Thoughts and Dreams

These stories are based around the Memories and Fantasies series but are about Claire’s husband.

Written from his perspective they are more concerned with his darker, less restrained inner thoughts.

Any comments and feedback would be much appreciated.


He had been unhappy for a while without fully realising why. It had started with him feeling as though he was missing something important, feeling as though he didn’t really know his wife, as though they were just strangers who shared a house, their children and debts holding them together but with nothing to bring them closer. A couple moving within each other’s gradually increasing orbits with only the weak force of gravity stopping them from floating away from one another completely.

Where Claire had started to rediscover herself and grown in confidence inside and outside of the bedroom he had continued to struggle with the pressures of work and of trying to be a leader. This was until he had discovered his submissive side and found having his wife take the lead in their relationship gave him the inner peace and increased intimacy he needed. It culminated in him starting to explore male chastity, although a huge step, the simple act of giving his wife the key to his cock cage and asking her to take control over his orgasms had changed his outlook on his and their lives.

His long standing morning ritual of mobile phone porn and unfulfilling masturbation before a quick shower was the easy option and would often mean it could be a week in between him feeling the urge to make love to his wife, it was very rare that she would initiate any intimacy, and as time went on he realised Claire was also taking care of her own needs and they were having sex even less often.

Locking his cock stopped this; he had no option for self-stimulation. With Claire holding his key he suddenly found that it was in his interest to get her turned on and horny enough to want to unlock him for sex.

It surprised him how strong the urge became to please her, almost back to when they had started dating. By taking up more of his share of the cooking and cleaning, washing and ironing, he found he helped his wife became less stressed and he felt more involved. By listening and talking he found they became closer and more intimate with each other, and by changing their sex from his quick fumble before fucking to a much slower pace, dictated by her, with foreplay that was also under her direction, he found his wife was enjoying sex with him more. Rather quickly they found that sex became more about her orgasm, and there were more and more occasions where they both enjoyed a fantastic evening of lovemaking where his key was left untouched on Claire’s nightstand.

He found he had extra energy and Claire had gently directed him towards spending more time with their children, to start learning to cook for the family as well as for visiting friends more often, to be more social and also to take better care of his body and exercise more. All of these things were also contributing to him feeling better in himself, and also making his wife want to spend more time with him.

The downside to wearing a cage and getting used to their new lifestyle was that he felt a lot more horny all the time with no release, he would find his sleep was interrupted by night-time erections, sometimes waking him with the pain, and he would lie awake as his mind would continue with sexual fantasies until he could eventually regain control and his trapped erection would subside enough for sleep to return.

Claire would ask him about his dreams and fantasies while they lay cuddled together, sometimes she would hold or stroke his swollen balls or squeeze around the back ring of the cage as she listened to his latest dream. They often involved Claire and she would take a mental note if he described something she would be willing to try. He also had dreams about other women, and about doing things that he felt he was unable to tell her about, so he would often change names or miss details in case his wife thought him disgusting or realise how perverted the male mind, and her husband’s especially, could be…….

He was stood outside their house, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with a green waterproof jacket which was unzipped and flapping slightly with a gentle breeze. He realised this was a dream when he looked around, things looked slightly off, time seemed to flow differently, people and objects would sometimes move around.

He could hear faint music, but couldn’t identify the song, although it was tantalisingly familiar. Reaching his hands up to his ears he felt headphones appear. He must have been going for a walk he thought to himself, setting off down the street. He heard a noise behind him and turned to see his car with his family inside drive past, they were waving at him. Off out for the day he somehow knew while waving back.

He saw one of the neighbours leave her house, Carol? Charlotte? Something like that. His wife knew her as they had gone to the same school, or college, he had been introduced several times.

She smiled and waved a hello at him as she started to jog down some steps from her door and towards where he stood.

Chloe he decided, waving back and saying hello. Definitely Chloe.

