Contemplating Options; Life is One

As he wakens from yet another sexy dream, this one finds his penis wet with the silky precum Etienne loves to bring to his lips. His mood is sanguine on this early fall morning. With the weekend nearly over, and a new workweek looming just ahead, the man on the bed considers his options for the rest of the time […]

Dangerous Enticement

The young, muscular Hispanic sailor from off the Royal Caribbean cruise ship docked over on King’s Wharf had me up against the wall in the corridor running behind the stage at Ricky’s Bar on the beach in Bermuda’s Somerset Village. I had been just in a red satin string bikini and a red bow tie, having just come off the […]

First Fuck Buddy

We were seniors in high school, just turned 18. He got selected in a Boy Scout Exchange program for a weeks visit to the UK. Known to be a sex player, I was attracted to his dark complexion and angular features. Looking for an opening, I went to see him and we hung out around his house. On my next […]

I climb in the back of his black suburban, the windows tinted so dark that it looks as though no one is in the car. I adjust in the heated leather seat, which feels nice. It’s January in Chicago and this is a particularly harsh winter. The temp on the nearby bank sign reads -4 degrees outside. “Good morning James, […]

Tailored Shirt’s Significance

Gerald and I have known each other since childhood, or at least as far back as I still remember of it. I understand him so well in fact that I am one of the few folks that are aware of the life he had known before his family lost everything and I mean literally everything resulting in their having to […]

Bunny Meets Daddy

Bunny had webcammed with Daddy several times before Daddy finally invited Bunny to his home. That night, Bunny couldn’t hide his swollen dick, semi-hard ever since Daddy had invited him. As Bunny stepped through the threshold, he felt Daddy’s muscular hand brush over his cock and balls, slide over his hip and squeeze his ass cheek. All in a casual […]

Peter the Neighbour

A Knock on at the door, Shit I thought it’s Peter my father’s best friend. I had forgotten that he was coming over while my parents were away, he had asked to borrow some tools and he had come to collect. My perfect day seemed to have been ruined. A little about myself, a 6 ft tall 20 year old […]

My First Anal

I love dick. I know that is a hell of a way to start a story, but it is true. I seriously love having a dick in my ass and in my mouth. It was not always so. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and was taught that LGBT was wrong. I did not actually care until I […]

Ryan : Sunning

Saturday, Ryan hiked up to The Ridge. Perched on the unpopular side of a mountain, The Ridge itself was about 40 feet of a broken stone ledge scar that dropped off about 20 feet. The Ledge was solid rock and scattered with boulders from higher elevations. There were grassy sections sloping on the sides, a tangle of paths through trees […]

My Husband Is a Slut

John would never openly admit that, of course. He grew up in a Catholic family, the type who never actually set foot in a church but put their kids in a Catholic school just so they get enough doctrine to feel ashamed of themselves for the rest of their lives. He’s an out and proud gay man and his family […]