it with his back against the railing. Eva wasn’t too sure about putting herself on display out there for the entire neighborhood to see, and gave her friend a worried look. “Don’t worry,” Lorelei responded, and gave her a reassuring kiss on the lips.

Eva walked out on the balcony. The sun was almost gone, and the evening air was chill against her wet skin. At least the blanket felt soft and warm under her bare feet. Her pert nipples were standing straight up on her small breasts, and her pussy was starved for attention, juices trailing down her thighs. She gave her little clit a quick squeeze, sending a jolt of pleasure through her body. It was hard, like a pebble.

Beneath her, Jake grabbed her thick ass cheeks in each of his strong hands, and started eagerly licking up the juices that were running down her thighs, stopping when he got to her groin, moving on to the other leg. Behind her, Lorelei had joined them, also naked, lighting up a cigarette in the corner of the small balcony. She seemed content to watch them.

Eva’s qualms about being on display for the world on the balcony soon washed away, as Jake’s tongue plunged in between her slick pussy lips, lapping its way up from her asshole to her clit. She gasped and moaned in response, closing her eyes and playing with her nipples. The tongue between her legs pushed deeper into her pussy hole, eagerly lapping up her sweet, creamy girl cum, making sure not to spill a single drop. She grabbed his head firmly with one hand, while the other one continued tweaking her small, diamond-like nipples. Lorelei was right. He was eating her out like it was the last meal of his life.

Wisps of tobacco smoke filled the around them, as Lorelei giggled and gave Eva’s thick ass a couple of hard but playful slaps. She seemed to be enjoying the show. Jake intensified his tongue assault, pressing it against Eva’s clit, tracing all manner of patterns around it. With each flick of his tongue, she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her, and she let herself moan loudly. Let the neighbors know what they were up to, as long as she got her release.

She felt her pulsating clit get sucked deep in between Jake’s lips. He flicked his tongue against it hard, putting just the right amount of pressure on it with his teeth, making sure not to hurt her. That was it. Eva’s knees buckled beneath her, and she almost screamed, her voice filling the evening air throughout the whole neighborhood. She grinded her pussy hard against Jake’s face, creamy juices flowing down his chin with each pulse of orgasmic pleasure.

Jake removed his face for a brief second, as if he thought that his job was finished. She pushed him back into her sopping wet sex. Whether or not he was done was not up to him. He understood what she wanted, and started eating her again, with even greater intensity. He moaned and grunted into her pussy, the vibrations of his voice adding to her already intense pleasure. Two fingers easily slipped inside her and started massaging her pussy’s front wall.

Eva came again, and then again. Two more orgasms in rapid succession. Jake was probably drowning in her cum now, but she didn’t care. Not that she could move away from him, her legs were locked up and shaking, thick thighs squeezing his ears against his head. Her pussy’s hard contractions had pushed his fingers out. Stars blinked in and out of existence behind her eyelids as she shut them involuntarily.

When the pleasure subsided, she slowly stepped away from Jake on trembling legs. He hadn’t drowned, thankfully, but his face and neck were drenched in a layer of creamy girl cum. “Fuck, I could get used to this,” Eva thought out loud.

A grinning Lorelei put out her cigarette and gave her a nicotine-flavored kiss. “Told you,” she said. “Turn around, Eves. You’re in for a special treat.”

Eva did. Jake was still sitting down, legs stretched out before him, with his back against the balcony railing. Lorelei reached around her in an embrace, grabbing each of her ass cheeks, kneading and spreading them inches from the young man’s face. “Doesn’t Eva have a sexy ass, Jake?” she asked him, looking down at him over Eva’s shoulder. Eva’s mouth opened wide. Where exactly was she going with this? “Well?”

Jake was breathing heavily as if he had just run a marathon. In truth, he had only been suffocating between the thighs of a woman mid-orgasm. The way his whole face glistened with juices was evidence of that. “Give it to me,” he said without hesitation.

“No, wait…” Eva managed to say before Lorelei pushed her back. A loud “aaaaaaaah” swallowed whatever was about to follow. She felt a nose burrow deep between her thick ass cheeks, as a quick tongue started flicking against her anus, which contracted in response.