“Your lot out for the day as well?” she asked as she started jogging and passed him, he watched as she moved, her backside was tight and firm, and he watched it move hypnotically. The frequent running she does has given her a nice shape, the black and grey Lycra bottoms were tight and held her cheeks in such a way that he could imagine how they would feel, soft to the touch but with some toned muscle underneath if you were to squeeze or press. Her pink zip-up jacket held some nice large breasts and he had caught a brief glance at them bouncing as she moved past him.

He continued his walk along a street and it was clear she was doing a small circuit on her run as every minute or two she would pass him saying “Hi” each time, he watched her bottom slowly bouncing away from him as she disappeared into the distance before passing again and allowing him the opportunity to watch again.

“We should work out together” came her voice and he realised she had slowed to a walk and was now by his side. The top of her head just below his shoulders, she was short and pretty with long brown hair tied back in a tight ponytail, her pink jacket was now half undone and he could see the roundness of her breasts as she looked at him smiling, he could see a sheen of sweat on her face, neck and down into her cleavage.

His dream shifted and they were stood again on his street, now back outside her house, at her front door.

“My husband’s out with his mates today, why don’t you come in?” she asked. He found himself following her into the house and the door closed behind them.

He stood in the empty hall of a house he had never seen before, the details were hazy and his mind replaced the unknown room with something more familiar, his first house. He recognised the hallway and knew the door to the left would be his old living room. He could not see Chloe anywhere, so he opened the door and stepped inside, it was an empty room, empty except for a black leather couch. He stood in the centre of the room; he turned as Chloe appeared in the doorway wearing just a white towel. She looks pink, fresh and damp, as though she had just showered, even though only moments have passed. She was smiling at him, looking even prettier than he remembered, with deep brown eyes and no concern at all with her lack of clothing.

He stood and watched as she let the towel drop to the floor. Standing naked in front of him, her body drifted out and into focus, she was well shaped, with large breasts, unaffected by gravity, and pale pink nipples. Her waist was smaller than her hips and she had a small bulge to her belly, something he always found attractive. He could not help but look down and he saw that she had was almost completely waxed, the small amount of pubic hair she did have was cut perfectly into the shape of a heart and had been dyed bright red. He knew this was a dream because he had asked his wife to do this, several years ago, his felt his cheeks redden at the disdain she had expressed at his porn star perversion. But Chloe wasn’t his wife, and she was happy to do this for him, to be his fantasy girl.

“I’ve heard that your Claire is quite a lucky girl” she says as she began to feel the front of his pants. The room shifts, his clothes change, he looks down himself to see his top has gone, beneath he only wears loose grey sweatpants and he watches her hands as they grab the two sides of his waistband and slowly start to pull down. She is lowering herself to her knees in front of him, her eyes are level with what she is about to reveal.

His cock is exposed to her in his small tight metal cage, but he wants to fuck. The dream shifts and he looks down again and this time the cage has gone, Chloe squeals with delight at the sight of his cock, “Claire is a lucky girl” she smiles up at him “but I guess I’m the lucky one today”.

He is stood naked now, she is on her knees. One small delicate hand is gripping his cock around his thick shaft, the other is cupping his heavy balls, gently squeezing and them pulling downwards.

Chloe looks up at him; she seems to be becoming even more beautiful, her skin is flawless, her breasts are larger and firmer than before, her body looking more toned. “You must be twice the size of my husband, I can’t wait to feel you inside me.”

He feels guilt, knowing he shouldn’t be here, naked with this girl. He has a wife, he is in love, and he doesn’t want to risk his marriage or hurt Claire’s feelings. But this is a dream, and in dreams you don’t get to always decide what happens, sometimes you just watch as things happen.

“Did Claire tell you about the time she stole my boyfriend when we were younger” Chloe asks him, “I’m going to get her back for that today. You’ll enjoy this won’t you?” Before he can answer he sees her opening her mouth and move her lips slowly over the head, slowly she starts to take his hard cock into her mouth until he feels her forcing him to the back of her throat, and the sensations are so intense and real. His hands are on her head, gripping her hair firmly. He pulls her head towards him firmly as he moves his hips forwards and he feels the wetness, tightness and warmth as he slowly pushes himself into her throat. He looks down on at her face pushed tightly against his groin, her nose nestled against his tuft of pubic hair, her large brown eyes looking up at him, almost willing him to use her.

