A First in the Park

This is my first story (of possibly many) and it is 100% true.

To start, I’m not gay. I have never had the desire for a man. Never looked at a man and though “he’s attractive”. Never wanted to kiss a man, nor hold his hand, etc. However, I am a very sexual human being. I’ve been that way since I was around four or five years old. I routinely was “horny”, even at a very young age. I was fucking my pillow at age eight and having orgasms (minus the cum). In other words, I love sex.

I also never had some of the normal experiences that boys have with their friends, jerking off together, etc. Other than maybe rubbing cocks with my neighbor around age six or seven. But nothing like I have heard from other guys.

When I was younger, my friends and I would go to a park to get drunk (obviously we weren’t supposed to be drinking). We’d get our six pack, drive over to the park, drink, smoke and hang out. I usually went with at least two or three girls and a guy or two. We’d sit in the car, listen to music, bullshit, doing the normal things teenagers do when they are not supposed to be doing it.

I also had a habit of talking to random people (I still do on occasion). We’d talk to people barbecuing, hanging out. All sorts of people, families having reunions, other groups of people our age, and older people.

One evening I had wandered off from my friends and had been talking with a group of people when an older guy joined us. He was probably late 40’s maybe mid-50’s. As the group wandered off, he and I stuck around on the park bench talking while I drank my beer. He asked about me and I told him I played football and so forth. He mentioned he had heard the quarterback was gay. I told him there was no way that was true. I barely knew the QB, but I knew he was banging half the girls at our school. By this time I was well buzzed and our conversation was wandering everywhere.

I stood up and said, “I have to take a piss”, he told me he did too. So, we went to a darker area of the park. He stood to my left and started relieving himself and I whipped out my cock to do the same. After a few seconds he looked over and said, “wow that’s a cannon you have there”. If you’re thinking I have a ten-inch cock, no. But it is about 8 inches, thick, and shaped perfectly. I really didn’t know what to say. No man had ever commented on my cock. I turned slightly toward him, and when I did, I started to get hard. Remember, I am very sexual.

He said, “you must have appreciated the comment”. I didn’t know what to say, but by this time, I was fully hard — the type that almost hurts hard. I had no idea why I had that reaction. I would have thought I would have told him to shut the fuck up, but now I was just horny. He asked if I minded if he touched it, it didn’t matter as his hand was already on its way. He took a light grip around my cock and started slowly stroking. I was already moaning. I’d like to say that there were a thousand thoughts running through my head, but there were zero, I was just enjoying my cock being stroked by this older stranger.

The next thing I knew, his tongue was sliding up and down my shaft while he played with my hairless balls. I was going crazy with lust. I’d had blowjobs from girls before (and I wasn’t a virgin), but the thought of being taken in public by an older man was such a turn on. By this time he was full on sucking my cock as I moaned — almost too loud. Then I heard a sound, as I looked down, he was unbuckling his belt and pushing down his jeans!

As he pushed down his boxers, I saw a medium sized, very hard cock. He was stroking it. I pulled out of his mouth and stood back, not really knowing what to do. I had not thought about this going beyond getting a blowjob. But I suddenly had the urge to touch his hard cock. I stood next to him, reached out and wrapped my hand around his engorged member. The heat was exhilarating. Both of our pants were now around our ankles, underwear half off. He grunted with pleasure as I stroked his very mature cock.

I made it clear “whatever we do, you are not fucking me”. He said that was fine.

Out of nowhere, I was voluntarily on my knees. I slid my mouth over his cock. I could smell his musk and I could taste a bit of left-over piss. I had never done anything like this before! But I was more than willing.

Now here’s another tidbit about me. I absolutely love asshole. I was born that way. The smell of ass turns me on, especially my own. I have borrowed countless amounts of panties just to smell the pussy and ass in them. Even to this day women give me their panties so I can smell them. The intimate smells of another human being is intoxicating.

As I am sucking him, he was small enough that I wasn’t screwing up my first blowjob, I started rubbing his balls, then under his balls. My finger eventually found his small, tight, rosebud. As I rubbed around his hole, his moans grew louder. I knew the one thing I did not want was for him to cum in my mouth, so I stood up. I kept stroking him, but I put my hand down the back of his boxers and found his warm asshole again. By this point his hips were moving against my stroking hand, and his butt was bouncing back towards my finger. He was enjoying every second of my first time. As I slid my finger slightly in his ass, to the first knuckle, he grabbed it and pushed it further while saying. “oh yes, oh yes, you’re going to make me cum!”. Suddenly, his asshole clinched around my finger, and he began spraying cum all over my hand. I had just made this stranger cum while stroking his cock with my finger in his butthole!

But I was still hard and horny. He told me he wanted me to cum. I took my cum covered hand and began stroking my cock with him watching. His warm load lubing my raging hard cock. I don’t know why (I do now) but I instinctively lifted my ass covered finger to my nose. I could smell his asshole on my finger and it set me off, shooting my cum all over his cock.

I stood there silent, not knowing what the fuck I had just done. Once the bliss had worn off, he pulled up his pants and thanked me. I put my still half hard cock in my boxers and made my way back to my friends. His ass smell was still on my fingers and in my nostrils.

My friends asked me where I had been, and I told them I met some people and just hung out. I immediately showered when I went home, but that night in bed, I relived the evening again — wishing I could still smell him on my finger…as I came all over my chest.