Married to the Busty Co-ed

I’m a guy. I’m 27 and just finishing an MBA program. I’m married to Tiffany, usually shortened to “Tiff”, who’s due home from work very soon.

I’ve just been lying on our bed toying with my cock- not looking to cum- just playing a bit in anticipation of Tiff’s arrival.

My session started almost by accident as my mind went to remembering a drunken evening as a senior in college. My buddies and I were exchanging thoughts about the sexiest big-titted women we could think of. There was general lust for Kim K but some negativity about how big her hips seemed to be. That prompted a mention of Demi Rose- a British internet model with enormous tits along with hips like Kim’s. One guy wondered out loud how anybody could have hips so big and a chorus of ‘who cares’ came in response.

One friend said he thought golfer/model Paige Spirinac with her 34DD tits over a thin but shapely body was as hot as they come. Some guys didn’t recognize the name so a quick phone search showed some posed photos. The phone was passed around and obscene comments were made.

Nobody believed her tits were real even though she claimed they are. The consensus was that it didn’t really matter. She was a favorite of the guys except that one guy said she seemed abnormally thin in the waist and wondered if all of her pictures were photoshopped. Everyone agreed that all of the photos of the celeb women we were hot for had been professionally posed and edited for lighting. Even if the photos weren’t digitally altered, they were the best of countless shots taken and discarded.

Experienced actresses with big tits came up next in the disjointed talk. One friend said movie and TV actresses were in so many scenes that they must actually have bodies that would live up to their on-screen look. Several stars got mentioned. Some were from the past such as Ursula Andres from the movie, Dr. No. From the more recent past, Salma Hayek got lusty approval. The unanimous favorite from the very recent past was Sofia Vergara.

My friend Paul threw water on our enthusiasm pointing out that all of the well-built women we’d mentioned were just fantasies. If we ever met one of them, she’d ignore us if not express disdain and treat us like shit. In the fantasy world of being in bed with any of them, each of us would cum before even getting his dick wet. Everyone mumbled his grudging agreement.

The most rational member of our group said, “What about women we actually see in real life? I assume you’ve all noticed the knockers on Professor Durham. She’d got to be a DD.” Anyone who’d been in her class agreed she had a great rack although the cup size opinions ranged from D to G. She was almost six feet tall with broad shoulders so her body type could easily carry larger than life boobs- their actual size wasn’t easy to judge.

There were other nominees from the local area bars and stores and a couple of students. The student favorite was Tiffany. None of the group had ever talked to her but most knew who she was. I’d been in a big class with her and had stared at her body countless times- in class and around the campus. She really was a guy’s dream girl.

One or two of our group didn’t know her name so it took a few minutes for those with familiarity to describe several tight outfits Tiff had worn on campus in recent weeks for everyone to connect the name to the body they’d drooled over. Some of the descriptions included references to her shiny shoulder-length brunette hair and one mentioned her tight ass and great legs but by far most descriptions focused on what were estimated to be 34D boobs that bounced teasingly in the numerous form-fitting tops she wore. Everyone agreed her body was hot. Nobody knew if she dated but it didn’t matter as she was out of our league.

So, here I was about five years later, stroking my cock as I proudly reflected on my having married the girl with the body that all of the guys wanted. What none of us knew when we’d talked about her tits was that she actually had a brain and was a nice person.

It wasn’t until about a year after that bullshit session with the guys that I’d been in a small graduate class with her and we’d started to get to know each other and then started dating. As we dated I began to get to know her body better, too. There was no question that she was just as hot as the guys had thought. Her tits were-and are, perfectly over-sized on her very trim body. The label in her bras says 34D but I think she’s stretching them a bit and might really be a DD. I haven’t said anything since for all I know she’ll think I’m saying she’s fat. It’s much better to keep quiet and just enjoy her big tits.

During the two years we dated I still felt that Tiff was out of my league. I lived in fear that she’d realize that and dump me. That fear prompted me to try to be the best boyfriend I could be. In day-to-day life I always tried to treat her well; in bed, I became an expert at eating her and made sure she came at least once before I did.

Two years into our marriage, I still follow that approach although I no longer worry that she’ll leave. Our minds and bodies share too much for either of us to think we could find a better match.

Last night, for example, I planned an evening that I was sure would please. When Tiff got home, I met her with a glass of her favorite white wine. I had the chilled bottle in my other hand so I couldn’t hug her. I leaned in and gave her a light kiss. As our lips parted, I handed her the wine glass and said, “Come right upstairs. I have the tub half filled. I’ll top it off with hot water and add the oil you like while you undress. I’m looking forward to bathing you while you sip your wine and relax.”

“Oh, that sounds wonderful,” she said. I could almost see tension disappear from her body as she thought of the bath.

I gestured to the steps and followed her a few steps behind. That position gave me a great view of her shapely ass in the tight pencil skirt she wore to work- one of many that were almost like a uniform. On top her curves were almost always well presented in tailored blouses or tight shirts.

