Katrina sat at her office desk so looked around at her new office. She had a small office between the main open office than had 10 desks in it for the bustling advertising floor. The glass windows that separated her from the noise.

Grandpas fuck granddaughters

My association with the two old bastards remained happy. One was 68 -years old and his name was Purushottam, another was 78-years and his name was Pathan Khan Jalalabadi. The friendship was a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity and integrity. In fact, after my friendship with Pathan Khan, I began to think to fuck a good …

New In The Neighborhood

I am Cindy, my husband Tom and I were new in the neighborhood. Tom’s company transferred him. Naturally we wanted to fit in and make new friends. We met a couple a few days ago in the supermarket, Bill and Crystal. I had invited her over today for coffee and dessert. Before, Crystal was to …

Sleep Over for Mommy

Ellen had her best friend Catherine over for a sleepover. They were best friends they were lovers. Catherine had shown Ellen how good it could be with another girl.. Catherine had introduced Ellen to several other girls who were bisexual. Ellen loved it. Catherine was strong Ellen was not. Ellen knows that without Catherine’s friendship …

Black Domme White Sub

Karen is a college freshman. She is 5ft4 about 140. She has a good figure 36DD 24 38. Because she is on the short side that top and bottom look even bigger than they really are. She had a boyfriend Steve. He like sucking on her 38’S and she likes it too. Make that she …


Elba had been married for 5 years she thought she had her husband had a great sex life. But one night she walked up behind him when he was on the computer, he was looking at a picture of a couple.

How I made my arrogant cousin into my sex slave

Hi Guys, I’m 20 and I have a beautiful cousin, she is 18, her beauty is out of this world, I have always wanted to make her mine, but she was too arrogant and she was a feminist.

Ryan And Gemma Want To Hang Out

It’s red, Ryan, not blue, pink, purple, or any other color. I know you’ve fucked her before, but just because she has her thong sticking out doesn’t mean you need to eyeball it.

Stretching Submission

The mare forced him down, the wolf’s tongue pressed into her pussy, nose crushed against her sex, the scent of her enveloping him.

The Boss’s Concrete Fortress

Intimating Story between female boss and sex-deprived employee.