You Forgot Something

When he saw her for the first time, he made sure he spoke to her. He could remember after the fact the number of buttons that were not latched into their holes at the top of her shirt. Today it was two. Her chest was exposed, and you could see the straps of a harness through a mesh top that […]

At The Bar

On the deck outside the bar, a lamp flickers and hums with a low-pitched whine, flocked by several moths. You are standing in a quiet corner of the deck. The wooden fence skirting around it smells of spattered alcohol and cigarette stubs. Leant against it with your ass in the air, you and your companion are shrouded in shadow away […]

Butthole Diplomacy

The bitter war between the kingdoms of Sadrios and Jorya had raged for five years. Neither side could make significant progress in gaining a decisive advantage that could break the stalemate that had devastated the border regions of both nations. The invasion of both nations by Tarop, the mutual eastern neighbor of Sadrios and Jorya that was as powerful as […]

Eric and Sarah

Eric rolled off Sarah, panting, enjoying the final shivers of pleasure, her hands digging into his back a moment before he rolled off. Making love to Sarah was the best, he loved her dearly and every time his cock was inside her the rest of the world disappeared. All that existed was the 2 of them. Sarah gave him a […]

My First Female Anal Partner

The beautiful woman that I was married to the first time, was a very horny tramp in the bedroom. We could fuck any time of the day at the drop of a hat. We were both ready. Any time. One day during a blow job before fuck session, I asked her to insert a finger into my ass. I handed […]

Led Astray by her Butt

This happened a few years back at work. M had just moved to help my department out to hire some new talent for my team. She was in her early 30s, professional, efficient, wore well fitting clothes but nothing revealing. I’m a regular dude, early 40s, married, with kids, and had never strayed out of my marriage. But I was […]

Topless Cleaning Services

I was board one evening while half watching a bad tv show I was on Craigslist. Just looking at different services people were advertising. I came across one that caught my eye. Topless house cleaning. All it had was an email address. Being single, after 28 years of marriage, I had left the house go a bit. Not bad, but […]

Revenge Sex

I wish i could just ignore him like he does to me, but he is seriously sexy and knows all the right words to get me going. Now i had found out he was messaging other girls the same as me. Annoyed was an understatement. Seriously fucking pissed off. I thought he was just having time out from social media […]

Tequila Sunshine Lunch – Nicki

Again this story is based in the U.K. so there are British slang words and phrases used. There are two earlier chapters which will give you more information about the characters and their relationship if you wish to read them. Thanks again to Kenji Sato for his sterling editorial work. It was a difficult weekend at work at the bar. […]

First Time Anal Experiences

First anal sex…not quite sure… did it to please my new lover and put on a brave face even though it stung. Painful yes, because he spit in my asshole instead of using lube and fucked too fast…not giving my anus time to stretch…Now I enjoy anal at certain times…like in a steamy shower. — BooBabe 28 First time was […]