I guess I should mention that we own an adult fashion store. There are a few sex toys but mostly it’s sexy lingerie and club wear with a rather large section devoted to leather. A fair percentage of our customers are undoubtedly sex workers or employed in body conscious jobs but few reveal their personal details.

In addition to ready to wear clothing we are distributors for a high-end corset maker and have an in-house seamstress who can custom fit our upper end dresses for those of our customers who can pay for the service. Tiff manages the store which puts her in front of the customers.

She prides herself in presenting a professional but sexy image to the customers who all want her help to look sexier. Her typical outfit is a modestly short skirt and a tight top- with a light unbuttoned jacket to soften the look of her big tits. To me the look is reminiscent of her college and grad school days but back then she didn’t wear a jacket. I have many fond memories of staring at her as she walked around on campus.

My role at the store is much less glamorous. I keep the books and handle the endless paperwork involved with ordering, tracking and receiving goods from foreign countries. Much of our lingerie and club clothing comes from France and the Far East. England is the source for the corsetry and most of the leather wear.

In addition to the boring stuff, I help Tiff in selecting what we’ll stock and in hiring the youthful staff. In addition to being customer friendly, several of our part-time associates work two days a week while wearing some of our clothing. As a result, we generally only hire young women with figures that will showcase our clothes in the best way. I always keep my hands off but Tiff doesn’t mind my looking. In fact, we each find that on the designated fashion days we enjoy staring at the staff. On those days each of us come home aroused and ready for better than average sex.

Tiff and I select two outfits on Monday or Tuesday and our two young sales people confirm their size and how everything fits. They wear the outfit for their shifts in the store on Wednesday and Friday. The outfit is then theirs but we do ask that they occasionally wear it for work in the future if they like it.

Having the staff wear the clothes gives us a sexier store environment and showcases our clothing. Some of our more regular customers stop in on a Wednesday or Friday just to see the selected outfits. A few extra sales have come from that. The customers tell us how different it is to see the clothes on a real person than merely on a clothes hanger. It also prompts product related conversation between the customers and staff which has boosted customer comfort levels and loyalty to our store.

With that background you can better appreciate that staring at Tiff’s ass reminded me of the sexy thong I’d seen her don in the morning for work. Hold up stockings were a staple for work and made her legs look great from my vantage point two steps below her.

As we reached the top of the stairs, I went through to the en-suite bathroom to restart the water and add bath oil to the tub. She went into the walk-in closet to remove and hang up her outfit. As soon as the water was flowing I joined her first to ogle her trim body in her sexy bra and panties and then to assist in their removal. She smiled as I got her naked and said, “I could use a personal valet. Are you trying out for the position?”

“I don’t think I need to apply. I already have the job and think I perform my services quite well.”

“Yes,” she replied. “Your services are adequate. It’s been a while since you bathed me. We’ll see if you remember what I like.”

Once naked, Tiff stretched in an overtly sexual manner and entered the bathroom with me close behind. I turned off the hot water, verified that the tub temperature was good and helped her into the oversized tub. She sighed as she felt the embrace of the tub’s hot scented water.

In seconds I was naked and slipping in behind Tiff who scrunched forward just enough to accommodate my position closely behind her with my legs spread around her. We’d bought the tub with this type of bathing in mind so there was amble room.

My hands fondled Tiff’s hips under the water as I asked about her day at the store. She mentioned visits by a couple of regular customers. She went into some detail about one of them who was shopping in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Las Vegas with her husband. Tiff knew that I was familiar enough with the customer, Missy, to be able to visualize her body. Suffice it to say, Missy’s body made me think of the original Barbie doll. Her body was perfect for our clothing and she had the money to buy them- our ideal customer.

My hands roamed over Tiff’s thighs and caressed her hips. Sitting with my cock against her ass and feeling her body with my hands had my cock erect and nestled in the upper end of her ass crack. Tiff ground her ass back against me- confirming she was well aware of my cock. She asked, “Is that for me or are you fantasizing about Missy in Las Vegas?”

“It’s all about you,” I replied. “You feel great and I haven’t even reached your best parts.”

I disciplined myself to make an effort to actually bathe my sexy wife. I knew this would only be possible if I attended to it before fondling her tits. I had her bend her knees one at a time so I could reach most of each leg with some body wash on my hands. I also washed her back and hips before doing her upper thighs and the area of her Venus Mound. After that I think we both knew my touch would be more sexual than hygienic

With extra bath gel in my hands, I used both hands to embrace her thin waist and torso up to just below her tits. We each reacted with little sexual moans. “You feel great,” I said. After indulging myself with the trim mid-section of her body I moved my hands up to her soft pillowy breasts. Each hand caressed one breast and allowed the slippery mass to overflow my grasp in an incredible demonstration of her size and my lust for her generous endowment. We each gasped as her soft flesh slipped through my touch. My hands re-grasped the flesh that had escaped several times and we each enjoyed several repeats of the sensuous experience. I weighed each breast in my hand and then enveloped each- to the extent I could- again being excited by the frictionless feeling of her soft flesh. Each breast was too big to be fully contained by my hand and felt fantastic as I played at trying to capture the slippery mass. As I would squeeze a little to the left of center the right portion of her tit would ooze out of my grasp. Trying to coral the escaping mass would allow the first part of her softness to escape. I was treating myself to the same experience on each of her tits simultaneously. Writing about it doesn’t convey how obscenely sexy she felt. From her soft sounds of pleasure I knew she was enjoying my attention just as much which added even more to my arousal.

