Dorian’s Deal – Jake & Jill

Continuation of Dorian’s Deal, taking place after Caysee’s part.


His sister shut the door behind her, barging in uninvited.

“Who are they?” Tatiana said.

“Who are who?” Dorian said, fearing he knew the answer.

“Those people that made introductions. For that girl you had sex with.”

“I can’t tell you that.”

“Can’t? Or won’t?”

“Can’t. I honestly don’t know.”

For all the talk he’d heard about demons, he really didn’t have a frame of reference for them in real life.

“Well how do I get in contact with them?”

“Oh, god… you want to do it now too, don’t you?”


“No, no, no. Bad idea. Really bad idea. Trust me, it was a bad idea for me.”

“Do you regret it?”

He sighed. “I may live to.”

“But you don’t yet.”

“You got me. I guess I don’t.”

“Then introduce me. It’s my life, I’ll decide what risks I take. You want me hooking up with some random dude in a sex club?”

Shit. Shit, shit, shit. Fuck. And he’d stuck his finger in her, and that gave her leverage with their parents if she chose to accuse him formally.

“Goddammit. This is serious business. I’m out; I got lucky, paid my price, and I’m done. I don’t want back in, and trust me, you don’t want in either.”

But the succubus might be persuaded to pick someone suitable to her needs. If his experience was anything to go by, she was always true to the terms of the agreement, no matter how fucked up those terms were for him.

“That’s for me to decide,” she said stubbornly. “Not some old men in a smokey back room.”

He took a deep breath. “I guess you won’t appreciate what you’re asking until I show you. I can’t tell you, it has to be shown. There’s just no other way. Come to my room at bedtime.”

She smirked. “I’m not blowing you again until I see the goods.”

“That might be the price,” he mumbled under his breath.

“What’s that?”

“Nothing. Thinking out loud. See you later. And… be prepared to provide a serious offer. And entertain one that’s shocking.”

Her eyes flicked down to his crotch. “I’m very ready to… barter harder.”

“You better be. Because she will. And she has no mercy.”


9 PM, on the dot, his door thumped with a knock on the other side. The moon was full, and the scene was set. He was pretty sure every summons made it easier for her to cross over. Someday soon, he might be able to do it anytime, no matter what the stars had to say about it. He stood up, opened the door, and let Tatiana in. She raised an eyebrow at the candles set out on the floor.

“I told you, no extra favors until you deliver,” she said. “No matter what kind of ambiance you set.”

“Keep that competitive edge. You’re going to need it.”

She crossed her arms, watching as he pulled out his lighter, lit the candles, and pulled out the book, and read from it.

“Please. You really had me going there. What kind of nonsense-?”

He glared at her, put his fist silently in her face, just shy of touching her nose. She blanched, took a step back, and let him keep reading. He’d never physically threatened her before; he hoped it was enough to keep her from interrupting him again, getting the incantation wrong, and dooming them both to some horrible fate. He finished the incantation, and all the candles went out at once.

“OK… cute trick,” she said.

Ovidia appeared in the swirl of smoke rising from the candles, a look of pure delight on her face.

“Well, well! I’d despaired of hearing from you again. I see you’ve brought friend. Or is she lover now? How would you say relationship is called, just between us?”

“You know damn well she’s my sister.”

“Sure, but I’ve been gone few… days, is it? See less, with terms of agreement met and sealed.”

“Ovidia, Tatiana. Tatiana, this hellspawn goes by Ovidia.”

“OK, what’s the big deal?” Tatiana said.

“You don’t see her?” Dorian said.

She shook her head.

“Ah, I see how it is. Light candles anew, turn to next page in book, and have her read third line,” Ovidia said.

“You promise this will let her see you, and only that? We are in no further danger?”

“As much as can be promised, in the Land of Mortality.”

Dorian turned the page, and handed the book to her. “Here. Wait a moment, and read the third line on my signal.”

He lit the candles, stepped back, and nodded. She struggled through it, but managed to read the whole thing.

“Close enough,” Ovidia said.

The candles went out again. Tatiana immediately shrieked, ran over to Dorian, and grabbed hold of his arm.

“Oh my god. What is that? Who is that!?”

“Everything all right in there?” their father’s voice came through the door.

“We’re fine! I pinched myself too hard,” Tatiana called back, then turned to Dorian and lowered her voice. “Right?”

“Yep, everything’s fine,” Dorian agreed loudly.

“OK, behave you two. At least it’s good to see you getting along these days,” their dad said.

His footsteps faded, floorboards under the cheap carpet creaking in a receding direction down the hallway back to the living room.

“Greetings, child. Be not afraid,” Ovidia said, smiling innocently.

“Be very, very afraid,” Dorian countered. “You stand in the presence of a succubus.”

“A… what?” she said.

“A demon,” he said. “A very, very old and conniving demon. From the old country, or at least known there.”

“But no harm may come to you, ’til deal is struck,” Ovidia said. “As long as deal is offered.”

“What kind of deal?” Tatiana said.

“A trade. One service, for another.”

“For example, I asked to be able to sleep with a woman I chose. She asked for me to get frisky with a woman she chose, in return.”

Tatiana looked puzzled. “Two women? What did she get out of it?”

“Entertainment, I suppose. You were the woman she chose. I never would have.”

She looked offended. “You wouldn’t!?”

“Hey, look, before all of this started we were just a brother and sister, with our usual fights and non-conformist attitudes. I never looked at you that way.”

Tatiana’s eyes tightened. “What day did you first do this?”

“The day before we… I came in your room. Put my hand over your mouth. You remember.”

She nodded, frowned. “How long have you had the book?”

“Since I was in Europe.”

“And you never did anything from it before then?”

“No. I practiced the pronunciation for a couple weeks before my first summon, that’s it. A couple words at a time, nothing more. Why?”

“Why did you choose me for him?” Tatiana said, stepping boldly forward towards the naked ethereal woman.

“Brother and sister you are. Rare, this is, to witness, even for my kind.”

“That’s it? You’d have asked the same, of any guy that had a sister?”

“Come, offer deal. What does your heart desire? What is worth show of laying with brother as with husband? Dorian knows- much can I give, many doors can I open. Many’s the man I can guide into your păsărică.”

“My… what?”

Ovidia pointed between Tatiana’s legs. Tatiana looked up at Dorian. “What would you ask for now?”

“I wouldn’t. It’s a trap.”

“But you did it before.”

Dorian sighed. “And I was a fool. I thought I could outwit a creature older than the country I live in. I learned my lesson the hard way.”

“Many did worse,” Ovidia said. “Much control you have, knowing what I can offer, to wish to end where you did.”

“I did badly enough,” he said, glowering at the demon.

“Are you saying you regret what we did?” Tatiana hissed at him.

“Don’t tell me this isn’t super screwed up,” Dorian said. “You were worried about your life being over. And yeah, I’m concerned about that possibility, for both of us.”

“But…” She closed herself up, pulling away from him. “It was one of most meaningful moments of my life.”

“Fuck me,” Dorian said reverently. “For real?”

“For real, and for true. Was it not for you?”

He looked away. “Not… the first night.”


“But in the car…”

“At the fair.”

He nodded. “There was something missing, the two women I slept with, and I don’t just mean a call back.”


He caught her eye. “The fair was my payment to this demon for the second woman.”

“So you never really wanted me,” Tatiana fumed.

“You saw how I was when I got out of the car, though.”

Her face softened. “I just had to bring you around.”

He swallowed hard, not wanting to give Ovidia any more satisfaction than he needed to.

“You said something was missing. What’s that?” Tatiana asked.

“Emotional connection. We had physical chemistry, those girls and I, but that was it.”

Tatiana nodded. “I’ll allow that, if you want to continue.”

He gave her a sharp stare. ” ‘Allow’?”

“If we’re going to be together.”

