The Deal: Nina Feeling Loved

“Can’t we go see your step-mom now?” Sherri whined, pulling my arm.

I turned to her. “Dudette, we’re both naked in the shower at the moment. I told you we’d surprise her this time, and not jibber jabber right beforehand.”

“So, what if we’re naked, we’re going to get nude after a minute.”

“And you really love my step-mom now? You’ve just made a one-eighty towards her. You want to spend time with her, and even with your clothes on at times. We told her we’d see her again today, but we’re still going to surprise her,” I mentioned, letting my palms on her neck.

“We already went through this, I told you I was sorry for being cold to her, but you have to stop being so surprised. She is a hot MILF, so much sexual energy can change someone completely.”

“I’m sorry too, but you were kind of putting a wedge between us, and now it’s gone. I can’t help, but to revel in that. I don’t even think she knew that we broke out the ‘L’ word until six months after we said it to each other. We’re just showing how our relationship has grown, and my step-mom has been involved now. I loved her within two weeks of meeting her, just like you. So, I can’t help it. Besides, you asked her to be your step-mom, too, so you should be happy that I’m so glad about everything.”

“Fine, I get it, but quit dancing in the endzone.”

“Okay, but you still have to dance with me at our wedding.”

She kissed me once. “Deal, but may I ask you not to read too much into this first?”

“Into what?”

She took a deep breath. “I want you and Nina to be there when I tell them that you proposed.”

“You do, Sherri?” I asked softly, taking her hands in mine. “Are you going to invite them too?”

“Yes, because we both know that’s what you want. I want it too, but we know it’s for you.”

“Fine, it’s for me, but it is worth it. As soon as your parents see us actually married, they’ll come around, I know it.”

“If you say so, I just wish my mom was like your step-mom. How did you get so lucky?”

“And I still hear all the jealousy in your voice too. Life is a bitch, but you still get to teach my step-mom how to cherish a woman properly with me. She ate your pussy before mine; you got a leg up on me there. It’s not a contest, but it wouldn’t be a total blow out.”

“Good to know.”

“It is, so what do you say we go make our deal with my step-mom official?”

“Okay, but don’t think after we get married that you get to cheat on me with hot MILFs, that won’t be tolerated.”

“Even if it’s with your honorary step-mom?”

“Yes, chicky.”

“Fine, party pooper,” I said, turning off the water and putting out my hand.

She took it, and a minute later, we both went out into the hallway with towels wrapped around ourselves.

I opened my door and halted. “Nina, what are you doing in here?”

“Your dad is gone, and I missed my girlfriend, and her fiancé,” she answered, getting up. “If I know you, you were planning on surprising me, but I couldn’t wait. I still kept my bra and panties on if it makes you feel better.”

“Come on, she’s your sexy step-mom, Erin,” Sherri reminded me, hugging me from behind. “Now, let’s allow her to see you,” she offered, undoing my towel. “We need to honor the deal, she did buy us the rings here on the dresser,” she reminded me, grabbing them.

Then we both put them on, and Sherri undid her towel as well.

She wasted no time getting in front of me and wrapping her arms around my neck too. “Come on; you wanted me to love her, and now I do; you were showboating in the shower. Now let’s fuck her for the first time wearing our rings.”

“Fine, sexy lady,” I groaned before I went to Nina and lowered myself to my knees.

Then Sherri got behind her and undid her bra as I pulled her panties down as well.

As she was naked, I stood up with her and kissed her. “You’re still stunning, Nina. Any woman you wind up with will be one lucky bitch. I don’t want you to break up our family, but you have to do what you need to do.”

“So, you support me to divorce your dad if need be?” she asked, positioning her palms on my butt.

“I guess, now lie down.”

She gladly followed my order, and I went to my dresser. As I did, I heard the floor creak and bed move too. So, I knew Sherri got on the bed with her as I pulled out my strap on and put it on myself.

“I love you, step-mommy,” I alerted her, turning to her. “Now, I’m going to make love to you,” I informed her, coming her way. “If you do divorce my dad, I still want you to be there for me though, can you promise both of us that you’ll be there, though?” I asked, getting on top of her.

“Anything for the best step-daughter I could ask for, Erin,” she replied, letting her hands on my butt. “Now, let me feel your whole body as your fiancé masturbates to us.”

I did just that and began thrusting the dildo ever so slowly. All the while, we kept eye contact, and Sherri did indeed gratify herself to us too. I made sure to let our bosoms rub onto each other and kiss her from time to time too.

“If you want romantic sex, you’ll need to make sure you find a woman that wants to make sweet love to you, Nina. Intimate sex is the backbone of your sex life. I know you’ve never seen Sherri, and I do it, but we do use this very strap on to make love to one another.”

