Future’s Past – Past Perfect

Throwing away one’s past was a prerequisite of joining a team of problem solvers. Especially ones involved in black operations that could never be made public. Plausible deniability was key. That was one of the reasons Kate had done everything she could to expunge her history. She was far more interested in discovering the dirty secrets of others than having […]


Alison slipped the cock into her mouth and sucked it like a popsicle. A familiar tremble ran through Darrell’s hips as her soft hand stroked his shaft. He already felt so hard between her lips, and she could feel the warmth as his hardon continued to grow. Her tongue swirled around the head, teasing and covering it in spit. Then […]

One Raining Night

the night was cold. I could hear the rain hitting the window pane outside. I looked at the clock on the night stand next to the bed. ‘damn, its only 823pm.’ I said to myself flipping through the channels. Nothing good is on. I heard a car door slam outside. I jumped up and ran to the window. Trying to […]

Kissing Midnight

It’s mid October and fall has arrived in this New England college town. Everyone has been looking forward to the cooler weather. The days are getting shorter and cooler nights will soon be here. Jessica has lived here since she moved from Nevada to go to college. Jessica is a very attractive professional young woman. She’s focused entirely on her […]

The Siren

This is not a love story. If it is anything, it must be the story of a man seduced, taken, and ultimately destroyed. Most would label such a thing a horror story, but this might not be entirely accurate, either. It can’t really be denied that I felt a kind of love, even if it would be more fitting to […]

Red Kingdom

There is a fifth dimension, beyond all this known to man. It is a dimension as endless as space and as permanent as infinity. It is the valley between light and darkness, between fact and superstition and it lies between the crux of mans fears and the pinnacle of his knowledge. This is the realm of pure imagination, an endless […]

Cream in the Dark

“Stop!” I bumped into the back of Eric as he did exactly what he shouted. “Did you see that?” he asked as another couple passed us. “What?” “In that room we passed.” “What was I supposed to have seen?” shouting at him over the din of noise that was part of the annual house of horrors.

Blood Moon

Cara Rourke flipped her long black hair as she strode with great energy up to the steps of the house. Once a stately suburban home, it now housed a fraternity at the University of Texas at Austin, with jagged Greek letters above the doorway. Loud music pounded inside, reverberating through the glass of the many windows in the red brick […]


I feel dizzy. I clutch my hands to my head, grimacing, blinking hard. The pain is shallow but nauseating. I see blurs of black, of white, of green, of moonlight spilling through the window. Nothing is clear; the room is spinning. The room. I focus on my surroundings, now, on making something out. I frown, blinking away the fog. Nothing […]

Pulp Fiction Day after Halloween

Autumn leaves. Spread by the wind’s calming force. It pushes them away to create a path to Enterre Park. The dark road leads to the entrance where there’s a metal gate that seems broken or forced open. It remains cracked open. The wind pushes again, this time more convincingly, making the gate open wide and slam black to its position. […]