“…we’ll talk about that later,” he said, a hard edge coming into his voice. “We need to make an offer.”

“Again I ask. What would you want now?” Tatiana said, giving him a doe-eyed look.

His lips pressed together hard. “If I had to choose- maybe a threesome.”

Her eyebrows drew together. “You mean, I’m not enough?”

“If I need anything from her, it’s already not going to be you. Apparently I could have you, and I don’t need her for that.”

She looked down demurely. “I guess you’re right.”

She missed his eyes nearly bugging out of his head at that revelation; he’d said it to provoke her into denying it, but she had instead confirmed the incredible truth. He cleared his throat to try to cover it up. “Ahem. So, yeah. It would have to be something seriously big to even tempt me. Something like a threesome.”

“Could you do that? Arrange it, I mean,” Tatiana said.

“For suitable price,” Ovidia purred.

“And what would that be?” Tatiana said.

“You say threesome. Many kinds, there are. You are meaning, yourself and two women, yes?” Ovidia said.

“Correct,” Dorian said.

“What if I want a threesome too?” Tatiana broke in.

Ovidia smiled, an unabashed joy radiating from her. “For you, two men, same time?”


“And once again, nobody else knows,” Dorian said. “On both requests.”

“Price is this. Each of these, man, woman, one other. You choose other. Man, woman, be you and you.” She pointed to Dorian and Tatiana in turn. “And I give you specific task to perform during each, depended on who other person is. More famous person is, more powerful, more I give you to do.”

Tatiana looked at Dorian. “I think she means… I would be one of the two women for your threesome.”

“And I would be one of the men for yours,” Dorian said.

“I think I’d feel better that way,” Tatiana said.

“I can’t believe you’re actually considering this,” Dorian said.

“I can’t believe you’re not,” Tatiana said. “Seriously!? Isn’t that every man’s dream?”

“Not with his sister, I would guess,” Dorian said.

“Come on. Men will bang anything that moves. Didn’t you say as much once?”

“Most men,” Dorian agreed. “I am not most men.”

“But we’ve already come this far,” she said.

“Wait a minute,” Dorian said. “You have wanted me for a little while, haven’t you?”

“Yeeessss,” she said slowly, squinting at him.

“When did that start?”

She pursed her lips, hesitated.

“That’s why you wanted to know when I started this. You weren’t sure it was genuine, if it was her all along making you feel that way,” Dorian accused.

“You’re right,” Tatiana said. “It was last summer, when I saw you at the pool party. There were other guys there, good looking guys. But for some reason my eyes were drawn to you.”

“You fucking knew this entire time,” Dorian said, getting right up in Ovidia’s face. “Didn’t you?”

She blinked once, slowly. Dorian figured she didn’t even need to blink. She was taunting him, revealing nothing.

Dorian turned to face Tatiana. “What if I won’t do it?”

“Could I have my threesome without his?” she asked.

Ovidia nodded. “Price remains.”

Dorian looked over at her. “If I don’t do mine, I’m not doing yours.”

“I think… she can make you,” Tatiana said quietly.

“Nuh uh. Not if I really won’t,” Dorian said. “Tell her.”

Ovidia said nothing. Dorian looked over sharply, saw her grinning like the cat that got the canary.

“Those women you slept with,” Tatiana said. “What happened to them?”

“Nothing. They’re fine, I think. They’re not returning my texts to confirm, but…”

“Probably because they’re confused. They don’t know why they slept with you. They wouldn’t do it again. They wouldn’t even have chosen to do it the first time, if they hadn’t been influenced somehow. Isn’t that right?” Tatiana said to Ovidia.

“Sister is smart. Maybe make deal with Ovidia alone. Better deal, she makes,” the succubus said.

“I’ll sooner burn the book,” Dorian said.

“You can protect it, can’t you? I make you a deal, you protect the book?” Tatiana said.

Ovidia nodded. “The easiest thing. A gift I make of it. No charge.”

“Don’t make me do this without you, Dor. We have something special.” Tatiana sank to her knees, bursting into tears. “I want to live! Really live! Not this pretend existence, just counting the days until I die and go to some heaven neither you or I believe in!”

This wrenched at Dorian worse than anything else she could have done. She could have threatened him injury, telling their parents, his friends – but her tears tore straight into the soft underbelly of his emotional center.

“Tat, what are you thinking? Talk to me.”

“A condition,” she said, pointing at Ovidia. “Another part of our deal, it ends here. If we take this deal, you don’t offer another deal to either one of us, unless the other accepts also.”

“Unprecedented. But much resistance he has to this now. If a deal it will make, then so be it.”

“Dorian, listen to me,” she said, sniffling. “We have so much together. We can have so much more. Do you want to go the rest of your life not knowing what might happen, wondering what you missed out on? I don’t. Think about everyone around here. Can you ever see yourself marrying any of them?”

“Not really,” Dorian said.

“They don’t deserve you. Bunch of hypocritical twats, is what they are. And cheaters, half of them, if what I hear is true.”

“You’re saying we need to move anyway?”

“I think so. At least to the big city.”

“That’s where I met those girls.”

“You see. We can do this. Maybe we can even be happy. If we move out together…”

“Mom and dad will wonder about us. A lot. They might drop by unexpectedly.”

“They have these things called door locks. We can pretend not to be home if we need to.”

“You’re serious. You really want to do that?”

“I think I do. I want a real family, Dorian. If I get pregnant…”

“Don’t you even joke about that.”

“I’m not. I know there are concerns. It couldn’t be yours, directly. The risk of complications is too high. And if they do a paternity test for some reason…”

“They’d take the child away, and throw us in jail. And they’d call you even worse than if they found out about us right now.”

“But Dor… that’s what I want.”

“OK. But if we do that, why do we need her? Why would we still do this?”

“Is it really so much, what she’s asking? We’d be together anyway. It would bring us closer. I feel like nothing could separate us, ever, after that.”

“Except exposure.”

“But she can help with that. She offered us to keep it secret. This way we can be sure. It’s the *only* way we can be sure.”

Dorian put his face in his hands. “Fuuuuuuuuuccccckkkk!” he groaned into his palms. “Give me some time to think about it. Until the end of morning.”

“Agreed,” Ovidia said. “Come, child, go to your room. We discuss further after sun returns.”

Tatiana turned the light out as she left, without another word. Dorian slipped into bed, not even undressing, afraid that he was going to wake up with her lips wrapped around his dick before he had time to wake up enough to put up a defense, and somehow she’d convince him. He certainly wouldn’t put it past the succubus to put her up to such a thing.


He knew the answer as soon as he woke up. There was just no denying it; her tears had burned through his resistance like the strongest acid known to man, and pants or no his defenses had been utterly breached. He heard a quiet knock at his door.

“Come in.”

It was, of course, Tatiana. She slipped in, closed the door and stood by the side of the bed, still silent, just looking at him in the morning light coming in through his window blinds. Ovidia slowly apperated into form in the middle of the room. For a long minute nothing happened.

“Fine,” Dorian croaked out, sitting up.

“Agree?” Ovidia said, extending her hand to Dorian. He reached his hand up, wavering just outside of physical contact.

“Only if she does.”

“Agree?” Ovidia said, extending the other hand to Tatiana.

“Yes.” She reached out decisively, grasping at the succubus’s hand. Dorian reached forward at the same time to shake the hand given to him.

“Excellent,” Ovidia whispered, vanishing into mist with a few final words. “We talk soon. For now, you practice. Then you find others, call Ovidia.”

“…practice?” Dorian said, looking at Tatiana.

“I guess so we know what we’re doing when we get to a threesome. It’d be pretty pathetic to have three people all in a room and nobody knows how to have sex,” Tatiana said.

“That wasn’t part of the deal!” Dorian growled.

“Come on. It’s better this way, and you know it. She’s doing us a favor, really.”

“You know we can’t…” Dorian said.