“That’s hot, Erin,” she moaned, fondling my butt. “I wish you two luck in marriage, but it doesn’t seem like you’ll need it.”

“Probably not, but we have our differences. We’re not the perfect couple, but thank you, step-mommy. Now, quit talking and allow me to make you feel better than a whole new woman, so when you do fuck a woman that’s not Sherri or me, you’ll be ready for anything. I’ll keep our end of the deal, and you’ll be praising us like your very own lesbian lovers.”

She nodded and even shed a couple of tears. I maintained barely any distance, so our boobs stayed together as I made sweet love to her. Like always, I felt the strap on press onto my clit quite a bit, so I got both physical and mental thrills again.

She indeed showed signs that she received the same benefits. Her eyes stayed on mine, for the most part, so we had quite intimate sex. I had fucked Sherri multiple times like that, but as I did it for Nina, the friendship between us soared.

She had to bite down on her bottom lip several times to cope with the thrills, and of course, quite a few times formed on her face too, all in defense of me making her feel good, both inside and out indeed.

I surely had no real clue if I, in fact, was laying the groundwork for her to fill out divorce papers, but as I looked right into her eyes and felt my heart pumping life fulfilling love for her, it didn’t matter to me, she sucked into her world, and I was stuck in there.

“Holy shit, I only wish that dildo could cum like a real cock, because I know you’d submerge her body with seed, Erin. I’m assaulting my pussy now watching you, sweet fiancé. Fuck what I said before, cheat on me with your dazzling step-mom as much as you want, well, as long as I get to watch. This is so much better than porn, babe. Even though we’ve watched so many scenes together, this tops every single one of them. Let’s face it, we also did let those hot videos lead to please each other so much more, but still, you’re making Nina love it and think about giving up non-rubber dicks. They are so much better than real ones, trust me, I know. I’ve had a few real ones in my pussy before, Nina, but I decided to go with pussy full time. Not too long after that, I met your elegant step-daughter,” she explained before smooching her cheek. “Now, I’m gonna eat Erin’s snatch for the rest of my life, and I hope you join us as much as you can.”

“I will, Sherri, for both of you,” Nina replied, failing to glance at her. “Give me a kiss, Erin.”

“Yes, step-mommy,” I responded before kissing her. “Even when we’re in our forties, and your sixties, will you still want to get involved with us?”

“Yes, of course, you’ll still be dashing by then, if not more so. Just don’t fuck me too hard, I know you’re going to be putting me through a lot of sexual misdeeds between now and then, so I might not be as quick by then.”

“Don’t worry,” I added, grabbing her thighs and angling my body up. “We’ll go as easy as you need. MILF pussy is always worth it,” I made clear, still thrusting the dildo.

“Have you two had sex with a different MILF before?” Nina asked, grabbing my thighs.

“No, but if any other MILF twat is anything like yours, I know I’ll love another, but I don’t need another one, though,” I replied before a gap. “Holy shit, what if you got pregnant, then you’d be a real MILF.”

“Never say never, sexy lady,” she mentioned, bringing her palms to my rack. “And if you get inseminated and have a baby with your fiancé here, your jugs will get really pumped up, and I’ll have to motorboat the shit out of them, suck those nipples and lick too.”

“Fine, just don’t suck the milk out, it’s not for you, step-mommy, it’s for them from their mommy, got it?”

“Yes, but it’s no crime to play with those titties all I want, even if it is cheating. I don’t give a crap, I have a ravishing step-daughter to fuck, and I intend on milking her for all she is worth.”

“There is my smoking hot lesbian step-mother. Fuck my dad; he doesn’t deserve a passionate wife, he doesn’t treat you like the queen you are. When was the last time he took you out on a date?”

“Our anniversary six months ago.”

“Son of a bitch,” I whined, getting in her face. “Are you serious?”


“Shit, Sherri,” I whined, looking at her. “We’re going to have to take her out on our next date night.”

“We have nothing else going on tonight, Erin,” Sherri reminded me, prior to kissing me. “Let’s take her out tonight, and then to a hotel for her so we can fuck the shit out of her in a classy joint.”

“Wow, if we weren’t already engaged, I’d propose to you now,” I moaned before I kissed her again. “Holy shit, I love you, Sherri.”

“I love you too, Erin,” she moaned, getting over Nina and plopping her palms on my jugs. “Your step-mom is playing with my slit now. Shit, I kind of hate it now because she is awesome,” she moaned, closing her eyes for a few seconds. “She had never been with a woman until last weekend, but she is a lesbo pro, she knows just how to please me with those fingers. Damn, Nina, I can only imagine the look on your husband’s face if he saw you now.”

“He’d get jealous, but I just don’t know who he’d be most jealous of though. Too bad he’ll never find out about us. He’ll never get to see me with another woman, and just know how I feel about his daughter either. Too bad for him, but still, screw ’em.”

