The Last Wolves of Ossory

The old man parked his rental car along the side of the road and checked the number on the mailbox in front of him. It matched the one written on the scrap of paper he kept in his pocket. The GPS on his phone had brought him here, but he wanted to be sure. He didn’t completely trust that damnable […]

Summer Job as a Nude Housekeeper

I was still in college when I was in my early twenties and needed to find a weekend job just to earn some money while on 3-month summer break. I did not want the kind of job that required many responsibilities or meeting deadlines, as I needed to take some time away from much thinking and studying during weekdays. Being […]

Hard Hike with Uncle Mike

The soles of my shoes slipped, ankles angled to grip the blunted tips of granite piercing the near 90-degree incline, the wall punctuating an otherwise consistent switchback. My thighs burned. The accumulated lactic acid over ten hours permeated every muscle fiber, stiff and stabbing with every effort. Justin, my friend’s son, a recent high school grad and muscular All-American heavyweight […]

Riding My Husband

So I went to bed wearing my blue, Versace jock strap. I’d been wearing it since after my workout. I usually hit the showers at the gym after my workout and today I decided to wear a jockstrap to tease my husband who works out and showers with me there. Also, quite often there’s a lot a of traffic in […]


“I know you’re hurting, but why did you have to turn into such a bastard!” I pressed a hand to my stinging cheek. Ever since I’d broken my arm, my girlfriend had been sympathetic and helpful bordering on smothering. She really didn’t deserve my bad attitude, but I couldn’t help it. I suddenly felt like the whole world had turned […]

High School Reunion

This year is my 10 year reunion from graduating high school. Throughout these past 10 years I have found out that my best friend in high school is now gay. I am a closeted bi married man but boy do I wish he swung that way in high school. I would have tried to please him and have him please […]

Rod’s Boy

I picked Rod up at 9:00 as instructed. I pulled up and waited in the driveway as instructed. Earlier that day, I met him at the local glory hole. I am a submissive, not much of a man really, a little overweight but not too bad for being 6’1″. I have long hair and from behind have often been mistaken […]

My First Gay Experience

How I came to be sitting in my car outside of a strangers house getting up the nerve to go in, is kind of a long story, but I’ll be brief. A few hours ago, I’d made a post on the Whisper app announcing my bi-curiosity, and asking if anyone would be willing to help me out. Well, there was […]

Study Break

Elijah’s phone rang almost immediately after sending the message. Darren’s handsome smiling face flashed up on the screen, making him smile subconsciously in return. He let it ring a couple of times before answering, knowing that at the other end of the line Darren would be sighing and rolling his eyes. “Hey Darren,” he said, smartphone a cool balm on […]

My Amish Farm Boy

He was a beautiful dark curly haired Amish farm boy looking young and hung. He stared at me as I waited in the driveway with innocent curiosity. I stared back at him hungrily. We smiled and his curiosity made him approach my van where I could take in his Appolonian beauty. God he was gorgeous. Freckled face apple red cheeks […]