After a minute or two of this sexual breast massage, I removed my right hand from her breasts and used my left to randomly maul both tits. My right hand collected some extra bath gel from her stomach and descended to her Venus Mound. Gradually, my fingers moved down further and began a gentle rubbing of her pussy. The angle wasn’t good for my being able to penetrate her pussy but my arms were just long enough so my fingers could freely tease the hood of her clit.

Tiff’s clit is almost always well hidden. I don’t know if it’s smaller than average but it rarely pokes out. Most of my finger work last night was on and about the hood but that was enough to have her hips moving in passion as her pubic bone ground upward into the palm of my hand.

My other hand was still active on her breasts. While her tits were still very slippery my fingers started to try to assault her nipples- first on one breast and then on the other. It was impossible to actually grab and squeeze them but Tiff seemed to enjoy my attempts.

Within a minute or so Tiff had her first orgasm of the evening. Her body thrashed about causing the bath water to roil about in staccato waves and to splash in all directions. Her breath deepened and she emitted various epithets and unintelligible noises as her orgasm built and crashed through her. As she came down from the peak of ecstasy, she made a contented set of soft mews and moans while thanking me for the relaxing bath.

I extracted myself from the tub and extended a hand to help her up. I dried her carefully and then wiped the towel quickly over myself. I then guided Tiff into the bedroom and positioned her on her back on the bed. With just a few moves I had her ass on a pillow and had my body between her legs with my head a few inches above her Venus Mound. In a soft voice I said, “Relax. I know you enjoyed a nice orgasm in the tub but now your pussy is going to experience what true worship can give you. I love you and hope I can pleasure you more than ever before.”

My mouth then explored Tiff’s Venus Mound and the Vs of the joints where her legs and pelvis met. These were two of her most erogenous areas so she was soon panting with arousal. Her hips were grinding slightly upward against my mouth.

My hands held her hips in place for a while but then I allowed my right hand to reach around her hip to fondle her left breast. She gasped as I grasped her tit. It filled my hand to overflowing and felt great. I couldn’t help but pause in my kissing her to say, “As great as the slippery version of your breast felt in the tub, I think I prefer being able to grab and squeeze without it slipping away. It makes your nipples very vulnerable, too.” My palm made several passes over her erect nipple as I said that and we each made noises of appreciation as the touch excited us in our own ways.

My mouth then toured down each of her inner thighs an inch or two. I wanted to feel that area of incredibly soft skin and I did. My cock twitched at the sensations that her softness gave to my lips. Incredible. Tiff was now moving her hips more but at the moment I wasn’t giving her anything to grind against. In an attempt to give her what she wanted my left hand slid around her hip and pressed palm down on her Venus Mound. She moaned with excitement as she pressed against my hand.

The angle wasn’t great for my hand to give her a full palm caress but she made do with the pads of my fingers. In the meantime, I moved my lips and tongue to the outer edge of her pussy lips. That got a very definite and positive response. My tongue started with her outer lips- running all the way up and down each a few times- edging slightly toward her center from each side. Almost without me noticing, her pussy had flowered open to reveal her moist inner lips. They received my tongue’s attention and I soon felt a lot more moisture. That turned me on and caused me to be more aggressive with my tongue.

As a result of my arousal my hand had become rougher in its treatment of Tiff’s breast. I was no longer just touching- grabbing would better describe how I was enjoying her great tit. My thumb and forefinger toyed with her turgid nipple and she pushed her chest into my hand in obvious excitement. I glanced up and noticed that her hand was toying with her other breast- a hugely erotic image.

I dropped my head back down between her thighs. My mouth was soon fully engaged in eating all of her hungry pussy. She was extremely wet and eager for my tongue- squirming against my mouth and bringing her hands to my head to hold me tightly in place. Her soft moans, groans and mumbled words of appreciation left no doubt of my success in pleasing her.

My ego was enjoying her arousal as my status as a good lover was confirmed. While not on my mind at that moment, my ability to give Tiff great sexual experiences was and is one of the reasons I’m confident she wouldn’t leave me. Every moan I could coax from her made me more confident in our marriage.

As Tiff’s arousal grew I gradually flirted with her clit. My tongue teased around the hood and eventually attacked it with repeated licks and tongue flicks. Because her clit is well protected by its hood it usually takes a while for Tiff’s clit to react to my tongue. Last night the interval was shorter than usual confirming she was already close to peak arousal. I can’t know what she experiences but assume her mind interprets the proximity of my tongue to her clit as the first step toward orgasm and then her little clit peaks out. In any case after perhaps 15 seconds of my tongue lashing her clit’s hood she reacted as if a switch had been thrown. Her breath caught and her hips lifted her pussy upward to increase my tongue’s contact. Her whole body seemed to tense and freeze as if it had encountered an electric wire followed quickly by a string of “Yes, yes, God,” and a couple of unintelligible sounds of passion.