“Not without protection. I know. I’ll go to the doctor, get an IUD. It’s gonna be OK.”

“Alright. I guess I have until then to wrap my head around this.”

“See you soon, lover brother,” Tatiana said.

“That just sounds soooo wrong,” Dorian groaned, flipping over and face planting in his pillow.


They secretly made plans, and then plans, and then more plans besides. It took her less than a week to get her IUD implanted. The first time they had sex, they went to a concert together in the big city, and got a hotel room. They went back to the room, decided they were too tired for that night, and went to sleep. When he woke up with an erection at midnight, all excuses were gone.

“Last chance to back out,” he said, pressing his dick against her entrance.

“Do it,” she said. “The agreement’s been made, and you know it.”

He fumbled with it for awhile, finally getting it in a bit. It felt good for both of them, but it was tight and rough and scratchy. He came far too soon, but then was able to slide more smoothly, and kept going until she had a soft orgasm.

“I guess we need lube,” Tatiana said.

They slept til morning, and grinned at each other the whole drive home, anticipating the next date they had planned.


The second time they had sex, they did it in the car, like other teenagers often did. They went for a long drive down the country scenic routes, and picked a quiet spot where nobody was likely to bother them, and where nobody nearby should know who they were anyway. They made out in the back seat for awhile, then she worked his belt loose and he clumsily got his pants down. Her skirt was far easier to deal with, only requiring her panties to be removed. She lubed him up and climbed on top. After much poking and prodding, she finally got the right spot.

“See, not as easy as it looks,” he said.

She stuck her tongue out at him, then right down his throat. They tested the suspension for a good half hour before, legs cramping and exhausted, he finally came deep inside her.

“A bed is way better,” she said. “My head kept hitting the ceiling, and the console kept getting in my way.”

“We’ll get it next time,” he said.

“Mmm… next time. I like the sound of that,” she said.

He spent ten minutes cleaning the seat after they got home.


The third time, Tatiana caught him by surprise, throwing his door open on a weekend, bottle of lube in hand.

“They’re gone,” she announced.

“Who, mom and dad?” he said.

“Yep. Out to one of their church committee meetings. They won’t be back until almost bedtime. We’ve got money to order out anything we want.”

She stripped down right in front of him and stood, in all her naked glory, grinning like an idiot. “Well? Aren’t you going to join me?”

He did; he pulled his shirt up while she tore at his pants with a feverish need. She started sucking him off with the pants still around his ankles, before he had a chance to get his socks off.

“God, you’re horny aren’t you?” he said.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this,” she said around his meat.

He was very hard in short order. They moved to the bed, and she laid back and patted the mattress next to her. He lay down and she started slathering him with the lube. He snatched the bottle away and returned the favor.

“That’s going to feel soooo good, don’t you think?” she said.

“Fuck, you’re so juicy and tight,” he said.

“Come on. Stick it in me, brother.”

He shuddered with shock at the impact of those words in his mind. She turned over and got on hands and knees in front of him, looking over her shoulder as he maneuvered behind her.

“It still sounds super wrong.”

“Admit it. That’s why it’s hot.”

“Fuck. Yeah, I guess it is.”

She reached up from beneath, and he reached around from on top, and between the two of them they got lined up with her vaginal canal. It was like being with Emilee, he thought- except, so different. For close to an hour, he later reckoned, he slowly sawed in and out of her, feeling every glorious inch of wet delight gripping his cock so tightly.

“Isn’t there- supposed to be- a barrier to break?” he grunted, finally remembering what he’d heard about a hymen.

“I have a dildo too,” she said. “Haven’t had a maidenhead for months.”

“You really are a horny slut.”

“Oh GOD FUCK FUCK YES YES YEESSSSSS!” she shrieked, triggering his orgasm with her own suddenly.

They sat there, panting for awhile, letting their juices ruin the bedsheets.

“I told you I wanted to get off,” she said, turning and kissing him.

“Well, now I believe it.”

Finally they got dressed and ordered pizza, and put the sheets in the wash, and cuddled on the couch, watching a movie. They ran back to his room and put clothes on when they heard the car in the gravel driveway, then went back and finished the movie. Their parents went right by them and went to bed with just a “goodnight!”


The fourth time they had sex, he climbed on top of her, missionary style, but she used her vibrator on herself at the same time. Neither of them lasted fifteen minutes before coming hard, this time soaking her bed in their juices. But it didn’t end there; he was still hard, and having given up on his resistance to his sister, had now put all his energy in the opposite direction, holding her hands over her head and fucking her as hard and as long as he possibly could. In the end he climbed up and stuck his sopping wet cock in her hands and pulled her head forward with the motion of her stroking until he unloaded, making their combined fluids run out of the corners of her mouth.

“You think we’re ready?” she asked.

“I guess so,” he said.

“Now we just need to find the people we want to join us.”


“But not yet. Hold me.”


Now the search began. It quickly became apparent that there was one overriding principle.

“Who is worthy to be with a couple like us?” she asked, swiping through a bunch of dating app results.

“Not so many,” he said.

“What if we just got a prostitute?” she said.

“Really? Is that what you want? I don’t want some fucking-”

“Dor, it’s not like the movies. Yes, some of them are drug addicts. But there are some that are women just trying to pay for college.”

“That’s strippers. We’re talking full-on crack whore.”

“No, bro, there’s a middle ground, I’ve been doing some research for this. There are women who have sex for money because they love what they do, and they’re making the most of their early adulthood. We’ll have to sort through to find a good one, but think about it – they’re experienced, they have fewer hangups about sex, and since what they do is illegal they have no incentive to tell anyone about us.”

“You’re crazy. Maybe out on the liberal coast those people can be found, but you know where we live. Even the big city is under the shadow of our religion.”

“Trust me. There’s not the same number of those people here, but I’m betting we can find them.”

“And how much are we going to pay for something like this?”

“I don’t know- yet. But I know where to start. The strippers can get us into those circles.”

“I guess we’re going into a strip club, huh?”

“That’s right. Big city, here we come!”


They went to the strip club one Saturday evening. It was packed, and loud.

“I don’t know how we’ll ever get to talk with anyone about this to figure out if they’re the right one!” Dorian yelled over the throbbing bass.

“I think you’re right! This calls for special measures!” Tatiana replied. “I’ll be back!”

She returned half an hour later. “I got a job!”

“What!? You’re-”

“No, not a stripper! Come on, I’ll explain on the way home.”

They went out to the car, Dorian shaking with emotion at the thought of his sister being exposed to the freakiest of the perverted fuckers in the big city.

“I’ll be working the front desk,” she said as soon as the car doors closed.


“This will let me get close to the girls that work there. I can talk to them, ask questions when they’re on break, or when I am.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll use lots of hand sanitizer,” she giggled. “Cash is filthy, you know.”

“So I’ve heard.”

“All those hormones in the air, though. I’m a bit worked up. You wanna play when we get home?”

“Mom and dad are home tonight.”

“I don’t mean AT home. I mean the undeveloped end of the neighborhood.”

“That field by the church cemetery?”

“That’s the one. I’ll give you a private dance.”

“You’re so naughty.”

“And you’re loving it,” she noted, stroking his already-hard cock through his jeans.

There was only internet radio on a tinny little phone speaker, and not much light when they got there, so the dance mainly consisted of their tongues dueling in the moonlight with their shirts off. They checked around for ants, and he stood with his back to a tree with the trunk split low as she sank to her knees in the tall, soft grass. Once she was satisfied with his erection, she traded places and removed her own jeans and let him lick her lips to a musky, dripping mess, then leaned over the lower half of the tree trunk as he entered her from behind. The crickets chirped, and they sang their own song of the night in return, more guttural and emphatic than the casual insect noises. Then, after marking the spot with moisture and fragrance, they started driving home to shower the bark and dirt and sweat off of their skins.