“Yes, gloat while I shove this big dildo into your snatch, step-mommy. Take it, take it hard,” I moaned, shoving it in there deep. “Is the dildo bigger than my dad’s…”

“Dick? Yes, horny woman,” she replied before kissing me. “So please me all you can now, Erin, and devour my twat.”

“No, don’t do that, I still want to get my hands on your step-mommy too,” Sherri whined.

“Don’t worry, Sherri, my slit can take the pain, so just lie back and watch your fiancé fuck me with her big pink dick. The very same one she has fucked you with a million times, my dear?”

“Oh, I know how it feels, which just makes me jealous, I want to fuck you too, Nina,” she cried, prior to kissing her. “I love you, Nina.”

“I love you too, Sherri. I’m so glad you like me, because I love my step-daughter more than anyone else in the world, and I just feel like I have another one now. One I can connect with and spend quality time with too. I might be cheating on Erin’s dad, but I still got so much closer to her in the process, and you liking me so much now is just a sexy bonus.”

“Yes,” I added, arching my back. “Sherri completely changed her mind about you. I think it was your tits, Nina, they’re huge and perky too,” I pointed out, snatching her thighs. “Now, Sherri, get down to them, and appreciate them. She is committing adultery, so the least you can do is revel in them. So, get down there and cheat on me right back,” I implored her, continuing to fuck Nina.

Although, Nina grabbed her arm. “I want a kiss first, Sherri.”

“Yes, Nina,” Sherri responded before placing both hands on her head and pasting her lips to hers.

I watched them make out like horny lesbians. Even if I wasn’t sure if we’d turn Nina to the other side, but I still savored the sight and kept the dildo moving. It didn’t seem to break either of their concentrations; they just sucked each other’s minds out.

“Oh, yes, Sherri, keep those lips moving and show my step-mom that maybe, just maybe, she might want to see us full time. Obviously, you love seeing her, and your heart and pussy are making you see her in a whole new light, too, so let her woo you as you woo her.”

Nina’s lips came off hers for a few seconds. “Damn, she is a talker, isn’t she?”

“Yes, but I love her, and I love you, Nina. You won’t ever resent me, will you?”

“Just be good to my step-daughter,” she answered before leaning up and making me sit down. “I might not have given birth to her, but she is still my daughter. Maybe that fact keeps this away from the ‘I’ word, but again, she is my pride and joy, and I’d take a bullet for her,” she explained before kissing me. “So, you just better make damn sure you treat her like a queen. Aside from her being drop-dead gorgeous, she is still a wonderful and thoughtful young woman that deserves the best. I knew that two minutes after I met her, so if you don’t want me to resent you, then you need to make this sexy brunette here to feel more than loved every single day for the rest of your lives. If she wants to invite six other women in your bedroom, then you do it, but make sure you have different ladies, though. At least get some of the sexual curiosity out of the way with different chicks. Maybe different ethnicities or just smaller boobs. Everyone loves big melons, and both you have lovely ones, but still, experiment a bit if the opportunity comes up, got it?”

“I say this only because I love you, but you’re making me hate you both now. You’re only Erin’s step-mom, but you just you,” she moaned, before gluing their lips together.

“Don’t worry,” I added, wrapping my arms around them both. “Your mom and dad will see your side sooner or later, but until then, I don’t mind sharing my step-mom.”

After a moment, their lips parted, and Sherri came to me. “Good, and when we move out, we’ll have to get a king-sized bed, because we’re gonna need to invite her over a lot.”

“I like that, but now you have to cheat on me with her rack, just do it and make her feel good,” I made clear before lying back. “Don’t worry, they won’t bite, now ride me step-mommy. We can make a deal to fuck as much as we want; the only condition is that we don’t tell anyone.”

“I can live with that, Erin,” Nina added, placing her palms on Sherri’s head. “Because your fiancé is flawless now. She can be a sweet bitch, instead of a mean one, that makes her perfect along with her nipple licking skills. I mean it, try out small boobs some time if you can, but for now, savor the feel of my big ones here. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Sherri. Just like guys, most of them do take much more joy in big tits than smaller ones. I’m still just saying, chicks with smaller bosoms are still people too, and they like to fuck.”

“Okay, Nina, we’ll check into that.”

“Hey, I might be your step-mom, but I can still give motherly, yet sexual advice, Erin.”

“Dually noted,” I added, moving my figure around.

I made them both rattle around a bit, but I couldn’t get Sherri to move her lips off Nina’s nipple, or Nina’s hands-off Sherri’s head.

