How I Met My Husband

If it wasn’t for the alcohol, I would have kept my mouth shut. I’d been harboring fantasies all my life as far back as high school but I never, EVER, told them to anyone else. Fantasies that I would never admit to my wife, Dorothy (Dottie). Sexual fantasies, romantic fantasies, but about men rather than women. My awful secret came […]

Once you go Black..

I’d been with Amy for almost two years. When we met, she knew I liked to occasionally dress in female clothes, she said she didn’t really understand why, but in time she became more interested, and actually began to encourage me. She’s a great help, and I’ve learned so much about being a woman from her, and I know this […]

The Diary of Professor Mulgrave

I will soon receive a package of utmost interest from a professional peer. In this diary, I shall write down my findings for the good of the scientific community. I shall write down more once I have it in my possession. For now, I do not want to work myself up too much over this, in case it is more […]

Kinky Secretary turns Domme

“What Darla? I can’t hear you. You’ll have to speak up!” Hardly surprising since I was tightly gagged at the time. I was dressed not in my more usual secretarial attire but as an out and out floozie. I had on a leopard catsuit topped with a tight waist cincher and shiny black skirt that really didn’t cover my ass […]

My Perfectly Made Girlfriend

My Perfectly Made Girlfriend. She was standing, all five foot six hundred and ten pounds of exotic beauty, at the bar, jeans so tight I could tell her religion. The only thing that made me think they weren’t body paint was the zipper that went down the top of tights to top of the ass. Her sequin top was dazzling, […]

Day Date

My wife went out with the girls for brunch every Sunday, which left me home alone to indulge in my hobby. I was a twenty-seven-year-old crossdresser and have been dressing for over twenty years. Loni and I have been married for a little more than two years. We met in her waiting area at a clinic where she has been […]

Sugar Daddy Daydreams

He had good grades, a beautiful girlfriend and one more semester until receiving his degree. Then, there was the accident. “Where is she?” she asked, her keys jingling as she placed them on the counter. Zoe Rodriguez was Grey’s girlfriend of six months, a close friend for more.

The Sissy

“You don’t excite me,” she says matter-of-factly, her eyes icy with contempt but her face carefully composed. She’d found The Stash, the secret storage box of his secret hobby of wearing women’s clothing. He’d built his collection over years, at times discarding everything and starting over. But she found enough pretty underwear, tops, shorts, jeans, skirts, several dresses from casual […]

The Fancy Dress Party

“What, oh god no. Please Jess, you have to be joking.” Her cheeky little giggle disarmed my anger, but not my shock. “Dan, it’s just a party. It sounds like so much fun. Come on, we don’t go out that much. It would be nice to socialise with some new friends. Plus it will be a chance for you to […]

A Halloween Love Story

Thank God it was Friday. Sam had had one hell of a week. Even his key seemed tired and frustrated as it refused to open the door of the apartment and he had to give it an extra twist to get it to open. “Hey Sam, what’s for dinner?” Sam rolled his eyes and groaned as he remembered he was […]