“It sucks we can’t shower together,” she said. “I really want to feel your soapy, smooth skin in the water and make out with you some more.”

“We’d have to move out and get our own place for that,” he said.

“Maybe we should. I’m nineteen, you’re twenty-three. We’ve been at home long enough. Maybe it’s time to go off on our own.”

“Mom and dad are going to have questions about us living together.”

“We need to move far enough away they can’t just drop by. Them, or any of our friends. I want out of this religion. It’s done nothing but prevent me from doing the fun things I want out of life.”

“You’re serious about this? You really want us to move in and… start a life together?”

“Dor, I want a family. A real family. Not one that sticks together because of some old theory of divine right. I mean with members that actually love each other, and want everyone to be happy, no matter what that means for them. That’s what everyone keeps saying a family is, and that’s what I want. But I don’t have that here.”

“Tat, we can’t…”

“I don’t know, I’ve been thinking there might be a way. I mean, we can’t have children we’re both the parents of, biologically. But we can raise them like our own. What if I pretended to be sterile, and got an egg surrogate? You’d be the father in every sense, and we’d raise it after birth. I can get some sperm from the sperm bank, and have a child of mine, and you can act as the father. We can raise them together, and they’ll be healthy.”

“That’s crazy, but-” Dorian said, sounding more thoughtful than outraged. “Maybe it would work. But then they grow up. What then?”

“I have this fantasy. I know this is fucked up. It’s not politically correct AT ALL. But… I can’t help it. I keep thinking, what if I start a family based on absolute love? Where, everybody is welcome for who they are, whatever they want to be, as long as it doesn’t interfere with someone else’s ability to practice their form of love. What if we create a family that is different than anything our ancestors have ever been, by bringing in the best of bloodlines from around the world?”

“You mean like create a whole family of people representing the best of humanity?”

“Think about it. If we had the best of absolutely everything… no one would want to leave. We would be strong, loving, and close. There would be disagreements, but… if we raise all our children with the highest respect for each other, and teach them why the rest of the world is so wrong…”

“I’m impressed. I usually just dream about a chick eating my cum out of another chick’s taint.”

“Don’t make fun of me!” she slapped his shoulder.

“Hey! I’m making fun of me!” Dorian said angrily, swerving a little on the empty road. “I was being vulnerable with you, telling you I feel ashamed that I’m not more sophisticated. I thought I could tell you anything, since you were sharing something very personal to you. And that’s what family is for, right?”

“Oh… you always use that tone on me, so I thought…”

“You thought I’d say something just to hurt you?”

“You remember what high school was like. It wasn’t that long ago.”

“Tat, I know we’re surrounded by people who hate science, people who think a single book has the answers to all of life’s questions, and every word out of their mouth is some knee-jerk reaction. But I’m not like them, even if my skin is the same color as theirs. I don’t know what I am, but don’t lump me in with those idiots.”

“See, that’s kind of what I mean. We could have children with different skin colors, to show we’re different. And if we did it well, if our family grew but stayed together and mingled for enough generations…”

“We’d look distinctive, wouldn’t we? We would be like a whole new race. Not you and me obviously, but our great-great-grandchildren…”

“Yeah, exactly. It sounds ludicrous, so I didn’t want to be the one to say it. You don’t think I’m stupid, thinking about being the mother of a new race, of being better in every way than the small-minded people we grew up around?”

“I think that’s beautiful. It’s hellaciously ambitious for a pair of small-town siblings. But, Tat… as much as I’ve tried to pretend otherwise, and poked at your smallest mistakes, I love you dearly. Even when we’ve fought, you’ve always been my best friend, when I really needed one. And to be perfectly honest, I’m not feeling a calling to be anything but happy, with a family that I love, with my future. This could be the great labor of my life.”

“Even more than video games?” she teased.

“I like my video games, but I don’t consider them to be my destiny. Besides, they make multi-player games. I could play with family.”

“Mmm, speaking of playing, I’m getting hot thinking about this ‘starting a new race’ thing. Should we practice by finding our threesome partners from other races? Also, can I taste my flavors on you before we go inside?”

“Better make it quick. Mom and dad can hear a car in the driveway just as well as we can.”

“Fuck that. Get your pants off, and drive carefully.”

“Oh, shit!”

She leaned over the center console after he slipped his pants and underwear down and planted her lips as far down on his shaft as she could get them. The difficulty of the position dragged out his orgasm, but also made it much more exciting, distracting him from the monotony of the open road and making the trip go by in a flash. He had to turn the air conditioning on to unfog the windows so he could see, and she popped her head up once in awhile, checking their progress as she stroked him with a hand, and redoubled her efforts as they entered their neighborhood, finishing him with a heavy groan.

“Best road trip idea ever,” he gasped as she popped off with an audible smack.

“Kiss me before you turn the car off and the interior lights come on,” she said.

He did, and the world disappeared for a little while.

“It’s gonna be OK, isn’t it?” she said.


He hoped.


His phone rang the following Tuesday. It was his sister.


“Dor. Oh my god. Come meet me at the coffee shop near the club. Start driving into town, I’ll text you the address.”

“Why, what’s up?”

“Just hurry up and meet me here.”

“Alright, alright. I’m putting pants on.”

“Wear your nice shoes.”

“Uh… okay,” he said to the call-ended tone.

He dressed and drove down the freeway, looking up the address she sent him. Less than an hour later, he arrived, parked near his sister’s car, and went inside. Two women, one of them his sister, looked up as he entered. Tatiana waved him over.

“Want a drink?” she said. “Grab one, pumpkin spice is back!”

“Sure,” he said, walking up to the counter and ordering one. They all slipped back outside and walked down the sidewalk at a very slow pace.

“So you’re hosting a party?” the woman said.

Tatiana made a zipping motion looking at Dorian, then tapped her chest. She wanted to do all the talking.

“Jill, thanks so much for coming. Yes, we’re having a very exclusive party, and we want a performer to add some spice to the atmosphere. I like you and I thought you’d be perfect. Isn’t that right, baby? Isn’t she pretty?”

Dorian looked her over. She had very high heels, patterned stockings over well-toned dancer’s calves, a shiny latex skirt and a lacey spaghetti-strap top that showed ample amounts of olive-skinned cleavage, under professionally-styled dark hair with blonde highlights. Her eyes glowed a rich amber as if lit with some deep inner fire.

“Indeed she is,” he replied.

“Don’t worry babe, I’ve seen her dance, she can perform,” Tatiana said, winking, then turned back. “So I just wondered if you, or anyone you know, would be interested in a little side work.”

“I’m up for a party,” Jill said. “Always. This a residential or a business venue?”

“Residential,” Tatiana said, at the same time that Dorian said, “business.”

“We’re, uh, still working out the details on that,” Tatiana said sheepishly.

“Alright, well you get that worked out and get me a date and a time.”

“How much do you charge?” Dorian said.

“Hundred dollars an hour. Two hour minimum.”

“Great! Dorian, since you approve I’ll go ahead and make arrangements with her. Head back and I’ll see you at the house.”

“OK,” he said, walking back to his car for the over-twenty-minute drive back home.

Almost an hour of driving for a ten-minute conversation? What was that about? At least he had a tasty coffee to carry him home.


“So, what did you think?” Tatiana said, coming into his bedroom the next morning. “Would you like her for our third?”

“Well, sure, she’s attractive, but she’s out of my league. You saw her hair. Where’s her family from?”

“She’s a stripper, of course her hair is going to be on point; I think she’s a mix of Indian and Arabic. And the succubus is going to make sure she’s amenable.”

“Sigh. I guess that is what she does. It just feels different when I’m not the only one that made the deal.”

“And you’ve squandered that opportunity. Why didn’t you go bed a rich woman and blackmail her for a bunch of money?”

“Hmm, I guess you’re right.”

“Dor, if we’re going to be together, you need to get used to me being right,” she teased.

