An Orc World Order

Fwoosh-fwoosh-fwoosh-fwoosh! The sound of a spiraling wing echoed around the gas station. The lights of the signs and the fixtures within flickered wildly. Arcs of electricity connected between various electrical appliances. A sound akin to an explosion suddenly erupted like thunder behind the building followed the sound of something large and heavy slamming into the dumpster, bumping it into the […]

Slummin It – Uma

My mother must have had a crystal ball when she named me Uma after the actress. I was actually born 10 years before she became a kick-ass bitch in the first “Kill Bill” movie, but in the end, we both became kick-ass bitches. The major difference between us was that she is white and I’m black.

The Submissive Domme

“Do you really want me to show you?” His eyebrow arched up as If I didn’t quite understand how consequential my assent was going to be. I must admit a ripple of fear shivered through my body and instantaneously goosebumps lined my torso like a field of wheat that had suddenly germinated. I nodded, not exactly sure of what I […]

A Buck a Night

The sun was hanging low in the sky, just on the verge of dipping behind distant buildings. The evening air was faintly warm with a gentle breeze. Grant, the red-headed young man, strolled down the sidewalk. His hands were kept firmly in his pockets with and he kept his gaze cast downward. He frequently found himself counting cracks and occasionally […]

Boyfriends and Sharing

I had this cute boyfriend for awhile. He was 23, literally half my age. I meet a lot of younger guys, and if they are cute and have a little bit more going on in their minds then the average man, I take them to bed. My friends tease me about being a “Trans Cougar”, but if younger men find […]

When it’s Safe to Die

“Kick the door shut behind you. Damn thing, it sticks.” I waved my hand vaguely towards the door, catching a flash of a red dress coming through it. I turned to the back page of the newspaper to check the horses. The fifth at Rosedale might make a buck, and I made a mental note to see Lenny. I heard […]

Bareback Bella

I met Ivy only three months before me and mom moved in with her and her dad. Our parents had what many would have considered a shotgun wedding had they known about my mothers pregnancy. They went on numerous dates together and we even had a family date a couple weeks before the wedding. My mother, Monica married her dad […]

Gramps Enlightenment

James had always led a quiet, by others standards, but full life including sexually. His life with his one true love was always fulfilling but stifled a touch due to Gwen (His wife) being of the belief that ‘Shenanighans’ should be kept between couples and not ‘Flaunted’ outside the bedroom. Even though she was partial to James laying hands-on and […]

Jayne’s World

For some, age is a barrier, a huge one, a non-starter. Many cannot handle age differences and won’t even try. James and Jayne wondered whether they could? This series of impressions and observations examines what happened when they tried. Her.

Marie – Adventures of a Cumslut

She opened the door of the small dimly lit room and the smell of sweat and sperm invaded her nostrils. She has grown accustomed to the smell, it was like working at a bakery. It just made her hungry. The smell brought back memories of the previous nights she spent sucking and fucking dicks at the small gloryhole booth. Marie […]