Three Bears

It was another Friday night with me sitting at the far end of Gleason’s Grocery Store parking lot eating salted in the shell peanuts throwing the shucks into a bucket on the passenger side floor. The “cool” kids of our small Appalachian town all drove trucks jacked up with big tires and names like Ram or Silverado with 3″ tailpipes […]

Reliable Reg

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. Most of my friends think I’m a boring nerd, and my girlfriend Clarissa is seen as nearly as bad. We are both junior finance officers working for the local council and […]

My Life With Vince

I felt like my world was coming apart. The loss of my intimate relationship with Gianna a month earlier was devastating, but I’d seen that one coming. Even though we’d been together for a year and a half, we’d been subtly drifting apart since her graduation. She’d gotten closer to her boyfriend, Tim, and I went from being a third […]

The Gift

Elaine looked across the restaurant table at the man talking to her. His name was Jamie and he was in the process of explaining to her the reasons that his family had moved from London’s East End to Australia. Brisbane, Queensland to be more specific. She wasn’t really listening to the words, but was beginning to be captivated by his […]

Isolated Together

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” Shannon threw his headset down on the desk for a moment, let out an exasperated sigh, and then put them back on. “Goddammit.” It was a good thing everyone except the director was muted in the Skype meeting. The handful of other people in the office were swearing, too. “Effective close of […]

Fighting Back

“And you normally just pop by, sort of a surprise inspection?” There was a smile on my face and I was trying to hide my exasperation. “If you had let us know that you were planning on coming by, we could have someone on hand to answer any questions and walk you through everything.” “Yes, ma’am, but we don’t really […]

A Gladiator who Killed an Emperor

Emperor Pertinax, year 182, one week after Emperor Commodus’s assassination When Augustus ascended to the throne and declared himself emperor of Rome, establishing Pax Romana, he and his successors became living gods. More powerful than Jupiter himself, the Emperor never bleed while within the walls of the Eternal City. That is until a former bestiarius (gladiator) struck down god himself […]

The Distraction

Edward Kim looked around his office. It was furnished with a large wooden table and several wooden chairs. Typical furniture found in any university library. On one wall there was a whiteboard, and on the opposite wall was the door to the room. It was made of glass and anyone walking by could easily see inside. A fact of which […]

Three Men Who Get a Lot of Pussy

We’ve all seen statistics about a few dozen old men having more wealth than the bottom 95% of the people in the world put together. That really shows two things: a few people have literally inconceivable weath, while a literally inconceivable number of people have nothing or even less than nothing. Obviously not everyone loves this situation, and since a […]

Silent Weeks Sequel

After realizing that I had just moved forward and kissed her, I took a second to enjoy it before becoming self-conscious enough to pull back. I doubted that she would have been offended by it, but, to my pleasant surprise, I opened my eyes to see a rather large smile. Since there was only ambient morning sunlight, I couldn’t tell […]