“Huh. Well put your money where your mouth is, then. You figure out the time and if you’re right, we’ll make this whole thing happen.”

“Prepare to have your mind blown.”


Saturday night, Tatiana knocked on his door. “It’s time,” she said when he opened it. “She’s on her way.”

“You’re bringing her here? Are you insane!?” he said.

“Ssh! Of course not. I booked a hotel room.”

“Oh, that’s not suspicious. Won’t she get freaked out about a hotel room? She just thinks she’s dancing at a party, right?”

“Look, Ovidia has it covered, OK? Chill.”

He took a deep breath.

“Come on,” she said. “You believe in this, right? She’s always come through before. It’s time to dream big.”

“…OK. Let’s go.”

They got in the car and started driving. Tatiana got on the phone.

“Hey, Jill! Listen, slight change of plans – no, we’re still on for tonight, but we’ve had to move the venue. I just texted the address, can you meet me there? Great, see you soon.”

She directed him how to get to the hotel, and they parked in the lot outside. They went in and checked in with the clerk.

“I bought some sexy things to wear. I hope you don’t mind,” her eyes sparkled mischievously as they waited for the room key.

“I’m looking forward to that,” he grinned back, pecking her on the lips.

They both looked up as the automatic doors opened, and Jill walked in with a small suitcase.

“Yay! I’m sorry about the late notice, I’m so glad you made it!” Tatiana said.

“You got a room?” Jill said.

“Yes, we’re just checking in.”

“Do me a favor. Let me go up and see it real quick before we all go in,” she said.

“Uh… OK,” Tatiana said, handing over one of the card keys.

She went to the elevator, and disappeared for a minute.

“What do you think that’s about?” Dorian said.

“No idea,” Tatiana said. “Maybe she wants to get changed?”

But she had on the same outfit when she came back down, a relatively conservative pair of slacks and a loose t-shirt. She walked up to the counter.

“Hi, excuse me. Yeah, I just went up and looked at the room, it’s actually not going to work for me. Can we change to a different one, with a window facing the other way? Thanks.”

“What’s the matter?” Tatiana said.

“Oh… just call me superstitious,” Jill replied, giggling apologetically.

“Well, you came all this way, I guess we can let you have this,” Tatiana said.

“You don’t mind if I take my two hours up front, do you?” Jill said.

“Not at all, here you go,” Tatiana said, reaching for her purse.

“Oh, wait ’til we get to the room, it’s alright,” Jill said.

“Here you are,” the clerk said. “You’ll be in room 224.”

“Thanks!” Tatiana said, accepting the card. “Come on.”

They all went into the elevator, and Tatiana held Dorian’s hand, smiling at him with a giddy rapture.

“You’re really looking forward to this, aren’t you?” he said.

“Well, sure, I know you are too,” she said, glancing meaningfully down at his crotch.

The elevator dinged and down the hall they went, to the door marked with the numbers 224 on it. Tatiana opened it and let everyone in. Once the door closed, Jill’s face changed to a hard, serious one.

“Alright Tatiana, if that’s even your real name,” she said. “You better come clean with me.”

“Wh- what do you mean?” she said, a shocked expression flashing across her face.

“Look, I ain’t nobody’s fool. This ain’t a party, is it?”

“Well, it could be,” Tatiana replied indignantly.

“Is that so? Where are all the people? When are they arriving? Where’s the food? You got some explaining to do, miss.”

Her shoulders sagged. “Alright, well… nobody’s coming. This is a very exclusive party. Just us two.”

“You an’ ya boyfriend?”


Jill stared at her for a minute.

“You not cops, are ya?”

“No! Oh god, is that why you switched the rooms? You thought there were officers waiting to arrest you?”

“I wanted to make sure there weren’t mics or cameras,” she nodded. “I told you, I been around a little while.”

“Look, I… I want to respect your time. I booked you, I owe you the money for tonight, regardless. So here.” Tatiana tore her purse open and yanked open a wad of bills, pulling some loose roughly and shoving them at Jill.

“Hey now, slow down, sweetie whatchu cryin’ for?”

“I just… I… I really wanted to make this special for Dorian,” she sniffled. “We talked about this and he liked you and-”

“You thought you were going to talk me into a threesome, didn’t you?”

“…yes…” she whimpered.

“Honey girl, you shoulda just told me that up front. I love threesomes!”

Jill’s eyes blazed straight into Dorian’s as they went wide in shock.

“You… do? You don’t think we’re just using you like a street whore?” Tatiana said.

“Girl, I see the chemistry you two got. I know this ain’t no small thing. You really love this man, don’t you?”

“I do,” she nodded.

“See, here an’ I thought at first you were setting me up for a sting. But I still came, because I can tell you’re a sweet girl and I wanted to make sure you weren’t caught up in anything nasty. There’s traffickers out there’ll chew you up and spit you out. I didn’t want that for you. But bringing home some girl candy for your man… that’s a special kind of love, ‘specially in this state. I’m still in, and I’m in all the way. And I’m flattered you chose me, of all the girls at the club.”

“I thought he’d like your eyes, they’re really pretty,” Tatiana giggled.

“Not the first time I’ve heard that. They told me I should use Amber as my stage name, but it was already taken. Come on, let’s go get dressed and fix your makeup, so he can ruin it again, properly this time.”

The two women went into the restroom with the luggage Jill brought, and were gone for several minutes. When they came back out, Dorian couldn’t believe his eyes. His sister was wearing a full bodystocking woven of red lace that made him see her as a woman, not just a girl he lived with, and a strikingly beautiful and mouth-wateringly sexy one at that. Dorian briefly swapped her head in his mind with that of a number of his favorite porn stars, and found the porn stars improved by the substitution of his sister’s body. Jill had on some ridiculously tall pumps, hot-pink latex stockings that ran up to clips on the garter around her waist, and a hot-pink bra under a very tight white tank-top cut off high enough to show the bottom of the bra.

“I think we broke him,” Tatiana cackled.

“Boy, you better get your jaw reattached, if you’re gonna put your tongue up her twat while I’m deep-throating you,” Jill said in a sultry voice. “Come on, let’s get him a little more comfortable, shall we?”

The two women advanced on him, Tatiana bouncing on her toes, and Jill strolling like she owned the place and was preparing to devour him whole. His clothes vanished over the side of the bed quickly.

“Hmm, this work good. You do how she says,” Ovidia said from across the room.

Dorian and Tatiana both snapped their heads to the corner, noticing her for the first time. They looked back at each other, then at Jill.

“What’s the matter? Hear something?” Jill said, walking over to peer out the window, then shutting the curtain. “Don’t get distracted. You know why you’re both here.”

Ovidia gave the two a smug look. “Only summoners can see and hear, you forget? Kiss now, keep mood alive.”

They couldn’t speak to her without being weird with Jill, so Dorian pulled Tatiana close and kissed her hard.

“Right. So, uh…” Dorian said as they came up for air a little while later.

“Listen, this is your first time with a third, right? Let me help you two out,” Jill said. “Tats, you lay back on the bed. Boyfriend, spread your legs and start eating her out. Follow my lead.”

They lined up, Tatiana leaning her head back against a pillow on the headboard, Dorian kneeling in front of her, and Jill lying on her back at the foot of the bed. Dorian started laving his fingers and tongue against her fleshy petals, and Jill snaked up below him and took the head of his cock in her mouth, teasing him with her tongue and tugging him all different directions with the suction attaching her lips around the head.

“Jesus Christ,” Dorian moaned into his sister, feeling her squirm and gasp with him.

“Not every day you get a woman at both ends, huh?” Jill called up.

“Oh god DAMN this is hot!” he said.

“Woah, boy, when’s the last time you nutted?” she said, feeling the hard throb in her hand.


“Tats, we gotta do something here. Loverboy is gonna pop and feel bad about it. What do you say we show him he can go more than once?”


