A Trans Girl’s First Tattoo

The door struck a bell as it closed behind us. A loud ‘Ding’ alerted everyone in the tattoo shop if our entry. My hand was clasped with one of Masters. He had big, strong hands, my dainty fingers barely wrapped around one of them.

Master was was 31, with short, black hair and grey eyes. He wore a very standard white t-shirt and black jeans. He stood at 6 foot tall, but with a big, confident presence. That confidence grew to dominance which he exerted over me liberally. While in most public situations and occasionally in intimate private moments, we were boyfriend and trans girlfriend, but in all other scenarios I am his devoted trans sex slave.

I was born a male but now I looked so much more feminine, I came out as trans at 18 and met my Master aged 19, 4 years of being owned by someone who was both supportive and encouraging would have no other result. I had bleach blond hair which fell just above my shoulders, green eyes decorated with thick winged eyeliner and mascara. On my lips I wore bright pink lip gloss that matched my tight, deep cut top that showed a lot of cleavage and highlighted my hormone granted curves. Master had given me D cup breast implants and injections to make my ass bigger for my 21st birthday. I was a lot smaller than Master, I was only 5 foot 5, made 4 inches taller by my black high heels which had a padlock on the straps attached to my ankles. I walked in them better than most women. That was not the only way I was smaller than my Master, he was blessed with a thick 8 inch cock, and my clitty was barely 2 inches when hard. Not that it had the opportunity to since it was locked in a micro sized metal chastity cage at all times. I wore no underwear when in public, so the only cover my caged clitty had was a tiny pair of jean shorts that barely covered my ass. They were tight too, constantly pressing firmly on my tiny balls.

Master led me forward to a counter with a gothic tattoo artist stood behind it. She had long, tied back, black hair, matching black lipstick on her lips and wore a charcoal t-shirt. I looked at the sleeves of tattoos that covered her arms jealously. I had always wanted a tattoo and I had finally earned Master’s approval to get one. We had agreed that I would get 4 black chains, 2 on either side, that would cross my lower back, just above my ass and meet at a black heart shaped padlock with a clear keyhole in the centre. It felt like a sexy idea for me and for Master it was a clear mark to show his ownership of me.

I took a deep breath and said to the goth girl in my high, girly voice. “Hi, I have an appointment with Frank.” My stomach ached with nerves as I spoke, it was more anticipation than anxiety.

She looked up at me, then turned her head to the door at the back wall and shouted. “Frank! You’ve got customers!”

When we agreed for me to get inked, Master introduced me to Frank, a friend of his who happened to run a tattoo shop. He was a little bit taller than Master and thinner, he had lots of tattoos, a nose piecing and a buzz cut. He was a pleasant man and Master gave me permission to encourage his wayward glances at my body. He and Master came to an agreement; I would get a free tattoo, in exchange I had to do something for him.

Frank stepped out of the door and greeted Master with a handshake. “Hey Mark, Ashley. Come to the back room and we can get right to it.”

“Sounds good.” Master replied, I smiled and nodded silently by his side. Frank led us through the door to the back room. It was a lot smaller than the rest of the shop, in the middle there was a large black leather chair laid out flat with 2 matching stools next on either side. There was a door directly in front with a toilet sign on it, but otherwise there was no other way to see into or enter the room. I was thankful for the relative privacy that provided.

“We’ll need to lift your top to get to the area where you want your tattoo Ashley.” Frank smiled at me and gave a knowing wink.

Master’s hand released mine and moved down to my ass. “It’s gonna come off at some point so why not now?” He said, both replying to Frank and ordering me. I looked to him and he nodded. I bit my lip and made eye contact with Frank as I slowly lifted my top, showing my smooth slim tummy before quickly lifting it up all the way. Frank whistled his approval as I let my top fall to the floor.

“Wow,” He took an eyeful of my firm, fake tits then continued. “Wanna lay down and get comfortable? Then we can get started.”

“Okay Frank.” I grinned cheekily and bent over to lay on the flattened chair. Master smacked my ass on the way down, he could not resist doing that at least once each time I showed it off like that.

After I adjusted myself and gave Frank a nod, he put the template of my soon to come tattoo just above my ass then got to work. He and Master got into a conversation, but I was distracted from listening in by the buzz of his tattoo gun. I winced as the previously unknown feeling of the needles rapidly pricking my skin sent it’s way across my body. Soon the pain eased as I got used to it, pain was a shared kink between me and Master so I had a pretty high tolerance. The vibration actually ended up being soothing for me.

An hour later, my first ever tattoo was complete. Master took a picture of it above my ass on his phone and showed me. I smiled and pressed my hips to the chair as my metal cage got tighter. It looked so sexy on me.

I turned my head to look over to Frank. “Thank you, I love it!” I beamed up at him.

“You’re welcome Ashley.” He replied, his hand stroking a large bulge in his jeans. “Though you’re more than welcome to show your appreciation.”

Master patted my hair. “Go on Ashley, be a good girl.” He encouraged me softly, yet firmly.

I obeyed and sat myself up. Frank put his hands on either side of my head and pulled me in for a kiss. He quickly added tongue and his hands moved down to my tits. He grabbed them and squeezed, causing me to moan into his mouth. I felt Master’s eyes on me from behind, and I decided to give him a show. I slipped my hands down to Frank’s crotch and squeezed at his rock hard bulge.