He slowly moves his hands, causing her head to move backwards and forward. He takes his time fucking her face, she grips her hands on his legs, but does not resist, there is no need, this fantasy girl his sleeping brain has imagined as his neighbour Chloe can take his whole cock without gagging or choking, he doesn’t need to be gentle with her, and she wants him to use her mouth, to use her.

He holds her head still with his hands as he thrusts, faster and faster, seeing the full length of his cock coated in her saliva. In and out he moves, until he feels his balls begin to tighten. Pulling his thick cock from her mouth he grips it in his hand as he reaches his orgasm, Chloe has her mouth open wide and is looking right into his eyes as he shoots six or seven thick ropes of white cum over her. He watches some going into her mouth and the rest landing in ribbons across her face, before starting to drip down to her breasts. “Kiss me” she asks and he moves his head down, tasting himself on her.

The dream shifts, he wants more.

She is naked on the couch, leaning backwards, her feet pulled up and her legs open. He looks down and sees that he is rock hand again. He is knelt on the floor, his face level with her pussy. The lips are waxed and smooth, and she is rubbing her fingers down each side of her pink slit. He can see her face, looking at him and smiling as she uses her fingers to pull herself open for him, exposing every part of her most intimate areas for him and inviting his inspection. He gazes deeply into her wet deep hole, feeling his hard cock, but at the same time feeling the tightness of his cage.

Things move again and now she is on her hands and knees, begging him to fuck her in the ass. She reaches back and pulls her cheeks apart for him, wiggling it slowly from side to side, inviting him to enter her. His cock is covered in a thick lubricant and he can see more glistening around her rosebud.

He grips her hips, then slowly moves one hand down, he pushes one finger into her tight hole, knowing his wife would never let him do what this girl was asking, begging, pleading for. He knows there will be no mess; she is perfectly cleaned, prepared and ready for him. Her asshole is tight around his finger, he pulls in out and pushes two fingers in, stretching her so she will be ready for his cock. His entire focus is on the feel of his fingers penetrating her hole, the feel of the lubricant, the tightness, the warmth, the anticipation.

He pushes his finger in and out, enjoying the look and the feel before he lines the head of his cock up with the tight opening; he presses it forwards feeling the resistance of her muscle, and he sees that Chloe is pushing back. The sensations around his cock are intense as he pushes the head slowly into her; another inch and he looks down at his thick cock stretching her tight hole around it. Another inch, warm and tight, just as he imagines it would be, a different feeling to fucking a pussy, one he wants to feel so badly.

Once he is fully inside he holds himself still. Chloe starts to move, rocking backwards and forwards, fucking her ass hard and fast with his cock, taking control. “I love your cock in my ass, I never let my husband do this to me” she tells him, looking back over her shoulder, smiling, his hands are gripping her slim waist just above her perfectly shaped hips, her body is perfect, no fat, no cellulite, no stretchmarks.

Her movements feel fantastic and it is not long before he feels the release as he unloads his cum deep inside her. All the time she is moaning and groaning in pleasure, telling him how much bigger and better his cock is compared to her husband, telling him it was right for him to fuck her like this, telling him he should fuck her like this again……

He wakes to feel his cock straining tight and hard, swollen painfully against his cage, his wife snores quietly beside him and he shifts to try to get himself comfortable, trying to get back into his dream, into Chloe, to be fucking the neighbour he hardly knows, wanting to have her again, in her pussy this time, to cum in all her holes.

The thoughts make the pain worse, he tries to stop, to think of other things, but nothing is working and he loses the dream as consciousness returns fully.

