Bare Backed by my Straight Landlord

Today was another spectacular day and I spent this morning at the beach.

I spent maybe two hours between my towel and my laptop and it was just gorgeous. I was wearing my new Piping Hot black speedos (they are the ones that you can see in a blog post from a few days ago, yes it is a speedo dick pic selfie).

As the laptop battery was dying I shut everything down and headed down to the water for one last dip before heading home. While I was in the water I saw my Landlord and his wife walking down the beach. They saw me and we all waved. When they got to where I was, they walked up to were my towel and stuff was and they stripped down to their togs. The Landlord was wearing a pair of black speedos and his wife was wearing a nice light blue bikini. They had obviously decided to join me.

The two of them came out to where I was just past the breakers.

The Landlord and I shook hands and usually I’d hug his wife but there was very little clothing on between us and a hug just didn’t seem appropriate. We all commented on how great the weather was and how the storm last night had lots of thunder and lightening but really didn’t pack too much of a punch.

For those who are new here, The Landlord is 100% straight acting but had some gay experiences as a younger man and he and I have been fooling around a little bit over the last few months. Of course, his wife knows nothing about any of this.

After twenty minutes or so of small talk, it was time to get out and the three of us started heading back to the beach. Speedos aren’t that big a deal in Aussie and there wasn’t anything weird about The Landlord and I both wearing black speedos for a swim in the surf, so nothing was said and I don’t think his wife thought anything of it.

Of course I was thinking about it, walking up the beach next to a guy I’ve done incredibly naughty things with and his wife, who knows nothing.

They were headed home and so was I so the three of us walked the, less than, 100m back to the building together (all three of us had towels around our waists).

The Landlord and his wife own my unit which is on the top floor at the front of the building, and they also own the back unit which is by the pool, so they have to walk past the door to my unit and as we approached it The Landlord said “Dave, do you have time for me to look at that air conditioning unit that is playing up?”

Air conditioning? I have never turned the air conditioning on? I don’t even think I know how to turn it on? Is it broken?

While I’m thinking this I look at The Landlord and he winks at me.

Owwww…. the air conditioning unit was an excuse for him to come up for some speedo sex.

“Yeah sure thing, I was just heading up to do some work.”

Just as I was wondering if his wife had suspected anything she said “I don’t believe you boys for a minute! Is there even an air conditioner at Dave’s place?”

Had we been busted?

She was just kidding us… “I’m sure it is just an excuse to have a few sneak midday drinks you two….”

With that The Landlord kissed his wife on the cheek and said to her “We can’t get anything by you honey.”

The Landlord followed me in to the stair case that led up to my apartment. Once inside the stair well he said “You can’t imagine how hot it was seeing you and my wife together in the surf. I fucked her this morning and now I’m going to fuck your brains out Dave.”

By the first landing (I am on the third floor) he had ripped my towel off me despite my feigned protests. My protest was more me worried that the other residents who share the stair well might come out and see my Landlord, their property manager, chasing a man wearing only speedos up the stairs.

We burst in to my apartment and The Landlord threw my towel, and his on the floor. Those three flights of stairs had hardened us both and our only clothing, our speedos, was not hiding that fact.

I was headed to my bedroom but The Landlord was headed to the shower and grabbed me. I ask him to give me a second, I was going to grab condoms and lube, but he was possessed and I didn’t really force my point either, I was horny as well.

In the shower the water was cold to start but by the time it had warmed up The Landlord had ripped my speedos down, he didn’t bother undoing the drawstring, he just ripped them down. I pulled his engorged cock out the leg of his speedo and grabbed a handful of conditioner and started lubing up his cock with it. Ow I forgot, while this was happening we were kissing but it was furious so more just stabbing our tongues in each other mouths.

With his cock lubed up, he turned me around by the shoulders and pinned me against the shower wall.

His cock was at my back door, the tip was touching my pucker hole and he said in my ear, “You better not give me anything Dave.”

“I’ve never bare backed before, you better not give me anything” was my reply.

Then he slammed his cock inside me.

I gasped and had to consciously focus on relaxing my arsehole so he didn’t destroy it completely. After a dozen strokes of him pumping hard and fast I had composed myself and started thrusting back. One of his hands was on my hip, the other was around the back of my neck, it was a good grip and allowed him to really fuck my brains out.

The whole time he was talking dirty which I know he likes. Telling me how my arse is tighter than his wifes pussy, how he fucked pussy this morning and is now fucking arse this afternoon. Overall, I think he was enjoying it. Usually he would have cum quicker but he kept telling me that he had fucked his wife this morning and this was a great benefit in helping his last longer. I reached between my legs and started stroking my cock. I wasn’t going to last a long as him.

As I approached orgasm I started moaning and giving a little bit of dirty talk back to The Landlord.

My arsehole started to constrict as I got close to cumming and this pushed The Landlord over the edge.

With one last deep thrust he let out a gutteral moan and he exploded in me. I could feel the warmth of his cum being injected in to me and that was too much for me. I unloaded on the shower wall, the shower floor and all over my hand.

We were both huffing and puffing for a few minutes and I could feel his cock softening inside me.

He slipped his cock out of me and my arsehole felt like it was a train tunnel. I felt his cum ooze out of me and down the inside of my right leg.

After cleaning up we got out of the shower, The Landlord wrapped a towel around his waist and I grabbed a dry pair of speedos. We did have that midday beer his wife had suspected we might and he did show me how to turn on the air conditioning. Three beers later we finally started talking about what we had just done. I told him it really was the first time I had been barebacked and he assured me it was the first time he had participated in unprotected sex (excluding his wife) in twenty five years.

A few more beers and he had to get back before his wife came looking for him. As I closed the door the last thing I said to him was “Next time, I get to fuck you bareback.”

“Only fair, count me in Dave.”