I bit down on my bottom lip. ‘Oh, they are getting along perfectly, and she just sees Sherri just as another step-daughter, or just daughter, I don’t know, but I’m happy to see them together like this. Yes, lick and suck that nipple, you arousing woman. After you’re done, you better kiss her and tell her how much she means to you too. She is a fantastic woman and deserves her praise and respect right back.’

“Oh, we must have found your fiancé’s sweet spot. Seeing us together has made her zip her lip.”

“Nina, I love you, but fuck you.”

“You’re already sticking it to me, Erin,” she mentioned, peeking at me. “Now let’s all be quiet and just relish each other. The best sex and intimacy is best when silent.”

“Fine, I love you, Nina.”

“And her too.”

“I love you both, happy?”

She nodded, but then had Sherri move her figure, so she was right over me. Her cunt got directly over my face, and undoubtedly, I helped myself to it. I lifted my head right to it and began licking it for her again.

‘That got her to jiggle so that everyone can thrill everyone. I’ll be quiet, but please my step-mom as I gratify you, Sherri. I’m not marrying you just because of your body, but your sexy new personality too. What’s not to love about a hot chick that loves me and revels in the action of screwing her brand-new fiancé? Of course, your great tasting juice is quite the seller too.’

The whole time, I fondled Nina’s butt, and she moved around rather slowly too. My neck hurt as I kept it upright, so I let it rest from to time, although I still made damn sure to please Sherri the most I could.

I used my tongue to lick her lips and even let it dive into her twat too. All the while, she deposited all of her juice into my mouth. I drank all of it the best I could, but of course, some of it drizzled onto my cheeks.

‘They’re both moaning a bit, so maybe I’m truly wooing them both now. Maybe I’m cocky, but I think it’s happening. I’m moving that dildo in and out of Nina’s pussy and eating out Sherri’s too. What a hot scene, shit, if I didn’t love them before, I certainly do now. Damn it; she was right too, it is still more intimate when we’re muted. They’re still moaning, though.’

After a few more minutes, I had my hands go over to Sherri’s butt. I grasped her butt cheeks hard, but not too hard. She made it slightly more difficult for me to eat her out as she moved her figure around a bit.

‘This comes as no surprise, so I find myself up for a challenge. Go ahead, busty chick, maneuver yourself nonstop as I fuck you. You’ll be keeping me guessing forever, won’t you? How will you feel about people, doing it in different places and a million other things, huh? That’s alright, it comes with the proposal, right? I’m holding you somewhat, and now I do feel your cheeks down here being smoother than ever too. You must get that from your mom; I’ll have to see her naked sometime.’

“Yes, get that other nipple too, Sherri, do it for your soon to be step-mother-in-law. She loves you more and more every second, so you better be good to her too, not just the hot younger female eating you out right now.”

“I will,” Sherri replied.

I giggled somewhat, but failed to stop pleasing Sherri. I pushed my tongue deep inside her beaver, and let it roam around as freely as possible. Needless to say, I knew that took her eye off the nipple licking ball, but she still loved it.

“Oh, fuck, you’re sucking on it now, Sherri. Dare I ask, is Erin pushing you now? We’re having a great threesome now, but do you need to prove you can be just as sexy as her?”

“Maybe something close to that. You’re a MILF, and I’m not just gonna walk into a blow out just because she’s your step-daughter, Nina.”

“I understand, but get your face back between my tits. Prove yourself more sexual than her.”

I couldn’t see the hot action, but I certainly knew Nina made Sherri motorboat her bosoms. By then, I couldn’t even move my torso, they just paralyzed me somewhat, and I also had to lie my head back too.

“Yes, I feel that tongue all over my boobs now, Sherri. Don’t worry; I already know how kinky you were.”

“Duh, now get back to shutting your yap and let me suck your nipple so hard that you have to scream.”

“Okay,” Nina laughed.

As I couldn’t force myself to lick Sherri, I moved my head so I could see her perform her oral magic on Nina. I saw her sucking her cheeks into her mouth, so I knew of the incredible pleasure she gave Nina.

‘Oh, yes, please, your new mom, Sherri, there is nothing to be ashamed of for that. I almost wish she was my real mom so that the connections could be even stronger. Although, I love her nonetheless as my mom, period.’

“Yes, I’m shaking, you two, get up here, Erin.”

They both got off me, and Nina yanked me right up there with her. “You do know how to pick your chicks, Erin. I love you for bringing her into our lives, but now I’m going to taste my own juice,” she announced before lowering herself to the dildo.

“Oh, your step-mom is sucking on your pink schlong now,” Sherri pointed out, coming up behind me. “My only question is, how did you restrain yourself from screwing her earlier? If she were my step-mom, I would’ve been all over her years ago,” she let out, letting her hands on my hooters. “And with these, I don’t know how she resisted you either.”

