A Recruiting Visit to Remember

“This is RIP Nordi and welcome to station KTRY15 the HOME OF THE NIGHTHAWKS. This week our Nighthawk football team takes on the #15 ranked team in the nation in what should be a thrilling battle. However, probably more importantly, our school is hosting some of the top recruits in the nation to show them what it means to be […]

My Week at a Mexican Resort

“Hola! Como esta?” Said the absolutely gorgeous front desk attendant at my all inclusive Mexican resort. She had a beaming white smile under her tanned skin and athletic figure. “Good…well bien! Y tu?” I asked as I smiled back and walked up to the front desk. I set my bag down and went through the check in process. It was […]

Marcus: The Hookup

Marcus was quiet about himself, always very private, including about his sexuality. He avoided answering whenever someone asked if he was straight or gay, he simply didn’t know, but now he was 18, soon to be 19, and then it changed. Victoria was a very liberal city, so compared to say smaller towns in the smack middle of the USA. […]

Giving in to My Desires

It was mid-way through summer and I was lying on a sun bed in the backyard with the sun shining down on me. It was close to midday and I lay there with my eyes closed wearing a pair of black briefs resting. My name is Theo, I’m 23 years old with shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic build and […]

Amsterdam Calling…

Looking back isn’t it a wonderful torturous trail some of us follow in our sexual awakening. My journey was like that. Here i was 19 and starting university in less then a month. I had been tormented all summer with my few encounters with John. He treated me like a slut and I had loved it. I kept going back […]

Checking Out the New Gym

I called Hahn, the associate at the gym I visited. I told him I was ready for my first workout and asked him if he wanted to help me this first time. He said he was at work, but he’d be off the clock at 3:00pm and he would be waiting. I told him I’d be there then. As I […]

Neighbour’s Hole

My life had been in chaos. The only thing I could do was to “man up” and make things right. So I did. At 20 years old, I’d stumbled through a trades apprenticeship, killed my weekends drinking and partying and managed to knock up my estranged girlfriend Beth. My parents never shamed me outright, but I could feel their deep […]

Tino’s Contract

A tale of lust for Halloween. There was a chill wind whistling around the leafy suburbs and the children had long since ceased their seasonal, costumed revelry. Halloween is an odd day for a birthday but so it is that many such odd birthdays are celebrated without any supernatural disruption caused where the world of the spirits and the world […]

Once Apon a First Time

I looked back down the street and saw the clerk had stepped out for a smoke. I don’t think he saw me as I slipped back past him and into the store. Once inside, I made a b-line for the door to the arcade. I had some idea of what would be inside. I had never been to a porn […]

Gym Buddy

Like damn near every year, THIS was going to be the year I got in better shape. I did manage to convince myself not to start with the typical “New Year’s Resolution” on January 1st — everyone did that and the gyms were always full — the fastest way for me to give up early. Procrastination being one of the […]