“Good, come around and join me. Adorian, come down here to the foot of the bed.”

“It’s Dorian.”

“I know, and she adores you. You gonna complain about a double blowjob?”

“Oh! No, I am not!”

He eagerly scooted down to the end of the bed and let the two horny women pleasure him. Tatiana took him in her mouth, and Jill took his shaft in one hand, and Tatiana’s head in the other, squeezing and stroking him in tandem while her golden eyes stared him down.

“Oh my god, Tat, I’m gonna…”

Jill pulled Tatiana off, and left him twitching in the wind.

“You wanna come big boy? You wanna paste our faces together?” Jill teased.

“Yeah, Dor. Show us how much you’re enjoying this,” Tatiana added.

“Eeeuuuuurrrrrgggh, that’s not fair!” Dorian howled.

“Come on, give us that first finish,” Jill said, pushing Tatiana back down onto him.

She pulled her back off, then put their faces together right next to each other as Tatiana and Jill both stroked him off right onto both of them at once. Two sexy women looking at him with encouraging smiles on their faces was too much, and he shot several thick strings of cum left, right, and center.

“Mmm… yeah, that feel good?” Jill purred.

“Oh god… oh god… that’s so… fuck me… so hot…”

“Clean me up will you?” Jill said, scooping his sperm off his sister’s face with a finger, while his sister licked it directly from Jill’s skin. Jill laughed as Tatiana licked it from her eyebrow. “Ever think you’d see this day!?”

He shook his head, and his cock surged with new energy as he watched the spectacularly good-looking women consume his seed.

“And look at that! I think he’s ready for round two,” Jill said.

“Not going soft on me, are you?” Tatiana winked at him.

“No fucking way,” he answered, taking her by the hand and pulling her onto the bed.

“Meep!” she said, laughing at his sudden boldness.

“Woah there cowboy, why don’t you sampled the buffet before you fill your plate?” Jill said, climbing right up next to Tatiana and spreading her legs, putting one of them over hers so that they had their wet pussies exposed to him in close proximity. He accepted the invitation to switch back and forth, planting his tongue and fingers on and in them, comparing flavors.

“Now the real question is, which of us do you want to creampie, and which of us do you want to eat it?” Tatiana said.

“Oh honey, he doesn’t have to choose. Trust me, we’ll get him good to go for round three.”

“Why don’t you have a taste of Jill first, then? You can come in her and watch me eat you out of her, and then you can fill me up and kiss me while she cleans me.”

“Fuuuuck yes, let’s do it,” Dorian said, accepting Jill’s invitation to stand by the side of the bed while she draped one leg off and put the other up over his shoulder as he entered her.

“Grab that vibe and come play with my tits dear, I can see he loves these moneymakers,” Jill said.

Tatiana curled up next to her and put her arm across to squeeze and stroke and gently shake Jill’s breasts as they jiggled with Dorian’s thrusts. Jill held a small vibrator wrapped around her finger and put it against her clit. He could feel the buzzing in his cock, and it wasn’t too long before he was shooting another load right inside the dark-skinned woman’s cunt as she had orgasm after orgasm on him as well.

“Dor, I think you’ve worked hard enough for this. Lay back and let me take care of you,” Tatiana said.

He lay in the middle of the bed after his sister made a show of tongue-bathing Jill’s snatch, and Jill sucked him hard again while Tatiana kissed him lovingly.

“Do you like my boobs too?” Tatiana said.

“Yes sis, I do,” he said quietly, running the syllables together so that it just sounded like a long yes, or a stutter.

Her eyes opened wide, mouth forming a perfect O shape at his brazen confession. Her eyes dipped vaguely in Jill’s direction; he grinned in response.

“You’re so bad,” she whispered through gritted teeth.

“I’m also hard about it,” he whispered back, then used his full voice. “I think I’m ready, go ahead and climb on top.”

She straddled him, leaned forward to present her breasts to him, which he was happy to rub his face on and nibble and suck.

“Keep doing that, I’ll handle the angle of insertion,” Jill said, stroking him gently and petting Tatiana’s mound as well. A sudden wetness told of a little extra lube being applied by Jill’s deft fingers, slipping up and down his length and in and out of Tatiana’s well-lubricated canal, adding a bit of viscosity to the wetness that made it feel like their flesh was not so much gliding past as it was merging together.

“Oh, gods… she’s getting us ready for each other. Isn’t that so sexy?” Tatiana said.

“That is a new level of amazing. Jill, I think we might name our first child after you.”

“Hah! Use my real name if you do,” she replied.

They all ignored the fact that she didn’t provide that real name, as Tatiana rocked further and further back, and Jill tilted him further and further forward to line up so that, as his sister pulled back even more, he rammed home right inside as if they’d been doing it for several minutes already.

“Holy fuck Tat, you feel so good,” Dorian groaned.

“So do you, Dor,” she purred. “Ready to give me the rest of your cum?”

He looked over at Ovidia, who was staring unblinking at the scene before her, enraptured.

“Is it possible to do that? Just release everything you’ve got left?” Tatiana asked, following his eyes over to the silent observer.

The succubus nodded, clapping her hands in silent joy. Tatiana continued grinding down further until he was fully seated inside her, straining to push further or grow harder, but not able to do so, being already at full capacity and depth.

“Lift up, you’re gonna like this,” Jill suggested, giving Tatiana a playful slap on the ass.

She squeaked, and pushed up towards Dorian and kissed him some more, sitting high with just the tip inside her. Jill stroked his dick a little more, than pushed down on Tatiana’s ass, gripping her brother’s penis at the same time, pressing it up hard into her g-spot.

“Ohhh, god you feel so good in me,” Tatiana moaned.

“Holy fuck that is so good,” Dorian agreed, loving the feeling of Jill’s hands gently massaging his balls at the same time as twisting around his shaft as Tatiana bore down on him.

“I think he’s getting close. Anything special for the big finish, stud? Want me to squeeze your nuts when you start to come?” Jill purred at him, peeking around his sister.

“Yes please,” he said.

Jill gripped Tatiana’s ass cheeks and urged her to go harder, faster, slapping and pinching her to goad her further.

“Oh god I’m gonna-!” he choked out before yelling wordlessly at the top of his lungs as Jill took a firm grip of his scrotum and coaxed every last drop out into Tatiana’s womb.

Dorian and Tatiana lay tangled together, panting heavily, oblivious to the world: cars on the nearby freeway, owls hooting, and the thud of the hotel room door as Jill quietly made her exit, leaving the two lovers to sink from a daze to a deep sleep, forgetting all their troubles for a few short hours.


“So… that happened,” Dorian said as Tatiana kissed him good morning.

“Mmm… so it did, lover. Was it everything you hoped for?”

“And then some. You were amazing.”

“So was she, don’t you think?”

“Oh, definitely. Ovidia didn’t even say much the whole time.”

“I guess she approved of who we chose.”

“Yeah. So it’s your turn now.”

“Are you OK with this? Sharing me with another man?”

“I have to be, don’t I? She’ll make me if I don’t go along with it.”

“But we have some time to think about it. I mean… she didn’t give us a deadline.”

“Would you be OK waiting for me? This was what you wanted. It was your idea.”

“You were the one that brought up threesomes. I wanted you to understand I have needs too, and to spend more time with you, and how better than to take it one step further and ask for my own threesome?”

“Do you really even want it, then?”

“…is it OK if I do? I mean, we still have to.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

“I wouldn’t have asked for it if I didn’t. I could have asked for something else.”

Dorian sighed. “Are you sure about that? You’ve always been competitive. You went and dug up our parents’ file of my report cards and showed it off every time you got a better grade than I had in the same class.”

“I had to prove to mom and dad that I was worth more than just a housewife, that I could have a real career. You know they’ve been grooming you as the next head-of-household. I want children in my life, but I want to be appreciated as a whole person, not just a host to the next generation. I want to be loved for everything that I am, not just a prop in a man’s household. I guess I never realized that was what I was doing until just now, but it’s how I feel.”