“It’s because of my ‘X’ factor,” I informed her, turning my head. “This is all because of you, Sherri, and that just makes me love you even more. Even in our eighties, I know we’ll still have a standing date on our bed for me to be in between your legs.”

“While standing, though?”

“No, we’ll be lying down, but I’ll be thrilling you, though.”


“Yes, there is no other woman I’d rather spend the rest of my life with, well, except Nina here. She does have a point, we both love massive jugs, which both of us do have bigger than average tits.”

“What are you saying, you want to have sex with a woman that has smaller melons?”

“Would you be less attracted to me if I had smaller boobs?”

“Honestly, maybe just a tad, it’s like going from banana split ice cream to plain vanilla. One is clearly awesome, while the other is plain and nowhere near as good. You can’t just shove that great tasting ice cream down my throat and then serve up plain vanilla. You already have me addicted, so don’t be mad if I don’t want any vanilla ice cream. I just want my banana split.”

“I won’t, Sherri, you may have all the banana split ice cream you can handle for the rest of your life.”

“Well, the banana split is the superior ice cream, Erin,” Nina added, bringing her face to my rack. “If you ever denied me access to these tits, I’d have to slap you,” she warned me before licking my left nipple. “And I do mean that I love you, but don’t give me banana split ice cream and then take it away, that’s not nice,” she made clear before slathering my nipple.

“I wouldn’t do that to you either, and I can’t possibly judge you for loving sizable breasts. I guess I do know how guys feel, but still, you seem like a better nipple licker than any guy could be.”

Sherri undid the strap on and let it fall off me. “Or finger fucker, right?” she asked, letting her fingers on my slit.

“Damn right, but I still haven’t been with a guy, so it’s unfair to say that, but fuck it anyway, I have my step-mom sucking on my nipple and my fiancé fingering me too. I’m sure if a guy were here, he’d be best at shooting cum, rather than pleasing any of us. I’m still sure a woman knows how to please a woman the best. That’s nothing to be ashamed of either,” I moaned, vibrating a bit.

“It’s not, but just rub any guy’s noses in it though, they don’t like it,” Nina made clear coming up with me. “I’ll still love you even if you do, but try to control yourself,” she suggested before encasing her arms around us and pushing her lips onto mine.

“I’m pretty sure women are better kissers too,” Sherri mentioned, laying a string of kisses on my neck. “And wetter pussies.”

“Guys don’t have them, though, Sherri,” Nina giggled while kissing me.

Our boobs clashed together and rubbed nonstop during our make-out session, so the intimacy rose even more. All the while, my fiancé kept her fingers moving all over my snatch. I surely knew I already had a rock-solid sex life with Sherri, but Nina proved to be sexual steroids, though.

“Is Nina making you extra wet, dear?” Sherri asked, scrubbing my back with her tits. “I feel your juice coming out like a waterfall.”

I nodded once and felt her smooch my shoulder and neck nonstop. All the while, she kept her fingers moving back and forth rather slowly, which made the whole experience even sexier. My entire figure shook, but I surely kept myself up with their help.

I moaned frequently, but that didn’t stop either of them from pleasing me. I certainly had the idea of thrilling Nina as we came in there with her, but plainly enough, she still took her role as the step-mom to be the hero.

Although I just never pictured being the sexual rockstar, she proved herself to be. She caressed my thighs and legs in the process of our long make-out session. I couldn’t even be sure how long it lasted, but I knew it was over ten minutes when our lips parted.

“So, do I have your word, that no matter what happens, if I divorce your dad and you two get married, that I won’t lose you, Erin?” she pleaded, taking my hands in hers. “I can’t bear that, and now that I’ve encountered you most intimately, I will fight tooth and nail to keep you around. So, please don’t cut me out, sweetie.”

“I won’t, Nina,” I sobbed before kissing her. “You’re my rock.”

“I thought I was your rock, Erin,” Sherri pointed out, advancing her jugs on my back again.

“Okay, my pillow, because soft on the inside, sound better?” I inquired, peeking at her.

“Yes,” she responded before kissing me.

“I’m dead serious, Erin, I’m never gonna pop out a baby of my own, so both of you I guess are all I have. I expect to be standing up there on the alter, got it?”

“Yes, step-mommy, and any time you need your pussy eaten because he won’t do it, you know where my bedroom is.”

“You’re engaged though, don’t you want to move out soon?”

“Well, we can still live here while we’re engaged,” I replied, letting my hands on Sherri’s head. “She practically already lives here and keeps clothes here, so I can ask my dad to let her actually move in here. With your help, we got him to accept me, so I think we can get him to agree.”

“Okay, but I’ll have full access to you and your hot fiancé?”

