Fucking Fairies – Peeps Next Door

The two Grotesque stood shoulder to shoulder looking out their window. “Fucking Peeps are moving into the neighborhood. Can you believe fucking Peeps?” Demona commented as she threw her hands up and stomped away from the window and to their bedroom. “Honey it will be fine. We will probably never see them or hear from them. After all, they have […]

Just a Little Closer

Camden approached Rhisha’s bed, feeling vague anxiety prickling deep in his gut. At the same time, he ached with desire for her, and seeing her lithe body revved his pulse with desire. The warring emotions made him run hot with tension inside. As she lay on her back in the bed, she began unbuttoning her shirt, her dark eyes glistening […]

The Panty Thief

Three years ago my husband found a much younger woman and subjected me to the humiliating experience of being replaced by the proverbial trophy wife. We had married very early in life and I was sure that we would spend our golden years together. Although I am in my early 40’s and in very good shape, it seems that his […]

The Panty Perils of Me

When one is in the midst of a series of embarrassing as well as forced exposures it is somewhat difficult to recall where it all began. It seems that my delving back into the workplace resulting in my employment at S&M Investments as written about in A Woman’s Journal has had an added consequence. Not only am I learning a […]