I backed my mouth away by an inch and released her nipple from my fingers but otherwise held my position. A few seconds later since I was no longer focused on bringing her off, my hand resumed a gentle caress of her breast purely for my own pleasure.

Tiff seemed to instinctively know I was pleasing myself and in a throaty whisper said, “My tits feel good, don’t they? In college some of my friends used to call me “Double D”; I’d say I was only a “D” and they’d mock me about using the word “only”.

I said the obvious, “I love your tits”

Tiff said, “My friends used to tease that God had given me somebody else’s tits in addition to my own- sometimes throwing in the name of a flat chested girl we knew. They were all jealous of my tits and I basked in being bigger than any of them.”

I tried to kiss Tiff’s outer lips again but she pushed me away. She said, “Give me a moment. I’m sated. I don’t think I can be a very energetic lover for you but come and take me. I’ll play with my tits for you.”

Tiff knew that watching her play with her tits was one of my favorite sexual experiences. In some ways it was more exciting that having my own hands on her. I moved up over her body and was able to easily slide into her sodden pussy. I supported my upper body on my extended arms so that her tits were free for her touch and my viewing.

The warm, wet sleeve of her pussy enveloped me and momentarily distracted me from her tits. She felt so great on my cock and I immediately buried myself as deeply as possible. My forceful entry seemed to take her by surprise resulting in a grunt and a slight readjustment of her hips to better align our connecting parts. In a second, I had withdrawn and was plunging into her again.

By that time Tiff had a small hand caressing each breast- mounding them up toward me in an offering. It was a hugely sexy gesture and prompted my cock to jerk in her.

“You really are obsessed with my tits. I love to tease you with them.” As she spoke she squeezed her tits toward the center to create fantastic cleavage. She then seamlessly adjusted her hands so that she could catch each big nipple between her thumbs and forefingers. She squeezed her nipples and rolled them saying, “I’m not sure but you might be even more obsessed with my nipples than you are with my tits- if that is even possible.”

My eyes were locked onto her tits and hands with only one negative. I hated to move my focus from one breast to the other but I had to since breasts come in pairs and must be enjoyed that way. Intermittently I’d zero in on one nipple and try to see every tiny bump and crease of flesh- sensing how her hungry nipples would feel if my fingers replaced hers. Then, I’d refocus on the bigger image of both breasts or shift to a close study of the other nipple.

It didn’t take long for my cock to start aching. Her pussy felt great and her talking about her tits while fondling them was hugely exciting. I knew I was being picky but I couldn’t help but complain, “Don’t cover your nipples. Move your hands so I can see your big succulent nipples. Pinch them for me!”

Tiff did what I asked. She somehow moved her fingers to grasp each nipple at or behind its base- leaving almost the full mass of erect flesh exposed. Her hands cradled the mass of her breasts in a great offering gesture. In her best sexy voice she said, “Now that you’re addicted, should I ask for a diamond necklace? Or perhaps I should get a promise that you’ll eat my sweet pussy every night? We both know my nipples control you. I think since I’m displaying them so nicely for you, you should go down on me every night from tomorrow through Sunday. Deal, or should I stop abusing my nipples? They are getting a bit sore.”

My cock plowed into her with extra force making her grunt from the impact of my hips against hers. She smiled and moved her hands slightly to mound her tits up just a little more while carefully holding on to the base of each nipple. In two more thrusts I could feel my cum forcing its way up my cock. My body tensed as I lost control and all I could do was feel the intensity of my cock exploding into my sexy wife. My mind flashed to the expression, “Le petit morte,” as an excellent description of what my body was experiencing. It wasn’t pleasure and it wasn’t pain; it was an overwhelming loss of function and reason- much as I’d guess death might be. Of course, following the moments of orgasm, there was a wonderful feeling of relaxation- the absence of all of the tension that had accumulated.

A second or two after the bliss was a grateful thought about my wife- both that her tits were so spectacular and that she loved to use them for my pleasure. I was a lucky guy.

That was how I pleasured Tiff and she got me off last night.

When she’d left for work this morning, she’d suggested that we plan to order in a late dinner after she arrived home. She’d captured my interest by saying, “I loved being pampered and sexually pleasured last night. Tonight is your night. I don’t think a scented bath is your preference. You’ll just have to trust that I know what you like and will devote myself to pleasing you. Actually, there’s something I’ve been working on for a while. Tonight’s pleasure will last in the weeks ahead.”

With those teasing words she’d left me to work from home – reconciling dozens of foreign language invoices, shipping papers and custom clearances. Throughout the morning my mind kept wandering to the upcoming evening which caused me to lose my mental path through the paperwork. On several occasions I reviewed the same transactions three times before being able to confirm that we received what we ordered and were billed and paid for the correct items.