“If you think you can handle us, Nina,” I answered, wrapping my arms around her neck. “If you give us enough time, we will make you love pussy so much, you’ll never want to go back to cock. We will move out sooner, but when we do, you’ll always have an open invitation to come over, whether or not you want to keep your clothes on is up to you. Although, she still wants to experiment with a small tits chick, so we might be tied up that night, we’ll let you know ahead of time.”

“Okay, but for right now, may I feel your lips on my twat again, pretty please, Erin?”

“Let me check with my fiancé first,” I spoke before turning around to Sherri. “Is that alright, Sherri? I don’t need you getting jealous,” I muttered, placing my palms on her butt.

“How about I make a ruling then, if either of you wants to fuck, then do it. Tell me, or don’t, but I just ask one thing in return.”

“You want your own one on one time, too, right?”

“You can read me like a book,” she added, letting her hands on my butt too. “I guess we’re a textbook kinky lesbian couple.”

“I like that, but I still think you should invite your parents to our wedding. They might have two sons, but only one daughter.”

“I’ll invite them, I promise.”

“Good,” I mentioned, lowering myself down.

I grabbed the strap on and had Sherri step into it.

I tightened it and kissed her again. “You have bigger boobs than me,” I pointed out, putting my palms on them. “I guess that makes you the breadwinner here.”

“It doesn’t mean I value you any less,” she made clear, feeling my bosoms too. “Don’t worry, if I ever get the opportunity to do porn, I’ll battle like hell to get you in there with me.”

“That’s all I ask,” I giggled before kissing her again and turning back to Nina. “All prepped and ready for me on the bed with your legs spread out, step-mommy?” I questioned, getting down on my knees in front of her. “You’re an extra classy lady, Nina,” I lauded her, angling myself down to her slit.

“Only for my step-daughter and her fiancé, I don’t give your dad the best ‘Nina,’ I’m just saving myself for you two.”

“Good to know, because that moron clearly doesn’t appreciate you or your beauty, Nina,” I made clear before a pause. “I want to call you ‘Mom,’ but I think that might be too weird. Do you think it would be too close to the ‘I’ word?”

“Maybe, but I want you to be comfortable, though,” Nina responded, leaning up to me and placing her hands on my neck. “Just keep calling me by my first name, and ‘step-mommy,’ Erin. Neither of us is about to forget our relationship,” she reminded me before kissing me again and lying back down. “Now get to your step-mommy’s pussy, and have your way with it as your breathtaking fiancé plows you from behind.”

“Yes, step-mommy,” I whispered before leaning down to her twat with my tongue out there.

“Oh, yes, Erin, if I didn’t already love you, I would have the very second your tongue hit down on my beaver lips down there,” she moaned, plopping her hands on my head.

“I knew I loved her the very first time she ate me out, Nina, she is a diabolic pussy-eater,” Sherri branded me, letting her hands on my butt. “Take this pink dick, Erin, take it in your lubed-up cunt, and I’ll shove it in there deep as you woo Nina again. So, cheat on me as I fuck you, it’ll be such a hot story we’ll remember for the rest of our lives,” she let out, thrusting the dildo in and out rather swiftly. “So, cherish every second of having your sexy step-daughter eat your sweet pussy, Nina. If we could, we’d fuck in here for days. We’d surely let you watch if you needed to, but rest assured, on our honeymoon, we’re going have a lot of alone time naked. We can talk about you, but I can’t have you there. I’m going to be selfish and hog her all to myself. So, I’ll repeat it, embrace feeling her lips and tongue all over your twat right now, because when we’re on our honeymoon, she is going be busy fucking me.”

“I understand, Sherri,” Nina moaned, fondling my head and shaking her head back and forth. “I’d feel the same about her if I was in your position. This pretty piece of heaven knows how to please a woman effortlessly; she’s fucking me perfectly,” she let out before a pause. “I know only a woman can please a woman like this, but shit, having my sexy step-daughter fuck me, what better feeling is there?”

“Nothing, Nina, why do you think I was so anxious to get her in the bedroom that night? Don’t you listen?”

“Oh, shut the fuck up and screw Erin as hard as you can, Sherri,” she whined, moving back and forth. “Holy shit, Erin, you’re an angel. Who the fuck cares if you’re a lesbian? I still love you with all my heart and soul, and I’ll never think of you as just some lady I got forced to live with when I moved in, I won’t ever think that. You’re an amazing woman, and if you want to shake my hand to make this deal final, fine. Getting you between my legs is beyond my wildest dreams, and you’re making me feel better than an angel. Fuck me; I’ll buy your wedding dress, and everything else because I love you. You’re rigging the system now with the best sexual favor in the world, but you win, right alongside with Sherri here. I can talk all I want, Sherri because I loved her first. Maybe you got to screw her first, but I loved her first, haha,” she chuckled.

“Shut the hell up, Nelson Muntz,” Sherri ordered her, pounding my twat.