In the end he has to get up and sit on the toilet, as he pisses he feels his cock slowly start to shrink down again, knowing he must continue pushing until it is fully flaccid and then he must try not to think of anything sexual so that he has a chance of quickly getting himself back to sleep. Self-doubt hits him and he feels the urge to wake his wife and beg to take his cage off, to stop doing this, to make himself cum and then he can sleep, he sits with his eyes closed and questions why he does this, is this normal or is something wrong with him.

After a while he carefully dries himself and then quietly climbs back into bed, trying to keep his mind blank so that he can get back to sleep……

He is with his wife; he looks around to see where they are. He sees a room, a bar, decorated in reds and blacks. They are sat at a table in the corner, Claire has a drink in front of her but he has none. “Thank you for bringing me here” she says and smiles at him. He feels so much love.

He looks around more, the furnishings look expensive, and the thick tablecloth feels luxurious and velvety under his fingers. Claire reaches her hand across the table and takes his hand in hers.

They are holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes, he looks downwards and sees that Claire has no top on, her large breasts are on full display to everyone in the bar, as is the silver necklace she is wearing, he sees that the key to his chastity cage hangs between the pale globes of her breasts, unhidden and in full view.

Claire finishes her drink and stands up, he sees that she is in fact completely naked and he can see her large round belly, with the rolls of fat around her hips, her fully shaved mound and the lips of her pussy are just visible to him beneath her overhanging belly from his seated position. Claire shows no concern at being naked.

He looks around the room and sees that everyone is naked. There are several couples sat together in pairs as well as a couple of larger mixed groups. Everybody is talking, laughing, happy, enjoying their evening with no concern at their own or anyone else’s nudity.

He looks more closely at the people in the room; he can tell that there is a mix of males, females, young and old with a range of different races, body shapes and sizes. All of the faces he sees are familiar to him and they pull at his memories, but he cannot focus on any one for long enough to fully recognise them.

He looks down at himself and sees he is also naked, wearing only his metal cage; his cock looks small in its tight prison. He feels a sharp tug and sees that his cage is being pulled upwards. A solid silver chain is attached to the padlock stretching away from his body. His eyes follow the chain upwards and he sees that it is his wife holding the other end, she is pulling on him as though he is a pet on a lead, encouraging him to move.

He stands, and as she pulls at him he follows her. Claire walks without looking back, leading him along by his caged cock.

He sees the other people in the bar stop and watch them, smiling as they see his chastity. He can see the other men in the room are uncaged, he can see their cocks, and they can see his. Claire smiles at them, looking proud of herself with her trained husband, and she leads him through a door.

A realisation dawns upon him. They must be in a swingers club, and he is impotent, he will be unable to use his cock unless his wife releases him. He remembers that he asked to be caged, he asked her to lock his cock and to keep it locked. He knows she is here for sex and he knows that he will be unable to participate in the way he would want, he worries what this will mean.

They enter a room; it has a large circular bed in the centre where several people are involved in an orgy.

He watches as a young thin black woman sucks the cock of an older man, he has grey chest hair and a fat pot belly and his cock is small and purple. The girl is gorgeous and the old man looks to be enjoying the pleasure she is giving him, the man moans in pleasure and then leans back on the bed, as he does he reaches out to the person nearest to him and they move so he can position his head closer. He watches as the old man starts to give a blowjob to a younger man with well-defined muscles and a long thin cock. He watches the girls head bobbing as the older man’s mouth moves up and down, each sucking noisily.

Claire sits on the bed and pulls her husband towards her by his chain. The others on the bed move to give them some room. He watches as Claire reaches out and pushes his shoulders downwards until he is kneeling in front of the bed; his eyes are level with her knees and he knows that if she moves them apart it would give him a clear view of her pussy.

More people enter the room and he watches as two men approach and sit on either side of his wife. Their faces and bodies are indistinct and hazy; the only things he can see clearly are their long cocks swinging as they move.

