JD’s Bedroom

Our family life continued down its usual path. JD’s dad worked his usual eight hour day and dutifully completed my honey do list over the weekend. I remained engaged with a circle of friends and also took time for myself, as I always have. JD did what JD does, which for the most part involved time in his room or […]

Pub Meeting

Leaning forward and closing the small gap between them, your bare leg the obvious game, he runs the very edge of a finger slowly across your knee. Sensing the sharp intake of breath at the merest brush with your thigh, the touch is electrifying and he takes this as encouragement to continue. He carelessly traces it back; you can’t help […]

Our Maid Danny

Hi friends, I am going to tell you about an incident that happened in my life. So there are three members in our home: me, my elder brother and my mom. She left my father because he was a slut and caught having an affair with his own secretary. I was 19, so we shifted to another city and my […]

My Naughtiest Night Ever

My naughtiest night ever. This is a story or incident that happened in 2020. No one except the people involved knows about it and no one in the world knows it is me except me. I am a girl, 20years old, with a perfectly lusty figure. About a year ago, I went to a fancy dress party on a Sunday […]

The Hide

The two lizards were locked in combat. Standing on their hind legs, propped up by their powerful tails, they embraced, front legs bearing sharp talons holding onto each other as though they were dance partners, not territorial rivals. The ends of their tails lashed from side to side as they tangoed, flailing noisily through the dry leaf litter. Long, forked […]

Uncle Took My virginity

Uncle took my virginity Hi friends, I am in my forties (40+) and I’m going to tell you about an incident in my 20s. The incident took place when I was 21 and knew nothing about sex. I lived with my aunt and uncle. It was a nice family; I enjoyed my time there with them. I never had a […]

What He Wants

My wife is fantastic in every way. Beautiful, built in every way. Sexy in every way. She is thirty six and we have been married for fourteen years now and have two girls sixteen and fourteen. I am her only lover. She will do anything for me. As I would for her. Yes we had a daughter two years before […]

On a Golden Hill

Frank woke on the first morning of their holiday just as the sun rose and began to light up the room. This was their first trip away from home since his recent retirement. He turned to Jenny dozing quietly beside him and planted a small kiss on her cheek. She smiled in her sleep and he smiled back even though […]

The Ex-boyfriend

The ex-boyfriend. I knew that arsehole was trouble, because he was my wife’s boyfriend from our college days. She dumped him for me for cheating on her constantly. Why? I have no idea. Back in college, she was tall, slim with long blond hair and medium-sized breasts, and as my wife is 15 years older, in my view even better […]

Consequences: David’s Story

After my experience with Jane life moved on. I never told my girlfriend what had happened that evening because even though it did not happen by choice, I could have walked away and faced the consequences. I felt had been unfaithful. I had been going out with Jeanette since I was fifteen and we had both gone to the same […]