Mind Fuck

“Coach Haines,” he exclaimed. It was the hunky assistant sports coach. “You’ve been avoiding me, Austin,” Haines hissed, pushing the lanky nineteen-year-old student up against the brick wall of the side of the gym. “I haven’t. I swear I haven’t,” Austin said, beginning to pant, remembering the last time the two of them had been alone, when Coach Haines had […]

Corrupted Juices

I’ve wanted to write down this particularly persistent fantasy of mine for a while now. Among some other steamy situations, this story contains graphic parts about sex with the undead. Also, in some parts, there is some material that centers around non-consent. If you’re not into that, best not to continue reading. If you do choose to continue reading, please […]

Open Top Driving

I used to hitchhike around England for something to do on weekends. On one such trip, I was picked up by a man in a sports car, a rare two tone pale blue Austin Healy 3000. As he drove, he told me his name was Jeff, I told him mine was Mark, we continued to chatted about things in general, […]

Good Guys Don’t Date Bad Boys

Jonathan Hamilton transfers to Sunny Hill starting junior year to run away from his past and keep promises on which to build an uneventful, safe future. The biggest promise he makes to himself is to stay clear forever, by all means necessary, of straight bad boys and their unhealthy appeal. But promises are only made to be broken, Jonathan discovers […]

You’ve Had Black, Never Go Back

“Hi Paul. How was your first day at high school? Made any buddies yet?” This was the first chance Aden had had to touch base with his son, Paul, since the morning when he’d dropped him off as he drove on to work. After his mum and dad’s divorce Paul had opted to live with his dad. It had been […]

My Friendly Next-Door Neighbor

I can still vividly recall when I first had my cock sucked by another man. Although I did not have a girlfriend nor fuck any girl at that time, I sometimes was curious about what it would be like to have another guy play or suck my cock, or even to watch another guy stroke his cock to shoot out […]

Stories of a Slutty “Boy”

I was I my early 20s and I was addicted to cock. Not just any cock though, specifically daddy dick.. I just couldn’t get enough. Let me start from the beginning. When I was 18 I was seduced and made to suck cock by a guy in his 50s who my mom was dating. His name was Dennis. He didn’t […]

I Decide To Lose A Sexfight

I started to chat with a guy I met online. He loved erotic wrestling and we had a common opponent. This guy said good things about both of us and we wanted to meet and have a match. The problem was he was 5’8″ 195 pounds. I was 6’1″ 240 pounds. I had never jobbed in a first to cum […]

Camp David Glory Hole

I had been thinking more and more about sucking a cock thru a glory hole. Although I’m a cocksucker, I’ve never been on receiving side of a glory hole, I really wanted to experience it. I’ve enjoyed having my cock sucked at glory holes, but I’ve never been on the sucking side. I located one, but the first time I […]

The Kid

You would appreciate the look on my face at the bar. A vapid, neutral smile, which I force up to my eyes the way you always told me to. I am fully the creep now, old as I am. He is the young guy, available – deliciously available to me, with his large hands, blockish arms, what, twenty-four? twenty-five? Half […]