Puss in Boots

Ash continued to work cases as a detective in the Orlando area with her partner Erin. One day while Ash was checking her messages, she had received another one from Marvin, one of the old men who gangbanged her at the Golden Years assisted living home. He had called and left messages at HQ for several weeks but she was […]

Click and Collect: Amie’s Present

Mondays are always hard, and this one especially. No-one wants bookshelves or washing machines way after five o’clock on a Monday afternoon, we’ve all got better places to be. Except Amie. She was milling around in aisle seven looking at big-box household appliances as I did the usual sweep through the store for customers. Milly was already packing up the […]

Bob & Claire’s Sub

Before I left that Sunday, Aunt Claire whispered in my ear to call her sometime on Tuesday. Well, all that night and the next day, she had me thinking and day dreaming about her, and worryingly all through lessons. I couldn’t help it. I wondered, but already guessed what she wanted to talk to me about, but I had to […]

Cassy’s Boudoir Photoshoot

I’m riding a freight elevator to a photo studio in a converted warehouse. What kind of crazy cliche is this. Cassy thought to herself, as she reached her stop. She was excited though. Bob had gotten her a boudoir photoshoot for her birthday. A treat for him as much as Cassy; Cassy was still thankful because she liked to show […]

A New Year’s Eve Tradition

New Year’s Eve is a special night for Amelie and me and our friends Mike and Sharon. For over a decade now, on that holiday, it’s always been just the four of us, at our house or theirs. The first time we were together was at our house, and I began a certain tradition. We’d broken out the champagne early, […]

Cuckquean Chronicles

It started small. I never thought it would get to where we are now. My boyfriend got a text from his ex, and he immediately panicked that I would think he had encouraged it or asked for it or been involved at all really. We were drinking and smoking together, sitting at a little table in the backyard, and he […]

Girl with the Golden Gloves

I never intended to join a Boxing Club while I was at University. The only boxer’s name I had heard of was Mike Tyson, and if someone had asked me what he did, I would have had little clue. My guess would have been he played Rugby! Fifteen years ago, very few women boxed, and I had as much interest […]

Young and Dumb

I remember how it started like it was yesterday. I was on a date with a girl named Amanda. We went down to the river where there was a fire going and drank some beers. We were laughing and joking and having a great time. Then the sun started to come up and she was getting feisty. We started kissing. […]

The Subject

Ben saw a wispy white figure stood above him, whoever the figure was, they looked terrifying to him, one moment he had been in his home, and the next moment he had awoken restrained to a metal bed in a white room, Ben got the sense this figure was filled with malice and only meant harm, he tried his best […]

Discovering the Smoking Fetish

Throughout my teenage years I was a regular cigarette smoker. I did stay away from other drugs, except for cigarettes and alcohol, arguably the worst two. By the time I completed university, at the age twenty-one, I began a relationship with an awesome guy named, Steven. He was three years older than me and very sports orientated. He also wasn’t […]