My mind was mush by noon so I took a break and fixed a salad for lunch.

About 12:30 I received a text from Tiff asking that I shower and be dressed in my silk robe at 4PM as she’d be home early. She noted that she’d want the master bedroom and bath to herself from 4 to perhaps 4:15. She added: “Before 4, please review the following catalog items for the store,” and then she listed four clothing sku #s in the on-line catalogs of two vendors.

In the early afternoon I took a quick inspection tour of the house and tidied up a little. I wasted at least an hour trying to anticipate what Tiff might have planned for the evening-wondering if I should try to set a mood with lighting, and the like. My principal concern was defensive. I didn’t want to risk killing her mood by leaving a mess somewhere or otherwise distract from her plan. It was purely selfish.

I tried to do some more reconciling of invoices and spent perhaps an hour on that. I then recalled Tiff’s request that I check out some catalog items. She hadn’t said why but I figured I best do as she asked. The first two custom made offerings were from our leather vendor- a waist cincher and a matching half-cup bra. As always, the pieces were offered in the highest quality soft leather. Sometimes this vendor gave color choices but these garments were only offered in black. They were pricey but we had several regular customers who wouldn’t be put off by the cost. I still didn’t see why I was looking at these items. We could order a set to serve as store displays but the expense seemed far too high. I’d just have to wait for Tiff to explain.

I switched to the remaining catalog numbers which came from a clubwear company. These numbers were for a low-cut top and companion skirt. Both would be very sexy on the right female body but I didn’t know why I was checking them out. I guessed they could be paired with the cincher and bra but that didn’t add to my knowledge. If we bought the leather lingerie for display purposes we would’ve cover them up with clothing. I shut down the computer deciding that my work was done.

After killing a little time, I showered, got my robe on and awaited Tiff’s return. My phone indicated some texts and emails had come in so I checked. There was only one item that grabbed my interest. A text from Tiff said, “One added accessory is needed for this afternoon. In my nightstand you’ll find our soft leather cuffs and a connector. Put on the cuffs and connect them behind your back shortly before 4.” At 3:55 I did as instructed.

The cuffs were so soft as to feel more like clothing than bondage but had buckles and D rings. Once in place they were very strong and could only be escaped by unbuckling. The connector was a one-inch-wide leather strap of about 15 inches in length with a spring loaded snap sewn in at each end. I knew from past experience that the strap made the planned bondage more comfortable than if the cuffs were joined directly to each other behind one’s back. While giving that comfort the strap was still short enough to deny most use of either hand.

With my hands cuffed behind me I soon realized that I could do nothing to pass the waiting time. I walked idly about and found that the silk belt of my robe didn’t hold its knot very well and was soon more of a dangling loose suggestion than an actual belt. In less than a minute the two halves of the robe had opened to frame my naked torso and cock.

Tiff arrived carrying a garment bag. She was wearing her normal business clothes but she looked more beautiful than when she’d left for work in the morning. It took a second but I recognized that she’d had her hair styled and probably had her make-up done professionally. She looked great. Tiff laughed at my appearance with my cock on display as she walked through the room. She suggested I sit on the couch and then disappeared on her way to the bedroom. I moved to the couch as I heard the bedroom door close. I was bored and hoped the wait for her to return wouldn’t be too long. Despite my boredom, my cock was semi erect. It knew something good was coming.

In a few minutes I heard the door opening and watched as Tiff emerged. She’d changed her clothes. More specifically, in a second or two I recognized the top and skirt I’d been instructed to check out in the catalog. Tiff looked very sexy and I couldn’t get over how much better the outfit looked on her than it had on the model pictured in the catalog. My eyes glanced up and down to take in the overall view. Her hair hung in beautiful soft curls to below shoulder length. It framed her attractive features which were highlighted by sultry make-up.

It looked as if Tiff’s chest was a bit bigger than the top could contain. Mounds of her breast flesh were deliciously displayed in the deep scooped neckline of the form fitting top. The skirt clung to her hips and ended at mid-thigh- displaying her long sexy legs to great advantage. Of course, I’d guess the 3- or 4-inch heels had something to do with how her legs looked. All in all, Tiff looked super-hot and I told her so.

She gave me a couple of model type half turns and poses. I commented that she should be the model in the catalog as she’d increase the sales of the outfit dramatically. As I said that I wondered if she might possibly be wearing the leather lingerie, she’d told me to look up. It was only made to order so perhaps she was merely suggesting that we order her a set. I didn’t want to get my hopes up as to what lingerie she might have on but my mind quickly envisioned her in the leather cincher and half bra. Once there the image couldn’t be dismissed.

Tiff walked over to stand a few feet in front of me and struck a sexy pose with one leg forward and slightly bent. After a glance down to my lap she smiled and said, “Your cock seems to like my outfit. I was sure it would.”