He pulled away from kissing me and sat back. “Get on your knees.”, He commanded, I obeyed, sinking to my knees on the carpet. I positioned myself between his legs and undid his jeans while planting little kisses on his clothed cock. He lifted himself to help me pull them down, he had pulled down his boxers at the same time.

I was greeted by his 7 inch erection, a little thinner than Master’s, but still a big cock nonetheless. My own dick tried to get hard, pressing against it’s metal prison. I moaned and licked up Frank’s cock from his balls to the tip. I did this a few more times before he slapped my face with his cock, leaving a patch of my saliva on my face.

“Go on Ashley, I know you wanna suck my cock.” Frank nodded down at me. I gave his shaft one last long lick before taking it in my mouth most of the way. “She can deepthroat more than that, right Mark.” Frank asked Master, knowing what the answer would be.

“Oh yeah, lots more.” Master chuckled. “Go on girl, show him.” He spoke down to me.

I hummed a quick, “Yes, Master,” and pushed my head all the way down to the base of Frank’s cock. I felt him take a handful of my hair, then he started thrusting his cock against the back of my throat. Even though Master had trained me to take his cock down my throat, I still had my gag reflex. I choked and gagged before Frank released my hair and let me come up for air.

“Sorry sweetie, I get caught up in the moment.” He smirked at me. “You do have an excellent throat though.” He let me breath for a moment then grabbed my hair again and continued fucking my throat. I squirmed, both from the throat fucking and how hard my dick was pushing against my tiny chastity cage.

Soon, Frank released my hair again, I took a moment to catch my breath and went back to sucking his cock. “If her throat’s that good, I can’t wait to feel what her ass is like.” Frank said to Master.

“Go ahead, she loves to be fucked like the slut she is.” Master answered, I felt my face get hotter and my cage get tighter as he said that.

Frank looked down to me. “Do you want my cock in your ass, Ashley?” He asked.

“Yes please Sir, I want your cock in my ass, I need you to fuck me Sir. Please, please, please!” I moaned. Master had trained me to be an eager slut, and it had paid off.

“Okay, okay, if you want it so bad.” Frank laughed. “Take those shorts off, get on the bed and bend over slut.”

I stood up in front of him and pulled down my jean shorts, exposing my locked up dick and tight, plump ass. He hummed with approval as I turned around to show him my tight, pre-lubed hole, Master always demanded it.

“Mmm I like that girl!” Frank grinned as he stood up and bent me over. I looked up at Master, who was watching with a smirk as his friends cock pressed up against my ass. Frank pushed his hips forwards slowly, pressing his cock gradually into me. I moaned and subconsciously pushed my ass back into him, penetrating myself further with his shaft.

Frank took a hold of my hips and gripped tight. “Damn I love how that tat looks. You ready for a fucking?” He asked me.

I looked up to Master again, who knew I was looking for approval. He nodded and I answered. “Yes please Sir, thank you for the tattoo, please fuck me and let me show my appreciation.” I whined, trying to push in more of his cock.

I was answered with a growl and a hard slap on my ass cheek. Frank pushed himself all the way into me. I groaned at the additional size I was taking harder and harder. Frank really didn’t hold back on slamming his large cock deep into my hole, using me like a sex toy.

Master stood up and undid his jeans. “If you’ve got her ass, I’ll just use her mouth.” He remarked to Frank. I lifted my front, my tits coming off the leather bed leaving faint marks of sweat on the surface. Master released his cock and I wrapped my pink lips around it, obeying his silent order. I never resisted when a man pulls his cock out anymore. Master had seen to it that in my training, and I was expected to be his eager, obedient whore.

I found myself being spitroasted by Master and Frank. Master fucked my throat, knowing exactly when I would need to breath and how much I can take. I moaned on his cock and did my best to meet his expectations while Frank was fucking me harder and harder. His cock was twitching inside me and I could tell he was about to cum.

“I’m gonna cum in you Ashley.” Frank growled, he slapped my ass twice before I hummed a reply, which made Master’s cock twitch. He fucked me even harder, violently pushing his cock in my slippery hole, getting as deep as possible until I felt it. The unmistakable warmth of a load of cum unleashed in my ass.

Frank huffed and panted after cumming in me so hard. “Good girl.” Master said to me. I smiled, his cock still in my mouth, and looked up to Master with glazed over eyes. “I’m gonna cum too, be a good girl again and swallow.” He thrust his cock in my mouth and down my throat hard, I choked and gagged until he pulled back a bit. The next thing I knew, Master’s hot load shot onto my tongue and down my throat. He filled my mouth so much I had to swallow twice to get it all down.

Frank pulled his cock out of me and sat down on his stool. “Damn, she’s a great fuck.” He commented to Master.

“Told you she was.” Master replied, running his hand through my hair and taking his softening cock out of my mouth. He caressed my cheek and guided my mouth shut. “Go into the bathroom and sort yourself out sweetie. I’ll make sure to reward you when we get home.”

My dick twitched hard in its cage. Master’s rewards always felt good. I obeyed, standing up, collecting my clothes, and after both Master and Frank slapping my ass, I went into the bathroom. By the time I had dressed back up and redone my makeup, Master was ready to leave. My freshly wrapped lower back tattoo was clearly on show as we left through the front of the tattoo shop.