DILF Werewolf Next Door

Callie fidgeted on the doorstep waiting for it to open. The moon, full and bright, yellowish in its glow illuminated everything. It hung low in the sky, a haunting lamp light to remind everyone that Halloween was just around the corner. It had rained recently and the air had a cloying dampness to it with notes of coming winter. It […]

Caught In the Pasture

Delicate hooves trampled through the forest, sharp teeth nipping at the doe’s ankles as she ran, just a hair faster than her attackers. The two wolves’ combined breaths burned hot on her hind legs as they pursued her through the trees. She was panicking – it was only a matter of time before they would manage to cut her off […]

A Ghost For Halloween

“Yo! Tory? Hey its Dad, you want this? Hang on-a sec.” Dad snapped a picture with his phone, sent it, and waited for her reply. He had to yank the phone away to save his ear drum when he got it. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, PLEASE, PLEASE!” Tory’s dad worked a regular nine to five job, but on the weekends liked to hop […]

My GF the Engineer-Beta Released

For a moment they rested. Poised but still. They were monitored, checked, examined, and contentedly confirmed. When satisfied, the order was given and in unison glinting points rose from the ground. There was very little light in the bedroom. The curtains were drawn and only the miniscule slivers of a streetlight’s orange glow managed to penetrate into the room. In […]

A Contract that Binds

The pop and crackle of a lone fire split the silence of a cold autumn night. Bare branches clawed at a midnight sky, a clouded sky spanning the deep woods that brooded in ominous darkness as abyssal as the black seas. Cold winds rattled and waved boughs in eerie silence and tugged at the layers of cloak and cape of […]

Y Ladi Wen – The White Lady

Evan awoke to the sound of fireworks. They had been going off for weeks in the lead up to Bonfire Night.Remember, remember, the fifth of November. Not much chance of forgetting. That was still a few days away, but tonight was as good a reason as any to set them off: Hallowe’en. That was if he hadn’t slept through it […]

Bred & Breakfast

“Ah hello there! You must be Armand, right?” Dillon greeted pleasantly as he opened the door wide for their guest. “You would be correct, Monsieur.” A low, gravelly yet soothingly calm voice rumbled out in reply. “Well please, do come right in!” Dillon offered, standing clear of the door to invite his guest inside. The figure lurking behind the doorframe […]


They were celebrating. Nathan and the police department had been sued by the family of a young boy who had witnessed Nathan’s shift to intermediate on their Day of Discovery. Shot during a traffic stop, his pain and rage had shredded his control. Nathan was sued for scaring the boy and giving him nightmares, “emotional distress.” The department was sued […]

The Last Exorcist

Belial watched a young woman come through the make-shift door as he sat perched high above on a smashed roof of the ruined building. It had been converted into what now passed for a dingy bar and its patrons sat hunched, mostly in silence, as they nursed their precious alcohol to dull the pain. “Lexa,” he murmured, leaning down a […]

The Trick from the Treat

“Welcome to the world of Monsume! My name is Cherry! People call me the Monster Girl Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called Monster Girls! For some people, Monster Girls are lovers. Others serve them as slaves. Myself… I study Monster Girls as a profession…” That’s how health class began two years ago. An interactive video of an unrealistically […]