My mouth came off Nina’s. “Hey, be nice, you two, you’re obviously going to be in each other’s lives for a long time to come because you’re the two most important ladies in my life, so get along,” I commanded them before I began eating her out again.

“Oh, yes, we will, Erin. I’ll go bra and panty shopping with her if you want me to, I’ll even fuck her when we’re alone if you think we’ll get closer that way.”

“No, but thank you for that, step-mommy, now lie back and get your juice to fire.”

Sherri never let up even for a second, and she kept going all out on my pussy. Nevertheless, though, it didn’t distract me from fucking Nina’s snatch like the lesbo pro, I thought I was. I surely knew I wasn’t a porn star, but I sure felt like it being the middle of them.

Sherri grasped my butt nonstop while Nina also scrubbed my head too. As my tongue went further and further into her cunt, I felt her hands pressure my head, which ironically made my tongue go in even more profound.

Although I made sure to fuck in a way that lasted, I unquestionably didn’t lick her clit, but did tease it from time to time. I made sure to do it lightly and back away to ensure I wooed her, but not too much, though.

Even as I did that, I knew Nina would have to burst sooner or later. Although, I still wanted just to keep going as Sherri did for me. Even with all my experience having that exact dildo in my cherry, with every thrust, she reminded me it was going to shrivel up sooner or later.

Nevertheless, with the powerful emotions flying around in the world, we all seemed to be more than encouraged to go all out on each other. I tasted juice nearly like drinking from a water fountain and felt her vibrating more and more with each passing minute.

I grabbed onto both of her thighs and held them as tightly as I could without letting my nails dig into her flesh. Needless to say, it seemed to put more coal in my burning engine to make it more passionate.

“Oh, yes, Erin, suck on those lips, just like that. I feel the suction, and it feels wonderful, so keep going. Drink that juice, as it all flows right into your mouth.”

Evidently, we all seemed to have the passion coming out of the wazoo indeed. I let tears out onto my face, but of course, no one could see them. I still reveled in the motion, though, because they made it happen due to the love and lust.

“Oh, I love those shaking titties, Sherri. If you ever get inseminated, you have to let me see them nude, they’re already nice and big, are they c-cups?”

“Yes, your dirty step-daughter likes big tits, I thought we covered that.”

“Yes, skank, I mean she is going to motorboat the shit out of them when they get bigger. They might turn into D-cups for you know, and your wife will be obsessed with them. That can’t be a bad thing.”

“Yes, and you’re confirming that you’re going to want to see them with your palms, too, right?”

“And maybe my tongue too, because I already want to have my way with them. If they get bigger and flop around, even more, they’re going to drive me nuts. If your wife wants us to get along, you better not bar me from them. That would be vile, Sherri. I’d still love you nonetheless, but still, I wouldn’t like it, and I might have to tell your wife about it.”

Then Sherri leaned down onto me and came to my right ear and even let her hands seek shelter beneath me to grab onto my tits. “Damn, we’re not even married yet, and she is already blackmailing me,” she whispered before a pause. “Although, that’s not distracting you, you’re moving your face back and forth now,” she admired, backing her head away. “Damn, you’re even sexier than Nina thinks you are, woman. You’re the smoothest woman on the planet, physically and mentally. Your mom might be a shallow chick that loves big boobs, but not you; you love mine just the way they are.”

“Oh, fuck you, Sherri, as if you wouldn’t worship her just a little bit more if her melons got a little bigger. If they did, we both know we’ll down on our knees and sucking on them side by side. Are you going to try to convince her that she wouldn’t love that?”

“No, fine, you win, Nina. I concede you’re crafty with your mouth in more ways than one, and this strap on is pressing my beaver and making me weak now. Shit, you two are an explosive duo, aren’t you?” she asked, leaning off me. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you tried this on other ladies before me. Creating the hot scenario where Nina wants to get involved? Wow, you two are something else.”

“Yes, now get back to pounding me already. I’m not about to walk down the aisle knowing that you’re going to half-ass your pleasuring in the bedroom,” I whined, failing to peek at her.

“So, you’re going to be the woman, Erin?” Nina inquired, glancing at me.

“Yes, why do you think she loves my pussy-eating skills so much more?” I questioned before widening my mouth.

“I’m sorry I didn’t put that together, sweet step-daughter,” she moaned, slanting her head back again. “Please forgive me,” she cried as her figure alone felt to be in an earthquake.

Needless to say, I knew all three of us had tears on our faces, but they didn’t make me feel bad, but good in respect of how meaningful our odd relationship was going to be. I surely couldn’t be sure if we’d still be having sex twenty years down the line, but the intimacy seemed to go that way.

