A Year of the Perfect Wife

“Do you want to cum in your little wifey’s mouth? Come on baby, cum in my mouth, I’ll swallow like a good wife should.” Not your typical banter between a mid thirties married couple, but one that has become SOP in our home since my wife lost her job and decided to focus on… Well, being the ultimate wife, I […]


The two young adult teens were scared. Their hands and feet were bound with zip ties and hoods covered their heads. Tyler and Kathy are both eighteen and were unlucky pawns in a much bigger game of international intrigue and terrorism. Tyler and Kathy went to the same school and lived in a town near a military base and were […]

Darlene’s Plan

We were sitting at the dining room Table. We had just finished dinner when she sprung it on me. “John Carter asked me to have dinner with him tomorrow. He’s been real upset since his mother died and I thought a night of dinner and dancing might cheer him up.” I looked at her stunned. “What the hell Darlene! Have […]

Get Lost

Five months ago, Inge sat in the kitchen with her 20-year-old daughter Annika and her 18-year-old son Bjorn. They were talking about Inge’s husband Harry. Annika asked angrily, “Mother, why are you complaining about dad? You’re acting as a spoiled adolescent. Dad pampers you. You have everything you can wish for yet it’s not good enough. What for Pete’s sake […]

Welcome to the Neighborhood

“Honey, I’m home!” He’d been dying to say that ever since we’d gotten engaged, so it was cute to finally hear. Marco, my husband (I can’t believe I can say that now), came in grinning from his first day at work after our honeymoon in Hawaii. He smelled of manly musk and earth, as he always did after a laborious […]

What The Hell?

I woke with a start. I didn’t even remember falling asleep, actually. Shit. What time is it? Looking at the clock on the fireplace mantle, I saw it was 10:23. Seeing as it was dark outside, the curtains were open allowing me to see outside, I would have to assume that it meant 10:23 PM. Unless, of course, we were […]

Second Life

Most people, when confronted with the failure of their dreams, separate into one of two camps. The ones with good parents, who built up their kids with praise for the good they did, see it as a setback, and picked themselves up and try again. Those with bad parents, those who forgot that it takes ten “attaboys” to cancel out […]

New Year Party

It is New Years Eve and I agreed to take you out to an elegant party. We are taking our shower to get ready to go and I keep trying to play around with you. You tell me to hurry up and take you on the bed, I throw you onto the bed and slide my cock deep into your […]

Homesick Halloween

“Sorry, Ellie. Yeah, I have to. My funding runs out next month and I should be finishing my thesis soon. I’ve got that postdoc position lined up in Barcelona as soon as I submit it, so moving in with my great-aunt for the duration and saving money just makes sense. I’ll be round at Emma’s, most of the time, anyway.” […]

Frank Driver, Private Eye

Rain. Always with the rain. Rain never helped my mood. I turned my collar up against the pinpricks of water that the wind spat onto my neck. It fell back down again, defiant. Time to get a new raincoat. The cold came quickly this year. Here it was, not even October, and the cold had flown into the city like […]