Keena and Gabe

Gabe and Keena were a handsome couple in their late twenties. They had both been raised with similar sets of deeply religious values. They had married right out of college at their parents urging, not that either of them had objected. They were very obedient people. The two sets of parents went to the same church and pushed their kids […]

The Phone Call

MAN: “Hello?” WOMAN: “Hey baby” MAN: “Oh, hey…you…” WOMAN: “Baby, it’s me!” MAN: “Right, right… sorry. You know, you don’t quite sound like yourself tonight.” WOMAN: “I sound exactly like myself tonight… maybe that’s what’s throwing you.” MAN: “Okaaay. Sure, that’s probably it. So, first day there… how’s the shopping going — singlehandedly saving the nation’s retail sector, I suspect.” […]

Snow Bunnies – Snow Bound

“We were two ships who passed in the night, two strangers who happened to meet who would part in the morning never to see each other again. However the passion we shared will remain a part of us for we have shared our souls and our spirits will forever be as one.” The above quote may sound like something out […]


The chime of “Hey Brett” that came from the computer across the room reminded him that it was time for one of his wife’s zoom calls for work. Laura works for an insurance company that handles workers compensation injury claims. Due to the COVID lockdowns her job was moved to a work from home position which now involved numerous Zoom […]

I Decide To Lose A Sexfight

I started to chat with a guy I met online. He loved erotic wrestling and we had a common opponent. This guy said good things about both of us and we wanted to meet and have a match. The problem was he was 5’8″ 195 pounds. I was 6’1″ 240 pounds. I had never jobbed in a first to cum […]

Camp David Glory Hole

I had been thinking more and more about sucking a cock thru a glory hole. Although I’m a cocksucker, I’ve never been on receiving side of a glory hole, I really wanted to experience it. I’ve enjoyed having my cock sucked at glory holes, but I’ve never been on the sucking side. I located one, but the first time I […]

Sir Snob: Sex Slave to Shemales

After an arduous but rewarding day merging colossus corporations, while also merging out 200 “redundant” career menial lackeys, Claybourne Hamilton relaxes in the bar at the exclusive mens only polo club. He’s already dispensed with the requisite chit chat amongst the “important” chaps and has now retired to the smoking lounge, and with it the remains of his tumbler of […]

Down by the Old Canal

It was Jed who put me up to it. We needed money he said, and what could he do with a broken arm? That he broke it falling off a ladder during a bungled burglary wasn’t the point. “I was trying to get US some money,” he said. “So now it’s YOUR turn..” I was dead nervous. The girls I […]

Firefighter FWB

Me, a long time closet crossdresser. I love women, but sometimes I feel the urge to slide into a tight slutty dress and play. I’m slim it, 6’2 170lb, light mocha complexion. Dressed, my fit long legs and tight round ass always gets compliments and attention. From the back, I’m a bad bitch. Any straight man would love to get […]

My BBC Masseur

Hubby was hot for me to have another man join us in bed ever since I had drunkenly confessed some of my single gal escapades to him one night. I had a few threesomes with a married guy I dated. The first involved his wife, but later they were he and another guy giving me my first DP while I […]