“Damn. That’s what this religion has been doing to you this whole time, I never thought about it like that. You’re right, we’ve got to get the fuck out of this place. But I think we’d better see this through first.”

“So how do you want to do this?”

“How about this. We make a profile for you on a dating app. You let me screen the guys for fucktards, and you chat with them a bit, make the final selection yourself.”

“Let’s try it.”

Tatiana stopped showing up at work, since their father kept bugging her to reveal the restaurant she said she worked at, wanting to make a reservation.

“I’ll be your best tipper!” he’d joked, but there was no way he was finding out she worked at a strip club, so she decided not to go back. Jill had been friendly but kind of distant about it; clearly their shared experience hadn’t meant to her what it had meant to Tatiana.

The two siblings made a profile, put up pictures, and said nothing at all in the text section aside from a disclaimer that it might take several days to hear back from her. This felt weird to Dorian, since they had a specific objective in mind, but Tatiana was adamant that they would find someone based on the cold approach, who had the right attitude. As an aspiring model, Tatiana had a ton of pictures to choose from, and they added only one that was risque, a tasteful lingerie shot that didn’t show her face, but still had a bunch of her lovely flesh exposed. Predictably, the messages filled her inbox, and among the crude invitations to get clubbed over the head and dragged back to a cave, there were a few men who approached with tact, or respect, or humor. These he left in the inbox and handed it over to her to let her discuss. The first few weeks she shot them all down. Then she only shot down most of them, and continued talking to a small handful. One month later…

“I’ve decided,” Tatiana announced.

“Oh, you found someone?” Dorian said, beginning to feel relieved.

“He’s very sweet. I like him.”

“OK. You gonna go out on a date?”

“Well, that’s not really the point, is it?”

“…isn’t it? I mean, you’re about to have sex with him, you’re not interested in getting to know him a little first? Make sure he’s the right guy?”

“Yeah. I guess I’m just scared if I look too close I’ll discover I don’t like him after all. We’ve waited so long already. And I just have to like him a little bit, I’m not trying to fall in love.”

“Well we need to explain what he’s getting into here. We can’t just invite him over and be like, ‘surprise! You’re the other man’. I guarantee you that’s going to be awkward for somebody. Either he’s gonna be freaked out, or he’s gonna think he can steal you from me and I’m gonna be freaked out.”

“Oh. I didn’t think about that. I don’t want you to freak out, Dor. I want you to fill my inbox with YOUR envelope.”

Dorian grinned. “It’s a date!”


They met up for drinks at a bar, Tatiana spying the well-dressed man with indigenous features before Dorian did. “Here, let me meet him by myself first. I’ll call you over in a minute.”

It turned out to be more like ten, but the guy was surprisingly cool and understanding after Tatiana called Dorian over to the table.

“So Jake, I want to introduce you to someone. This is my boyfriend, Dorian.”

“Hey Dorian… uhm, I think I might be at the wrong table, actually.”

Dorian shook his head. “You’re not. Tatiana set up a profile to meet a guy and have some fun. She let me have a threesome, so I’m returning the favor.”

“Oh, fuck- excuse my language, I wasn’t expecting that. Uh, how long you two been together?” he said. “You seem really comfortable around each other, even talking to me about this.”

“It feels like forever,” Tatiana laughed. “Really just a few months.”

“We’ve certainly bonded a lot, we have a very similar background.”

“I know. You get me, it’s like we’ve known each other our whole lives.”

“I’m so jealous, man, but I’m happy for you. So that’s why I’m here? You want me to play stunt cock on a new adventure?” Jake said.

“That’s about the size of it. She’s the boss tonight. You cool with that?” Dorian said.

“Man, this is wild. I never thought I’d be that guy, you know? But then again, I didn’t think it would be quite like this, either. I figured the chicks that want that all just grab a guy on the dance floor and drag him off somewhere and nobody gets a name.”

Tatiana said, “There’s a few I’m sure, but I bet women would be more into threesomes if they got to feel pampered by the experience. We’re emotionally-driven creatures, you know.”

“I get that. And it’s the last thing I would have expected out in these parts, you know,” Jake said.

“I know what you mean,” Dorian said. “We grew up in the Faith. But I don’t think we’ll be around much longer.”

“Well, best of luck to you both. It’s nice to see some open-minded people for a change.”

“Thanks,” Tatiana said. “Shall we have a drink? Just one.”

“Alright, sounds good,” Jake said.

“You can buy mine, if it helps make it feel like a normal date,” Tatiana said, leaning over with a wicked grin and letting Jake get an eyefull of cleavage under her low-cut top.

Jake laughed. “Sure, alright.”

He left, and Dorian went for his own drink after the guy came back, so as not to leave Tatiana alone. She was dressed rather provocatively, and was getting a lot of looks; it was like blood in the water in a shark tank and he hadn’t wanted her to be harassed for lack of companionship. They all chattered nervously over their drinks and finished them relatively quickly.

“Here’s the hotel we’ve booked,” Dorian said to Jake, slipping him the card with the address, then turned to his sister. “You wanna ride with him and I’ll meet you there?”

“You sure? You trust him?” Tatiana said.

Dorian put on his best overprotective-father face and country drawl. “You have her back by midnight, son. And you keep your filthy paws off. I find out you’ve soiled my little girl’s honor, I’ll load up Bessy and come faaaaahnd yew.”

“Oh my god!” Tatiana giggled, leaning into Jake.

“Alright, I get it,” Jake grinned. “No party until you get there. Don’t worry. We’ll drive safe.”

Jake had a nice sports car and did a couple launches in it, showing off, but never tried to leave Dorian behind or got too crazy. There were only a few stoplights between the bar and the hotel, and Dorian was only a minute behind, watching them walk in together to the hotel lobby as he parked. He smiled at his sister’s obvious excitement, he wasn’t sure he’d ever seen her look so alive. He missed their elevator and caught the next one, already carrying the second key card. When he got there, Jake was wearing a little lipstick on different parts of his face.

“Please don’t kill me. She attacked me in the elevator,” he said.

“Everything’s fine, right sweetie?” She said, eyes shining with arousal and intoxication.

“Note to self, tequila makes you bold,” Dorian chuckled.

Jake relaxed and let Tatiana make out with him, then got a little bold himself, grabbing her breasts and her ass.

“Mmm. I’m the boss you said, right? I want to see some man candy! Get naked!” Tatiana announced.

Jake and Dorian looked away from each other a little nervously and stripped down. She crooked a finger at both of them and sat on a corner of the bed, pulling them both close.

“Hey! Don’t make it weird, make it awesome,” she ordered. “This is all about me, and don’t you forget it.”

Jake and Dorian looked at each other, shrugged, and let all the awkwardness go.

“Whatever the lady wishes,” Jake said, sinking to one knee and trailing kisses up her arm.

“This is how you please a woman,” Tatiana sassed Dorian. “Are you taking notes?”

Dorian stepped forward boldly, slipped his hand behind her head, and kissed her possessively. “I’m taking something!”

“Mmm!” she moaned into Dorian’s mouth as Jake reached her neck, then worked his way down her chest, lightly flicking her nipples with his tongue, and dragging his fingertips down her thigh. She shuddered, and the room started to smell of her natural fragrance over top of the small bit of perfume she’d put on.

“Get up, let me see what my treats are like tonight,” she said, stroking Dorian’s cock from half to full mast.

Jake stood up next to her on the other side, and she stroked the two cocks with both hands, biting her lip and looking up at both of them expectantly, her pale brother on one side, and the dark-skinned fit and outdoorsy Jake on the other.

“Lemme have a taste first,” she said, sinking to her knees. She sucked Jake first, then stopped abruptly. “Oh! I forgot I have another surprise.”