‘With every lick of my step-mom’s cunt, rub from her head and the thrust coming from the dildo, we do seem to be granting Nina access into our dup, essentially making us a trio. I have no problem with that as Nina is, in fact, exquisite. Why my dad doesn’t give her the attention she deserves, I have an idea, but this is his loss now,’ I thought before a pause. ‘Fuck it, here you go step-mommy,’ I thought, prior to letting my tongue slither onto her g-spot.

“Oh, you witch, I feel it on my labia, you’re going to make me cum, do it again,” she implored me, pushing my head further onto her twat. “Suck those lips, lick them, and just perform the sexiest action you could do for your step-mommy. Make me shoot your face so Sherri and I can polish it with our tongues.”

I giggled somewhat, but didn’t let my tongue off her pussy. I also didn’t just do it for her right at that second, as I heard those words, she made me embrace the situation even more, which encouraged me, even more, to keep going.

Even as my tongue was aching a bit, I surely didn’t want the sexual adventure to end. So, I kept going and fucked her in only the way a woman could fuck another. My tongue acted as the best and sexiest tool ever to ensure we had the best step-mother/daughter relationship ever.

‘Oh, fuck it again,’ I thought before I let my tongue back onto her clit again.

“Oh, I know that look, Nina, douse your tantalizing step-daughter’s face like a fire hose. It’s hooked to the hydrant, now twist that nozzle and unleash the lady juice,” Sherri pleaded, leaning back on me again. “Take it for both of us, Erin, her MILF juice has gotta be better than mine,” she muttered before I felt the strong wave of her cum blast out on my face.

“Oh, yes, Erin, I love you so much!” Nina yelled, pressuring my face harder on her cherry.

So, she made sure to not only did she drench my face, but also took extra steps to keep the aroma of her cum stuck on it too. I closed my eyes so tight, my eyelids began to hurt, but of course, the emotional spike from the situation made up for it entirely.

I wasn’t sure just how long it all lasted, but it surely seemed like forever. I felt her juice make me a tad uncomfortable as I felt so much of it drizzling on my face, but again the love and lust helped.

“Holy fucking shit, you did not disappoint, Erin,” she groaned, catching her breath.

I rose and brought her up with me. “I never had a single doubt about you, Nina,” I let her know before she allowed her tongue on my face.

“That’s good, Sherri, get in on this action.”

A few seconds later, I had both of them cleaning off my face ever so slowly.

“And tasting all this juice isn’t enough, you two have to feel my up too?”

“It is not a crime,” Sherri pointed out.

We all stayed quiet for a moment as they both had their tongues touch every single square centimeter of my face, along with my forehead and neck. Although, after that minute, I felt someone take both of my hands in hers.

I opened my eyes to see Nina. “Are you crying?”

“Well, again, I just love you, Erin. “I didn’t have a single doubt about you either.”

“Well, to be clear, I meant you being a great step-mom, not a husband. I kind of thought you weren’t the best match for my dad, but for me, though, you were perfect.”

“I’m sorry, you just say ‘Were’?” she giggled.

“You know what I mean, smartass,” I branded, getting close to her and having our boobs clash as I wrapped my arms around her head. “I love you, Nina. Maybe you’re my step-mom, but you’re the only mom I have, and I wouldn’t trade you even for three Sherris.”

“The wedding is off then, bitch,” Sherri mentioned getting behind me and pressing her bosoms on my back.

“Hey, floozy, I’m having a moment here,” I griped, shaking her off a tad.

“You’re lucky I love you,” she brought up before smooching my cheek.

“Holy shit, you’re going to be a handful, Sherri,” Nina said before letting out a deep breath.

“Yes, but I wouldn’t marry her if she wasn’t worth it,” I made clear, letting my right-hand fingers on her slit. “And I wouldn’t make you that deal if I didn’t think you were worth it too, step-mommy. Whenever you need some lesbian action, you know where I live.”

“Anytime I want, Erin?” she pondered, letting her fingers on mine as well.


“Well, we’re still alone, would you and your pretty fiancé mind going another round?”

“I’m always down to fuck a MILF,” Sherri added, pulling Nina to her bosoms. “Now suck on my nipple while Erin does the same,” she let out before I joined them, and she looked at Nina again. “Fine, I’d love to have bigger jugs if it pleased my fiancé, Nina.”

“Was that so hard, Sherri?”

“Shut the fuck up and please me now, Nina. I accept you like the horny MILF that wants to be a lesbian, so you have to accept me for the mean wench I am, got it?”

Despite Sherri’s words, Nina defied her order and came to her face. “As I said, you’re going to be a handful,” she stated again before kissing her and going back to her nipple.

“I guess we never have to go hunting if we ever want to have a threesome, Erin,” she theorized, placing her hands on our heads.

I shook my head no and took Nina’s hand as we gratified Sherri with her as not only my step-mom, but my dazzling and supportive angel.