Tiff stepped away and retrieved something from a small bag. I realized she’d been carrying the bag when she’d made her entrance but I’d not focused on it. She then joined me on the couch. She briefly showed me the contents of her hand which I recognized as a cock ring. I’d never worn one but was aware of their function through erotic stories. She then grasped my cock and in a surprisingly clinical manner eased my balls through the base ring and then bound the base of my cock in an adjustable vinyl strap. I enjoyed the initial touch of her fingers but my cock and balls soon realized her actions bordered on abusive and weren’t pleasant. My cock was fully erect and pointing up- looking for attention.

Once I was bound, Tiff said, “Sorry if I hurt you but it’s a small price to pay. I think you’ll enjoy the evening.” She pushed her chest out and twisted her shoulders a bit to emphasize her bust. She then confirmed that I’d seen the clothes she was wearing on the computer and prompted my opinion that it was a very sexy outfit. She told me that she’d planned this evening as a teasing introduction to a longer-term plan. The culmination of the plan would be a 4-day weekend in Las Vegas that she’d booked about a month from now.

Tiff said, “I know you’re obsessed with my tits and nipples so I thought I’d try to give you something to look forward to in Vegas. This outfit is perfect for Las Vegas so you can expect me to wear it then. I’ve found a couple of other outfits that will mix and match with this top and skirt so in general you’ll have your wife in slutty clothes for four days where nobody knows us and many women let their bodies talk.”

I smiled and said that sounded great. Tiff smiled back but shushed me saying she wasn’t done. She then said, “If you did your homework, you also saw a catalog entry for some leather lingerie. About six weeks ago I had my measurements taken and ordered the set I directed you to in the catalog. My order arrived a few days ago. You’ll see my leather in a few minutes but again, it’s primarily for the Vegas trip along with some other special lingerie I’m assembling.

“By way of background, you should know that in the shop I’ve talked with some women about corsetry and waspies- more commonly called waist cinchers. As you can understand, a cincher is short enough to allow the woman to wear a bra of her choice. The bra can come off leaving the wearer with her tits exposed and her waist tightly wrapped in the cincher. The women and I pretty much agreed that a dark colored waist cincher makes the tits seem to be a cup size bigger. Whether it’s actually narrowing the waist or merely the color and fabric highlighting one’d tits isn’t clear but doesn’t really matter. I just thought I should showcase my tits for you.”

“Wow,” was what came to mind and all I said. Again, Tiff put her finger to her lips. She then said, “I want to give you the big reveal of my leather but before I do there’s one more disclosure to make since I’m not sure if the bra will fully cover my secret. It’s also somewhat of a project for the time leading up to Vegas so today is just an introduction.”

She paused and seemed to delight in my desperately curious look. She then said, “I’ve been doing some Internet research about nipple suction. I’ve bought a couple of brands of small silicon suction devices that attach to the nipple and supposedly draw out the nipple to make it bigger. Some versions are used for just perhaps 30 minutes in the morning without restrictive clothing like a bra; others can be worn for longer periods under clothing.

In some ads there are claims that daily use of the suckers can make a semi- permanent difference to the nipples but in general the suction is modest and any enlargement is temporary- perhaps thirty minutes at most. In any case, starting today I’m experimenting with daily suction so for Las Vegas your slutty wife can treat you with at least slightly bigger nipples”

She hesitated and when I was silent, she guessed correctly that I was honoring her past direction to not speak. She laughed and said, “That’s it; that’s all I needed to say. You can profess your worship and thanks to your sexy spouse now.”

I hesitated as I didn’t really know what to say. I then started with, “You’ve said exactly what is on my mind- worship and thanks. Everything you’ve said is great. Your body doesn’t need enhancement but since you’ve offered, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing you corseted and am fascinated with the nipple suction idea. You know I worship your body and will love showing you my adoration in Las Vegas. Thank you. I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have such a sexy and kinky wife.”

“You’re welcome.”

Tiff rose and turned to stand about 4 feet in front of me. She unzipped and slowly removed her skirt. For the first time, I noticed that she was moving a little more stiffly than normal. I visualized the corset tightly encircling her waist and felt my cock throb. I then also noticed that she was moving slowly- I guessed to drag out the big reveal to tease me.

Finally, she reached to one side of her top and unzipped a side zipper I hadn’t seen. This loosened the garment enough so it could be lifted over her chest and off over her head. As she made those movements my eyes were locked on the gradually revealed black leather. The waist cincher was smooth in the front and had laces in the back meaning that the wearer couldn’t dress or undress without assistance. Tiff must have put the cincher on at the store with one of the staff doing the laces. The image of her being laced into the tight garment and then driving home to me was hot.

With the top fully removed I could see Tiff’s leather bra and the full mounds of her breasts being held up and displayed above the top edge. Her tits looked fantastic. I told her so and said I couldn’t wait to bury my face in her soft breasts. She leaned forward and bought her hands up to the sides of the bra- pressing just a bit to increase the bulging flesh for my pleasure.