She was paralyzed by surprise, just as much as by pleasure. Once, she had suggested to a boyfriend that he eat her asshole, but he had just been disgusted at the thought of it. And so, Eva had dropped it and never brought it up again with anyone, though it had remained a fantasy of hers. Lorelei would of course have done it if she had asked, but then, she would have done just about anything for her, as Eva would have in return. She wanted a man to eat her asshole, eagerly and full of lust, and it seemed like that was exactly what was happening to her, judging from the slurping and moaning coming out of Jake, and the way his strong hands were kneading her cheeks.

Her pussy convulsed in response to the flicking of his tongue, a new stream of juices starting to leak out. Her back was arched, hands resting on top of the railing behind her, and she was staring at Lorelei with wide eyes and mouth agape. Her friend had taken a step backwards, and was standing in the open balcony doorway, frantically rubbing her pussy with one hand while the other twisted and pulled on her big nipples. Their eyes were locked into each other.

The two women came quickly and simultaneously. Lorelei almost fell backwards into the apartment, trying to steady herself against the sofa bed on trembling legs. Eva’s ass pushed Jake’s head backwards into the balcony railing with a loud “clang”. She would probably have felt bad about that if she wasn’t in the midst of yet another orgasm. She looked up at the evening sky, moaning while her legs shook beneath her.

When the orgasm subsided, a panting Eva looked down. Between her feet on the balcony floor, Jake’s cock had grown hard again, pointing straight up at her pussy. A long, slowly dripping stream of girl cum was flowing out of it, connecting with the head of his dick. Her instincts told her to simply squat down and slam her pussy onto his waiting cock. A cold balcony floor wasn’t the most comfortable place to fuck, and she wanted to involve Lorelei somehow, so she resisted.

Instead, she raised her leg up and lowered her foot down to rest on Jake’s cock, carefully, making sure not to hurt him in any way. Poor guy had just had his head slammed into the balcony. Her jet-black painted toes caressed him up and down, from the pulsing balls to his juice covered cock head. “Whose pussy do you want to fuck first, Jake? Mine or Lorelei’s?” she asked him. “We won’t let you come until you’ve fucked us both. Is that clear?”

Jake didn’t answer. He grabbed Eva by the hips, hard, and shoved her ass back onto his face, once again burrowing in between her cheeks and letting his tongue go wild. Eva let out a surprised laugh. “What a guy”, she thought. As much as she enjoyed the licking, he still hadn’t answered her question, so she stepped away from him. “Come on inside and show us,” she said, and went back into the room where Lorelei was recovering, splayed out on the sofa bed.

Lorelei’s feet were on the floor, lower legs hanging off the bed where she laid out like a starfish, panting and smiling. Eva crawled towards her, kissing her from her toes, up her foot and past her ankle, licking up the sweat and juices from her calf followed by her thigh. Lorelei almost flew through the roof when Eva planted a sloppy kiss on her still soaked pussy, before continuing upwards, playfully biting at her pubic hairs, blowing air across her stomach up to her big, heaving breasts.

Eva was standing with her feet apart, legs straightened, ass up in the air, presenting herself to Jake, who was coming back inside from the balcony to join them. She was squeezing and playing with her friend’s breasts below her, sucking and biting on her nipples. Lorelei was just giggling and panting, eyes glazed over. Occasionally, her hips would twitch whenever Eva made one of her nipples feel particularly good.

A pair of strong hands grabbed Eva by the waist, and she felt something hard poking at the entrance of her hot pussy. Jake wasted no time entering her. He slipped inside easily, as Eva was open wide and dripping wet. She moaned loudly, and her friend embraced her, pressing Eva’s face hard into her bust. Jake’s cock was pounding in and out of her, hard and fast, as he too started moaning. His strong arms were pulling her back by the hips, and with each thrust, her ass slapped loudly against his pelvis, his once again full balls swinging against her clit.

“Don’t blow your load in her. I want some cock too, you know.” Lorelei’s commanding voice made her chest vibrate. Eva could feel it in her mouth as she eagerly nibbled, licked and sucked on her big eraser-like nipples. Another orgasm took her, almost by surprise, making her raise her head up to moan as her legs stiffened behind her, pressing her ass back against Jake as hard as she could. Giggling with bliss, she kissed her friend, tongue penetrating deep into her mouth. Jake continued fucking her at a steady pace.

Yet another orgasm washed over her, barely a minute or two after the previous one. One she had gotten into the rhythm, it was a simple matter of keeping it going steadily. She could keep having orgasms until her body was completely spent. Her feet could no longer stand still on the floor, and so she fell forwards, squealing and moaning with her tongue still buried in her friend’s mouth. Jake followed her movements, never stopping or slowing down his thrusts.

