Straight Guy Sucks Gay Friend

I am a skinny and handsome 24 year old male whose friends think is 100% straight. But last summer I let me gay friend suck my dick in my room on a summer night. He was so enthusiastic. Straight guys, if you haven’t at least tried this yet, I would find a gay guy who you get those vibes from […]

My First Gay Encounter

This is based on my experience over 40 years ago. It is my first submission to Literotica and I would love any and all comments. The names have been changed to protect the participants.


Gotcha, it wasn’t the orgasm I was thinking of, as much as the prospect of having a cock going up my ass unexpectedly when I was drunk and disoriented….

Trained to Serve

INTRODUCTION: My name is Tony, I’m 40 yrs. old and divorced. After a very destructive divorce, which left me with only the clothes on my back and a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket, I decided to move to New York and hope to start a new life. I had moved into a one …