As I stared at her chest, I thought there might be the edge of what I assumed would be circular vinyl suction cups peeking out above the bra but I wasn’t sure. I’d never seen these but it wasn’t hard to imagine how they’d look. It was exciting to think of her nipples being gently stretched for me. On the negative side they’d cover her nipples when the bra came off. Taking a longer view, there was the anticipation that over time her nipples might be larger. That would be great to see and even greater to feel in my mouth.

Tiff did a little posing to show off how she looked in the custom-made leather lingerie. Needless to say, she looked incredible. With awe dripping from my words, I said she looked twice as good as the model had looked in the Internet catalog. She beamed as she told me the vendor had asked her to consider being a model for the website. I questioned how they knew what she looked like in the lingerie. She explained that we’d met the vendor’s US rep at a trade show so they knew her face and overall fitness from that. More significantly, they had her current measurements from her custom order so they knew her body rather well. She joked that if they thought she had an ugly face they could crop the photos to just show the lingerie on a headless model.

I said, “Well, you certainly show off the bra to its max effect. Your body in the waist cincher is also curvier than the existing model and therefore much sexier. Are you going to send them a photo?

“Yes, they asked for a photo but just for their file. If I agree to do anything for the catalog there would be a professional photographer with better lighting and posing. It wouldn’t be just this outfit. They suggested that if I selected up to four garments they could be custom made based on my measurements. I’d spend a day with professionals doing hair, make-up and photography and then I could keep all of the garments. If the shoot was in the UK, they’d obviously pay all of my expenses but it could probably be done here.”

“Wow, my wife is a lingerie catalog model. My cock- and my ego- likes that.”

“I haven’t said ‘yes’ yet but I don’t see any downside.”

Tiff said, “It doesn’t really change anything but your cock might also like to hear something else. In my call with the vendor there was a discussion of my measurements. Apparently, I’ve been wearing the wrong sized bra. Your lingerie model wife is a solid “Double D”.

“You’re right. My cock just throbbed. I’m not surprised because your tits are truly magnificent. The bra label doesn’t change your actual size but the term “Double D” is almost like an award. To my ego it’s like my wife has an Academy Award for her breasts. For my cock it’s saying I should be as hard as stone since I’m fucking a woman with Double D tits.”

“Sometimes I forget how simple men’s minds can be. You’re a smart mature man but your cock makes you think like a horny teen.” I admitted to the truth of her observation but noted how women’s fashion, and the movie and porn industries were all supported by our lust.

Tiff teased me more by saying, “As you can see the only way to get dressed in this waist cincher or to remove it is with a second person doing the laces. Last night you were quite confident that you had proven your capability as my valet for the bath. You’ll now have new duties- corseting me and releasing me from the corset. You’ll be in control of how tightly you lace me. I trust you won’t try to make my waist too much small to make my tits look even bigger.”

“I’ll try to be responsible but you just made my cock throb with what you said.” Tiff smiled and then ran her tongue around her lips in an openly sexual way.

Tiff said, “Okay, so when I take my bra off you’ll see my nipple suction cups covering my nipples. This is my first day with this brand. Don’t expect too much as the suction seems very gentle. For the next few days I’ll just be experimenting with the different brands.”

Tiff reached behind her and removed her bra. As expected, her nipples had small circular opaque cups covering them. That was hugely distracting. I had to make an effort to focus on the bigger picture of her breasts being naked above the black leather cincher. After the couple of seconds this took, I was stunned by her bodacious look. “Worship” came to mind as the tits I was staring at deserved nothing less.

I immediately whispered, “Awesome.” As I gathered my wits, I struggled to find the right words to express how great her body looked. The best I could come up with was, “Your friends were right. Your tits look incredibly good- and bigger than usual. While I know the corset didn’t make them grow, to me they look bigger than I’ve ever seen them.”

I hesitated as I studied these spectacular tits and then added, “Seriously, they deserve to be worshiped. They’re spectacular. I’m thinking it’s not just the size. Being exposed above the corset is a very bold look. It’s as if you’re using your tits as sexual tools to capture me. “Seducing” is too passive a word. It’s as if you’re using your tits to capture my lusty mind and force me to just focus on how sexy you are. There could be a big truck coming and I’d still only be able to stare at the biggest and best tits I’ve ever seen.”

Tiff smiled and gave her upper body a little shiver to make her breasts sway for me.

I added, “This may sound stupid but could you take off the cups. They’re distracting and take away from the beauty of your massive beautiful breasts.” Tiff smiled more broadly and peeled the vinyl covers off of her nipples. As each cup came off, she ran her hand over the nipple and then tweaked it with a simple squeeze between her thumb and forefinger.

Tiff then proudly pushed her chest out and said, “Better?” Again, she gave an upper body shake to make her breasts sway and jiggle for my pleasure.

“Awesome,” I said. “Perfect. Incredible. I can’t think of words adequate to describe your tits. Can you bring them closer so I can touch them? I need to fondle and worship them with my hands. Obviously, I need my hands freed.”