Eva was many things, but greedy was not one of them. Lorelei had just announced her desire for cock, and Eva would be damned if she would hog Jake all to herself, as if she was some kind of insatiable slut. Sometimes she was, and she loved it, but right now, she had her best friend to consider.

And so, she dismounted, and crawled forward across Lorelei and the bed below her. “Your turn,” she said to her friend, giving Lorelei a light and playful slap on the cheek. Unlike her friend, Eva neither wanted nor needed to take a break. She turned around, tucked her legs beneath her, and sat down right on Lorelei’s face. Her friend would know what to do. Lorelei’s body was laid out beneath her, and Eva spread her friend’s legs apart as far as she could, giving Jake the signal to enter her.

Jake’s cock slid into Lorelei as easily as it had slid into Eva. She felt a tongue jam itself into her pussy, as Jake started pounding her friend. Muffled moans came from the trapped woman beneath her ass, and Eva started riding her face, slick pussy lips gliding from Lorelei’s nose to her chin, smothering her and making her wet with girl cum all over.

In front of her, Jake seemed to be hyper focused. He had thrown Lorelei’s legs over his shoulders so that her feet were right next to his head, and was fucking her at a steady pace. The sight of his cock pounding in and out of her friend’s sopping wet pussy sent Eva over the edge again, and her thighs locked up as she came all over her friend’s face, grinding her pussy and asshole into it in a frenzy.

“Let’s switch up,” Eva said, panting. “Real quick, come on, Jake, lay down.” She dismounted her friend’s face, and Lorelei gasped loudly, as if she had just been rescued from drowning. Her friend looked a bit bewildered. She probably hadn’t heard what Eva had said with her ears covered by her thighs. Eva planted a reassuring finger on her wet lips, and Lorelei relaxed. Then, Eva motioned for her to get up, and she did, hesitantly.

Jake laid down on the bed, propped up on his elbows. His cock was standing straight up, throbbing and pulsing, coated in juices from both Eva’s and Lorelei’s pussy. It was definitely eager for a second release. Lorelei mounted him quickly and started riding, gyrating her hips back and forth, grinding her clit hard into his pelvis. Her mouth was open, moaning and drooling onto her big, swinging breasts. She grabbed them and started playing with her nipples, as she continued fucking away at a steady pace.

This guy had not just eaten Eva’s pussy to orgasm, but also her ass. That was definitely a rare thing, and she wasn’t going to waste this opportunity. And so, she mounted his face just like she had mounted her friend’s a mere minute ago, grinding away as his tongue entered her pussy.

The two friends fell forward, embracing each other, making out passionately as they continued grinding away on the guy beneath them. Part of Eva almost felt bad about using him like a living sex toy, but he was clearly enjoying this just as much as they were, if not more. She eagerly grabbed on to Lorelei’s big breasts, squeezing and kneading them as their tongues swirled around each other.

“Mmph-mmph. Hnnng.” Sounds came out of Jake, but Eva’s ass gave him no chance to vocalize his concerns. His chin was buried in her pussy, and his nose had pushed through into her tight asshole. Eva was grinding and gyrating, moaning her pleasure into Lorelei’s delicious mouth.

Suddenly, Lorelei froze. Her eyes opened wide, as did her mouth, for a few intense seconds before closing again, mouth twisting into a wide grin. “Yessss. Oh god Jake, fill me up completely.” Eva noticed that Jake too had frozen, his legs completely locked up, hands trembling at his sides. He was coming inside Lorelei’s pussy, and Lorelei was responding in kind with an orgasm of her own.

The scene tipped Eva over the edge once more, an intense orgasm searing through her entire body, like an inferno of pleasure. She was flailing around, squeezing Jake’s face hard with her ass and pussy between her thighs. Her friend was shaking, and fell over to her side, a huge load of cum spilling out of her convulsing pussy. Eva fell forward, almost impaling her face on Jake’s still twitching cock. Driblets were still bubbling out of its head with each twitch.

As Eva rolled off and dismounted Jake, she heard him gasp and take in a desperate breath of air. His pussy juice glistening face was almost purple, but he was still alive. Good, maybe they could squeeze another load out of him in the morning, Eva thought greedily. The entire bed was soaked in a puddle of sweat and sex juices. At least they wouldn’t have to deal with the “who gets to sleep in the wet spot”-problem, as there were no dry ones to be found.