Drinks Invite

She sent him a text to suggest he pop round for drinks, turn up around 12 noon, wear appropriate items beneath his jeans, she did not want him to be outside without the reminder of not being a proper man. It would be nice for them to have a drink together. It was never as simple as that; rarely did […]

The Great Charity Gala

Every year a great charity gala was held in support of the fine arts, this was an unprecedented event in which funds were raised to sponsor the most prominent artists of that locality, as well as the museum of modern art where much of that work would be exhibited for a whole year, many of those works were part of […]

Hot of Darkness

“My GOLLY, t’is true!” Capt. Cumin Side said in glee! The muscular English man in his mid-50s sat at his desk reveling in the request of a lifetime. His jaw was hanging as he stroked his marvelously kempt imperial mustache. He stood from his outdoor desk in the jungle and climbed up the ladder of his jungle fortress. “Imbio!” Captain […]

Paladin’s Trap

“Hurry it up, you morons! You tripped the alarm, and now the cops are going to send one of those asshole Heroes!” I shout at the incompetent buffoons that I paid good money for, the useless lumps dallying as they smash display glass panes and stuff the contents, high-grade jewelry that will make me a pretty penny, into the bags […]

John’s Nurse Transformation

John didn’t think he was a bad person, but he did treat women somewhat badly at times. It just wasn’t a good time for him right now. He was out of a job, and knew he would be kicked out from his apartment soon if he didn’t pay for another month. He couldn’t ask his mother or father, because they […]

The Mask

Kenneth sighed while brushing his hair with his fingers. He had messy and curly dark hair, which he never bothered combing in the morning. He worked at a newspaper company, and the hustle and bustle of the staff running around the room was really stressing him out. The problem was, it had been months since he last got laid, and […]

Supernatural Investigation

A beautiful woman works in homicide as a detective. She has a boyfriend that she doesn’t get to see too often because of her work. She doesn’t believe in supernatural or magic; she believes everything can be explained with logic. Her latest case is a tough one for her. Seven victims found so far. The perpetrators seem to tie the […]

The Order of Eve – The Labor Camp

Men have no rights and need to have female guardians to stay out of “state guardianship”, which means being sent to forced labor camps. Women are encouraged by the Order of Eve, to punish and humiliate their men. If the men fight back or refuse orders they are arrested and sent to the camps. There are random inspections on the […]

Innocence is Bliss

“Alison?” a stern voice called out. “Alison, could you come downstairs?” A concerned father was sitting by a table in the living room, in front of stacks of papers. He reached out for another pile and gazed over the bills once again. It didn’t matter how much he crunched the numbers, their household had no income to spare. Life sometimes […]

Kidnapped At The Farm

“That’s it, take the bait you bastard,” I think as I keep talking to the person on the other end of the line. My name is Blanca and I’m 22 years old. I’m a simple farm girl from New England, and I’m here to bring down the evil that is Cow’s Milk Inc. And I think finally I’ll be able […]