He watches as Claire drops his chain and it runs off the bed, pulled down by its weight, his eyes follow the end of the chain as it falls to the floor. He raises his eyes again to see his wife reach to either side and take hold of two hard cocks. He feels his stomach lurch as he sees they are now rock hard and both are several inches longer than his, Claire’s hands are stretched with her fingertips only just able to touch as she grasps them tightly. He feels himself straining helplessly against the solid steel bars of his cage, unable to even get erect.

Claire and the men are talking quietly and he hears laughter as his wife starts to kiss one, while the other begins to nuzzle his face into her neck. He watches her hands as she continues slowing stoking their lengths.

Claire moves herself downwards and starts to lick and suck on a cock while still gripping the other. He watches without moving as the two men’s hands explore his wife’s body, squeezing her breasts, pulling on her nipples. He watches as they spread her legs open, giving him the view he wanted earlier, but instead he watches as they begin probing and fingering her shaved pussy. She begins to moan in pleasure, pleasure she does not need from him, pleasure he is unable to provide.

One of the men finally lies himself flat back on the bed. His legs are directly in front of Claire’s husband and his view is now of his large hard cock and heavy balls.

The men help Claire climb on top and he watches as the man underneath lifts his cock so that the large thick head is lined up with her wet opening. He watches as his wife slides herself down until the full length of another man’s huge cock is buried balls deep, he can see how much he is stretching her pussy. He is perfectly placed to see every agonising detail and he cannot look away or move.

The second man then climbs onto the bed above the fucking couple. He watches intently as two sets of hands begin to pull on his wife, moving her into position so that her backside is pushing upwards and the cheeks of her ass are spread wide. He feels another huge surge of pain in his stomach as he sees the tip of the second huge cock press against his wife’s rosebud and he wants to cover his ears to stop hearing the grunts and guttural groans that are forced from her lips as he watches the cock being slowly and steadily pushed all the way inside her ass. He can see clearly see both of Claire’s holes are stretched wider than he could have imagined.

He kneels on the floor, his useless cock hanging between his legs; a clear view of two cocks, both deep inside his wife, one in her pussy where he had been many times, the other in her asshole where she had never allowed him to go. He watches as they begin slowly to pump in and out in unison, speeding up until they are thrusting hard. He hears his wife moan and gasp, loudly begging them to fuck her harder, faster, to fill her with cum.

After forever he hears his wife scream her orgasm and he sees their balls have moved upwards and the cocks are pulsing and he knows they are shooting streams of their cum deep into both of her holes. He is unable to move and can only watch as they pull slowly out, leaving her pussy and ass stretched wide open and with thick globs of cum starting to slowly ooze out.

The men move away leaving Claire on her back, legs apart. He finds he can move and he slowly leans forwards. Claire reaches a hand out to him, sliding it over his head, gently running her fingers through his hair, pulling his face towards her used holes.

His nostrils filled with the smell of her juices and their cum. Sweat and sex. He pushes out his tongue and starts to gently lap at her puffy, swollen pussy lips. He begins to lick at some of the thick salty cum, knowing it will take him a long time to fully clean it all from both her holes.

As his wife slowly strokes her fingers through his hair he hears a woman’s voice “He is so well behaved, you’re very lucky” his wife agrees and he moves his tongue downwards to start lapping at her leaking ass.

“If you would like I could have him clean you afterwards? I’m sure my husband would love to have his tongue inside a new pussy, and he’s been very good today”. He feels a sense of warmth and love from his wife’s praise. He clasps his hand around his cock cage, trying to feel the hardness within, but unable to stimulate in any way.

He wonders how long he will be kept caged, desperate for release. The taste and view of Claire’s pussy and ass is causing more blood to flow to his cock, causing more pain. The thought of her offering him for cleaning another woman, or even a man is causing his flesh to start pushing out between the unmoving steel frame, the pain is growing……

He wakes in confusion, grasping at his painfully caged cock, his wife is awake and is cuddled close against him, she is holding him and stroking gently at his hair. She has been woken by his disturbed sleep and is trying to sooth him. He feels her close and realises he is safe within her arms, exactly where he wants to be.