Tiff replied, “Yes. I can come closer.” She paused and then continued, “This is what we’re going to do. I’m going to straddle you and you’ll get a nice up-close look at my tits and my -perhaps slightly bigger- nipples that I’m working to enhance for you. I’m not going to release your hands. I’m going to ride your desperate looking cock. You can worship my nipples with your mouth. You’ll probably come pretty quickly but we’ll see if the cock ring can hold your cum in for a while. In any case between the ring and my body I’m thinking I’ll be able to keep you hard enough to continue fucking until I cum.”

Without further words, Tiff knelt over my lap and guided my cock into her very wet pussy. Her magnificent tits were mere inches away from my face so I was able to re-focus and take in the soft skin of her big tits. They really did look bigger. Her nipples were very erect and somewhat reddened by their being confined and under suction in the little vinyl cups. They looked very inviting.

My cock was buried in Tiff’s welcoming pussy sleeve. She was grinding down on me and I was instinctively grinding and thrusting against her. As odd as it sounds, I was barely aware of my cock; her tits were so close to my face and looked so great that all else was secondary. Her nipples were begging for my attention.

I wanted to play with them with my mouth and leaned my head forward to make contact with her left nipple. My mouth was open and my tongue was soon attacking. My mouth enveloped as much tit as it could and my tongue sought out the turgid target at its center. My lips immediately sealed against her and I sucked on the sensuous softness.

My extended tongue explored Tiff’s nipple which to my delight seemed bigger than normal. It was taller- enough so that my tongue could make it bend. That was a first and conjured up an image of an unrealistically enhanced tower of erect erogenous flesh. In my rational mind I knew that her nipple wasn’t significantly larger but my male imagination ran somewhat out of control.

In any case and of more importance, Tiff reacted almost violently to my wet aggressive tongue. She gasped loudly with passion and her hands flew to the sides of my head. At first, I feared that I’d hurt her and was being pushed away but in a second or two I realized she was just sexually excited.

Her hands grasped my head very firmly and then relaxed as her shock at the first contact morphed into welcome pleasure. Her moans confirmed this and ruled out any negatives. It seemed that the little suction cups had sensitized her and I’d been the bull in the China shop. I wondered how she’d have reacted if I’d just gently tongue-teased her nub. I’d have to discipline myself to try that next time we were being intimate after the suction cups came off.

Tiff continued to grind on my cock and moan as my tongue played hockey with her erect but flexible nub. My mouth sucked harder and Tiff issued an excited, “” Yes!” I was torn between feeling I should stay exactly as I was and my desire to check out her other nipple. Perhaps, she might welcome attention shifting to her other side rather than risk the left one becoming sore; that logic made sense to me. In my peripheral vision I could get glimpses of a very erect nipple boldly protruding from a large curve of very smooth flesh. I needed to suck on that big nipple. I needed to feel it with the nerves on my lips and tongue.

I pulled my mouth off of her left nipple against Tiff’s strong grip on my head seeking to hold me in place and her frustrated, “No! Where are …?” Before she could complain any more my mouth was latching on to her right breast and she was shivering with a new surge of arousal as my tongue made its initial contact with that nipple.

Tiff was no longer satisfied by grinding on my cock. She used her thighs to lift her hips up enough to almost lose my cock from her pussy and then lowered herself forcefully back onto it. She continued fucking me this way for perhaps a minute and then stopped in mid stroke- leaving her elevated with just the tip of my cock embedded. She froze in that position and said, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast!”

I flexed my lower body to move my cock upward into her pussy and down to partially withdraw. Deprived of the use of my hands, I was very concerned that our bodies would separate too far and my cock would lose its place. I told her as much and suggested she lower her hips just a bit to lessen that risk. She did and I renewed my rapid thrusts with much more confidence.

My rapid piston action was enough to prompt Tiff to breathe much harder in obviously heightened excitement. I could feel her Kegel muscles working my cock for our mutual benefit and I approached climaxing. Anxious to be buried in her as I came, I strained to hold myself up at the apex of my thrust. Tiff sensed me reaching my peak which triggered Tiff’s orgasm. Perhaps with a common goal of having me deeply inside her, Tiff dropped her hips and stayed down- gently grinding on me as we both climaxed. We each gasped and tried to take in one last breath before freezing in place as our respective climaxes ran through us like electricity. We then lost most of our muscle strength and merely stayed where we were from inertia..

After a minute of gradual recovery Tiff said, “I don’t know about size but those little suckers made my nipples incredibly sensitive. I think the next few weeks will be pretty exciting.”

“I noticed the sensitivity and I think they were bigger, too. I’ll have to monitor them closely over the next few weeks.” She smiled at my lame words.

As she got up from my lap, Tiff said, “Now that I see how we both feel about the waist cincher, I have two others in different fabrics picked out which I’ll order tomorrow. For bras I’m planning one Demi style to showcase cleavage and a sheer one so my nipples can bump through. Maybe I’ll add one that’s got holes for the nipples. I’m planning outfits that suit the lingerie. I wouldn’t want you to become bored with the leather ensemble.”

I was speechless but my tired cock gave a little twitch. It sounded like Las Vegas was going to be several days of worship and thanks.