She pawed through her tiny purse and withdrew a couple of small bottles, throwing one to the bed and hold the other two up. “I’m dreaming of strawberry-banana. Gentlemen, make my dreams come true,” she said, handing strawberry-flavored lube to Jake, and banana-flavored lube to Dorian.

“Tat, you’re so naughty,” Dorian said, then turned to Jake. “Can you believe this is our first time doing this with another man?”

“Put a ring on this one. Seriously,” Jake said.

“You sure you can keep up with me? Do I need some side-cock on standby?” she teased. “I think I know someone who’d be willing to volunteer.”

“Hah! We’ll see about that,” Dorian said. “Would you though?”

“If it’s anything like this, you bet,” Jake said.

The two men slathered up in their respective lubes, and Tatiana sampled them both, back and forth, at length.

“I’m such a lucky girl tonight,” she sighed.

“Working for you, is it?” Jake said.

“Come here and see what you’ve done to me,” she said, pulling herself back onto the bed and laying back. “Dor, come kiss me and give me some more of that banana.”

Dorian put a little more lube on as he kissed her and then she turned her head to suck him as Jake went down on her. She squeaked and moaned, driving Dorian wild with the sensations of her mouth vibrating on his dick. He flicked her nipples with a finger, squeezing her breasts gently as she shook with small lightning strikes of pleasure from her clit. She slapped Dorian’s thigh, turning her head back towards Jake.

“I’m ready,” she said. “Get me limbered up. No more artificial flavors,” she added, pointing at the final bottle of lube on the bed.

Tatiana laid back with her head hanging off the edge of the bed, steadying Jake and controlling his penetration of her mouth with both hands. Dorian applied more lube to himself and slipped a finger in her. She was definitely ready. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders to help hold him up, and started pushing into her, both men shaking the bed and her with their movements. Dorian was mesmerized by the shaking of her breasts in all directions, the deep moans and the bright red flush of her skin, contrasted against the native man’s darker skin and nearly-hairless body. She pushed Jake away, and dropped her legs to either side of Dorian to sit up, pushing him back for a moment.

“Lube up, Jake! Time for a position change,” she announced.

Dorian saw something out of the corner of his eye and spied Ovidia floating just off the floor, gesturing at Tatiana. Jake grabbed the bottle of lube and applied it, and took his place behind Tatiana who was now on all fours. The succubus saw Dorian staring and winked, waving her hands like a classical conducter. Dorian coughed to cover up a snort, turning back to Tatiana who had a goofy grin on her face and looked like she was trying hard not to laugh. She shook with pleasure instead as Jake wasted no time slipping inside of her from behind. She opened her mouth to accept her brother’s dick, and he stepped forward to give it to her.

“Give her short minute. Let her taste herself, then pull out and kneel,” Ovidia said.

Dorian tried to resist looking over his shoulder at the succubus, knowing that Jake couldn’t see her; he barely caught a glimpse of her moving closer just behind him. Tatiana looked up at him every once in awhile as she tried valiantly to take two cocks to the hilt at once, leaving a trail of spit down to the base of his penis. He enjoyed the decadence of it, and his sister’s eager, if inexperienced, active participation.

In the back of his mind, Dorian finally embraced what had been unthinkable. This was what he’d been missing, and had truly hoped to find when he summoned the succubus; Emilee and Casee had participated in sexual activity, but some part in the back of his mind knew that they never would have agreed under normal circumstances; not only ghosting but going back on the promise to fix his car had demonstrated that well enough. Without a demon distorting some part of the fabric of reality, however small that was, he never would have slept with them and hadn’t the beginning of a prayer of scoring them for a long-term relationship. Tatiana was- well, she was the goofy child he had known growing up, watching her stumble her way through the same morass of social lessons and uncomfortable self-reflection he had endured four years ahead, and always hated seeing those lessons unlearned and mercilessly antagonized her into personal growth. But she was also the only woman, nay of any *person* in the world, she was the one who understood him best. And she not only accepted his sexual urges, she shared them on a level that hadn’t fully been tested yet. Here they were, the two of them engaged in what was far outside the experience, if not the desire, of most of the people they had grown up around, and passionately embracing the moment. A simple fuck was the pinnacle of what Dorian could hope for with most women, but merely the tip of the iceberg of what Tatiana was willing to offer. How far she would go was a question they still needed to discuss, but as he watched the drool dripping off his shaft to the hotel floor, he couldn’t imagine finding wife material that could top it. Somehow, Ovidia had known what he needed, and through some dark miracle arranged for him to have it, in spite of his whole-hearted opposition.

“On your knees,” the succubus said to him. “Touch her. Reassure her of your love.”

He pulled out and knelt, looking her right in the eye, the distance between them cutting in half briefly again and again as Tatiana took another thrust from the man penetrating her core.

“I love you, Tat,” he said, reaching up and stroking her face. He put a hand on her shoulder and helped push her back into meeting Jake’s assault.

“Oh my god… Dor I can’t believe this… it’s a dream come true… you’re the best… the best br- the best man I’ve ever had. Fuck. Fuck! Pound me you lovely brute! Let my man see me cum all over you. Let me show him the gift he’s given me. I’m yours forever, Dor. I love you. I love you I love you I LOVE OH MY GODDDDD EYYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed, eyes rolling up in her head, climaxing in waves that just kept coming as the man behind her pounded away. Each push came with it a new shriek of pleasure until her voice went hoarse and her face collapsed to the bed, drooling. Jake finally took a hint and pulled out, splattering her ass cheeks and lower back with his sperm.

The moment dragged on, becoming awkward for Jake, when he didn’t get any reaction from either of them, just staring into each others’ eyes as if he wasn’t there. He put on his clothes and left, looking a little hurt, or perhaps envious.

“Your turn,” she whispered to Dorian.

“Are you sure you don’t want a minute?”

“No. Not another second. Take me now, Dor. Like you mean it. Like you’ll never let me go.”

Jake had his fun, but Tatiana still had the IUD in. His sperm was not going to produce a child tonight; it had no place inside his sister. The best way to get rid of it- well that would be, fucking it straight out himself. Dorian slapped her ass, sending a dribble of Jake’s cum running up towards her spine, and stuffed her juicy hole full of himself. Adding a little more lube to get the consistency just right, he pounded at her, making sure her fluids gushed all over the bed, washing out all trace of the man who’d just been there. Right now, in the moment, she was his.

“My sister. My woman. The mother of my children,” he said, roaring with conviction. “You hear me!?”

He leaned forward and pulled her head up from the bed. She still couldn’t speak, but she whispered the words and did her best to nod, despite the firm grip he had in her hair. “All yours! I’m yours, yes!”

“We cannot marry, but the bond we share no man can break!” he declared. “Til death do us part!”

“I accept… take me… make me yours… forever…”

“I do so witness,” Ovidia intoned, the plain red glow in her eyes transforming into a blue-white fire jetting out of her eye sockets. “Breed her, and consummate this union. Seal my blessing.”

Brother and sister stared at her in awe, but made no effort to stop what they were doing. If anything, Tatiana gripped his hips with a renewed vigor, and he slammed into her with a loud slap that he was sure the rooms on either side could hear. His cum came in shots, firing hot and hard as Dorian thrust in, and tapering off as he pulled back, feeling like it went on forever, and clumped on the edges of her labia and hung like a second sack from his scrotum, waiting for gravity to wrest it away into the giant wet patch on the bed. The seed stopped flowing well before his cock stopped twitching inside of her, and the wet sounds of them grinding together went on for many minutes before he pulled out with a growl, making her gasp, and pulling her back close to him, their faces inches apart on the pillows facing each other. Their breaths mingled and they stared at each other in the faint light leaking in through the window from the parking lot. Naked, glistening with sweat, and too hot to think about pulling the blanket on top, they fell asleep.